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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2015
A visually stunning piece of cinema, the special effects (barring the ridiculous old man make up towards the end) are brilliant. But then again with a budget this size what do you expect? The major flaws are the script and screenplay, I read a few reviews before I watched and was looking forward to a good piece of Sci Fi, what I got were shallow characters, major plot inconsistencies and a complete lack of any sense of suspense. It does not deliver what it promises. It just leaves you feeling rather disappointed.
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OVERVIEW : Well presented Blu Ray disc, but leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The only way to get the 5 hours of "making of" extras is to buy the 3-D 3 disc set for quite a lot more extra. Ouch. The extras are great, but bundling them with the "expensive 3D" set is exploitative. The Regular BR + DVD only have deleted scenes and commentaries. Thanks!

FILM : "Prometheus" is a Marmite of movies. You love it, or you hate it. But here's what you need to know : If "Prometheus" is a prequel to "Alien", then "Downfall" is a sequel to "A Bridge Too Far."

And here's what else you need to know : if you forget that "Alien" existed - and thus, forget that "Alien" brings with it baggage and expectation the size of a small galaxy - , "Prometheus" is a brave, bonkers slice of classic science-fiction that nobody would have expected. Ridley Scott, at 75, should now be slowing down and mellowing out - doing a Coppolla, and making films nobody wants to watch. "Prometheus" is a big, questioning vision. Yes, there are aliens in this. But there are not Aliens. It isn't a bug hunt, or a monster film. It's a film about something much bigger than the Monster In The Dark.

The Quest. That old movie trope. The search for the ultimate thing that drives human beings insane. (In Time Bandits, it was a Fridge.). This is what that film discusses : humans beings search for the ultimate prize, whatever that is. Some pay the ultimate price. If you want a tag line then "For the ultimate prize, you must pay the ultimate price." Thank you very much, that will be £10k.

Many of you will be unhappy with this film. There will be a lack of killer aliens. A dearth of scares in the dark. All manner of shortcomings if you want a great big scary monster film. Not every film can be Aliens, nor does every film want to be Aliens. "Prometheus" is the best "Prometheus" it can be, not a shadow of "Alien". But we live in a world where "Alien" exists, so "Prometheus" cannot be untangled from it. "Prometheus" is about the quest for knowledge, the need to know the answers that may not exist, and the insane lengths we may go to to reach that knowledge.

It opens with a moment before history on an unspecified planet. Marked with vast, Kubrickian vistas of barren, beautiful nature, Scott draws us to a conclusion through the use of almost intuiative imagery. With an intelligence rarely seen in these types of film, the script, title, and "Prometheus" theme feeds in - one might say, steals - from mythology and ancient film, in a measured and considered way that shows that at the very least, this film has a script that has been thought about, and dialogue that is almost interesting : so far beyond the appallingly dull placeholder dialogue that plagues so many films today with forgettable The narrative progression is relatively linear, though where the film starts, and where it ends, are two wildly different places.

The film does have its weak points : a couple of characters are easily telegraphed as the necessary Idiot Protagonist who does the usual thing of poking objects with sticks and trying to hug it out with a hydra headed killing machine. "All this Tiger needs is a cuddle" might be the type of thing their character says. With such lightweight characterisation, you are forgiven for considering that this film really needs to skill up its survival mechanism. Human beings may be flawed, scared, and do things that are bone-crushingly stupid, but if that is the case, why put such flawed people as the weak links in such an event? Send a robot in. People are stupid, but not necessarily as stupid as the writer thinks.

Prequel is such a cruel word. When a franchise runs out of steam (and short of "Alien Vs Predator Vs Jason Vs Freddy 3D in Space!", there wasn't anywhere left for those films to go), you go back. To the beginning : a trend built by George Lucas, but also, in franchises such as "The Thing" and "X-Men", practically the only option left.

Perhaps it should be retitled to something like "Psychotic Spaceship Of The Gods." As is often the necessary narrative requirement, there are leaps of logic, which, if you think about them too much, might unravel the whole thing and are infuriatingly dense.

On the other hand, any science fiction with £200,000,000 thrown at its production, generally, has to contain a certain number of events to satisfy bored tweenagers and lure in the more affluent 24-55 demographic. If you want a lot of explosions, some gory deaths, and some big setpieces adjoined to a philosophical debate on the nature of mankind and our origin, then "Prometheus" is an ideal film for you. Certainly, far better than your average stalk-and-slash, blood-and-guts balderdash, this film takes its horror, which is not inconsiderable, seriously : the true horror is not that of an unknown creature using your intestines as a adventure playground, but of the possibilities of our imagination.
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on 1 October 2012
Just a quick preview on the Special Edition Blu Ray.....

