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87 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on 28 December 2012
I purchased this device just under 3 weeks ago before a business trip, It was easily setup within a matter of hours, and initial impressions if that it was a joy to use! Whilst it does feel a little on the plastic side, it's not noticeable in normal use, and those who state that a firm grip can distort the display, must be gripping it very hard indeed! Not once during normal use did I manage to do this. The up side of this is that it's very light, and in tablet mode is a joy to hold for prolonged periods without ache. Portrait mode is strange being so tall, but you get used to this quickly and appreciate the extra length (coming from an iPad 1)

For a low powered processor, you would not know this at all, it's more than capable of doing day to day stuff like surfing, e-mail, office etc. Just don't expect high powered workloads (photo / video editing / CAD / number crunching etc.) from such a portable device!! The screen is crisp and clear, however it did take a while to get text calibrated to be clear (i've not had to do this before).

Won't go into Windows 8 too much other than it's actually a joy to use with a touch screen, and found it very fast to navigate once I learnt the tricks around the start menu - particularly with the keyboard dock! The mouse however was slightly sensitive to flicks which switched apps when I was just moving the pointer.

The integrated pen is a nice addition, and works a treat, particularly as an avid OneNote user, I could use the pen to note take, and even convert it to text later, with the added bonus that OneNote syncs across all my devices.

Under very heavy use I got a day out of the battery, in most cases I would comfortably get 2 days use between charges. Thats typically being used whilst connected to a Wireless AP too.

As much as I enjoyed using it, a fatal flaw manifested after 2 weeks, which I don't appear to be alone on... When docking into the keyboard, if you moved the tablet, or touched the screen, the keyboard would disconnect and reconnect (also confirmed by the audible sound), this become very irritating after a while if typing, and using the screen to move fields. This disconnect / reconnect flaw also continued when I placed the docked tablet in my bag, which kept waking the tablet up and draining the battery after a few hours! Cleaning the connector did improve this for a couple hours, however that was all, it would be back to irritating you after that!

***UPDATE 19 JAN 2013***
Curious to see if my experience was just a one-off (as I loved the device despite it's keyboard connectivity flaw), I was in a large commercial estate a couple weeks back, and went into 4 different retailers which had the Ativ Smart PC on display, and 3 of those display models displayed the exact same symptoms as mine! As soon as you nudged the screen, tapped it or shut the lid, you could hear the keyboard chime as it disconnected / reconnected. The model which did work fine, I asked the supervisor how long it had been on display, and his response was 2 months, so it seems there is a couple out in the wild which can survive some abuse, but clear that 75% of those display models had the same issue.

It was for the above reason that it seemed and inherent issue with the device and it's method of connectivity that forced me to return this. Very disappointed as it was a joy to use before this point, and now have a void to fill, as I expected a replacement to eventually end with the same fate.
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36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 4 January 2013
got one of these for Xmas, and have been using it for a few days (writing this reply on it now). Please bear in mind I have come from an iPad 2. While this is a good consumer experience, it is a bit of a "toy" in my eyes, because you cannot do work seriously on it. As a Business Performance Improvement Consultant, I like the idea of having a tablet when I want to lounge around the house and mess around on the internet/view videos, and to be able to have a place to do work while I am on the train. Here is a collection of my thoughts.

I thought seriously about whether the Atom processor would be powerful enough for me to do some serious work, and after lots of internet searching I decided I would go for the 700T for the extra grunt. My folks were away in the US, however, and the Microsoft store had none in stock so they came back with the 500T.

Actually the 500T runs pretty smoothly. There is the occasional judder when scrolling through graphically intensive websites, but really I think this is my impatience and does not impede on the experience. I have installed MS Office 2010, and decided to do some annotation with the s-pen (more on this later) on a 200 page document. The result? Very smooth, no lags or issues whatsoever. Word loads quickly and performs to my expectations.

I have not had the chance to run some of my very processor intensive Excel files yet, although I am under the impression that the Atom processor will struggle to cope. My work provided Lenovo i5 laptop can take a long time to process, so I am better sticking to Word and PowerPoint, and only use Excel on small files.

