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5.0 out of 5 stars One DVD to rule them all!
There’s only one way to start this review – if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan then buy the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. What you get is an extended version of the film, which is 30 minutes longer than the theatrical version, with 4 additional audio commentaries by cast and crew members. Then there’s the small matter of 2 discs full...
Published on 2 July 2003 by Mr. M. Davies

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3.0 out of 5 stars To Clear Up The Doubts With This Steelbook Release
1) The discs included are the same discs as were released in the first part of the Extended Edition Trilogy Blu-Ray Box Set Release
- that means :-
2 Blu-ray discs for the extended version of the film
2 DVD discs of the extras (known as the appendices to the Blu-ray extended release)
1 DVD disc known as "behind the scenes" which was the disc made by...
Published 7 months ago by DM Bunny

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Epic With a Story and a Heart, 13 Jan 2003
By A Customer
This is a wonderful film about friendship, honor, loyalty and sacrifice set against director Peter Jackson's visually stunning recreation of Tolken's world of Middle Earth. Elves, Hobbits, Dwarfs and Men are all brought together in the Fellowship to help young Hobbit Frodo (Elijah Wood) take the "One Ring" to Mordor where it was forged and destroy it. The stakes are high as the Dark Riders (Ring Wraiths) hear the call of the ring and pursue Frodo and his young friend Sam (Sean Astin) from the start as they are sent forward by Wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellon), who knows the power of the ring and it's temptations. The fate of all Middle Earth depends on their success.
There are wonderful performances in this beautifully filmed beginning of Frodo's journey. There is a scene early on in this film where Sam, who has made a promise to Gandolf to stay with Frodo, stops and tells Frodo solemly as they leave their beloved home in the Shire "If I take one more step it will be the furthest I have ever been from home." This sets the mood for the entire film. There is much danger ahead for them. Viggo Mortensen gives the grittiest performance as the Ranger Stryder, who comes to protect them from the Ring Wraiths, and the battle sequences rival anything in Braveheart or Gladiator. We learn later on as the fellowship is formed that Stryder is actually Aragorn, a rightful king of men reluctant to lead his people because of his family's long history with the "One Ring," and the weakness he feels may be in him as well.
Liv Tyler gives a fine performance as Arwenevenstar, an Elf Princess who saves Frodo from certain death and makes an even greater sacrifice for the love of Aragorn. Cate Blanchett also has a wonderful turn as Galadriel, Queen of the Elven world. Everything in this film is perfect. Peter Jackson balances the visual beauty of the film with the dazzling special effects and yet never forgets that this is a terrific story.
This is a film that inspires loyalty for all who have seen it. It is an epic that has everything and actually has something to say. It is how we choose to live that is important. At 178 minutes we are sorry to see the closing credits, even if we are treated to the beautiful Enya theme "May It Be". This is a truly great film that deserves the loyalty it inspires and is something really special. "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" are being filmed at the same time in New Zealand for continuity and you will find it hard to wait until December every year to continue our journey.
Perhaps because it is an epic of the heart, and not an epic of t-shirts and toys, is the reason it made such a "quiet" blockbuster. A film of this scope which remains true to its moral center of honor and friendship, sacrifice and loyalty, is quite an achievement. Filming all three stories at once takes a lot of love and dedication for those themes from both the director and the actors. It shows up on the screen and is the reason "Lord of the Rings" will always stand head and shoulders above the other so called "Blockbusters." This is a must own DVD!
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5.0 out of 5 stars What all DVDs should aspire to, 4 Feb 2004
Anthony Baird "anthonybairdis" (Aberdeen, Scotland) - See all my reviews
The extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring adds a lot to the two disc version of the same film. By this, I do not just mean the film itself but also the extras, which are so numerous I still haven't managed to watch them all yet, and that is after 2 months of owning the DVD.
The film is extended by about half an hour, adding many scenes from the book that had to be cut out of the film. In particular, the gift giving of Galadriel is great to see. If viewers didn't know about this part from reading the book, then it could potentially confuse them when the characters use their gifts later on in the second and third films.
However, it is in the extras where this DVD really shines. The cast commentary is a joy to listen to, with the four hobbits alone giving value for money. Their anecdotes about what they got up to on the shoot are hiarious at times (especially where Billy Boyd and Dominic Monoghan describe the firework explosion in the party scene at the start of the film), and it is great to hear experienced actors such as Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen and John Rhys-Davies talking in depth about their craft. The documentaries are amazing for their depth into the pre- and post-production of the film. Watching them takes longer than watching the film! What's more, everybody who speaks is interesting and brings across their enthusiasm for what they have done. They all realise that they have been part of a landmark in film making. When watching them you marvel at what lengths the crew and cast went to to make Middle Earth a real place.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The First Installment, 27 Mar 2004
The Fellowship of the Ring is a brilliant piece of cinematography. Peter Jackson has surpassed belief with this movie. Upon first seeing it, i was literally blown away by the intensity and involvment it provided the viewer.
For starters, the storyline is just awesome. Admittedly, Jackson had the storyline already written down for him, but he has generated Tolkein's work onto the screen magnificently. The plot is excellent, with many thrills and enjoyable sequences.
The characters perform beyond expectations, with special mentions going to Elijah Wood, Sean Austin, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean and Christopher Lee. They bring the beautiful and intriguing storyline to life superbly.
The scenery is brethtaking, with all the filming having been done in New Zealand, which provided a varying and dramatic landscape for each scene.
The soundtrack is also exquisite, especially the solo by a choirboy after the fall of Gandalf. All credit to Howard Shore.
The best parts of the film are when the Black Riders are chasing the hobbits, as they are very scary and make for 'edge of sofa' watching. Also, the events at Amon Hen must be mentioned.
Final Judgement:
Effects - 10/10
Storyline - 10/10
Soundtrack - 10/10
Characters - 10/10
Rewatchability - 10/10
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3.0 out of 5 stars Nothing new.., 9 Oct 2006
The 3 stars rating is for this edition rather than the movie.

