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on 9 July 2013
I thought I knew my mind until I read this! It is always humbling to find out that you are not running the show most of the time but it is encouraging to find out that with a little knowledge and application we can change so ,much. It is also rather fun to find out that we females really are from Venus now we just need Dr Amen to write a book for men and we can find out where they are from and perhaps we can finally learn to live together!!
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on 14 June 2013
If you eat healthily and think positively you can save yourself the trouble of reading this extended sales promotion for the author's own Amen Clinics in the USA. His main claim is that a $3000 brain scan at one of his clinics can prove you have psychological issues that need treatment, so unfortunately many people have visited his clinics under the impression they can be diagnosed and then helped with his expensive pills. Yet he is the only neurologist in the world to believe a scan of the brain can prove psychological problems. The rest of the world's medical profession disagree and think it is 'snake oil'. This hasn't prevented him from becoming extremely rich, despite the controversy. So if you're interested in reading this as an example of successful merchandising and marketing, that is probably it's most useful offering.
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on 29 August 2014
As expected
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on 4 January 2014
Lissen my dear fellow so called 'sufferes' . i beg of you not to take any pill for any emotion you feel like fear or sadness or fur station.. Psychiatry = Con. the field of Psychiatry is one big money making scheme machine. I am pleading with you to realise now that you are not a LABEL…and do not let anybody label you or your children. Society of today simply cannot handle everybody to be growing and independently strong. therefore the people at the top have figured out ingenuous methods to label and separate some of us into groups of 'mentally ill' people. In order for us to become the label and ultimately turn the label into a self fulfilling prophecy. Do not for fall this trap dear friends. ADD/axniety and whatever is labeled based on behaviour! there is no science or evidence or test to determine that this is a so called 'illness of the mind' this is all bull!…Do not be shushed by the evil at the top…no body apart from your own parents wants to see you imagine how much these experts so called. care about you or your feelings… they will be happy to give you pills and keep you in the web…so that you never grow and expand you capabilities….how can you possibly change behaviour with pills? how is it that these people claim to alter peoples behaviour via a physical thing from the outside (pill). its impossible…behaviour is learned! so is anxiety and most of these so called mental illnesses…it makes me sick to my stomach that they have all of us fooled into believing we are this label and that label…do you know that each year they take a vote to add on new mental illness to their lovely manual? how could this field of medicine sleep at night really? they have no explanation for these so called labels..and why they occur. the human mind is incredibly creative and believe me the people that feel these emotions of fear. anger.. detachment and obsessiveness are probably the most genius bunch the world has to offer…it is these minds that have shaped and changed our world and actually that rule our world…you think people at the top are "normal"…what is normal? there is no normal..there is dull..everybody..repetetive boring types…is this what we think of as normal? the work low intellect workhorses? how about We label these people as ILL because they haven't got the creative intelligence to build and think out the box and invent things…you think all the genius musicians you adore are normal? so called normal? umm no! they are creative intelligent..sleepless..full of emotion type of people just like you..however because they are at the top the people around them do not label them because of their power and is us the ordinary regular people that they want to hush…imagine a world where all the creative people thrive and aim for the top..wouldnt work! there would be too much there is a need to label and stop the majority of us from raising our clever head high and aim for the top..

Please do not believe anything you read here and please do not purchase or take any medication to alter a behaviour…break it down in thought…carefully and say to yourself…how can intervention from outside modify my behaviour? can a pill help you to unlearn how to play a instrument? no…no way…therefore no way that a stimulant can help you will make you even more may be great for a little task you may have but think how it is affecting your brain chemistry and the side effects…notice how when you actually do something you love to do..its effortless you feel the stimulant like focus without taking anything! what does this tell you! that your brain has its own capabilities to produce these emotions…you just have to train it! slowly and regularly.

i care for all of u this is why i am writing this from the heart..please do not see yourself as the label…do not allow anyone to label you…open your eyes and see the truth… you are unique..u are rare…this means you are special not SICK! …you belong to the minority group of people who have been given this incredibly different thinking brain..which is a gift and if used well has the ability to be in charge of these other "normal labeled" people who make up the dull majority.

take care everyone
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on 24 February 2013
Ther book presents in two parts: 1) the physiological aspects of the endocrine system 2) its contextual application . The first part I found very enlightening, whilst the second part was of less interest to me
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