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3.9 out of 5 stars42
3.9 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Pool Blue/Wild Salmon PinkStyle Name: iPhone 5/5SChange
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on 1 February 2013
I've just received this product and compared it to the original. It looks like a fake. I always buy from Amazon and expect to buy original products, so this is very misleading.

I will be returning the case for a refund. I want the best protection for my iPhone, so will be off to the Apple shop to buy it there.

Tut Tut Amazon! I expected better from you and will be wary of purchases in the future. I would rather spend more money, than be buying bad quality fakes.
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on 5 March 2014
Got this case delivered on saturday, fitted to phone on sunday - and by Tuesday the rubber volume buttons (which I don't use) are wearing away and breaking up!

I'm suspecting these are a bad batch of cases or possibly fakes, as I previously had the same case (in a different colour) which was bought in my local Apple store. This case was of a much better quality and had lasted almost 18 months before there was any serious wear and tear.

Naturally, after 2 days use and it starting to fall apart, it has been reported to Amazon and returned, hopefully for a full refund.

As much as Apple charge £29.99 for these cases, I would definitely recommend buying from there, as the cases are of a much superior quality
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on 1 February 2014
First thing I want to get out of the way is the issue over Amazon selling possible fakes. I have two of these cases, one from the official Apple store and one from Amazon. The packaging was different on the one I bought from Amazon where it said for "new iPhone" instead of iPhone 5. Does this mean the Amazon purchase was a fake? Put it this way, you want an Astra in the UK it has a Vauxhall badge on the back; you want one in Germany and it wears an Opel badge. Is one of them fake? Sometimes, products for different markets have different packaging.

The electronics giant Philips used to sell its products under the name Magnavox in the US back in the late 70s (and possibly beyond). Were they fake?

Considering authenticity, the one from Amazon is identical to the one I bought from the Apple store. They look the same, feel the same, fit the same and it would seem to me that they are the same. The only difference was £16 in price! So either, they're both fake or both genuine. Taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that the ones on Amazon might be "grey imports", which are genuine but originally destined to be sold in developing countries.

Anyhoo, onto the case itself. It is pretty good especially considering the price Amazon are knocking them out for. The fit is snug and all controls are easily accessible. In fact, the case is a bit too snug in that it's a swine to remove if you want to change cases. I take mine off most of the time when charging to stop the phone getting too hot and the plastic on one of them (the "genuine" one from Apple, oddly enough) has snapped near the volume increase button. Not a big deal though, the case is still useable and it makes zero difference to its integrity.

It is very light and does not add any noticeable bulk to the phone, which is just as well given the weight of the 5S and its slim profile. The rubber material inside the case should offer reasonable protection in the event of a minor drop onto a hard surface; can't really comment as I try not to drop my phones but the same case on my old 4S did a good job of protecting that on the one occasion that I dropped it.

Keep in mind that they offer zero protection from moisture ingress so if you work or spend a lot of your leisure time outdoors in the wet or high humidity, keep your phone in a secure pocket or bag or use a different case.

One mild criticism is that the glossy finish on these cases does scratch very easily. Personally, I can't get too excited over that. Scratch a £14 case or scratch a £700 phone? Hmm, let me think about that for a minute.

In summary, these are very good cases and are excellent value for the money that Amazon sell them for but I'd suggest buying direct from Amazon themselves. That way, if you're not happy in that you think it's a fake then you know that you can send it back for a refund.
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on 9 November 2012
Bought this product and it came within two days, perfect delivery.
I was getting very excited about this case because i'd been watching lots of in depth reviews and thought i'd bite the bullet and fork out the £20.

I came on Amazon and found a seller which has the case for £16 so i thought i could save a bit of money.

Received it today and just to warn you this is different to the ones in the picture and online. The case isn't white&charcoal as the picture suggest (but not the title) it is white and light grey, slightly dissapointed because i wanted the colour to go with my black iPhone but nevertheless its is what it is.

I also found that most of these cases are made in china whereas mine was from Taiwan, leading me also to be dissapointed with some features of the case. The power button is slightly harder to press than i'd like, but the volume buttons are fine. Also at the bottom of the case, it is just one large opening rather than 3 separate for the microphone, speaker and lightning port.

also i found my case had already been opened due to its lack of standard Speck contents i.e. no warrenty information card, which is another dissapointment.

