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on 3 January 2013
This is a great laptop for the price, well built with a quality feel, great specs and high capacity hard drive. What lets the machine down is that it has an integrated gaphics card, however machines with dedicated graphics are much more expensive, so you can't have too many complaints. This makes the machine able to play high end games less well, however I haven't yet tested out football manager, but I expect that to run like a dream on this. One other problem I have about this is that it has Windows 8, and I haven't yet formed an opinion whether that is good or bad, but it certainly is different and if you are a first time Windows 8 user like me you will have to do a lot of googling to find out how things work and even turn the thing off (I still haven't found the shut down, the laptop seems to power down if it is left)

All in all a tremendous buy, if your budget is c£500 then you won't go far wrong.
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on 31 August 2013
This Laptop seems to get very mixed reviews. Some say it has great performance, some say it is dire. I decided to take a chance and unfortunately I am one of those who find the performance disappointing.

Windows 8 is supposed to start quickly, but on this laptop it seems to take forever. This happens during start-up, but is even worse when I simply close the lid on the laptop without explicitly putting it to sleep and later open it. The disk seems to be maxed out.

When up and running I also get an occasional maxing out of the disk and the machine grinds to a halt. I havn't yet been able to definitively figure out what makes the disk max out, but I have helped matters by disabling windows auto update and similar auto-updates. I now do these manually periodically when I am not doing other things on the laptop. I have never had to do this for other Laptops.

That said, when it is up and running it performs well. I bought this for web development where I require lots of memory to run many applications and services at the same time. It does this well, and for the price its still good value.

However, it has been disappointing to get an OK buy instead of a great one.
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on 12 January 2013
The laptop is worth 5 stars for what I use it for, namely running multiple office applications, internet and running music creation software. I shall upgrade the memory to 16GB at some point to help future proof it.

However, Windows 8 is a pain on a traditional laptop format. I have seen how it works on a touch screen and can imagine that it is good in that set up but why oh why have Microsoft ignored the rest of us who either don't want or can't afford touch screen technology. Sadly it is not advisable to get it wiped and have Windows 7 installed as there could be compatibility issues with the hardware set up. (Well, that's what the people who were going to do this for me said!)

So overall, a great laptop for the money especially if you're not bothered about playing games, shame about Windows 8...
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on 26 August 2013
I spent a fair amount of time searching for a high powered laptop at a reasonable price and came across this product. I bought the computer primarily for day to day home use, but also wanted it to be able to cope with more demanding tasks if I brought work home with me, however I'm not a computer fanatic. I have not been let down so far and am very pleased with my purchase. The build quality is of good level for a laptop in the price range, and so far I cannot fault it at all. It seems to deal with all tasks very well and although I've read many negative reviews of Windows 8 I have to say it is growing on me.
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on 30 December 2012
I got this laptop only a couple of days ago and so far I am very pleased. I bought it from John Lewis for £500 which makes a really good deal considering they also give a 2 year warranty. I see the good points are: high spec, good value, does everything I want, quiet fan. The not so good points: Plastic case (but what do you expect at this price) instruction manual is online only, Windows 8 takes a bit of getting used to
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on 1 May 2014
I like the function keys, I love the big screen, full keyboard, and power abilities.

However - there were a few snags:
* Junkware - come on samsung - some of the preinstalled gear was just rubbish.
* Power connector - I had to repair this after a while - the connector is a bit weak here.
* CD tray - the button is raised in a way that means it regularly gets accidentally triggered when I put it in my bag.

It took me a while to get used to some of the multitouch things - like 3 fingers to suspend the pad operation, and I was tripped up by the function lock key initially.

Being the kind of opening stuff up warranty avoider - I've seen inside - the build quality is pretty good - perhaps with the motherboard a bit tight in places. The memory and HDD are in easily upgradable places, as is the daugherboard for the bluetooth and wifi operation.

Overall - I would recommend this laptop - spec and price is pretty good. It's not the lightest thing - but when you want the full size keyboard and screen, that seems kind of necessary.
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on 13 March 2013
I use a fairly new (mid-2012) Samsung laptop at work - which is just great, and was initially really delighted to buy this very similar, but top-spec Samsung machine at just under £600 from Amazon.

However, on the first day's use I had problems with the internet connectivity - it took ages to do simple internet tasks, activate my Norton sample s/w, and to load my brand new MS Office software (which in the end failed to load properly at all. It seemed to be OK at first, then the next day it wouldn't function.)

I took the laptop to work, to use their super-fast broadband, to be sure it wasn't a local problem with my broadband. Connected up, set it some tasks (like installing Office etc) but despite my hopes, no, extrafast BB made no difference. Internet connectivity/responsiveness seemed very hit-and-miss.

This could have been an internal machine aerial/wifi fault, or, again, could have been related to W8, or who knows what.

