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4.1 out of 5 stars13
4.1 out of 5 stars
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This is the companion volume to Troubleshoot And Optimize Windows 8 Inside Out and should logically have preceded it. It's here now; better late than never.

The Introduction makes it clear that this is a book directed at users with knowledge and experience of using Windows 7 and earlier, and thus much of the basics common to prior versions of Windows or which remain essentially unchanged have been omitted or largely ignored. The book's contents are quite comprehensive and cover in some depth all the new features, including those that are absent from the RT and basic Windows 8 (not Pro) versions. The Enterprise edition includes a few extras but it is not available to the general user and would most likely be encountered in large organisations and its management left to professional support teams, although currently few corporates are prepared to commit.

The book is broken down into six sections; Getting Started, File Management, using various media files, Security & privacy, Network, and following up with Maintaining, tuning and troubleshooting. A full Index is usefully included. The final section is a much reduced version of the contents of its companion volume previously referred, is far less technical and may be enough for the home user.

Although smaller in page numbers than some other titles, it appears to offer more detail where it matters and uses the space which in some is taken by the more obvious, unnecessary and probably familiar and uses some of it to better purpose. In doing so, it raises the level of the book from a 'Beginners' or 'Introductory' level to an 'Intermediate' one or better. Fortunately for the reader, this book includes information about certain aspects of Windows and issues that may arise that I have not seen elsewhere and which otherwise may be difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Sometimes, you will find information about locating and using often free third-party software and what benefits that software could or will provide. It probably better explains than most alternative titles some of the features including those that may be less immediately obvious to many users, specifically those relating to its many new security measures and improved driver support.

Originating from Microsoft Press, it should be closer to the source and better-informed than others. You may want to buy, or may have bought when Windows 8 was first released, one of the introductory titles but found that some questions were not then answered. I cannot, in all honesty, state that any unanswered question WILL always be answered in this, but it will answer many. Its companion volume should resolve many more, although it may be too technical for some.

An inexpensive aid for most users of Windows 8 and one which is recommended, as much for its its expected content as for the many unexpected and very helpful suggestions, hints and recommendations that are scattered throughout its pages. A minor criticism is that, as its illustrations are all black and white, some are less clear than they would have been in colour although that does not detract from its many good points.
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on 14 January 2013
Having taken up Microsoft's low cost upgrade to Windows 8, I wanted an in depth book to help me tame the new features. Unfortunately this book is not as in depth as the Inside Out books for previous Windows versions (the Vista Inside Out I have is nearly twice the number of pages, and far more detailed). This book would be suitable for a Windows 8 beginner level. For a more in depth view, of the books available in Jan 2013 for "intermediate-advanced" users like me I have found Que's "Windows In Depth" by Knittel and McFedries to be more useful.
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2013
* Physical

This book is well - bound and has really good quality paper for a paperback. Again the paper has b&w texts and pictures with a good font size that's easy to read with spectacles.

* Features

There are 6 major sections within this book. 'Getting Started', 'File Management', 'Music, Videos, TV and Movies', 'Security and Privacy', 'Networking', 'Maintaining, tuning and troubleshooting'.

* Getting Started

This is fleetingly described with what's new with the interfaces, and built-in apps at a level that is fairly described for those not so sure about what's here and there in any windows. Then a handy list of online videos (page xxi and xxii, chapter 1 - 27), is shown. This book starts where some other books terminate, such as searching with tiles, language packs and accessibility. Later the typical operations in the purchase and installation of 'Windows 8 Pro' itself, the required hardware to make it worth running. Some as the common features such as searching, printing, updates, live tiles and the built in tiles such as music calendar and weather. The style is active hands - on, but most of the great stuff must have 'Win 8 Pro'; even going into dual - booting.

The later chapters is buying, installing and upgrading and migrating to Windows 8 Pro and is designed to make this both painless and secure. Then the later titivating of windows to change the settings and to personalize 'Windows 8 Pro' itself. The later work is easier as it covers installation of 'Windows 8 Pro' applications and their removal when not required. Later parts cover improving 'Windows 8 Pro' for those who are limited by disability; such as needing bigger or magnified text, higher contrasts font and applications, the service of a much - improved 'Narrator', and those who cannot use both keyboard and mouse together.