Overall the user experience on the 500T is good. I do not want to go into detail about the Win8 experience, although I will say that while the Metro interface looks good, it can be a pain switching between this and the desktop - like I say, I use Office most of the time, and it would be great to have the option of being able to stay in desktop mode for work, and the Metro interface for play. I know that there are add ons to put the Start menu back in, but this should be provided out of the box.

The design of the 500T is a bit hit and miss for me. I was originally looking for the HP Envy X2 because of its all aluminium design, just to give me the piece of mind that it would be protected properly while in my backpack. The keyboard on the 500T is made of plastic, and while I am writing this review up I can feel it flexing slightly. This is not a MASSIVE issue, it just makes me feel a little uncomfortable that it can flex. Typing on they keyboard is a breeze!!

The back of the screen is quite slippery, so when you are resting it on your lap it starts to slide around. This is not the most convenient. I would like to get a cover for the screen part, which will still allow to attach it to the keyboard dock. If you know of one, please let me know.

The other good point about the HP Envy X2 is that there is a battery in the keyboard dock, allowing you to work for longer. This is not present on the 500T.

What I will say, however, is that the battery life is awesome! Really, I would be very comfortable leaving my charger at home and using the 500T all day without running out of juice. I think it performs better than the iPad 2.

The screen also beats the iPad 2. It is vibrant, and while not retina type resolution, is more than adequate. I noticed the difference in PPI compared to my phone (HTC One X) at first, but now have gotten used to it.

The s-pen is great for annotating documents, or for just drawing.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 11 January 2013
Firstly delivery:
This was shipped from U.K. to Portugal. Amazed !!!!! It was here in 4 days from ordering.
After unpacking and BEFORE connecting tablet to keyboard I downloaded all updates.
Have heard of people with following problems:
Keyboard disconnecting.
Loosing internet connection.
Stylus difficult to remove (O.K. it is a tight fit - but better than too loose).
The above have not been problems for me.
I have used this item for over a week and can say that no problems have occurred.
My one and only complaint is the inclusion of Norton trial Internet security program. It is not an item I want and am puzzling on how to completely get rid of it!!!!!!
I recommend this to anyone requiring a Windows 8 tablet with keyboard.Samsung XE500 11.6-inch Touchscreen Convertible Laptop (Silver) - (Intel Atom Z2760 1.5GHz Processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, WLAN, BT, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8
Further update:
Normally things can go downhill after time!!!! No problems here though. I am still enjoying the experience. Some gripes with software but that is nothing new. How are other new users doing - always nice to share experiences.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 7 March 2013
I've now had the tablet for over two months and couldn't live without it (I use it a lot for serious work and study on the move). The S-Pen and its fantastic handwriting recognition are my favourite feature in combination with the Windows split screen: I have a PDF open in the Reader app on one side and the One Note app on the other to take notes using the S-pen rather than the keyboard (on-screen or docked). At the same time I can scribble on the PDF, so it is getting pretty close to "real" pen and paper work - which is great when I'm on the train. The wide screen format is perfect for note taking. And the battery life is simply amazing.

The onscreen keyboard can be set to full standard keyboard mode which is far more useful than the abbreviated keyboard set as default, but whenever possible I tend to use the S-pen input instead. I have had none of the keyboard docking problems some users report, but I don't use the keyboard all that often (however, when I do, I like it - it is nice and clicky rather than that horribly sponginess that seems to be the "fashion").

I did have problems to at first with the screen going black, and the tablet being unable to "wake up" from sleep - but these turned out to be software issues. I have had no problems since Samsung technical support reinstalled Windows and up-to-date drivers from scratch, with the added bonus that I got my tablet free from all pre-installed bloatware.

