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452 of 462 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Looks gorgeous - but should be called the iPad 3.1.
Customer Video Review     Length:: 0:31 Mins
This is a review of the iPad 4, released just a couple of months ago, and really it should have been called the iPad 3.1 (except Apple doesn't use numbers anymore!). Having used both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, the graphics are the same (the iPad 3 has a retina display as well) and the overall look is the same (once you upgrade the earlier version...
Published on 18 Dec 2012 by AquaViola

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but careful which version you buy
I have had this 3 months now and a word of caution.
A lovely machine for which most of what has been positively said is true, nice screen, easy to use interface etc. BUT
1) rubbish data lead / charging cable
2) the WIFI version DOES NOT have a GPS chipset, so no using it as a Sat nav etc.and does not have a SIM card capability, so always bound to a...
Published 13 months ago by J. Cashman

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452 of 462 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Looks gorgeous - but should be called the iPad 3.1., 18 Dec 2012
AquaViola (Nottingham) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
Length:: 0:31 Mins

This is a review of the iPad 4, released just a couple of months ago, and really it should have been called the iPad 3.1 (except Apple doesn't use numbers anymore!). Having used both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, the graphics are the same (the iPad 3 has a retina display as well) and the overall look is the same (once you upgrade the earlier version to iOS 6, that is).

I understand that the main internal difference is the processor speed, and the most obvious external difference is that the charging port has changed from the 30-pin version to a small Lightning Dock, which means that if you are upgrading from the iPad 3 or earlier, all of your accessories which went through the charger are not unusable.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to upgrade from the iPad 3, so is it worth upgrading from the iPad 2?

There are some nice additions compared with the iPad 2, but not enough, I think, for someone to upgrade. However, the gorgeous higher-resolution graphics make using this a really nice treat, and worth considering to pay the difference if you are considering the iPad 4 against the slightly cheaper iPad 2.

The video shows what you get in the box - I would suggest buying a screen protector (because even after 10 minutes you could clearly see the residue of fingerprints on the screen) and a case (to protect and enable you to prop it up).

It is surprising to me how much the iPad has been part of my home life. It makes checking emails and internet browsing You don't need to go to a big machine with a keyboard for casual searching - you can have something closer to a big book.

Secondly, using the iPad for emails is really good. The text is clear, and somehow the pictures seem more vivid, and you can just scroll going up and down with a flick of the finger rather than the organised gestures of the mouse. It may seem like no big difference, but it makes all the word of difference for ease and enjoyment.

I go the Wifi version rather than the 3G version because I am mostly in places which have Wifi (more and more common), but even if I need 3G connectivity, I can tether my iPhone to the iPad. It may cost a few pounds more a month when I use it, but it saves me a hundred pounds now.

I can confirm that both Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2 & 3, Includes Microfibre Cleaning Cloth And Application Card, 6 Pack and TeckNet® New iPad 4, iPad 3 & iPad 2 Premium Folio Leather Case / Cover and Flip Stand With Built-in Magnet for Sleep / Wake Feature + Screen Protector For New Apple iPad 4th Generation, iPad 3 & iPad 2 - Black both work for the iPad 4. I imagine that most, if not all, accessories for the iPad 2 will work for the iPad 4 (apart from those which use the charger, which won't work), but I can confirm that these work.

The battery life is amazing. I have used it for web surfing for several half hours, but only got down to 85% complete.

Overall, a very good investment, and something that I use every day (if only to read my books from the Kindle app - in colour).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Light, fast and beautifully designed. Best tablet available, 30 Dec 2013
This review is from: APPLE iPad with Retina display - 4th generation - WiFi - 64 GB - white - NEW
This iPad is not quite the most recent iPad (it's been upgraded to the iPad Air), but it's still an incredibly beautiful device. Oddly enough, it's so beautifully easy to use (my one year old daughter loves playing with it), it's almost doesn't feel like a computer at all.

A word of warning - this review is written for people who've never owned an iPad before - and are wondering what all the fuss is about. Don't read this if you already own an iPad and are thinking about an upgrade - I'd recommend you simply buy an Air.

Just what's all the fuss about?

