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First thing to say is they’re quite big – don’t try to swallow one without a drink of whatever your preference may be. Secondly, they are suitable for vegetarians, and I mention this because a) I am such a creature and b) it is unusual to find capsules which are not made of animal by-products.

They come packaged in a box which has a mine of information plastered all over it, the important bits of which are on the bottle’s label. So, what are the claims of this supplement? Apparently to burn fat and help with weight loss. Here we go again - manufacturers tapping in to our desire to lose weight with the minimum effort and discomfort. Ah, if only…..

Now, in fairness, I am only halfway through my first bottle, but I can’t honestly say I notice any difference in my appetite, well being, or weight – maybe it’s a bit early and the miracle is yet to happen. I have read some of the five star reviews - if it’s worked for those people that’s great, but I would be interested in some authentic research, undertaken by professionals in controlled conditions, until then I remain neutral and somewhat sceptical.

I was sent this bottle specifically for trial and review purposes; my comments are honest and based on my experience with this product. If the miracle happens and I suddenly metamorphose into that lithe, supple, nymph-like creature my husband craves I’ll be the first to let you know – in fact you will probably hear me shouting from the nearest tall building and won’t need to read this review.
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on 9 December 2013
Yes, I must admit I was skeptical before I tried this product. Having wasted plenty of time and money on various dietary supplements in the past, I wasn't expecting a great deal from this one. However, I was VERY pleasantly surprised and here's why.

I was going to take it AS a dietary supplement. You know - diet and take the pill at the same time. However, I somehow "forgot" about the "diet" bit, but I did manage to take the pills. And it wasn't until I went for a routine medical procedure, that I realized I had somehow lost 10 pounds, two weeks after I last weighed myself. Two weeks further on, I had managed to lose another 7 pounds and the weight keeps coming off, despite my inability to be strict with myself about what I eat.

I'm not even hesitating about ordering a second lot of SVETOL, because this has got to be the single easiest way to lose weight I have ever found.

But what about the side effects? Well, I'm extremely alert throughout the day and I sleep well at night. I also have more energy than I have had for years. I don't know about you, but they are side effects I can live with! Highly recommended.
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I have been on the 5-2 diet for the past four months and although i have lost weight the weight over the past six weeks has slowed and I hadn't lost or gained anything. I tried the Green Gold bean extract over 30 days but still haven't lost anymore weight. I think I will try them for a further month to see if I can lose more weight.
I did feel as though I had more energy though. I have a sedentary job working 12 hour night shifts so I'm sitting down most of the time and after three nights I am usually very tired and sleeping until late afternoon. Since taking these tablets I felt I was less tired and fatigued during and at the end of my shift and I haven't been sleeping as long. I finished my third night shift at 06.30 this morning and I'm usually walking around the house after a sleep like a zombie,however I'm wide awake and feel really good.

The only downside with these tablets is the price, £12.97 a month £155.64 a year. I suppose if they work for you then it's well worth it.
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on 9 October 2014
I've been taking these Green Coffee Bean Extracts for two weeks and I can safely say I've noticed a difference. Physically I feel less bloated and I also feel mentally energetic.

First of all, I feel that I need to emphasise the fact that these DO NOT make you lose weight, but help support weight loss. You take them twice a day, 30 minutes before each meal. While taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract I was also taking Vitamin B-Complex twice a day too, and they have the same effect as the Green Coffee Bean Extract. I also went to the gym 3-5 a week which included 1 hour cardio workouts and 30 minute muscle work and also followed a rigorous healthy eating plan, however I would indulge a pastry snack now and then.

The beans themselves are quite big so some of you may find them difficult to swallow but they do state on the bottle and I quote "As a dietary and health supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules twice daily 30 minutes before each meal with 8oz of water."
The great thing about these beans is that they do cleanse your system, after two weeks I found myself feeling less groggy and less bloated, my stomach appeared more slimmer due to the combination of the tablets and the exercise regime.
I also felt more energetic. This is probably due to the fact that the product contains naturally occurring caffeine per serving. They contain 1/2 a cup of tea in each tablet.

The pills helped me shed 2Ibs each week which is a healthy amount to lose. Obviously as a combination of healthy eating, supplement taking and exercise they do help with weight loss, I wouldn't have lost two pounds each week if I was only taking the supplements and not exercising or eating healthy as well, however I would recommend them to someone who is looking to detox their system rather than someone looking for a quick fix weightloss supplement.

My only qualm with them is that they are on the large scale. If they were made into small capsules and they had to be taken three times a day, that would be a better solution.
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on 20 September 2014
I've seen fat burners in action and I know that they definitely do work to speed up the rate of weight loss if combined with a healthy diet and exercise. So I did also have realistic expectations when I was sent this as a sample; it is in no way a miracle cure and won't make a difference if you don't make a few lifestyle changes along with it. Having said this, I've been taking these pills for a few weeks and have not noticed a huge difference in my body; but being new to my full-time office job, my diet has not been the best and I've also had a lot less time to go to the gym, so I wouldn't blame these fat burners at all for that. Honestly I've done a pretty awful job at testing these out as I've not been very committed to actually making a difference to my diet.

