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on 22 November 2014
BenQ W1070

Not a bad projector. I've had it now for a week and had a chance to try a variety of different setups.

- Small
- Light
- Aesthetic quality
- Lots of inputs and can output sound stripped from HDMI in stereo. 2xHdmi, component, composite, VGA and sVHS.
- Relatively quiet (eco mode) - can be a bit noisy in normal mode, although does not deter unless watching a very quiet video.
- Fantastic colours out of the box and easily calibrated. This seems to be the Achilles heel in the similarly priced Optoma HD26
- Minimal rainbow effect as 6x speed wheel, however still just visible (if sensitive) with bright text on dark background.
- However I have had the chance to compare this to the Optoma budget projectors - HD26/141e and the RBE on this appears less.
- Handles 3D very well, smooth motion with no crosstalk - Although the colours and "pop" take a hit from the glasses. Tried with blu ray 3d movies and xbox 360 -Crysis 2. Works with Sainsonic 904 glasses.
- Fantastic for bright scenes and CGI movies
- Motion handling and panning are handled really well, no judder - very smooth (freeview, blu ray 24p, consoles, netflix/amazon instant video, DVDs).
- Long and cheap bulb life. (6000 hours with Eco and 3500 with normal)
- Backlit remote
- ISF certified and had 2 programmable slots.
- Low lag for gaming (24ms)
- Zoom lens (1.15-1.5) with 10% shift.

The biggest, and really only flaw to talk about is contrast and Black level.
- In dark scenes, there is a small amount of crush and detail loss.
However you can combat this, you could try a neutral density filter (ND2) which Seems to make a significant difference (gamma 2.4, smarteco and brilliant colour on) or using a grey 0.8 gain screen (I'm going to try the latter next). Also, For a higher contrast try zooming out to maximum as well.
-Speakers aren't great (very tinny and lack depth), you're better off using an external setup. But this is a projector and not a sound system!
- The other real alternative projector in this price range in the Optoma HD26. However it's RBE does seem to be worse (from my own observations and reinforced from what the online community say) and it's colours cannot be calibrated to the same accuracy as the w1070. It does have marginally better blacks.

In summary, I'm very happy. Richer sounds now selling these for £489.99 (after free VIP membership - they provide you with a £10 voucher) and a 5 year guarantee. Looking at the newer versions of this projector from BenQ (W1070+, W1075) there seems to be little in picture quality difference.

All in all, an excellent projector for under £500. If you're looking for a significant step up from this, then you'd have to spend >£1500. The Sony Hw40es (£1799) comes to mind as an excellent upgrade, and it's fantastic sibling the hw55es (£2799). I think once the mainstream 4k projectors become affordable (in 2-3 years) then we might see a significant upgrade in image quality at an affordable price (sub £2000).
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on 7 December 2014
I'd researched a prospective purchase of one of these projectors as extensively as my time schedule would allow. I'm also a technophobe, so need all the help I can get. Thanks to the other people who take time to leave a review, which help people like me, I thought I'd leave my two pennies worth contribution too.

I'd set my sights on the BENQ W1070 & had a couple of others shortlisted too. Along came Black Friday and Richer Sounds had the W1070 for sale at £400! Ok mind made up, and I snapped it up.

I turned the projector on and it's ready. I didn't have a chance to buy a screen yet, and as I have a large matt white wall, I'm fine with that for now. I have the projector about 10 feet from the wall, and OMG, hey presto, about 125" beautiful clear image in my living room. The zoom function and focus are as simple as could be, so you can pack this thing away at night and have it set up in a different spot next day easily. It has a short throw too, so don't worry about having an enormous room.

I watched 3D movies (Men in Black 3 and Clash of the Titans), and I'm no purist or expert on this stuff, just a normal punter, and for me (these really are not even my kind of films) I'll be watching again as the experience is phenomenal. Watched King Kong in 2D and Spider Man, just amazing.