I used to own a laptop for work, and (very occasionally), it'd sit on my lap on the sofa, and I'd use it for pleasure (eMail, watching films or playing the odd game). Then I bought my first iPad, and the laptop became redundant, a boring "work device". Hard to explain, but the fact the iPad is so small and light, and you navigate around with your finger by pointing and gently swiping the screen makes the whole experience a lot easier - a lot more fun.

Even my most "luddite" of friends have been won over.

It's incredibly simple and easy to use (it only has one main button), and everyone from my one year old daughter to my 85 year old dad have taken to without problems. It's size and shape also support using it like a book (literally to read a book or web page), but you can also watch TV and films.

Personally I'm also paranoid about my password getting "hacked", and someone running up a huge Amazon bill or buying stuff with my credit card on eBay. Well one of the benefits of the iPad (and iPhone) is it's "almost impossible" to get a virus - one of the most common ways to get hacked. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use strong passwords, (both Sony and Adobe got hacked), but it's reassuring to leave the Windows world behind.

Finally, I love the way these devices (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Mac), increasingly work together. The fact you can start a Pages document on your Mac and edit it on your iPad, or take photos on the iPhone, and in seconds see them on the iPad or Mac and display them on the Apple TV.

The thing is, "it just works".

What would you use if for?

* Shopping online. Obviously - you could be reading a review on Amazon about the iPad Air!
* Reading web pages. As you can hold it like a book it's great to read the news online (my wife loves the Daily Mail Online).
* Reading Books. It's great for reading books from Amazon Kindle or Apple Books with the benefit of 1,000s of online book reviews
* Navigating web pages. Instead of clicking with a mouse, you gently swipe your fingers on screen to scroll around
* Watching Films. I use it to watch Netflix online videos (with an Apple TV you can send stuff to the telly)
* Watching TV. With the free BBC iPlayer app you can catch up or download BBC programs
* Reading and replying to mail. I use "mailbox" a great free app to read and reply to mails, but there's a free one included
* Showing and organising photos. Any photos on an iPhone are automatically available within minutes in "the cloud"
* Playing games. From fun puzzle games like "Cut the Rope" to fully fledged first person shooters.
* Listening to the Radio. With "Tune in Radio" you can listen to thousands of radio stations world-wide.
* Listening to music. I stream mine to an Apple TV, but you can also buy portable speakers or just plug into the AUX socket
* The list goes on and on.

Which model should I buy?

I can't comment about Android tablets (apart from the Google Nexus 7 which is well regarded), but in terms of the Apple tablet line-up:-

iPad mini Size:-

* iPad mini is a lovely tablet. A 7.9 inch screen and astonishingly light and remarkably thin - it feels like a light-weight book.
* iPad mini with retina screen. Again 7.9 inch screen, but with the blazingly fast A7 chip and a "retina" (high definition) screen. Worth the upgrade if you can afford it.

Full Size iPad options. (much larger screen - makes a huge difference):-

* 1st Generation iPad. Seldom available new - best avoided - there's better options available
* 2nd Generation. Avoid the Apple iPad 2, it's a relatively old model, under-powered and with a lower resolution screen. If you really want an Apple but don't want to spend the cash, buy a 16g WIFI 3rd or 4th generation iPad from Amazon or eBay. Avoid this one.
* iPad 3rd Generation. First iPad with the "Retina" (high definition) screen. A5X chip. Excellent iPad - highly recommended
* iPad 4th Generation. With A6X chip. In short, not quite as fast as the latest chip but pretty zippy. Biggest difference is the smaller power socket and slightly faster processor.
* iPad Air. Same fast (A7) chip as the Mini with Retina - the latest and fastest iPad available. This has been re-designed to be even smaller than the iPad 2/3/4 and with the new chip making it even faster.

In terms of which to buy - if you want something REALLY small and light to read on the train, the iPad mini or retina is your best bet. Otherwise, the 3rd, 4th generation or iPad Air is your best option - depending upon your budget.

Me I've owned a 1st and 3rd generation iPad and most recently an Air. My daughter owns an iPad mini, and we've loved them all.

What are the Optional add-ons?

Well, assuming you've dropped by the Apple Store or John Lewis (which I would highly recommend), and handled the iPad Mini (with/without retina screen), and iPad 2 and Air then your options are around memory size and cellular option.