If like me you have ordered this version after seeing the UK TV adverts saying that it features alternate start and ending to the film do not make the mistake I made and assume they are included as an extended version of the film.

The different start and endings are included as extras..... I cancelled my order today as there WILL be an extended cut at a later date.
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on 21 June 2015
This movie is a bit of a mess, it doesnt always make sense, especially with knowledge of the Alien movies that this supposedly prequels but if you can ignore them, its one of the best sci-fi movies of recent years. A lot of the plot holes can be resolved by the directors cuts so your probably best off getting a version with those. Why those scenes were cut I do not know.
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on 28 May 2013

I missed the cinematic release of Prometheus in 2012 as I was giving birth to my second son, who rather inconveniently decided to be born two weeks early. I mention this because at the time, I was gutted to have missed the chance to see Ridley Scott's `prequel' on the big screen - almost as gutted as John Hurt was in the original Alien film (boom!). Having now finally got around to watching it, I can safely say that if I was looking for an emotionally intense, visceral experience with a few screams, moments of terror and lashings of bodily fluids, I'd probably just go through childbirth again rather than sit through this utter pile of cack.

I cannot believe that my first and hopefully only one star review on Amazon is going to be given to a film made by Ridley Scott. I wrote part of my university thesis on Alien, I must have seen Aliens twenty times, I think Alien 3 is, despite its flaws, bleakly brilliant. Perhaps this is why I am so disappointed in Prometheus.

Characters so badly drawn, so negligible that they have to have their names sewn into their spacesuits, displayed on their foreheads like some futuristic version of the Post-It Note game, obvious to give the viewer some kind of clue as to who they are, not that you give a damn anyway as they are all as stupid as some very stupid things indeed. Is it remotely credible that, when the two engineers or scientists or whatever the hell they are, are lost in the alien ship (despite having mapped the bloody thing out mere scenes before, for God's sake), would the captain inform them that the scanners have picked up a life form but not to worry about it, bid them a cheery goodnight and go off and shag Charlize Theron? (Okay, maybe that last bit is credible...) Despite clearly being heroically thick, would these two engineers bed down for the night in the scariest, ooziest place on the ship and when something horrible finally (FINALLY) appears, attempt to make a pet of it?

There is no motive for anything. There is no plot. The acting is mostly risible, the dialogue laughable, the pretentions to some kind of philosophy ridiculous. The medi-pod scene is where I finally put paid to the idea that this film was ever going to get better. An oozy squid baby? A machine so sophisticated that it can perform complex medical operations and then winds up the procedure by embedding a row of metal staples in Noomi Rapace's stomach? Of course, for the rest of the film, Noomi is running around, jumping off ledges, swinging from girders etc etc, occasionally stopping for a quick wince of the `ooh, my magic staples smart a bit' variety but basically not letting the fact she's had major abdominal surgery and given birth to an oozy squid baby slow her down much.

The presence of Guy Pearce in bad `old age' latex, I can only surmise means he will be appearing in a sequel to the prequel at a younger age. PLEASE GOD, NO.

This film is an insult to generations of fans. How can Ridley Scott end this film in a way that means that a crucial scene of the original film (HIS original film - where they find the giant Space Jockey) now makes no sense?

Rubbish. Utter, unadulterated rubbish.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 May 2012
This twice revised verdict contains SPOILERS.

This High Court finds the accused guilty of:

1) disappointing the expectations of large numbers of devoted fans and admirers

2) soiling his own legacy

3) dumping garbage in theatres around the world

4) insulting the intelligence of the viewers

5) wasting the talent of good actors

6) robbing defenceless Engineers of the totality of their "cool" factor

7) wagging his 3D in public, in a crowded area, without any valid reason

8) using office staples in medicine

9) causing waste of perfectly good popcorn in a world where hundreds of millions do not have enough to eat

Justification: A LOT was expected from "Prometheus". It is however the finding of this Court that this film failed to meet the required standards to such a point, that it is many quality levels beneath "Alien" and in fact not even as good as "Alien3"... This Court finds particularly reprehensive the fact, that Sir Ridley Scott, one of the greatest directors alive, accepted a piss-poor scenario, which, unlike in his masterpieces ("Alien", "Blade Runner", "Blackhawk Down", etc.) doesn't make any sense.