I can't stand the Cinema, due to idiots making so much noise and all the other distractions that go with sharing a room of 100 other people watching a film. I've not been for years bar a couple of weeks ago to watch Interstellar (again same issues with noisy people, doors opening and closing etc). Cinema is history for me, now I have a Cinema in my living room. I can catch up on all the films I wanted to see, or have that cinematic experience (Gravity 3D, Apocalypse Now et al, coming up).

I don't know about rainbow effects yet, and am told if I get a screen, the colours are even more dynamic and enhanced. This is my first projector, and I am bowled over by it, I'm a middle aged bloke, and feel excited by the thing . Just bought 3D specs for the kids too, awaiting to use them.

To give you some idea of cost, my total set up was £1k (Projector, Blu Ray Player, AV Reciever/AMP, 5.1 Speakers). I could have got away with £700ish in total, but spent a bit more on the Blue Ray player (Sony BDP S7200), and a little more on the Onkyo Amp, but for a novice £800-£1,000 is a steal for what one gets.
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on 4 October 2014

I went back & fourth looking at projectors it drove me crazy. I looked at Optoma HD131xe, then the HD141x & HD26. All without doubt great projectors. BUT I always ended up going back to the BenQ w1070 as it just seemed to please so many people!!

So I took the plunge and bought one, and although I've only had this less than 12hrs I'm in love. Once out of the box it's really simple to get started with. Plenty of factory settings and you can alter anything to your personal preference also which should suit everyone. I positioned the projector so it would project onto our lounge wall (awaiting screen delivery) which is a sand type color (not white) and already it looked incredible.

After putting on Pacific Rim, Star Wars & Frozen (for the wife) I had smiles all over my face. The only thing I have to look into is aspect ratio of movies. I have it set up perfectly for one movie then next movie is a different ratio and the screen is projecting onto vases, the sofa, and all sorts. If anyone can help with aspect ratio of movies I'd appreciate it.

However....our neighbours have a huge white wall, freshly painted/plastered and I have a play area of about 30ft by 30ft. SOOO I decided to project onto their wall. OMG, I nearly died, amazing. The white really helped with the image and I can't wait for my screen to arrive when I order it. So now we also have the advantage of movies in the garden at night. The sound from the benQ is also pretty loud, but doesn't offer any bass etc, so I would recommend you set it up with sound bar or separate speakers and amp. However it's fine for everything else,

I'm about to order a 120 inch screen, can't find much larger, was hoping to go 150 inch but that just squeezes my budget. However I'm hoping 120 will be larger enough....for now. Also I haven't tried the 3D yet, but this is something I hope to do in next fortnight so I'll update on that also.

So far I can't tell you how happy I am with this projector. I even found a post on my wife's facebook saying she was impressed!!

UPDATE:1 So had this projector for few days now. Ordered a screen and got 135 inch screen and put up on wall! Having played around with things still very happy with projector but here are a few things I have noticed. In very dark scenes I've noticed what I believe is rainbow effect. However this could be me cause I see a flash of red/green/blue when I move my eyes. This as I said is only during very dark scenes and hasn't ruined my viewing experience I'm just odd I guess!!

I also thought standard picture settings offered a good picture but I noticed a green tint to everything so now use cinema mode which looks very impressive and dropped the green tint totally. I don't have any calibration settings yet but will look into that soon. Looks stunning on matt white screen though, and can't fault anything else. Hopefully 3D glasses here today so I'll do another update when I've played about with those! :)

UPDATE:2 So got the 3D glasses (Sainsonics) and they work and link perfectly. Very impressive 3D content with no ghosting as far as I can see. Tried a few 3D movies and all very good but by far was Turtle Tale which literally had objects floating right in front of my face, very impressive indeed.

However I'm still suffering from this rainbow effect thing. My wife & daughter doesn't see it but when I move my eyes while watching a movie I see a flash of RGB, it's very annoying. It's really bad when reading text on screen especially. I've tried all matter of settings and this does not go away. I've been told that as the bulb power drops after 100 hours this could become easier on the eye. Apparently also the eye and brain will eventually work it out and maybe this will go over time. Apart from that I'm over the moon with this set-up and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting out into the world of projectors/home cinema! :)
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on 8 November 2013
after many hours spent looking for a home projector i decided on this and was not disappointed it is very easy to install and set up ( i have it ceiling mounted) and the picture on the PS3 and DVD are fantastic
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on 1 October 2013
Ten years ago, after a little win on the gee-gees, I shelled out nine grand (yes, you read that right) on a Marantz VP12-S3 projector. At the time it was pretty much the dog's gonads unless you wanted to spend thirty grand. And I never regretted that splurge. Many hundreds of hours of enjoyment were had.