Memory: Once bought, you can't add memory (space for apps, films, books etc). However, the basic price goes up a huge amount (+£80 for the 16g to 32g iPad Air). But, having owned a 16g and then a 32g iPad - I can safely recommend the 16g unless you really want to store a huge amount of videos and downloads. Only you can decide, and if you're lucky enough that money is no object then splash out. Otherwise, 16g should be fine for most people.

Celular: Allows you to connect to the internet while you're out and about. This will add an additional +£100 to the price and means you can slip in a mobile phone SIM card. This means (for an additional £7-15 a month extra), you can access the internet on the move. Alternatively, you can opt for the WIFI option, and use it at home or at at "hot spot" (eg. Starbucks, most rail stations and hotels etc).

Personally I'd buy (and indeed did), the 16Gb iPad Air WIFI. But again, it depends upon your budget.

Do I need anything else?

Most people (me included) buy a cover. Apple (and now several copy-cats) make a "smart-cover" which automatically shuts down the iPad when you close it, and switches it on when you open it. There's versions which cover the back, or just the screen. Apple charge from £35 to £65 for their (admittedly) high quality fabric or leather covers, but there's many available from £10. Be aware, you do get what you pay for.

Personally,I think it's a pity to cover the beautiful aluminium industrial design of the iPad with a cover - but if you've spent hundreds of pounds you'll want to protect it from scrapes and bangs.

I also invested in a keyboard (£25-80), as I tend to write a lot of mails and documents (remember it comes with a word processor). I'd recommend (for the iPad Air) the Logitech Ultra Thin iPad Air Case with Keyboard - Space Greyand the ZAGG Keys iPad Air Case Folio with Backlit Keyboard - Black although these are strictly optional unless you want to use your iPad as a proper laptop.

Word of warning: If you're looking for a case or keyboard be sure to buy the correct size (they're all different):-

1. iPad mini size
2. iPad 2, 3 or 4th generation
3. iPad Air size

Finally, if you have another Apple device (eg. an iPhone, Apple TV or Mac) you'll find these work together beautifully. For example, you can create a reminder on your iPad and it appears on your iPhone. Equally, photos taken on your iPhone appear on your iPad, and you can stream music or videos from iPad, iPhone or Mac to an Apple TV.

One word of advice - make sure the entire family use the same "Apple iTunes Account" - but you all have a separate "iCloud Account". This means, when you buy an App, Music or Film on one iDevice its available to everyone, but you each have separate "Cloud Storage" to backup your iPad or store documents independent of each other. Incidentally, creating an iCloud account means your iPad is automatically backed up (no wires, no fuss) every time you charge it up. A wonderful feature - one of many.

Overall Opinion

It's hard to believe the iPad version 1 was released just four years ago, and there's a huge raft of "me too" tablet computers to choose from, but the Apple iPad is still the one to beat. As "Which?" magazine put it about the iPad Air - "...the best tablet we've ever tested. Apple packs a beautiful screen and lightning fast processor into a slimmer-than-ever shell, and battery life is very impressive".

Yes, there are cheaper Android based alternatives, but the quality, design and beauty of this tablet just sets it apart. If it were a car it'd be a top of the range Mercedes or a BMW. Looking at the iPad 3rd or 4th generation, you've not quite got the "latest version" - but it's still a top end tablet computer.

Obviously, depending upon your budget, buy the latest iPad available - but whichever one you buy you're sure to be delighted.

Highly Recommended.

PS. If you found this review useful, please click below. Feel free to comment or ask a question.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I used to think when you have an iPhone and a laptop why should you get this?! Then I was turned....., 29 Dec 2012
So I have been in 2 minds about having an iPad for a while now...
I have an iPhone 4S and I have a 17 inch screen laptop so even though I wanted one I didn't see the point in buying one because my iPhone was just a smaller version anyway. My parents bought me an iPad for Christmas and I was excited to start having a play around.
I have found this incredibly useful for revision for my January exams, not only because of apps such as 'Notability' which is great for compiling my notes, but I am able to get informative apps which help with my learning which you cannot get on a laptop.

My laptop as I said is 17inch and I am not really able to bring it to lectures with me due to its size, but after I purchased the 'Griffin Survivor' case for my iPad it is safe enough for me to not worry about it being in my bag all day. The battery life is way better than my laptop, so much so I did 5 hours solid typing on it and my battery went to about 50%.