This Court rejects with extreme energy the argument of the defense, that the scenarist is responsible for this film fiasco. The director is the person really in charge of the film and therefore the responsibility is all his, for everything, including the scenario. Also, as the scenarist is currently hiding in his own butt and refuses to come out (understandable under the circumstances), his testimony couldn't be heard - and therefore the whole point is considered moot and irrelevant for the present proceedings.

This Court finds offensive to common sense that the whole idea of First Contact with intelligent aliens was wasted and played at the level of a B-class "direct to DVD" SF film. It can be resumed briefly - an intelligent entity, belonging to a race which could fly interstellar spaceships already at least tens of thousands years ago, wakes up and sees smaller creatures, clearly intelligent because they obviously made it out of their solar system. So what does it do? It doesn't even try to communicate, but just starts to rip them apart. This Court allows itself here the right to laugh its (---) off, but with much underlying sadness.

As a mitigating circumstance, this Court finds that there is a possibility that this deplorable scene was caused by the android David messing up the communications. The android seems to have learned alien's language from ancient human inscriptions - which certainly did not include phonetics (this is why NOBODY today can say with certainty how the Latin was REALLY spoken). So it may be that what the alien heard from the android was in fact: "I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries". Which would explain everything... All doubts being considered in favour of the accused, those mitigating circumstances will be duly weighted at the sentencing, below.

There can be however no mitigating circumstances concerning another weakness of the scenario, namely the fact that a mission which cost Weyland Corporation a trillion of dollars is manned by a bunch of total IDIOTS! This Court reminds here, that the crew of "Nostromo", made just of hard working blue collar people, acted with much more logic, caution and discipline than the 17 crew members of "Prometheus", who are for most part simply pathetic. This Court acknowledges however, that captain Janek, pilot Chance, navigator Ravel and medical officer Ford are - to some extent - exceptions here. In the interest of justice, this Court presents here some most blatant examples of above mentioned idiocy:

- you were selected to be part of a trillion dollars interstellar mission - so the first time you see an alien skellington you panic and run like crazy away from others!

- you were selected to be part of a trillion dollars interstellar mission, because you are a renowned biologist - so the first time the guy next to you sees an alien skellington, panics and runs away like crazy, you scream like a little girl and run after him, so you can get lost together in a maze of dark underground galleries...

- on a planet able to support life you find an alien underground complex and the atmosphere is OK! Let's all take off our helmets, so we can inhale all the local bacteria, viruses and other stuff against which we have no immunity!

- a living creature, vaguely snakelike, appears and approaches - let's give it our hand immediately, after all this is how we handle cobras and vipers on our planet - and I should know, I am a biologist!

- oops, I am contaminated by an alien organism and there are already little tentacles growing out of my eye - as I am an educated person with a PhD, I will not say one word about it, I absolutely want this thing to develop until I can not be saved anymore; also let's contaminate the others, after all Mum always told me I should share...)))!

- a guy who was missing for 24 hours signals his presence at the spaceship entry - let's not even have ONE LOOK at him, like for example to see if it is REALLY him, BEFORE opening the doors!

- two of my people are stranded in a weird underground complex and there are signs appearing that there is SOMETHING alive inside. Should I maintain regular contact and keep a careful watch over them until they are recovered? Naah! Let's just get drunk and get laid, they will be surely fine... And anyway there is no manpower for this, there is only 15 people left on board...

- last but not least, on a trillion dollar interstellar mission on a planet which can support life (and therefore presence of predators can be expected) the whole arsenal on board consists of one shotgun, one handgun and two little flamethrowers - and therefore at some moments it will be down to knives, axes and wrenches...

Idiocy being contagious, it is the finding of this Court that the giant aliens a.k.a. Engineers, also caught it:

- I am a supremely intelligent ancient life form; I wake up from cryogenic sleep and see facing me five smaller, but clearly intelligent life forms; because I am evil and aggressive I wish to destroy them; of course it doesn't matter that I am alone here and unarmed, and there may be a hundred other small life forms waiting outside, packing heat; it doesn't matter that there is their whole SPACESHIP somewhere outside, which definitely MUST be packing heat (if only for its propulsive system and mass); it doesn't matter that for all I know there can be a whole FLEET of spaceships on the orbit - no, I am going after them with my bare hands, without collecting the slightest intelligence, without even trying to find some weapons, maybe wake up some reinforcements. Tens of thousands of years of brilliant intelligence development = charge at sight and fight bare handed!

- I am a suppremely intelligent ancient life form and my spaceship was just downed by those pesky small life forms; it appears that one of them is still alive and hiding in a small sized but sophisticated container; I want to kill this life form! Should I find a weapon? Use the equipements of my ship which still function to scan the alien container and check for booby traps or weaponry? Go find another spaceship and use its weaponry to vaporize the intruder? No! The correct answer is to charge blindly towards the alien container, with my bare hands, without even having a look for any possible traps or surprises.

