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4.3 out of 5 stars39
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 June 2001
Christoper Hitchens seems to enjoy demolishing the reputations of great public figures and this book is no exception. In a short account, Hitchens makes various attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton's personal and political characters including, most sensationally, the claim that Bill Clinton may be a rapist.
'No One Left To Lie To' is very well written, and Hitchens draws upon all of his resources to direct a stylish, witty and concise polemic at the Clintons. He does not try to be impartial, merely fair, and he makes no apologies for the constant stream of hate that he has for the Clintons and some of their allies.
As for the allegations themselves, each one is thoroughly investigated - sometimes to the point where he can become a little too pedantic in loooking at what people did and did not say in response to these claims (which can be a problem when you are dealing with politicians. You don't need Christopher Hitchens to point out that politicians rarely answer the questions that they are asked!).
The central problem is that Christopher Hitchens bases many of his key allegations (including the rape allegation) on what people don't say rather than what they do, and on pointing out how different circumstantial evidence points to his conclusion. Very rarely does he actually offer any hard proof for what he claims.
However, his political accusations are well presented and might give those on the Left pause for thought - Hitchens, a former Marxist and staunch defender of the Left shows how Clinton has betrayed his supporters through "triangulation" which effectively means adopting some of the opposition's policies to neutralise their opposition.
Overall, 'No One Left To Lie To' is an absorbing read, and while it doesn't prove Bill Clinton guilty of everything claimed within, it certainly raises many questions you haven't heard before.
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on 21 May 2009
You would sue the life out of someone who wrote this about you. If it is true, you would probably ignore it. This speaks volumes for me.

I always felt the need for a both when ever I saw Clinton and now I know why. The passage on Hilary Clinton's healthcare program is mind blowing, and his analysis of 'triangulation' (Blair seems to have read this playbook) is brilliant.
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The supreme essayist of his time, Hitchens is less suited to the longer study since character study of depth requires some light and shade, unless you believe your target to be evil, which he is close to believing; he certainly lost a few friends when he testified to a Senate Committee that a mutual friend had told him of THAT dress. No doubt Clinton is slippery, neither can one dispute that he lacks principle thus 'triangulation' replaces principle as ground for policy. I prefer the other polemics he has written to this one, where Hitchens overdoes the bile heaped onto a man surely less odious than Dubya, whom The Hitch endorsed in the 2004 election. Mind you, it is the too obvious hatchet at work here that causes me to lose the one star, since I give Clinton some credit for intervening in the Balkans. But as Nick Cohen plausibly opines in his last Observer column of 2015, Hitch probably never got over his anger at Clinton's allowing self-lobotomized killer Ricky Ray Rector to be (unconstitutionally) executed, it was disgustingly unprincipled of Clinton. Look it up, please, since Rector was so non compos mentis that he put aside some of his Last Meal "For later", which I guess makes Clinton fully justify Hitchens's animus and I am sure that Cohen is right and that the Hitch was correct to remain outraged. In this light his ire looks fully justified, in fact and no condemnation of this can be too stong).
He was by no means a poor President either: the Republicans were terrified of him and I suspect that part of The Hitch's rage originates in the merest trace of envy. It would be hardly surprising to find that an orator and writer like Hitchens would at some level despise Clinton, a superb performer too, for his all too obvious flaws, hence the real hatred, the fascination here is that this is no Littlejohn, no William F Buckley contrivance of faux fury, this man genuinely IS furious. Highly readable, interesting and usually correct, it is too vitriolic where that is in excess of the facts....although even here it is fun.
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on 13 June 2013
everything written by this zealot for truth is vitally important and should not be neglected. he was one of the great minds of our time,and many of the others were close friends of his.that said.i should point out that any random essay from "arguably"will probably be found to be more readable and informative.....and on this topic,i can think of frames from steve bell that are in themselves more elucidating and memorable....and pointedly aggressive.nonetheless,it is by christopher hitchens,and thus indispensible. what more might he have done,had he lived?read christopher and his mates;you will not find a duff sentence or an untruthful one.....oh,and don't may survive to do some good work yourself..