I can comment on other aspects of this product though; I've taken fat burners before (with a lot more time on my hands to go to the gym and thus a lot more successfully), and they are horrendous to swallow. These pills are nothing like that; the little plastic capsule is so easy to swallow, unlike other fat burners which are twice the size and leave a horrible, spicy aftertaste in your mouth. With the main ingredient being caffeine, I've also noticed a difference in my energy levels, which has made my work outs a lot more rewarding as well. And the antioxidants in the main ingredient have probably helped to clear out my system a bit as I've noticed my skin looking a lot better since I've been taking them.

However, I must say that the description of these pills is a little disappointing; claiming to 'burn and block fat' and 'slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream' seemingly without any effort on the consumer's part is a little too farfetched for me. I don't pretend to understand the science behind it but I know that other caffeine-based fat burners are simply thermogenic, so you sweat more when you work out and the increased body temperature boosts your metabolism. But you have to actually make an effort for it to make any real difference.

These pills are certainly not the miracle cure they claim to be, but they are an easy fat burner to take compared to other brands, and work as a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise routine.
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I was contacted by the distributor of this product and asked if I would be willing to review it if they provided a sample for me to test. This is primarily sold as a weight loss supplement, and I don’t believe the solution to losing weight lies in a pill so, under normal circumstances I would have said no.

However, a couple of years ago, I’d written an article on my health blog about green coffee bean extract based on an email I’d received and some research I’d found. Consequently I thought it only fair that I give this product a try.

I had several problems with this in practice and none of them are really to do with the product. I forget to take stuff. I intend to swallow a whole stack of vitamin pills on a daily basis just before breakfast. I even leave the pills next to where I slice bread and butter toast. I still forget to take them. This product recommends taking two tablets twice a day 30 minutes before meals. If I’m cooking a meal that takes 30 minutes then that’s not too much of a problem, but a lot of the time I start making a meal and I’m eating it ten minutes later. I can’t always predictwhen I’m going to be eating, so I have no idea when 30 minutes before is going to be.

It doesn’t say on the box, but on the bottle label it says to take two capsules with 8oz of water. That was a real put-off for me. That raised my liquid intake, for the period I was testing these, to too high a level. If I was going out I had to miss my dose because I’d just be searching for a toilet. So my taking of the capsules became a little erratic and the test wasn’t perhaps as fair as it should have been – but I feel this probably faithfully reflects what other people’s experiences might be with this.

Did I lose weight?

Not as far as I can tell. I don’t have a scale, but there has certainly been no loosening of trousers or fastening belts at a different hole. But something odd did happen. I wouldn’t have associated this with the bean extract only I noticed another reviewer reporting something similar. I felt more active, not so much energised or hyper, but I found myself effortlessly doing stuff I normally put off – like the dishes – and it seemed quite strange. I found myself doing things when I would normally be watching TV or just reading. This is very interesting.

There are also claims about cardio-vascular health improvement and blood sugar balance on the box. I have no way of validating these claims and they may well be true.

Here’s a quote about the clinical trial for the coffee bean extract from my blog post. The research was based on a trial of 16 people.

“16 people is such a small sample that no statistically significant conclusions can be drawn – which makes me wonder why bother. That said, the results are certainly interesting. The study ran for 22 weeks. Participants had a period with a low dose green coffee extract, a period with a higher dose, and a period with a placebo. There was a two week recovery period between each test. Over that time the subjects showed an average weight loss of 18lbs. 10 subjects had 10% loss of body weight, and 5 of the other 6 lost 5% of their body weight. Average heart rate slowed by 2 beats a minute – this doesn’t sound much but is significant for heart health. There are also indications, but nothing statistically significant, that there might be beneficial effects on blood pressure.”

Although a small test sample, I find these results interesting and I would not dismiss this product out of hand.

I’m giving this 4 stars because it didn’t appear to do me any harm, it seemed to have some small positive effect, and I didn’t follow the dosage religiously.
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on 23 April 2014
Was talking about this with friends a short while ago and was interested enough to give it a go. I'm a tough customer when it comes to things like this - healthy scepticism and a wry take on slimming products mean that I usually give such products a wide berth.

However - and I didn't think I'd say that - however! I'm sedentary, have a weight problem and don't currently do anywhere near as much exercise as I should because of some health issues, so this seemed like a good product to test. You'll get weight loss with lots of exercise and diet but the effect of the coffee bean extract wouldn't be measurable alongside the exercise and diet.

So. No diet. No exercise. It works. Not hugely, so don't expect miracles, but my metabolism improved, my energy improved, and it felt as though I was losing fat within my abdomen as there was less pressure on my internal organs. Definite improvement in my general wellbeing and everything works better "inside".