But i can't say im unhappy because the case isn't faulty or anything, just feel a little mislead, maybe I advise buying through a certified Amazon seller rather than taking the risk.
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on 2 January 2014
I first saw this case when I was waiting to receive my IPhone way back when last year, I saw a lady in the bank who had one, the grey variety. I liked the look so asked her what brand it was etc. She told me she had dropped it twice and the case had done its magic...I really loved the practical textures used to stop I bought one from Amazon and awaited my phone. Great quality, looked nice in white and using my phone everyday at work the case did exactly what I needed it too. Due to alot of use the part of the case that surrounds the charging area became damaged so I decided to re-purchase from far so good until the 2nd one came. I too, after reading the previous reviews about fakes believe I may have recieved a 'very sub standard'issue. Looks like it may have been used before, the back was bowed and scratched and he quality no good at all.Amazon did take it back directly, refund etc and so I went to my local EE shop and bought one of a similar nature which I am also thrilled with ;-)IMO buy at your own peril...
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on 6 January 2013
I was always a perfectionist, and choosing the right case for my iPhone 5 was high on my list. Some good points about the Speck CandyShell are:
- Excellent fit and finish
- Sturdy, and looks very durable
- Very clicky and tactile button feel
- Raised edges to avoid the screen touching when face down
- Slim profile and does not change the phone's feeling too much (personally, I felt the phone more comfortable in my hand)
- All my friends now want a CandyShell

Some negative points:
- Very hard to remove the case (which can be a plus for durability)
- Most docks are not compatible
- There is a good opening for the headphone jack, but I found some jacks that are too large for this case, requiring an adapter
- Scratches easily, but can be solved by going for the white one which I have and still looks splendid

All in all this is a case you cannot go wrong with, and I would buy again in a heartbeat
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on 15 January 2014
Speck are hands down the best iPhone case manufacturers, and the CandyShell is their best model.

-Extremely attractive design, I always get asked where I purchased it
-Extremely functional, my iPhone has taken so many falls in this case and never yet (hopefully this stays that way)
-The button coverings on this case are brilliant, they are not hard and cheap like other cases and don't require any extra effort to use
-Camera hole, lightening port, mic, speakers and vibrating switch are all easy to use

-The case might be brilliant at keeping the iPhone from being damaged, but over time you will notice a lot of small scratches on the case's surface, but then again would you rather the case get scratched or your £600 device

All in all this is a brilliant case, I always find myself coming back to it
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on 27 June 2013
I bought this after hearing so much good about Speck CandyShell cases. Now I must admit that this is the nicest case I have ever owned, it reeked quality and was smooth and glossy to the touch.

The iPhone 5 fits snugly inside of the casing and is very secure once inside, the sound control and power buttons are easily accessed when the phone is in the case due to the case buttons.

I enjoyed using this case until I realized that in the top right hand corner the soft rubber around the top right corner was torn and looked really shabby.

Unfortunately a replacement wasn't an option so I opted for a refund and to this day I haven't bought another Speck case, however I do intend on purchasing one in the near future as you can't fault them really, I feel like I was unfortunate for mine to have a slight issue.
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on 18 January 2013
50% discount on the apple shop price (£29.95).
Protects from drops as well as scratches (unlike most snap on cases).
Very smart looking
Rubber ridge around the front edge protects screen
'Click' of side buttons still very positive and 'clicky'

You can only put certain headphone plugs in the socket as the opening around the plug is quite small (Apple/ similar head phones fine, line in/ aux cables difficult)
Very hard to remove- you need a good minute or so and if done badly risk of damage to phone

I've heard that the rubber can degrade over time- I believe that this may be heat related but we'll see...
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on 1 January 2013
So it does exactly what is asked of it. Doesn't make your sleek new iPhone 5 look like a brick, has a nice front lip for lay-on-the-table design and protects the phone if you drop it. The advantage of having this white colour is a) it matches my white iPhone and b) the scratches that accumulate even when you put it down on a table are barely noticeable. I was deliberating buying a cheapo case, however, I have not regretted my purchase of this case since I put my phone in it. Imagine if Speck released a clear version, I would be all over it! Overall, fantastic case, would 100% recommend!
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