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4.5 out of 5 stars57
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2013
After moving up to full frame from a Nikon D7000 to a Canon 5D MK iii I didn't have much cash left a few months ago for any expensive glass. My first lens with the Canon was their 50mm 1.4 prime. Some shots I loved but there was something that surprised and disappointed me with that lens. It didn't seem to render as beautifully as my old 50mm I had on my Nikon! Anyway, after then purchasing a Tamron 24-70 and being very pleased with it I decided to look around for something to replace my 50mm Canon prime.

I came across a review of this Sigma lens and became very interested. After reading a great review on DPREVIEW and some other stella reviews I decided to take the plunge. Spending upwards of £700 on a prime lens is expensive but after just a few hours with this lens I am blown away.

Before I get into the results there is something very different about this lens compared to what is out there at the moment. It is an absolute beauty to look at physically. Whilst this is of course not important at all it gave me a wonderful first impression when I opened the box, as did the nice case it comes with.

Photos on my Canon with this lens are beautiful. They bokeh is smooth, very pleasant and very natural. However it is the sharpness across the range that blows me away with this lens. Straight out of the camera the results are astounding. If there is a case to be had for prime lenses then this is it. I really wondered if it was worth spending what is a lot of money for a lens just to have the limitation of one focal length but the sheer quality here is incredible. Apparently comparable lenses from Canon cost more money and results do not better the Sigma.

There is one reason to buy this lens - if you've got a great camera you will only ever do it justice by buying expensive and brilliant glass. This lens is expensive but worth every penny. I love it!
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on 19 September 2015
Oh. My. Gawd.

To say that this lens is sharp is an understatement. It will make every other lens that you own look soft - if it's not another Sigma Art series that is. It is everything you've read in the reviews and more.

It is sharp across the frame even at f/1.4 but of course at that wide an aperture there is quite a lot of vignetting. This goes away nearly completely at f/2 and it's gone altogether at f/2.5. Aside from sharpness, the colour and contrast is just astounding. As a comparison, I have a Canon 16-35 f/4 IS which I bought for my other half which is no slouch as I'm sure you're aware. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to be better than the Canon as the Canon is a great lens, but it is. Oh my goodness it is.