So if you were in two minds about whether to get it or not... Don't be. It's not an iPhone.... It's not a laptop... It is the best of both and so very useful!
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5.0 out of 5 stars My life has begun., 14 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
At 77 years old I could think why on earth I would want one of these new fangled things.
Now , quite honestly, I can't live without it. Does anyone want a laptop?
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to put down, 7 Jan 2013
Dr. Ernest J. Hammond "EJH" (France) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is my first iPad (indeed my first tablet). It was always going to be a 10 inch - but I had to choose between and iPad and a Galaxy at about 100 quid cheaper. I went for an iPad primarily because I already have an iPhone and I hoped and expected that they would communicate well with each other.

In this I have not been disappointed. The integration is seamless and suddenly the iPad seems to have all my contacts and other data from the iPhone without me having to do anything in particular. Similarly, though with a little more head scratching, all the music I had on the iPhone is also on the iPad. The head scratching has to do with the difference between what's in the Cloud and what's physically on a device. The iPad knew about the music without much effort, and could play it by streaming it from the Cloud, but if I was out of reach of WIFI I was suddenly without the tracks again. The answer was physically to download the content, and now I have the music whether I am in a network or not. To really get on top of this you will need to download iTunes to your PC and use it to help manage your iPad.

I have downloaded several apps, but the star for me, has been the Kindle app. I have to say 'wow'. If anything, it makes the Kindle experience even better than using the Kindle reader - especially since I like to read in bed ... and now have backlighting whose level I can easily set. Syncing from iPad to Kindle and back again has been a doddle. So far, for me, a major plus.

Apple are very good at making ownership a pleasure. The iPad oozes quality, and is a joy to handle. Man-years have been spent on the user interface, and it shows. Very slick. People say that this version is not much different from 2 or 3, but I'm not so sure. It has a faster processor and more pixels, and if you are going to use a tablet for several hours a day, you do want a good screen to look at - and good it is.

There are a few downsides. Not having Flash is one of them. I knew about this before I bought, but it's still a bit of a downer to access a well known website and suddenly find that it doesn't perform any more. Just one of those things you need to know about and accept. There are often native apps that get around that issue.

Another downside is to be English speaking in France (this applies to other language/location permutations). Because the device knows you are in France, it keeps pushing French at you; not the end of the world, but not always convenient. When you go to the iTunes store, you find that an app you know is available, is out of reach - it's in the English store, but not the French one, and amazingly, in this interconnected age, you can't have it. It all has to do with DRM and how Apple chooses to implement it. There are workarounds. If this issue affects you, Google it for solutions.

These don't lead me to a downrating. This really is a 5 star product. It's a super bit of kit and I don't regret my choice.

>>>>>>>>>> Updated 25 January 2013 >>>>>>>>>>

Some things I have learned in the last couple of weeks which might be useful (none of which would reduce my rating though):

1 - A tablet is *not* a laptop without a keyboard (and adding an external keyboard won't change that). Owning a tablet will not make your PC or laptop redundant. Those are productive tools, and a tablet is more about consuming content. Consuming music, films, videos, websites and so on. For actually producing something, like a brochure, or doing a mail merge, you will be back to your PC.

2 - printing is primitive. Really. You can change the number of copies you want, but that's it. You can't specify a paper size or orientation, or quality, or have a say where on the page your output will be placed. There is a little help on the way from printer manufacturers (HP in my case) who have some more helpful apps, but be warned.

3 - the operating system is very good, but very different. You are not going to see familiar folder structures, and be able to drill down to where your document is. So I don't actually know where my PDF copy of the manual is, but my PDF reader does, so it still works. "It's an operating system Jim, but not as we know it".

4 - once you've got used to not thinking of it as a computer, it's great. This review is being prepared on my very fast PC, on one of the three big screens that run off it. But last night I could point my iPad at different parts of the sky, and have the stars, galaxies, constellations and planets identified and named for me. Can't do that on my PC. This morning, grey dawn, I was in bed with my cup of tea, catching up on the morning papers on my iPad. Can't take my PC to bed with me. Last week there was a huge pall of smoke on the horizon. On my iPad I called up my location, got maps running, also ran a compass app, and worked out where it was. Can't do that on my PC. You get the idea.