Week 2: when I was still trying to get the machine fully operational, several Tiles ('charms') of various sorts on the W8 start menu failed to open, or load at all.

In the end (week 3) I tried a 'restore' to clear any system glitches. The restore seemed to go OK, then it went into 'restarting'... 3 hours later, it was obvious (!) it had hung. I checked up - no, it really should not take over 3 hours to restart. I tried again. Still problematic.

On trying to find solutions on the internet (including reporting them to MS and Amazon) to some of the above problems (including for example disappearance of the 'Store' tile), it's not a good sign when I found a lot of these issues were not unusual - other people seemed to be having them.

Added to this, W8 is a nightmare (especially for non-touch screen operation, but for many issues with it, that makes no difference); having to flick between the new Start Screen/menu (tiles/charms) and the 'normal' desktop all the time - a total pain... Instructions & explanations are almost non-existent and when something really basic doesn't work as it should, you have no idea how to find out why or interpret the problem on the screen. Oh, and you HAVE to set up a Microsoft account in order to do almost anything... be warned if you have an aversion to being forced into providing your details to companies.

By week 4 I decided that for it to take almost a month to get a brand new, top make, expensive laptop working (and it still wasn't) was not on, and it looked like I would have to spend on professional help (which possibly could find hardware problems) with a PC I hadn't even been able to properly use yet!

I was about to email Amazon (again) about the issues and saw on the Amazon site the item was Under Review because of other customer problems - emailed to ask what these problems were. Didn't get an answer to that, but the Customer Service team at Amazon were very helpful in advising on returns policy.

All this with a brand new, straight out of the box machine? No thanks. Sent it back. What a shame.
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on 26 November 2012
Much like most people I don't actually turn off my laptop, I tend to put it on standby so that I can get back to what i was doing quicker.
I bought this as my old laptop was taking over 2 minutes to do this (long overdue for a change) and after turning on this Samsung with almost all the programs I use running before I shut the lid, I timed it when starting up and it was running in under 2 seconds instantly playing my music again!
This processor seems to be able to run absolutely everything with no lag at all!

This laptop is simply amazing and the keyboard is supremely comfortable. It's completely worth the money and if you think the RAM isn't enough it's also expandable to 16GB.

(P.S. Windows 8 is nothing short of fabulous. Don't let it put you off!)
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on 4 February 2015
The good,

Samsung customer care is truly a marvel. On 3 occasions I had to send my laptop. 2 occasions was due to the I7 cpu, which remained a fixed state of 1.15ghz. The cpu & motherboard were replaced without any quibbles. I did come across a black sheep, but 1 person inept of customer care does not make an entire body rotten.

The bad

The I7 3630QM on seemed quite efficient, as I have been using adobe after effect to video edit, but the reliability is the major issue. I have yet to see up to 3.4ghz as it stated. On line has been very helpful. There has been many issues with this cpu.

The laptop.

Samsung has crafted something quite brilliant.
4 usb ports either side, Island style keyboards, a pleasure to type, easy to clean, The matte finish works elegantly. I have played blu ray/HD movies with clarity, equal to any other high spec models, even with the inferior resolution.
It is well deigned the battery does last upto 4hrs on power saver mode & 3hrs with internet on.

The Samsung internal features sound as soundalive does enhance the audio pleasure, but the tiny speakers are not enjoyable only tolerable. many features which are quite useful.

The graphics card is integrated intel hd4000, seems to work better then some mid amd graphics card, I have played torchlight 2 with zero issues.

Overall I have had this laptop just over a year, with issues due to the cpu, but purchasing this for 299.95 via amazon warehouse, a mouth watering bargain.

Samsung 1000/8
Intel i7 3630QM cpu 2/8
graphics 6/8
layout 8/8
battery 8/8
Features 7/8
Amazon 8/8
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on 20 March 2013
I passed my old laptop to my grandson and decided to buy this top of the range Samsung to replace it. I was attracted to its high spec processor, large storage and massive ram capacity and I like Samsung products
Really fast to boot up. Windows 8 is excellent. Use in Desktop or app mode. The screen is non reflective. The keyboard is massive with a vocabulary of its own. You need to learn this to help improve your productivity. The touch pad is sensitive and care needs to be used when swiping otherwise you end up opening pages you don't want.

Samsung have really thought about battery preservation. You can opt to restrict to a 80% charge, or, a process that when the battery is fully charged the laptop uses direct power and bypasses the battery power. If you do have to buy a new battery, no problem, its so easy to replace. To upgrade your ram is also easy. There is an access point on the base of the laptop. You can up from 8GB to 16GB with no problem. With a 1T Hard Drive there's plenty of storage,

With super fast boot up the only problem I have is with the touch pad. To overcome this I have to remember that it is a mini replica of the screen I'm looking at. That will come in time.
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