Anyway, after moving to a smaller place, there was no room for a big screen so the Marantz went in a box for five years. Recently, after another move, it came out of its box. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't still a very respectable bit of kit but it was only 720p and I wanted 1080 (HD really wasn't around in 2003). The other thing: it was never quite bright enough, even with a new bulb.

It's been a while since the gee-gees neighed in my direction, so a top end PJ was out of the question (ie: one of the big JVCs). I took a punt on this Benq, having read around for days on end. When it arrived I laughed at my own stupidity. Compared to the the huge, 30lb Marantz this looked and felt like a toy. No way was it going to compare, let alone beat, the old timer.

Well, I was being stupid all right. This little "toy" beats the Marantz (at FIFTEEN times the price, inflation not included) hands down. The image is incredibly bright and sharp. The colours are bang-on. The contrast (that old chestnut) is absolutely fine, especially when properly set up (see below). "Absolute black" isn't really possible in a room that's not painted black - a lot of people forget that. What really matters is how shadows are handled in low-contrast scenes (a dimly-lit bar, say). The Benq passes that test very well indeed.

If you don't mind diving into the menus (it's easy) I recommend these settings for the best "cinema" picture: [...]

Dial those in and save them and you'll be blown away by what this little baby can do. Remember, they're for a darkened room, when you really want to have a "movie night". Other settings work amazingly well if you want to keep a table lamp on, or even watch in the day (with drawn curtains, of course. That'll get the neighbours gossiping).

I don't know what voodoo they've worked in the past ten years but whatever it is, I like it. I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised when I think what my phone was like in 2003.

If you've less than three grand to spend, I couldn't recommend this projector highly enough. Oh, in case you care, the 3-D performance is spectacular. I tried it with Avatar last night and it was as good as the IMAX where I first saw it.

Amazon has a great returns policy, so just give it a go. I guarantee you won't be sending it back (unless you're sensitive to the DLP rainbow effect, which most of us aren't, particularly).
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on 23 November 2013
This is my my first projector, so take that into consideration when reading this review. Also note that I also currently have a 37" Panasonic LCD tv.

It's been a week since the Benq arrived and I've tested it with a number of films (2D) as well as some gaming on the pc and xbox 360. I have it sitting on a low coffee table (c.50cm high) and projecting on an off white wall about 2.8 metres away. I'm getting an image size of around 103" and it looks really good...even with 1080p content that's not been streamed from a blu-ray player. With all the lights off it really does feel like we have our own private cinema. I'm actually loathing the thought of going to the cinema rather than just waiting for films to be released on disc! Gaming on such a large screen is pretty awesome too...although I do need to update my graphics card to take advantage of having such a large image!

I can't comment on 3D as I haven't tried it yet. But even though I have never been truly convinced on 3D, for some reason, I do feel like taking a chance on a pair of Sainsonics and giving it a go!

When reading other reviews, I was confused about the vertical lens adjustment, but was pleasantly surprised at just how much I could raise it. However, I've left it as it is for now, as the projected image on a 2:35:1 format is perfect and for 16:9 films I just raise the projector up by about 7" to clear the sideboard - far easier than having to adjust the lens.

Colour, black levels and shadow details are good enough for me and I suspect for most people it will be the same - the enormous image which is clear and very detailed (1080p content) more than makes up for any other shortcomings. If you're really critical, maybe a standard LED tv or a more expensive projector might be in order.

As regards the rainbow effect, yes it's most definitely apparent with this projector, but for me it's not distracting as such. It most commonly appears when I dart my eyes really quickly all over the screen...something that most people wouldn't normally do when watching a film! If you look for it, you will find it, but if you just sit back and enjoy the image and the film, it shouldn't be a big problem.