5 - I already said that the Kindle app was great. Yesterday I used the iPad to access Amazon and bought a Kindle book about the iPad, and downloaded it to the iPad directly. First time I've done that without going through my actual Kindle. The book looks super on the iPad, and the illustrations, screenshots mostly, are all in their native colour. I'm already through a third of it, and can recommend it too. It's here if you are interested: iPad: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals). Just check it's the latest one, which I think is Nov 2012.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A beauty, 1 Oct 2013
Ms. Mary C. Healy "Recant61" (London Uk) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not disappointed.. Long battery life, go for big memory, you will use it, colour amazing for this novice.. Great for FaceTime etc. a treat.
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5.0 out of 5 stars All Things Bright And Beautiful, 28 Jan 2013
A. Webb (Isle of Wight, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I resisted the world of Apple for many years, and to be honest I still think much of their range is overpriced and their stranglehold on any business done under their badge is unpleasant and greedy to say the least. However, talking to a friend who had an iPad4, I persuaded myself to take the plunge after serious problems with my Sony Tablet S Android device. To be fair, those problems were eventually resolved, but by then I'd seen the light.

Is the fabled Retina screen THAT good? Yes, it is, simply the best screen I've seen on any computing device. For those who like to use tablets as e-readers, the difference is very noticeable between this screen and a good Android tablet, such as the one mentioned above. I haven't had the opportunity to compare it with the Nexus 10, but as that tablet has been garnering mixed reviews, I suspect that all may not be well in Googleland. But back to the iPad, which is every bit as elegant and beautiful as its price would suggest. There are some idiosyncrasies. While a doddle in most ways to use, I am finding it more difficult than Android. Specifically, getting certain files to associate with my chosen apps. But these are mere teething problems. Oh, and the Apple App Store is still a mess, but with 275,000 apps out there, the biggest problem is sifting wheat from chaff. But then, the same is true for Android and Google Play.

The iPad 4 is pretty much everything it's cracked up to be, feels and looks fabulous, works incredibly smoothly and has an excellent battery life, unless you're running HD games or video flat out for hours. But it will put a dent in your bank balance. Whether it's worth the extra money over a good quality Android tablet very much depends upon who is using it, what for, and for how long. I'm using mine for entertainment, research and work related stuff, so I can just about justify the outlay. The top spec Android tablets are now not much cheaper than this, yet still appear to suffer build quality issues. There's also an iPad 3 with Retina screen, for those who can do without the extra grunt, but really, looking at the price difference, you might as well go for this model and see how the other half lives.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Love it, 17 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is my new best friend, no more negotiating with my husband that it's my time to go on the laptop,we now have our own gadgets! I only use it to look at my emails, go on the Internet and have downloaded a few games,I also plan to download some ebooks, I am getting better at navigating around the system, but it hasn't always been easy,it just takes a bit of time adjusting to it.
Love the size and the convenience of the IPad, especially as it's portable,no wires and holds it's charge much longer than a laptop.Good size clear screen,keyboard very easy to use,Wifi cover more reliable, laptop tends to be a bit slower and the service is not always available
The only thing I have noticed is that it can feel heavy after about 30 minutes and can put a strain on your wrists ,so be careful.
However I love it and it's been worth every penny.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Quality product, 20 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is my first foray into the Apple stable after lots of recommendations from friends. Last year I bought a cheap tablet and almost immediately regretted it. It was cheap yes but is was nasty.
The iPad is a quality product, however it is expensive which is why I only went for the 16gb version.
Why have I only given it four stars?
1) I have had to do a soft reboot on two occasions twice, after the Times online app froze.
2) I cannot view any website which uses Flash software as for some reason, Apple don't allow it to be installed on their products. This is frankly, not good enough when paying hundreds of pounds for a product of theirs.

So whilst I am very pleased with the iPad, I will not be buying an iPhone. What annoys me there is not being able to upgrade memory by the simple insertion of a memory chip. It seems that memory is cheap nowadays with everyone except Apple and again that is not good enough.
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4.0 out of 5 stars special gift for husband, 29 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Does all that we hoped it would - but come on Apple - why not include an instruction manual and a few screen protectors!
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