* File Management

This is really helpful to read as it recommended that downloads are stored in folder 'download's as this helps finding and installation of application's. The vital area of both backing - up and restoring files is examined. I have found this areas in the book proved very helpful and I enjoyed this. It covers hard disks, USB flash drives, restoring a system when windows falls over, and so on. The other useful areas when using and searching for applications and file names with tiles. Even areas such as storing files to the cloud whilst using tiles 'SkyDrive' and 'Bitlocker' is usefully explored.

* Music, videos, TV and Movies

The usage of media to store music, ripping CD's, watching vids, printing photos, importing and exporting media files and even working with RAW files proved very useful. And I latched onto these quickly as I found its clearly explained. File management with 'Skydrive' was a good doubling - up of knowledge! Its edged to show a media theater pc component's such as processor, case, memory and storage, sound cards and so on would be helpful to build a system at the moment as its cutting edge of new domestic computers. Later areas cover Music and watching streamed TV and movies and ripping to media. The bits about editing movies made by yourself is bit too thin to be really helpful to me, maybe its my problem?

* Security and Privacy

The vital areas of computer security is covered too lightly to my mind. Its covered by examination of logon security, best practice passwords, managing other accounts and family safety. The great bits cover malware protection, 'Smartscreen' and other I.E 10 setting's. Other areas covering privacy is straightforward and covers uninstallation of applications such as 'Windows 8 Pro', issues with FREE defender antimalware and firewall, and how useful is system restore. What is a big surprise is 'VM' such as 'Hyper - V' and this proved really new to me as its the most informative to me as its totally new to me!

* Networking

This is a bit light weight to cover what it covers; but it is up - to - date at this time. Its covering wired / wireless / networks/ encryption / Ethernet / Bluetooth and mobile networks! And to come to the edge it covers troubleshooting of all the above. Latterly the sharing of files and printing.

* Maintaining, tuning, and Troubleshooting

This is for maintaining computers on a network with all hardware and software updates to keep the network running. The importance of backups, and covers installation of applications and there removal if required. The importance of disk integrity and utilities is explained. This covers how to avoid clogging the boot sequence with too many starting applications and how to limit and remove them. And comes to an end with extra tips pertaining to pre - failure tests within system drives that can be applied to indicate any problems that may be coming and developing.

* Summary

The book is a up - to -date compendium of useful knowledge with a new computer. I had a similar book 'Inside Out of Windows XP' and it proved to be a great tome. This is of the same caliber and I am VERY glad to have bought it.
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on 18 December 2012
One of the best features of this book is the internet address provided inside the rear cover that allows you to download a complete searchable edition of the book onto your desktop. A very very useful tool for the busy computer enthusiast or struggling amateur!
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on 24 April 2013
Good EBook, but if you’re computer savvy it’s still useful, it has all of the relevant information in a good chronological format. Unfortunately, usual American spelling and terminology that detracts from the enjoyment of reading it. I your selling to an international market, you should adhere to their language, spelling and grammar.
I recommend it to anyone moving from Windows 7 to 8.
My dislikes: American spelling, terminology and the simplistic diagrams where Photographs would provide a more professional feel. Also, as they have produced this as an EBook video content could have been added. I realise this would mean more work, but the author and publisher could have made this into a great book if they took the time to enhance the EBook aspects and not just be happy converting it. I’m positive others will disagree, but these are my thoughts.
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on 13 January 2013
As a computer systems engineer the book was useful in part but concentrates too much on communications with other people not on the subject matter ---- Windows 8

not for the beginner more for experienced users not for those that thing they know it all !!!!
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on 17 March 2013
like said this book understands me!!!

i am someone that has already al lot of experinece with windows operating systems given the fact i have windows 95, 98, xp, vista, windows 7 installend on about 5 computers or so but wndows 8 is all new ballgame...!

and a whole new ballgame that comes with all new set of both rules and posibilities!!!
and without the right guide you just can't really play hat all new ballgame...!

this is that right guide and wil provide you with the best information to come out on top as a winner!

so defintly something i recomand to buy when using windows 8 whether you are seasend pro like me or someone fresh to the whole thing with computers!!
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on 14 January 2013
Comprehensive and easy to follow with excellent index and copious illustrations. A worthy successor to previous books on XP and other Microsoft products
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on 16 January 2013
Well illustrated with detailed and easy to read chapters, just what I wanted when ordering this book to update my knowledge.
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on 10 March 2013
Fell at the first hurdle. Win8 needs use of the Windows Vault/Credential Manager to access NAS/Servers. Rather elemntary really - not a mention could I find inside the book. Shame. So many pages.
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