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4.3 out of 5 stars1,059
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2012
I have had a few sets of in ear headphones over the years, and these have been the best.

Firstly, the sound quality is much better than the price indicates. Please don't assume that these wont sound as good as something more expensive, as they sound every bit as good as headphones in higher price brackets. They have a very full sound and I was surprised at how much better my music sounded compared to other after market headphone units.

The build quality is very good - the product feels sturdy, is put together nicely and comprises a range of materials (aluminium/gold) that a lot of headphones don't use (especially in this price bracket).

I recently purchased a pair of Philips SHE6000/10 headphones and the creative EP-630 are so much better in terms of sound quality, materials and fit.

In sum, these sound great, and the price is great value too.
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on 15 August 2013
I have recently purchased these as a replacement for a pair of JVC HAFX1X which seemed to have stopped working. Upon arrival I found it was my iPod which was faulty and so after a year or so the JVC headphones were still performing.

Compared to the sound of the JVCs, the EP630s have a lower intensity at higher frequency making the sound less 'tinny'. At lower frequencies, the bass is also less prominent but still very much satisfactory. What I noticed most was that the general presence of the music was diminished. The JVCs create a larger sound which you notice much more readily when listening to guitar with a good tone, or a piece of ambient piano.

For a similar price you get a much more pleasant experience if you are a fan on genres such as post-rock, electronic, shoegaze etc where the size of the sound matters.

Having now owned both, I recommend the JVC HAFX1X over the EP-630 Creatives.
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on 19 December 2013
I had the item now for 3 years and I'm very pleased with the quality of the sound, even like other reviewers stated out compared with some more expensive equipment in it's price class (10-100).

But to the fact that I wanted to write a review about its durability, I do have to admit that I managed to physically overstress them, but they still sound great.

Since I'm not a person who cares much about his gadgets that fit into trousers pockets, being it the Phone or the mp3 with its headphones stuffed together with keys, the purse or any kind of tools, they have lived longer than I've expected (and still do). I didn't even have any problems with the cables, because considering my careless use of pocket storage, they did seem quite thin to me when I first unpacked them.

But lastly my girlfriend managed to give them a nice wash in the washing machine, and the more or less killing blow with an extra tour in our flats cheap chinese drying machine (no offense), which more or less cooks the laundry.
I have to admit the dryer was a bit of a non-standard extreme condition test, as the insulation of the wires shrinked together and partly came off under the heat, and also the cable crumbled together really badly.
But... I plugged them in, they still worked. A bit quirky, shaky sound at the beginning, but after a small play-in time, they sound great again. Although I haven't compared the sound to a pair of new EP 630's, compared to my friends Sennheiser CX 200's, for me they still sound superior in this bad condition as they are.

I have been using them in this condition for 3 months now, on a daily basis on a 20 minutes walk to and from the University, them being stuffed into a pocket or backpack with other stuff like Laptop Powersupply, steel ruler, calculator, pens, etc. during lectures. I don't know how long they will last now, as with the missing parts of the insulation around the cables there is not much stress relief left and the two wires of each ear bud rub together constantly, working at the protective varnish around the bare wires.

Considering the price, quality of sound and durability, for me they have been well worth the buck.
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on 13 August 2013
First of all, get the cheaper 'frustration free' packaging. Much cheaper just for it to be in a cardboard box rather than its original plastic packaging and still includes the original contents including the 2 spare sets of earbuds of different sizes.

The speakers look and feel a good quality and built to last in normal circumstances. The length of the wire is good, maybe a tad too long but its impossible to be perfect and its best to be long than short.

The sound that it produces is great. The earbuds work well at isolating the sound and when you put them in you can hardly hear anything- For example, when sat at my laptop with them in with nothing playing i can barley hear much in the immediate vicinity and when i play music at a low volume any outside noise disappears- i don't hear the doorbell go or people trying to talk to me about 2 feet away! Obviously this may be a downside as well but its perfect for you to receive the best possible audio experience. The bass that it produces is good and deep and really compromises either songs or films you are lucky enough to hear from these earphones.

The only minor downside is that the wires are a bit thin and so you can hear them being knocked or tapped which may be a problem if you go jogging etc but I've not tried so don't take my word on it.

Overall, these earphones are of great quality producing great sound and for the price they are a good set of earphones for people wanting good audio for a low outlay.
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on 2 December 2012
For a long time I used Sennheiser CX300 (and the later MkII variety) headphones, replacing them once every year or so when one of the earphones would invariably die. When the last pair joined this long standing tradition, I thought I'd try something new and given the relatively inexpensive price of the EP-630s I jumped on these.

