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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2014
3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!

I really liked Marcus in Breathe and am glad we get to see his story. Marcus has left Uni because of his complicated family situation and is staying with Cage. One night Willow 'Low' arrives looking for Cage. Marcus is instantly drawn to Low but things get complicated because she's Cage's lifelong best friend and "the girl he's going to marry."

Low relies heavily upon Cage and she seems to be the only thing he cares for, but Marcus is convinced he is better for her and is willing to risk Cage's fury. Low is an interesting mixture of strong and independent yet vulnerable. She has only ever trusted Cage so Marcus has his work cut out convincing her she can trust him.

I did think Marcus and Low were a good fit because they both have terribly complicated family; the situation only gets more complicated (I guessed the twist but it was fun seeing it all unfold)!

I was pleased to see Sadie and Jax back and to meet new secondary characters. What I like about Abbi's writing is how she always manages to interweave her characters together into the different book series seamlessly.

I would have liked to see more of Cage's reaction and to see Marcus having to work harder to redeem himself. I did think Low (like Sadie) was very forgiving and calmer than I would have been.
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on 5 January 2014
The last thing Marcus Hardy wanted was to be stuck in his hometown of Sea Breeze. But family crisis calls and he has to be there for his mother and sister as his father rips them apart. He moves in with Cage York, womaniser and head for the pro's with baseball. There is one thing to be said for moving back to Sea Breeze, and that's Cage's best friend. Low is a feisty red head to sleeps over.

Willow Foster has been on the fringe of her own life for far too long. With no real place to call home, she splits her time between her sister's house that was left to her after their mother's death where she babysit's her niece, Larissa, and Cage's apartment. But now Cage has a hot new roommate. She knows Cage will have warned Marcus to stay away from her. But the trouble is, she can't stay away from him.

Both Low and Marcus know enough about the other's family life to know it is far from perfect. But when a shock revelation reveals just how messed up it actually is, it drives the young couple apart. Marcus never imagined having to choose between Low and his family. Low never thought her family could be the cause of so much pain and misery. Now that the truth is out, there is no way to take it back.

I really enjoyed Marcus and Low's story. Whilst it was clear in Breathe that Sadie had no choice in where her heart lay, I couldn't help but feel bad for Marcus. It was lovely to see him moving on and how happy Low made him.

Because of Low was chock full of drama and blistering-hot romance. One to be devoured whole in one sitting.
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on 24 August 2012
I found this a light,enjoyable easy summertime romance read. I liked Cage's character and being in his head, it was fun. I like Abbi Glines and her characters that she brings to life, her books are nice to snuggle down with and feel good with.
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on 22 July 2013
This book focuses on Marcus - Sadie's friend and colleague - from Breathe (book 1 in the Sea Breeze Series).

Marcus is a lovely character. A really nice, sexy guy who isn't an ass or a man-whore - a bit of a rarity in an Abbi Glines novel! (Not that I'm complaining about the man-whore asses, they usually come good in the end...)

Willow is a nice girl who has a lot to deal with... her relationship with Cage is weird but believable. I understood her trust issues and despite the fact she seems incapable of dealing with a crisis without running to Cage I still felt she was a strong character.

The relationship between Marcus and Low moves fast - but not fast enough. It was very sweet but not steamy...

The interconnected family drama was obvious after a bit and you felt so sad for both Marcus and Low when it finally erupted...

I liked how they worked things out but I didn't like that you didn't get to see them happily existing as a couple as the book just ends! No really satisfying conclusion here...

I liked the glimpses of other characters in this book and I like how we got a glimpse of Sadie and Jax. It's nice to know that they are making it work and that Marcus and Sadie stay friends as he was so good to her in Breathe.

Overall a better book than book 1 in the series but still not great.

3 out of 5 stars.
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on 26 May 2013
This was great!

I enjoyed Breathe, but this was a more real life story, I so wanted Marcus to find someone special, after Sadie broke his heart, and we only met his little sister a few times, and by throwing into the mix about his father cheating, I didn't see that outcome coming!

I really loved Low, she just turns up, totally cock sure of herself about Cage, Marcus's roommate, not expecting to fall hard for someone. Low had had a real tough life, but Cage was always there for her.

Her sister needed a big slap! she was dreadful. Treated Low as an unpaid babysitter, knowing how Low felt about her niece Larissa.

Low and Marcus start to get to know each other, much to the annoyance of Cage, and with a couple of hitches they start to fall heavily for each other.

Marcus is the glue that keeps his broken family together, dropping everything when his sister calls. Eventually we find out the truth about Larissa, unfortunately Marcus flies off the handle, and does what everyone else does to Low, and leaves her. Although the pair of them are truly heartbroken.