The other reviewers have already covered its good features and I agree with all of those. It boots up very quickly even after a complete shutdown, the touchscreen is nicely responsive without being too sensitive, the screen is bright and sharp, performance is adequate for my purposes, although for that price it could be a bit higher-powered - I'm developing a suspicion, though, that Windows 8 is not being quite as economical with resources as it is touted to be! The hard drive could be bigger for the price, but again for my purposes it is sufficient.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 23 October 2013
I am now about to return my Laptop to Samsung for the second time. The keyboard & tablet continually disconnect making it almost impossible to work with, especially if you are working on anything but a desk (which I would use a desktop computer for!)

The 30 day warranty is not great, Samsung don't make it easy to return the product and won't refund it - even though it was clearly faulty as I had a new motherboard & keyboard put on it!

I would not recommend this computer - despite it looking nice it doesn't do the job it is supposed to do and consequently I have barely used it. A waste of £600
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 27 February 2013
So my shiny new tablet-pc hybrid arrived last week and I ripped open the packaging with glee.

On first impression its a little underwhelming The case is stylish but very plastic as opposed to the steel finish you get with apple products. I also own a samsung s3 and a more powerful samsung laptop and the one thing they all have in common is a dull plastic casing effect.

The screen is a great size and a joy to tap and write with. the s pen is a real added bonus. The issue for me is when you connect it to the keyboard. As others have stated the keyboard doesn't lock in properly and randomly disconnects from the screen with an annoying ping sound to match every time it does this. For such an expensive product I feel let down by this poor design flaw. I scratch my head how this wasnt discovered in product testing and why they have released a very expensive top of the range tablet with such a fundamental issue. The touchpad on the keyboard also annoys me as it isnt very responsive and you really have to put alot of pressure on it to use.

The processor is intel atom so as you may expect it functions fine but as soon as you have a few programmes open it starts to freeze up a little. Great for browsing the net, doing some work in word or excel, or watching movies etc. Even for the princely sum of £650 you are fundamentally getting a low powered laptop with touchscreen capability.

The screen is brilliant and the ports around the tablet are really good with a few usb slots, a micro sd and a micro hdmi. Battery life is very good i charge every couple of days with moderate usage.

In summary i am a bit of a gadget geek so have played around with most tablets and touchscreen laptops. In my view the tablet-laptop hybrid with a detachable keyboard is the future of computing and in a few yrs they will be able to make these much more powerful. But at the moment this is one of the first windows 8 tablets in to the market and samsung need to fix the keyboard issue. In hindishgt I would now recommend looking at the surface tablet with full windows 8 capability which will set you back about the same amount but is a better design. The only thing you sacrifice is the s-pen.

I get a bit smitten with the touchscreen capability which lends itself really well to windows 8 (the new microsoft office 13 which comes pre-installed also allows you to doodle and make annotations with the s pen in documents which again is very cool!) so I generously give this 3 out of 5.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 29 November 2014
The machine repeatedly crashed, the design means you are unable to charge the computer when connected to the keyboard.
The sound doesn't always work on websites, BBC Iplayer especially.
Flash is variable, will sometimes be supported, sometimes not.
Detection of the trackpad when the keyboard is connected is terrible.
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on 10 December 2014
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on 7 March 2015
I am very happy my Samsung arrived yesterday everything is working fine.i watch the video from Samsung how to detach touch screens from keyboard.busy downloading stuff.only one thing is missing I wish windows they were from Google play store android.i have so much downloaded stuff from my tablet which I like wish to transfer to laptop.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 12 August 2013
Was looking for a Tablet PC so I did not need to carry my shoulder breaking work laptop around.

Size, Good screen dimensions
Pen is the main reason of going for this model, though can only be used on Samsung apps.
jumping between tablet mode and PC mode

Heavier than expected, don't understand why Windows Tablet need to be so much more heavier than AndTabs/iPads
Pen, not as assured in writing as the Galaxy Note
Keyboard could be more refined with better spring and tap response
Its a PC so needs an Ethernet connection on the keyboard dock

All in all - a good portable device if you work on the go and need the pen for graphical notes.

if you need to work on high end applications the Samsung Ultrabook which is lighter and Ethernet ready and cheaper may be b an alternative.
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