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on 18 December 2012
There appear to be basically only two plain S/PDIF to analogue converters available, which is a little surprising: this one, listed (based on the identical product pictures) tens of different time on Amazon by different suppliers, and one other type at four times the price. I went for this one.

It mostly does the job. Sound quality is good and stable as expected. The provided leaflet gives power consumption as max 0.5W, so should cost at most 70p per year if left permanently turned on. Small and unobtrusive (except I guess possibly for the red power LED which could be taped over if desired).

A slight irritation is that when the S/PDIF source is turned off or unplugged (but the analogue output left connected and the device left turned on), it suddenly starts emitting a noticeable amount of noise - not too loud but loud enough to be annoying. So the device itself or the amp must be turned off too when the input is turned off, or the amp muted.

(It also takes an extra power socket of course. Ideally my amp would have S/PDIF in, or the source would have analogue out, but since they don't this is my only choice and it does work.)

Edit: the sound is a bit quiet though - the amp has to be kept turned up almost to maximum, whereas half way is loud enough for any other source.
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on 30 January 2015
Great product. Delivered on time. Clear instructions. I purchased this to be able to link my elderly mother's Samsung TV to the base station of the Thomson WHP3001BK wireless headphones (Amazon £34.99).

My mother is finding it hard to hear the TV without it having to be turned up significantly. I thought I'd describe the set-up as I'm sure others would like to do what I've done here....

If the TV was only to be used by her then the headphone base would simply plug in to the headphone socket of the TV (lead is supplied for this). However, as with many TV's (particularly the lower-end ones) when plugging in to the headphone socket, the TV's speakers are cut off. Fine for just 1 person, but my father also wanted to listen to it at the same time.

The only other audio output on their TV (Samsung UE32F5000 series) was a digital optical output. I therefore purchased this eSynic Digital to Analogue converter (Amazon £12.95), a TOSlink optical cable to connect it to the TV (Amazon £3.95) and a twin phono - phono lead (Amazon £3.95) for connecting the eSynic D-A converter to the headphone base station. Total cost for project was under £56.

There are a couple of things to be aware of with this setup.....

(1) Because the signal is via digital output, the volume level is fixed (i.e. it doesn't go up and down with the remote control). There is a volume control on the headphones and this can be used to set the headphone level. In our case the maximum volume setting was sufficient, but this wasn't anywhere near as loud as it would have been if the base station had been plugged into the headphone socket of the TV. This isn't a defect, but just a limitation of using an optical output from the TV and a D-A converter with this type of headphone.

(2) This simple, inexpensive eSynic D-A converter that I bought worked fine, but to use this the TV MUST have the ability to set the digital audio output type to 'PCM' (found under the sound settings of the TV). If the TV only outputs Dolby, then a more complex unit would be required.

I hope that this helps others who might need the same setup as me.
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on 10 April 2013
All people that are buying this for the chance to use a tv that has no dedicated headphone socket and audio out please be rest assured that this item should work fine as it did for me.
1.You will need this item
2.Then a toslink to toslink digital audio cable -
3.Rca Red&white male with 3.5mm female jack -
4.please be aware normally you will plug headphones into a 3.5mm jack and it will cut the sound off, this wont so you will need to mute the tv or turn the tv speaker off in the menu as the sound will instantly come out of the headphones as well as the tv, and i think ive read the the digital audio out,somewhere in the tv menu needs to be set to PCM which it usually is,if its dolby sound then this item may not work and more research will need to be done by yourself.

5. So the devices needs to be connected to the toslink cable and then to the tv,red/white rca cables plug into the unit and then the headphones, or in my case the wireless headphone reciever into the female socket and thats it.
Also please note that the volume CAN NOT be increased through the headphones, unless the headphones have a dedicated volume control as the volume on your tv will just turn the tv up.
I am very happy with this device and it serves my purpose for what i wanted it for.
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on 20 December 2013
I bought a PS4, which other than HDMI only has optical output, my amp has phono inputs so I was hunting around for a fix. This small piece of kit works perfectly... optical in and phono out, so fixes my problem and with excellent audio properties, no hiss or background noise. Would recommend to anyone with a similar issue, especially as it comes with a power supply... so the only thing you'll need is an optical cable.
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on 3 January 2016
This device has decent sound quality when turned on and is definitely suitable for most applications. However, it has some flaws which may or may not be significant depending on the usage of it, which could have been easy for the manufacturer to fix:
1. When the DAC receives no signal, it outputs noise quite loudly, though there is no audible noise when the device is receiving a signal.
2. This device cannot decode DTS or Dolby Digital signals. This in itself isn't a flaw in the product since it's only a stereo DAC anyway, but the way it deals with incoming signals it cannot decode is the problem; rather than outputting silence as it should, it seems to attempt to decode the signal as PCM which is heard as incredibly loud and irritating noise, a major issue if, like me, you are running the output of the DAC through headphones!
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on 17 January 2014
I have a Logitech Z506. I use this with my Xbox One connected direct via optical and also tested it via a Samsung 46 F5000. This works great.

Look a little time to get the 3.5mm jacks in the correct holes but with a little trail and error it works fine.

Also remember to press the "2.1/5.1" button to swap from 2.1 to 5.1 sound. Some people have complained it does not do 5.1 due to forgetting this!
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on 10 March 2013
This was bought to allow use of my Apple TV with my existing HiFi.
It works nicely with the optical output of the Apple unit, and
was inexpensive. Well made, with an electrically safe power adapter,
it has extended the usefulness of two systems for very little outlay.
It was delivered quickly and was carefully packaged.
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on 15 May 2015
After months of usage I have a fairly good idea of the pros and cons of this.

Pros: Allows me to plug my PC (via spdif gold mountain TOSlink), PS4, PS3 into my cheap surround sound setup (which has only basic inputs). Basically it's a toggle switch for all media / games audio devices. Saves unplugging / replugging stuff into the surround sound system. Fairly inexpensive.

1) It has a switch for 2.1(stereo) / 5.1 (surround) on the front. There is NO light / feedback to tell you which mode it's in. This is really annoying since you have to either remember or use a dolby test video to see which mode it's in. If someone changes it (since often voices can't be clearly heard if it's in the wrong mode) then it's back to the old routine of pressing the button and listening (rince-and repeat). Not awful but definitely an annoyance.

2) It's very untidy. The power lead and inputs are on the front. Since you need to get to the front, to regularly switch the device you want to listen to; it needs to be somewhere easily accessible. I have it at waist level under the tv. With four leads coming out of the front and bright blue lights that light up the room it's very unsightly.

Improvement Suggestions: Add a remote or even better an auto switch that can always tell which signal is on. Add feedback for stereo/ss.
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on 4 June 2013
Perfect product if your not willing to pay through the nose for an optical 5.1. Digital to analogue is perfect works 100% to spec amazing for xbox 5.1 tv 5.1 and films. 3 optical ports one aux port got a surround sound system for under 100 pound and its better than one priced at 200. highly recomended.
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on 11 February 2015
ps3 / ps4 optical out to coaxial converter, then coaxial into this little puppy, then 6 phono outs going into 6 jack inputs of motu ultralite then into mac pro & running through MOTU Digital performer.. Bingo, real time 5.1 DTS & Dolby decoding & playing through my 5.1 studio active speaker set up... I was worried there would be delay / latency as per some of the bad reviews, but its totally bang on. very happy with it.. finally i can get battlefield & star wars battlefront running in the studio :) i will update if power supply fails or any issues.
review image
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