Little Larissa, Low's niece turns out to be Marcus sister, and bridges begin to get built. It was refreshing to see the leading lady take responsibility and even though Marcus fights for her, she eventually realises they both made huge mistakes.

It was absolutely lovely to catch up with Sadie and Jax, nice to see how the other characters were an integral part of the story.
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on 23 June 2014
Well all loved Marcus in Breath. The guy who never stole Sadie's heart he was beaten by Jax Stone. Now he has his own book! Yay!!!

In this book you learn of Marcus's upbringing. He's on the wealthy side of town. Marcus shares a flat with Cage (he gets his own book also, well two books) and everything works well until Low. Low is Cage's friend but the one he is deemed he'll marry when he finally wants to settle down. While he's out Marcus and Low get more close but will family problems manage to ruin them forever. Very good read. Get introduced to the rest of the characters who get their own book
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 July 2012
Firstly, I had a problem with the female character having her lovely name of Willow shortened to Low! I also found it quite odd to keep reading Low and forgetting it was meant as a name!
Secondly, knowing the author has children herself, I found it odd that the baby in this book who we are told 'has just turned one' can sit on her own on a chair (not a highchair), can stand in the doorway of her room after her nap (how did she get out of her cot?!) and has a vast vocabulary for a one year old, putting words together and also having a good memory for a person she doesn't see for quite a few months!
That aside, I enjoyed the story although I never read the first book. Low is a sweet girl who has been hurt a lot in her childhood. Marcus is a nice young chap who cares deeply for his Mother and Sister.
Their relationship and declaration of love seemed to happen quite quickly. There are very few love scenes in the authors books. We never get to see them 'do the deed' as it were. They are quite tame but seeing as they are aimed at Young Adults, I don't have a problem with that.
I was a little disappointed that the 'big reveal' was revealed as a huge clue to readers so early in the book. It would have been better if we found out at the same time as Low and Marcus. SPOILER: When the inevitable 'break up' occurs, we are told two months have passed. I found this unbelievable that not one person connected to Low or Marcus tried to tell Marcus 'the truth'. Instead we are to believe he just let this fester for two months.
However, it's a sweet story and I believe Cage's novel is next. I have read a previews and it looks like a good read.
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on 11 September 2013
Low is such a kind time in life and Cage is her perticter in life but then she falls in love with Marcus Hardy which she has never had before because her sister makes her life hell.
Near to the end of the story low tries to sort things out but I think you need to read the story to see what happens to them both
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We first encountered Marcus in Breathe as the alternative love interest/terrific friend for Sadie. I love how the different characters get a turn in the spotlight, there is a nice concise recapping of the main events in Breathe clarifying plot and character interactions.

Initially Marcus finds it hard to move on from Sadie even though they have a lovely friendship. However, when he meets Low (Willow) he realizes it was a different kind of love he had for Sadie rather than the deep connection he feels for Low. Although I love Marcus I did feel he had a bit of a hero complex. He really does love playing the white knight to the damsel in distress. Low's vulnerability draws Marcus to her.

Told in dual first person narrative giving insight into both Marcus and Low; I adored the humorous internal monologue of both characters. Low has deep rooted abandonment issues stemming from her childhood that as the details emerge tug at your heartstrings. It is easy to see that Willow is seeking love, support and acceptance while trying to be independent. Cage has been her only constant in her life, she is very dependent on him. They have an odd relationship that takes a little getting used to until details of their early lives shed light on the situation. Not many details are revealed about Cage in this book other than his unconditional love of Low and his player status.

I was glad to see the inclusion of Sadie and Jax from Breathe in a minor role to witness the progression of their relationship.

Clues scattered through the narrative hint at the direction of the plot twist although this does not make the revelation any less devastating. Marcus and Low's lives collide with a cruel twist, the consequences unexpected especially from Marcus. The unfairness of the family situation and the toll it takes on everyone concerned was poignantly portrayed. Alongside the way in which the wounds of childhood emotionally scar us and shape us into the adults we become.

Sensory encompassing descriptions add to the sensuality of the narrative while emotions swing from up to down making my heart race in more ways than one.

Above all else Because of Low provided an amazing sense of hope. Y'all know I have a soft spot for the idea of soul-mates; the feelings Because of Low left me with added to the sense of wholeness. Having the right people in your life can help you overcome anything. (I hope that makes sense).
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on 13 February 2013
I like this book but the storyline was kind of obvious. But it was a good read even if at the end I was just happy it was finished. The main reason it just ok is because I was kind of putting my hopes I cage I felt so sorry for him in the end. Other then that it was a good book and I am happy I read it.
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