This Court admits that the casting was made skilfully, but many actors were underused. Idriss Elba (captain Janek) plays very well a tough and brave man - but his screen time is surprisingly limited! Charlize Theron looks in this film as a goddess - frankly, at some moments this Court almost had the impression that looking at her hurt this Court's eyes, so beautiful she is. Her character (Meredith Vickers, mission supervisor) is IMPRESSIVE - but again, the scenario mostly leaves the lead to others and her part in the second part of the film is especially disappointing.

Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, the CEO and owner of the redoubtable Weyland Corporation. But Peter Weyland is a venerable, truly ancient old man - and Guy Pearce is not, which forces him to wear SO OBVIOUSLY a silly rubber mask and make up! Why Sir Ridley couldn't hire just an old actor (there must be some in Hollywood), is beyond this Court's ability to understand - and forgive.

An extremely serious charge concerns messing with elements linking "Prometheus" to "Alien". The Engineers, mysterious giant humanoids furtively suggested in the alien spaceship wreck in "Alien" (the giant skeleton sitting in the chair), were a very promising thing for more than 30 years - and in this film all those promises were betrayed! Helmets? Really!? And the short scene revealing the origins of creatures from "Alien" made this Court frankly laugh (and it was a sad laughter...)

Some mitigating circumstances are nevertheless recognized. Michael Fassbender is the real star of this film as he steals the show as David the android. Noomi Rapace cannot (nobody can!) match Sigourney Weaver, but she still gives a honourable performance. It is highly appreciated by this Court that her character is a believing Christian, even if she seems to be the only one on board (captain Janek may be the second one, but there is not enough hard evidence to prove this). Much will be pardoned to the director for the scene in which she says "This is the Year of Grace 2093".

Another mitigating factor is the scene in which the alien ship develops a crush on Charlize Theron and she in return imprints on it...))) And finally, it must be recognized that the accused is still suffering from PTSD following his association with a film about Fat Robin Hood and Old Maid Marian...

Therefore this Court decides as follows:

1. The film itself receives two stars.

2. The director is sentenced to a total of no less than 5 and no more than 15 years of bitch slapping by an alien queen of average size and temper, in a facility to be determined at a further hearing.

3. The sentence is suspended until the opening of the sequel of "Blade Runner" - it will be however executed in full if this film proves to be another disappointment.

This Court is now adjourned and will drown its sorrows by ingesting Black Slime. God Save the Queen and all those sorts of things!
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2014
When Alien fans first heard in 2009 that Ridley Scott was making an "Alien prequel or sequel" many of them almost wet their pants in anticipation. The next two years or so of deliberate "leaks" from the set, teaser trailers, and constant comments on social media sites brought the excitement felt by fans to very near fever pitch. I know this because I was one of them.

However the result of all that anticipation was a poor film that left a lot of fans scratching their heads and in some instances asking for their money back. It is generally accepted that Prometheus promised much and delivered little.

Whereas Alien was mean and lean supremely efficient filmmaking complete with believable characters, stunning imagery, claustrophobic realistic sets, fabulous model work, a truly terrifying Alien, a simple but effective screenplay (people trapped somewhere with a monster picking them off one by one)and convincing scant dialogue peppered with profanity, Prometheus is none of these things.

It is however very wordy, people talk a lot, Roomi Rapace is no Ripley, the huge script is often juvenile, a screenplay full of people standing around talking, Charlie Theron and Guy Pearce are completely wasted in silly unnecessary roles. The film takes an age to get going but you do have to listen to all that family angst trotted out by Waylan first. Mr Scott's direction is at best pedestrian and at worst on autopilot. The finesse often apparent seems in short supply here; perhaps he was less than optimistic about the project after reading that leaden script and slow screenplay.

If you do get to the second and much better half of the film, you then have to accept generic seen before movie scientists, not only being incredibly unscientific but bloody stupid to boot. Remember those Star Trek landing parties where the guys at the back in the red shirts always got themselves killed so the main characters can carry on in the show, well you can watch this old fashioned technique all over again in a modern mult-imillion Dollar movie today. Not only that but you can see it coming a MILE off. Bad decisions after even worse decisions are made by this incompetent bunch and only David the Android seems to know what is happening or has a real agenda. Played well by Michael Fassbender, the Android was, for me, the only real character in the whole film, oddly enough.

