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4.3 out of 5 stars668
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 22 November 2012
Another year, another call of duty sequel. Once again opinion swings erratically from person to person with some swearing blind to viewpoints which others see as ludicrous. This makes it enormously difficult to review. But i'm going to anyway.

I'll focus on the multiplayer here as thats the mainstream appeal of the franchise. Zombies and the campaign are what they are. I enjoy them and if you liked them from previous call of duty titles i fail to see how you could dislike the offerings of black ops 2. I'll say i enjoyed this campaign more than the original black ops.

So, the multiplayer. As always, the usual rocks are being thrown at a fresh CoD window. 'A field day for campers,' 'bad servers', 'terrible spawning,' 'bad connection', 'requires no skill', 'the same as last year,' 'cash cow', 'terrible maps' etc etc. As far as i'm concerned, pretty much EVERY call of duty experiences these issues. I'm not saying these criticisms are simply wrong. What i am saying is that these problems are not unique to black ops 2. Certainly for me Call of Duty is becoming increasingly stale as the years go by so these criticisms are becoming louder and more commonplace. No, it will never be the way it was in the good ol CoD 4 days. A shame, but inevitable.

Anyway, i'll kick off with the maps. It's clear from the off that every attempt has been made to compartmentalise larger battlegrounds. If you plan on camping, be aware you're going to have to do it damn well or as part of a team to pull it off because there are very few areas which involve a single area which needs watching. You'll need eyes in the back of your head and a rather dull philosophy on how the game should be played to succeed at sitting around. Maps like carrier and turbine are a large blend of open areas with indoor cover to offer variety, and contrast drastically in atmosphere. As does the distinctly WWII feeling standoff and the casual modernity of Plaza. Sure, there are places to sit but unlike previous CoDs you're highly unlikely to survive there for long. The graphics are sleek, but for me lack the realism and grittiness of the original black ops. Maybe thats to be expected from a futuristic setting.

As for spawning, I can't help but laugh. Its worse than previous titles. Much worse. But it seems intentional to me. If you charge off away from your teammates to an unoccupied area then black ops 2 will flip you the bird and spawn your opponents around you in abundance, pretty much behind you in some instances. Hint: work as a team! I see the idea behind this, but i dislike the result. Personally i find it very difficult to string any killstreaks together or even get a handle on where my enemies are during matches. Unless you're an absolute speed demon with a good internet connection, prepare to die. A lot.

On to the new loadout system. Ten slots to fill with what you wish, however you wish. Want more perks, you'll need to make sacrifices elsewhere, be it weapon attachments or grenades. For me, this is how create a class was meant to be. Black ops 2 doesn't restrict you in the way previous CoDs have with regard to how you want to play. What it does do is balance out the classes excellently. In previous titles, perks such as assassin/ghost have been greatly overpowered. If you want to be a stealth machine on black ops 2, you're going to need a plethora of perks to make the grade (cold blooded, ghost and blind eye are all seperate perks which you'll need to shell out a slot for.) Gone are CoD points and back is the unlock as you progress system. You also gain tokens as you level up to spend on newly available options to customise your loadout. So choose carefully!

I like the gun selection. There are new ones to use and new customisations to be put on them e.g. the new target finder sight to identify enemies with a specialised reticle. Gun levelling also makes a welcome return. I've noticed that a lot of people have identified certain guns/smgs as overpowered. Well, anyone remember the ACR/MP7 from MW3? Frankly, the people who use these guns are just as killable as everyone else. If all guns were the same/underpowered, then it would irritate me more to be quite honest. Personally i've been a fan of the SCAR since MW2 and i'm delighted to see it make a return. It serves me well and as such i pay very little attention to what other people are using. Frankly, i don't care.

Scorestreaks. Well, despite the fact i rarely get above a dragonfire, i think the principle is a step in the right direction. You are rewarded with points toward a streak for doing pretty much anything which benefits your team, from destroying a bouncing betty to suppressing an opponent with a guardian turret. Great. Mostly, these scorestreaks are revamped versions of existing killstreaks e.g. Lightning strike is simply a sexed up mortar team from the original black ops. Another minor difference is that care package rewards such as the death machine are now kept until the end of a match rather than your next death. A welcome bonus!

So, to conclude this slightly long winded review i'll clear up my rather ambiguous position. I like the game. It surprises me that they marketed this as a sequel to Black Ops. With the obvious exception of the campaign, it bares no resemblance to the original in my eyes. Yes, it has its flaws but no, these are hardly shocks to the system. If you're getting tired of CoD and buy this game with expectations of a brand new gaming experience then prepare to be disappointed. Personally, i find it very difficult to pick up this game and get into it from the off as i could with B Ops 1, hence the 3 stars. It is however a step away from both its predecessor and modern warfare as far as i'm concerned, or perhaps even a balance between the two at a stretch. Either way, a unanimous 'we love you' from CoD fans was never a viable possibility. I'm sure we can all agree on that at least!
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on 26 February 2013
Black ops 2 is a game by Trey-arch they are a games production company which do a variety of games but they are most known by Call of Duty, this game is a good, fun game like most games it allows you to interact with people all over the world.
The thing i like like about this game the most is the zombies, this is where you have to fight against a never ending wave's of the undead and you can play alone or you can team up with friends or other random players, the 'zombies' start of easy and 'obviously' get harder as you go up each round, when you kill or shoot them you get points and you can spend points on different sorts of guns and extra perks.
Most people by these games to go online and rank up and unlock different guns by killing other players around the world, most people normally rank other players on how high their rank is so if you were the highest rank people would think you are really good and the lower the rank the badder you are when that's just not true.
Also there is the campaign which has started from the first call of duty the have created so if you have played from the begging you will know alot better whats going on in the story line.
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on 30 September 2014
The 2nd installment of the Black Ops series lets you play as David Mason, Alex Mason and Frank Woods. Majority of this game is set in 2025 where you play as David Mason or Farid (One Mission) to track down and kill Raul Menendez after Alex Mason failed too kill him after rescuing Woods from the barge. Unfortunately a turn of events results in Woods killing one of the most trusted characters in the franchise after being betrayed by Manuel Noriega. This turn of events really gets the game going afterwards as everything starts becoming true to David Mason. I found it incredible especially the multiplayer and zombies modes. Without these two options the game would lack behind the original Black Ops hugely. I think.
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on 5 February 2013
This is gerneally a good game. The campaign vehicles etc are good, and the campaign itself is quite entertaining. Where this game really comes alive is in the multiplayer and zombie modes.