If you're just getting into the projector world, I don't think you'll go far wrong with this one. The only downside is that, if you're like me, you'll find it hard to go back to watching anything on a "small" tv...especially any films in a 2:35:1 format!
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on 24 October 2014
This is my second review of the product. At first, I was very impressed by the quality of the picture and the projector itself. However after a few months, dusts started to appear inside the lens of the projector. You can't clean it without dismounted the projector. A quick google search has shown that several owners of that item experimented the same issue. As it was still under warranty, I sent the projector back for a good clean up and hopefully fixing the issue. Unfortunately the projector came back with still some dust inside the lens and , frustratingly, a shadow has now appear on the right hand side edge of the projected image. So i'm not impressed with the longevity of that product as well as the quality of the support provided by BenQ.
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on 5 June 2013
This is a brilliant projector for the money, the only reason I havent given it 5 stars is that I would have liked the blacks to be a little more, well black!

I bought this for the 3d and I wasnt disappointed. I have recently had some horrible crosstalk issues with a Sharp TV (which thankfully has been returned), so I was a little apprehensive, but straight out the box it was a real gem.

I havent seen ANY crosstalk at all. Playing Monsters Inc 3d was a real treat - the abominable snowman scene was awesome.

Ok there are much better projectors out there, but not at this price.

I bought the SainSonic Zodiac 904 Series, and they worked perfectly + much cheaper than the official Benq ones.
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on 21 June 2015
Fantastic product! After researching projectors for the last 6 weeks I finally took the plunge and decided upon the w1070 and was not disappointed it exceeded expectations!

Having only owned the projector for a matter of hours I have not had chance to fully explore the potential I could not wait until my screen was delivered so I tried it out on a white wall at home in the only suitable room however the room was quite bright and the curtains did little to reduce the light! Still the projector held its own, the only down point was the black level was a little weak due to the brightness of the room! Other than that I found the colours rich and natural straight out of the box! Things can only get better with a correct screen a dark room and customising the set up.

A really helpful tip for any new to the projector game like me is to decide upon the screen size you want 1st in Oder to help determine the correct projector I wanted a 100" screen but was concerned about space I need something with a short throw ratio like the w1070 to work out the throw ratio (how far away the projector needs to be away from the screen) simply times the size of the screen by the smallest throw ratio to find the minimum distance the projector needs to be away so for the w1070 and a 100" screen simply 100x1.15=115" away minimum just less than 3 meters. Do the same for the maximum but use the biggest throw ratio 1.5

Photos far from do the projector justice, projected onto a wall at 106"
review image review image
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on 29 April 2015
Amazed! Spent many a long week deciding which projector to go for, after reading review after review I went for the W1070+. Only problem was Richer Sounds didn't have stock and it would be a two week late, or buy it online, and explained the W1070 is basically the same machine, without the wireless option, and I could take it home today for £480, £100 cheaper than the +. As I only plan to use it for movies and maybe games, and not normal TV, I was tempted.
Surprisingly I went for it, and so glad I did. I have it about 3.3m from the screen, and I have a 2.70m wide picture (120 inch TV eq). Blown away by the quality of it. The pictures are sharp, full of colour and that was straight out of the box! Watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and even on this blu ray transfer the picture is simply stunning.
Switched from normal mode, to the smarteco, and cannot tell a difference in the picture. Couldn't wait to put it on the ceiling, so had it sitting next to me on the back of the sofa, and the fan noise was not an issue at all. The film I watched has plenty of bright and dark scenes, and no issues with either. One downside I would say about it, is the speaker is not very good, but this was not an issue for me, as I run it through a 5.1 speaker surround via the blu ray player, although to be fair I never played around with the settings and it was being compared to a surround sound system.
All in all, I could not be happier with the projector. I got it as a test as I plan to build a cinema room, and was planning to upgrade to a high end projector if I did, but after viewing this I don't see any point. Maybe placed side by side you would see a difference, but for £480, I was amazed with how good the picture looks, and at the end of the day, that's all I am interested in really!!!
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