There is one week's worth of capsules if you take the generally recommended dose of 1600 mg per day, and the effects became noticeable after a couple of days. I'm impressed, and coming from a supplement cynic, that's quite something. I'm encouraged enough to carry on with a longer course and to combine that with picking up my energy levels and watching my diet a little more carefully. This will be a great product for reinforcing weight loss strategies and giving them a bit of a push from behind.

Have done a lot of research online, too, and this product is one of the best I've seen for quality. Around 50% chlorogenic acid, no fillers, pure green coffee bean extract delivered in a daily dose of 1600 mg and no rubbish. One of the best on the market that I can see. It's also vegetarian - the capsules are made with vegetable gelatin.

One thing that was ambiguous at first was the dosage markings on the bottle. At first glance, it looks as though each capsule is 800 mg, giving you 1600 mg per day, but what it means is that each dose - two capsules - comes to 800 mg. You take two capsules of 400 mg in the morning, giving you 800 mg, and two more in the evening. I couldn't initially work out why a pot of 30 capsules would only last for just over a week, but that's down to the wording on the bottle.

All in all though, very pleasantly surprised. While it looks from the comments as though it doesn't suit everyone it's worth a go and I'd certainly recommend it.
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on 22 April 2014
The capsules are easy to swallow and have no after-taste. In respect of on-going weight-loss, I have lost approximately 2 lbs in the two weeks I have been taking the capsules. This has been through a combined approach of the capsules, healthy eating with reduced portion sizes and meal-replacement with juicing at breakfast or lunchtimes. I’m happy with the weight-loss as although it’s minimal by some people’s standards, I’m trying to reduce my weight following long-term steroids, which is notably difficult to shift. I’m hoping that this slower weight-loss will be more easily sustained.

The additional benefit of the product I’m finding is its anti-oxidant and increased energy properties. Due to ongoing illness I’m in a perpetual state of trying to do the right things for my body but always find myself lacking in energy. However, as I’ve moved into the second week of taking the Green Coffee Bean capsules, I have definitely had a little more energy – something which doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with dieting and weight-loss for me, I usually struggle with the reverse!

The 60-capsule bottle gives you 15 days’ supply as you need to take 2 tablets, twice each day. Remembering to take them 30 minutes before each meal is the tricky part, but once you build it into your routine, it’s easy enough to take them and I haven’t noticed any ill-effects or aftertaste. On the contrary, my experience so far has all been positive and although I’ve only been taking the capsules for two weeks, I would happily purchase them again as I think you need to try something for at least a month before knowing whether it’s really doing the trick or not. That said, based on these two weeks I would recommend them.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 September 2014
I was provided with a sample product to review by the product distributor, and only took the product on the stipulation that my review would be honest and unbiased.

My results are not startling, but intriguing. There has been some research done into the mechanism of green coffee bean extract, and as I was already interested in glycemic impact, blood sugar and obesity I was very interested to find out how the supplements would affect my energy. appetite and weight. I have remained within a few pounds of the same weight for the last 8 months since I stopped smoking and switched to vaping exclusively, stopping smoking usually makes me pile the weight on. I can't shift a stubborn couple of 'fair, fat and forty' stones that sit round my belly and make me look sideways at other possible health issues though.

I had no issues taking the supplement as directed and I have lost 4 pounds in weight on my bathroom scales. Having not taken them for a week I find my appetite and energy levels have changed for the worse. Perhaps this is a placebo, perhaps not. I feel more in control of blood sugar levels while taking them than I do when I'm not taking them. I am probably amongst the most cynical person I know when it comes to weight loss supplements. These don't replace a weight loss program - don't think you can eat as you please and not gain weight - but adding these in to any program which is designed to even out glycemic impact would be a positive thing.
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on 18 September 2014
I have always been intrigued buy these supplements and almost ordered some a while back whilst on a bit of a health kick. I decided to trial them and I can honestly say the most noticeable effect I have seen whilst taking these the last few weeks has been a sudden boost of energy and motivation. When taking them with breakfast and lunch I find I have so much more energy to get stuff done and being a mum of two toddlers about to move house this has been greatly appreciated in the last few weeks!

Now Im not sure how taking these differs from just drinking a couple of cups of coffee because I am not a big coffee drinker but you do not get any sort of coffee jitters or come down which is always a bonus. I like how natural the supplements are so they are a great healthier alternative to coffee or energy drinks but I will warn you If you are not great with taking tablets you might struggle as these are pretty huge!

As for it aiding weightloss I am slightly sceptical, I haven't really been taking them for that purpose so haven't kept track of my weight nor have I been making a conscious effort to eat well and exercise! I feel that these could compliment weight loss as an accompaniment to exercise as they do make you feel so much more energetic and will give to extra motivation to work out as long as you are sticking to a healthy eating plan also.

Overall I am pretty pleased and definitely have helped a constantly tired mum!
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