At f/1.4 the Sigma is sharper at the edge / corner than the Canon is at f/4(!) and by f/4 it's in a totally different league both in terms of vignette, sharpness, detail and contrast. In fact I've only seen one other lens that's as good as this and that's the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art, which I bought before buying this one and is in fact the reason I bought this one.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a 35mm lens to do landscape photography at f/8 or greater then get the Canon 16-35mm f/4 IS as that's a superb lens - far, far better than my 17-40, but... if you're looking for a 35mm lens that you can use at large apertures then there really is no competition. The Canon 35mm f/1.4 is not as good as this wide open. Not even close. At f/1.4 there is no other 35mm lens that I'd buy. Period.
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on 11 November 2013
Have been testing my sigma 35 1.4 over 2 weekends with quite a lot of photography in 6c weather! The Lens is just awesome. it puts my Canon 50 1.4, Canon 85mm 1.8 & 10-22 UWA lenses to shame!
The sharpness and colour rendition is Just awesome! I'd doubt I would use the 10-22 again...seriously! It's nail-pin Sharp even at f1.4 and 100% crop on my Canon 7D body.
I had no issues of AF front/back focus and it worked straight out of the box like a charm. I read so many reviews of this lens on amazon's US site before buying and I am extremely satisfied I bought it off Amazon directly so I could send back for a refund if necessary!
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on 10 March 2014
I ordered this lens half expecting to have problems with auto focus and I did. It wasn't a case that it required fine tuning for my camera (Canon 7d) which I wouldn't have minded as I'm prepared to work hard for perfection. No it lacked consistency, it was out of focus most of the time and sometimes was worse than others. Was a non starter for me. I have been so impressed with the reviews I wasn't prepared to give up so I asked Amazon for a replacement and full marks to them, was at my door within two days, first class delivery which I didn't ask for. The second lens was completely different, consistent and AF was absolutely perfect. Well it was at 1-3 ft but slightly out at 6-infinity. (I'm being very very picky here wanting perfection) So I decided to purchase the USB docking station which allowed me to adjust that particular range. The software splits the lens into four ranges so you can adjust any one or all four if required. I tweaked the range I wanted by +10 and perfection achieved. I have a Canon 50mm and comparing the two on AF, the Sigma is now more accurate without doubt. I'm so so glad I persevered with this lens as it's become my work horse. The sharpness and colour rendition is absolutely beautiful. I won't go into all the construction and feel of the lens as this has been done enough by others but suffice it to say its my favourite lens. I've still given it 5* even though I had a problem, I'm just so over the moon with the quality of my photos.
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on 18 May 2015
This lens, although having read so much about it, was a 50/50 risk for me. I had a Sigma lens before and hated it, but after reading so many rave reviews and seeing some fantastic photos using it, I decided to go for it. WOW !
From the moment I clicked that first shutter I could tell this was sharp, but the real test was getting into Lightroom and playing, and that's where I was even more wowed. This lens is so sharp I haven't seen another like it. It's better than some of my Canon L lenses. The colours it produces and the clarity is just crazy. It's very quick at focusing at f1.4 too. I'm loving this lens and it hasn't been off my Canon 5dmk2 since it arriving. I'll be looking to buy the 85mm next.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 7 December 2014
After hearing so much hype about this lens I figured I would finally give it a go. I have never had this focal length as part of my collection and wasn't about to pay £1k+ for the Canon version, so this was second best. I've had lots of Sigma lenses so am well aware of the focus issues. As I was putting it on my camera I was literally praying (lol) that it wouldn't need any adjustments because I really didn't want to fiddle around with it or end up sending it back. Anyway, put it on my 5D III and out of focus right away. ugh! I bought the sigma dock because I was preparing for this so I plugged the sigma dock in and figured I would be spending my sunday calibrating this lens. I thought before I go through the sigma process I would just calibrate it in camera, so I plugged in +5, took a shot and BAM, absolutely pin sharp. Almost blew me away the absolute sharpness of it. Took loads more test shots and all tack sharp. Tried far away objects and was all perfectly in focus. Usually if it's sharp close up it's out of focus when focusing further away after calibration... not the case here.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this lens. It performs fast and beautifully, built like a tank and tack sharp!
review image
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on 1 November 2013
I received the lens a few hours ago and I imediately went into my studio to try it out. I recently borrowed the Canon 35mm f1.4 so that was the benchmark I was using. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I always test out my lenses as soon as I get them using various focus charts. This has proved useful in the past as I have had problems with some lenses usually with eaither back or front focusing. The test also give me a good idea of how a lens performs throughout its range. Well absolutely no problems with this little beauty. Focusing si fast, silent and precise at all apertures and subject to camera distances. The wide open performance is amazing and slightly better than the more expensive Canon lens. I shall be using the lens on a studio shoot tomorrow so that will be a real world test. I shall return to this review with the results.
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on 19 June 2015
When it's good it's very good but it ain't good very often. Autofocus is not consistent. Great pity, but it's not a cheap lens so it's going back to Amazon. I don't see why I should have to invest a further £40 for the Sigma USB dock which may or may not help and I'm not inclined to try a replacement lens as I am losing confidence with Sigma - which is a shame as their good lenses are really good and competitively priced. I'll stick with my old/slow but consistent and reliable Canon 18-135 EFS for now but I will be looking at the Canon EF35 f2.
Update 05/10/2015...have decided to give this model another try just in case I was unlucky with my first one. Unfortunately although #2 has been an improvement on #1 it also has been returned. I used a borrowed Sigma dock to successfully make adjustments to the front focussing found at the 3 shorter focus ranges. At infinity the lens was soft/out of focus and it was not possible to improve. It's very frustrating and I don't think a third try is going to happen.
Live view focussing provided tack- sharp consistent results but otherwise results were below par. Pity.
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on 7 August 2015
Incredibly sharp, very fast focus and as with all Sigma lenses includes case and lens hood.

I used it on a 7D (i.e. 1.6x crop) and it's fantastic as a walkabout/portrait lens. I rarely take it off in fact.

It's heavy, much bigger than the non-Art old Sigma 30mm f/1.4, but looks and feels quality.

Absolutely nothing bad to say about this.
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on 7 August 2015
My first lens arrived in a damaged box, it was tested for function and seemed ok, however the state of the Sigma box indicated that it had sustained a significant hard drop, so this was returned and exchanged for another. The 2nd copy also arrived in a damaged (inner) box, crushed in one corner! I tested this lens for a week on a Canon 6D. When the lens functioned as it should the results were stunning, very sharp, good colour, fantastic smooth bokeh, great as a low light lens. However I was getting several shots that were just not in focus, and would have to take around 5 or 6 just to get one anywhere near sharp, these were all low light scenes and to check whether it was my technique I also used a tripod but had similar results. The idea of a low light walk around street lens soon started to wear off as I was having to scrutinise every shot before moving onto the next subject. Due to this inconsistency I decided to return the lens, perhaps it was operating within expected limits, or maybe it had indeed been dropped and had a problem.
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