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on 3 September 2009
Even before I read this book I never trusted Clinton. There was just something slightly creepy about him, a cold, power hungry, ruthless look in his eyes, the way he spoke, as if he wanted to control everything. A demeanour which suggested an unscrupulous, nasty side to his character. This book just confirmed everything I thought and more. How so many people still trust and like this guy, and go to all his and hilary's speeches, cheer them, and applaud them, is beyond me. From the atrocious execution of a disabled black man, to the constant lying and triangulation, the way in which he used the democrat party to implement very right wing policies,the failure to answer questions properly, the horrible chauvaunistic attitude towards women, viewing them as objects rather than people, to the taking of money for his party from extremely dubious people, this book exposes it all. I think it has been clear for a long time now that the Clintons have no principles whatsoever, and that the only people they really care about are themselves. Hitchens superbly argues that the way in which the left defended him was a big sign of degeneration, he is witty, smart, perceptive, and sticks to the point. The book is short, and I would have liked it to have been longer, but despite its length, its impact is still massive. Buy this and be shown a side to Clinton you've never seen before.
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on 31 March 2008
Well written and intriguing analysis of the Clintons during their White house and Senate campaign(Mrs.C) years.Makes for very uncomfortable reading when juxtaposed with the media's slavish indulgence of the "clinton foibles".Given that we now have Mrs.Clinton trying to get back into the White House(seems she did not take enough towels and linens away last time),maybe Hitchens should write an update .After all, Billary have been very busy since this book was written in 2000.
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on 22 January 2013
Other reviewers have said just about everything about this,I would just like to add how readable Hitchens prose is. This really does read like a novel and in the process exposes with great detail how vain, corrupt and even criminal Clinton was.
Hitchens' main thrust is how Clinton and his acolytes maintained power by Triangulation and that theory is well developed and illustrated here. Critics have countered with the "If Clinton was so rigtht wing why did they hate him so much". Hitches also demolishes that as well. Republicans didn't just want their policies enacted (which Clinton invariably did), they nwanyed the power and position themselves and hated Clinton not for being a so-called left-wing Democrat but for robbing them of that power.
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on 14 May 2012
Brilliantly written tirade on the Clinton brand. Brilliant insights but difficult to appreciate without a good historical awareness of Clinton and his presidency. This is not a historically account .... it is a polemic and a great one at that. Brilliant vocabulary builder and an insightful book
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on 15 November 2013
There are a number of questions raised by other reviewers that support the value this book contributes to political assessment of the Clintons. Mr Hitchens was not sued because he made sure to verify sources and he presents his material in a way which allows the reader to make their own judgement of the events and personalities described. What ever the hatchet job aspects of the Starr Commission Mr Hitchens reminds us Bill Clinton delivered an agenda more suited to the Republicans than his own constituency. The analysis of triangulation is breath taking and sets the scene for why so many people around the world currently appear to have little faith in populist politicians. The second intriguing strand in Mr Hitchens book is the focus on the morality of Bill Clinton and by association Hillary. He reminds us these were, before being politicians, lawyers. He reminds us of the strands that led to impeachment-as well as Monica Lewinsky, involved grubby money. He reminds us of the sordid demonization of Gennifer Flowers and the attempt to destroy her using political and media spin. Christopher Hitchens more importantly reminds us of the role of a journalist. It is to uncover a story layer by layer and look at what the pieces of a story reveal. After reading this, I shudder to think that following Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton may be the next Democrat presidential hopeful. This is almost a scalpel sharp dissection of Bill and as a subtext, Hillary. Almost is the apposite word here. It sent me towards my copy of Hunter S's articles from the same period of American history. Always rely on Mr Thompson to fill out the unsaid and he did not disappoint.
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on 8 April 2014
I am a great admirer of Hitchens, the audiobook of “Arguably” was my companion for three months and that of Hitch-22 is as enjoyable as the paper book, but his bile is worse than his enthusiasms about travel, literature, personalities and politics. II didn’t enjoy his book on Mother Theresa which was a hatchet job and I don’t enjoy this. Partly because time has weaned the shock of the former President’s contempt for truth, abuse of the constitution and disrespect of women; partly because as an English reader to whom the status of Speaker of the House, the function of caucuses and the nature of confirmation hearings are fairly opaque, the whole thing doesn’t make much sense. The book is full of names that meant nothing to me at the time and less now. Well written as it is, for English readers this is a book for Hitchens completists only.
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