The sound quality is good. Not amazing, but then again I mainly use them for everyday traveling use combined with a phone and 192kbps (max 320kbps) mp3s so having a set of expensive earphones would be a bit of a misallocation of resources and would probably just highlight how poor compressed music is! The bass is a little light for my liking, however the CX300s are a renowned overly bassy model so perhaps I have grown accustom to more bass than is normal. Regardless the CX300s have a better overall sound, and neither are a patch on my Sennheiser HD558s but for under a tenner the EP-630s are perfectly fine.

Build quality is where these headphones do suffer. I purchased two pairs for mine and my partners use and whilst one ear has gone in mine after just 9 months, the plastic joining each wire together on hers has come apart.

So overall a good pair of in ear phones for every day use with compressed music but lacking in build quality. This hasn't stopped me purchasing another pair in the recent "black friday" promotion as a spare set, but I think I'll be splashing out on another pair of CX300s next time.
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on 16 November 2013
This is the poorest copy of creative earphones i've ever had the mis-fortune to buy. The sound is so bad and tinney that it is a poor second to the ones i purchased in the pound shop to keep me going. The vendor should be jailed for selling these for a tenner. Total rubbish and i shall be contacting Trading Standards on my return to uk.
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on 3 December 2012
I bought these on black Friday deals, for around 7 pounds I think. Using them with my BlackBerry PlayBook as we speak. At £10 or less these are very hard to fault. They really block the sounds out from around you. The sound quality is pretty good though the bass is not that tight compared to the expensive brands but if you are only spending a tenner what do you expect??

To be honest these are better than a lot of the headphones you get packaged with a lot of mobile phones and mp3 players. They come with various size 'pads' so you should be able to get the fit that you like. They are very light weight and I should think draw very little power compared to traditional in ear headphones as the drivers are tiny - a real plus for modern devices where power consumption may be an issue. At full wack (not in your ear - really not advised!) the external noise from these headphones is minimal so there is no disturbing. Everyone around you.

I actually bought these for a friend and thought I'd just test them out, I now use them daily! Now I need to buy some more. I purchased from Amazon and they arrived in white card box in thin clear plastic bag as in one of the customer photos above. Do not be put off by the economic packaging... Great things come in small packages!
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on 7 August 2014
It's the third pair of these I have over last like 4 years and I can't describe how happy I am.
I'm an in-ear plug-headphone fan, as usual earphones just don't want to stay in my ears, and overhead headphones are a tad too big to carry around.

You get quite a balanced sound out of these - plenty of low-end, nice mids, okay hi's. I tend to add some highs tho with equalizer, just for my taste.

They stay in ears very well. They sound magnificent. They don't cost a fortune.
Can't go wrong.

WAY better than the Beats by Dre I was given as a gift.
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on 7 October 2014
I have used these earphones for 2 years now, so I may be a tad biased, but these are hands-down the BEST earphones I have had the pleasure of allowing access to my inner ears to fill them with music. The fact that I always keep purchasing these exact same earphones for what is now the 3rd time speaks VOLUMES about my opinion of them, for the price, you simply cannot argue with the quality and depth these earphones provide to your music. I prefer these over the £30 Sennheisers I got for Christmas one year (and these last more than one month too! BARGAIN!!). No matter if you listen to metal, dubstep, pop, or white noise, these headphones make all those genres of music AND MORE seem rich and brings them to life, every bass drop, every guitar solo, every intake of breath by the vocalist seems so PERFECT through these. Any band or artist sounds good through these bad boys. Skrillex drops it harder, Dark Tranquillity sounds ever more majestic... Jesus, even Nickelback sounds decent with these. 8/8 m8 would buy again
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on 10 August 2013
At this price tag there is no better headphones (as far as I know) 10/10

I got myself these headphones about 3 years ago and about a month ago, I passed a chair the wire got stuck and I kept going. Having replaced my old phone this new one was holding on to the jack a bit harder and the wire close to the jack got severed.
(I will repair my old headphones with a new jack when I get the time, why not have a spare?)

I went straight on Amazon and went looking for new headphones, realizing after 3 years these still dominate the budget price tag headphone market. There was no reason for me to get anything other than these ones again at half price what I payed 3 years ago
(The ECO cardboard box being the main reason for the price drop, I can verify the headphones are 100% the same as the plastic box, don't you just love when going green is cheaper not only on the long run but here and now :P )
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