If you were a fan of zombies in previous incarnations, then you won't be disappointed with the new Die Rise map. The map is huge and challenging, and hours can be lost in what feels like minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no 'banter' from the characters in the survival modes. You are either CIA or DDC and don't say anything, which was often amusing in the older maps. You do get plenty of banter in Tranzit modes and Die Rise, but again not as funny.

The ranking system is a bit nuts though and the survival maps aren't that big...yet.

Multiplayer, again, is entertaining the new load outs are alot more flexible, which allows for different weapon mods and perks.

However, lag is a problem (which was also a problem when BO1 was released), and the lobby system although better is still unstable resulting in disconnections. Also the spawning is a bit crazy, in that you often spawn in the sights of the oposition and are quickly killed, again. This is infuriating.

Much better than Halo4.
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on 21 June 2014
A fantastic product, exactly what you wish for. Its defiantly worth all the money you buy it for, you couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else!
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on 16 April 2014
I absolutely love this game! After Black Ops came out I didn't think they would be able to make a game better than that, yet they managed to do it!
Zombies is just perfect, the maps for it are brilliant and probably the best so far, although admittedly I end up playing the free maps more than the DLC maps I actually bought because they are generally better. The only thing that is disappointing about the zombies part of the game is the Turned game mode, that just sucks in my opinion.
Multiplayer is okay, better than expected coming from someone who doesn't particularly like that game type. There is still an overwhelming amount of kids spouting your mum insults over the chat but that's to be expected in any game like this.
And the big surprise for me was the Campaign mode, I really enjoyed this and was incredibly surprised by what the story had to offer, which has resulted in me completing it many times. Overall it is a brilliant game and I absolutely love it. If you haven't already bought it then you should do so!
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on 31 December 2012
ok i see why this game has a low rating its the cut scenes during single player there's too many of them and you can not skip them its like watching a movie rather than playing a game.

the parts where you get to play are good the weapons are nice there's tanks and helicopters you also work with a team just like any c.o.d i like the gameplay just hate the cut-scenes.

i cant do multiplayer my xbox not online i cant review that.

Zombies are pretty fun this is the reason why i wanted the game, well there's 2 challenges one is tranzit the other is survival both on the Green Run Map same idea as the first black ops build your money up and open doors there's perks in different rooms and guns the ??BOX?? still randomly spawns at different locations if you liked the 1st black ops zombies you should like this.

i will be buying Nuketown for Ps3 when its back in stock
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on 11 June 2013
Hadn't played COD for a good 2-3 years since MW2. This is such a huge step up in quality and content since then, I dabbled with the original Black Ops and MW3 but they were awful. Great fun for nights in with friends, made even better with the offline multiplayer mode where you and friends can play against AI controlled bots in all of the usual game modes and all of the maps on offer. Cuts out the hassle of having to make do with split screen and going up against others who are in full screen, then takes out the lag factor as well. Very good fun especially if you make a challenge out of it going up against larger numbers and set the bots on a higher difficulty.

If you buy COD year after year then don't expect anything hugely different, but if like me you haven't played one for a couple of years then this one is worth picking up.
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on 6 September 2015
In my opinion this is the best cod game to ever hit store shelves as it has great campaign and multiplayer and included the exception Zombies Mode. Now in each of the three categories every cod game has fufilled since Cod 5 (Campaign, COOP and Multiplayer) you can get a better experience in all three from different games in the Cod franchise. The Campaign is great however doesn't compare to Cod 4's or the original black ops campaign. The zombies experience is probably the worst of the 3 however the COOP in this experience of zombies is better than anything else has been given to us in the COOP section except the first 2 zombies experiences. The Multiplayer is a masterpiece in FPSs only beaten by the MW2 MP in my opinion and that's only just the case. This game is a must play with a 9/10 and a near perfect COD game.
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on 25 December 2012
Such an improvement to Black Ops 1, the multiplayer is a lot more fun to play, the maps are a lot smaller and compact which means you dont have the huge maps with the campers sitting in the corner with a sniper. Ive only completed the first 3 levels of the campaign but so far I've been really really impressed with it, a lot of fun and some amazing perks, flying in a massive chopper blowing up tanks and blasting boats from a moving boat using turret machine guns etc. The zombies are again as fun as ever but compared to the original black ops a little bit more confusing and complicated, but overall its a massive improvement from the previous call of duty games, great fun game and worth the buy.
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