The final 20 minutes are easily the best with the film actually at last coming alive. The family angst, the endless talking, and predictable story, finally takes a back step and the action ramps up. The last 10 minutes are very satisfying with at least some answers to why we have watched for the last two hours. The possibility of a sequel has once again whetted fans appetites for Prometheus 2, but Mr Scott needs to dump all the stuff fans don't want and concentrate on what they do. He's done it before he can do it again.

Finally after a year or so to think on it, I think Prometheus is a poor and regarded by many fans as a missed opportunity.


Just watched all the extra content on the 3D three disc version and am now even more disappointed than previously. It's now quite clear that Scott never intended to make an Alien prequel, as he says "it's been rung dry" but he was interested in the Space Jockey back story. Who they were, were they came from, what was their purpose, and most importantly what were they doing on that small planet. The story originally submitted was a straightforward adventure story that Scott was unhappy with, so in comes Lost and Into Darkness "writer" Damon Lindelof.

Scott comes across as a frustrated writer, shoving ideas under Lindelof's nose and Lindelof, who has said he does not like to write alone, was more than happy to insert any idea that Scott had off the top of his head (the silly rolling spaceship being a prime example). With Scott not really knowing what he wanted and a writer happy to include any idea floated by the director we of course ended up with the car-crash that Prometheus became.

It's also clear that the script was even more wordy and leaden than the released film, at least two fairly long "telling stories" scenes were dumped after being filmed at great cost. Why were they in the script in the first place. And great stuff like the TED conference showing Weylans true character as a young man in his 30's were left out. This at the beginning of the film would have explained Weylans character and we would have understood his motives. The character would then have made at least some sense.

A fully CGI Fifield was shot and dumped even though it was far superior to the scene that ended up in the film. Characters just vanished never to be seen again. Seventeen crew members and only one Android, if they are so good why not dozens of them to do all the dangerous stuff. Why does Weylan hide away like a naughty schoolboy. Why does Vickers come at all, years in space so she can just bark orders at people, she could do that at home in comfort with no danger. The character does nothing except kill a main crew member with a Flame Thrower, that she knew how to operate, that just happened to be lying around fully fuelled and ready to go, and shortly afterwards dies in the most stupid way I've seen in a long time. Holloway finds extra terrestrial life for the first time ever, but still decides it's not good enough and gets hammered in the bar wallowing in self pity. He should be euphoric and pumped up. Duh.

Shaw has major, and I mean major abdominal surgery and within minutes is, running and climbing, jumping, carrying heavy bags, fighting aliens with an axe, all with her abdominal muscles cut right through and some staples holding her skin together. Beyond belief even in Sci Fi. And in the end why are the Engineers so pissed of with us? They made us, we are genetically identical to them, but as soon as they see us they start ripping heads off and going ballistic for no obvious reason. Did they engineer the Alien, did they engineer the Black Goo, why was a representation of the Alien queen from Aliens in the Head room if they hadn't been created yet. What were they going to do with the thousands of goo vases found. Who were all those dead engineers running from?

After watching all the bonus extras it is my opinion that Scott is 80% and Lindelof 20% to blame for the mess that Prometheus is. Neither appears to have had a clear idea of what they wanted and fed of each other until all there respective bits and pieces seemed to fit together. Being purposely enigmatic and leaving the story open to interpretation is one thing, but just shoving in things that look good on screen but make no sense is just plain lazy.
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on 22 January 2014
Basically I wish I'd seen this in 3D at the cinema, as it's quite dramatic as far as the setting goes - eerie landscape etc - shades of HP Lovecraft in some of the themes too. Then you come to the point where it becomes apparent that this lays the foundation and background for the 1979 groundbreaking "Alien" Quite clever in many ways but borrowing heavily from the basic ideas set down in Alien, but explaining one or two of the not-so-obvious beginnings of that film....the abandoned wreck of the crashed spacecraft and it's pilot mummified in his control seat, for instance, and of course the dreaded lifeforms which wreak havoc at maturity in the Alien movies. Overall - pretty good, but without anything spectacular or surprising.
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on 28 May 2014
I seriously wasn't expecting anything great from this. I knew that it wasn't going to be masterpiece like Alien, but I really didn't think that any film by Scott could be this poor. I was sadly mistaken.
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on 7 October 2015
The film looks and sounds absolutely fantastic on blu ray and is worth watching just for that. Unfortunately I found the dialogue often clunky and at times laughably trite and It felt to me like we'd seen a lot of the imagery and ideas before in Alien. It's worth watching once but for me it's not among Ridley Scott's best work.
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