For what concerns the movie.. It's GREAT! Worths 10 stars in its extended version, and I would reccomend this to anyone who still haven't seen it.


This new edition is not adding much to the previous ones. The ONLY difference is this documentary (that you can find elsewhere without the movie) which in my opinion is quite boring and way too long.

Honestly, I am a fan of LOTR but this goes beyond and shows you the people involved in the project more than the project itself.. So, if you're interested, walk on, but I wouldn't reccomend it, unless you still don't have the movie in any of the previuos editions.
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4.0 out of 5 stars The Fellowship and Beyond, 2 Aug 2002
For anyone who has ever been inspired by the books of tolkien ,this has got to be the best theatrical realisation of the story of the fellowship ever produced.
The sets and the makeup ,really make the characters come to life, from golum scurrying in the caves to Gandalf the grey ,the casting and acting is exatly how you would imagine them durring the nights you laid awake reading the exploits of Frodo and the Fellowship.
The elveish women especially Gladriel are very much how Tolkien described them and the landscapes and sets are amazing just wait till the Inn of the Prancing Pony or Rivendale, and as for the hobbit houses in the Shire ,All I can say is i would love one of those houses.
So sit down suspend your belief and just enjoy ,forget the running time, because just as you get into the story it seems to be over all too soon.
All in all a great release and i cant wait for the 4 disk set and of course the next two episodes of the series.
What next ???? how about the Silmarian that would make a great movie but only if Peter Jackson makes it ... at last a director with true vision.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best DVD set ever?, 13 Nov 2002
The extended version of the film is absolutely fantastic, providing significantly more depth to both characters and narrative, which I felt were slightly lacking in the theatrical edition. Some may find the splitting of the film onto two discs irritating, but if New Line had put it all onto one disc, the quality would have severely suffered, and I completely respect the decision to do this. This also matches the original book structure, each part of the 'trilogy' being split into two separate 'books'.
The presentation of the film is near perfect, bettered perhaps only by Attack of the Clones in terms of the picture and sound quality. The DTS 6.1 soundtrack is simply mind-blowing - if you've got the set-up for it, the bass REALLY plumbs the depths, and the surround really envelopes you into the filmic experience. Rarely have I felt so engrossed in any film in my own home.
The extras re-define, in my view, the quality standard of DVD extras. No pointlesly over-the-top menu animations - just simple but effective. Disc three is two and a half hours, disc four is three and a half hours, but don't be fooled, this is in no way an issue of quantity over quality. Rarely, if ever, have extra features given such depth of insight into the myriad elements which go into creating a film, and also the passion with which everybody involved brought to this endeavour - truly a labour of love and respect.
I find that I cannot recommend this DVD set highly enough. I'm usually very cynical about 'Special Editions', which are merely a marketing exercise, but this edition completely dispels any of those feelings. A live enriching experience!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best cut of the Rings, 2 Dec 2002
By A Customer
The original theatrical version left me a little cold, and frustrated at the sheer amount of storyline missing, rushed or changed for seemingly no good reason. Upon seeing this new extended edition my opinion couldn't of changed more. The new cut of this film makes all the difference. Small things, alternate takes, new music and the new scenes are all perfect and give the movie a more fluid feel. More breathing space. Slicker. Far more true to the book than I thought would of been possible. I can see the film would now make more sense to people who do not know the story at all and will please those like me, know and love the books. I would call the original film no more than a rough cut compared to this. Absolutely brilliant! I am now looking forward to The Two Towers, and before I was not. I think the only critism I have, is the new extended version is on two discs, and feel Peter Jackson missed an opportunity to end the 1st disc where the 1st book ended at the river.
The extra's are massive and in depth. You'll be worn out if you watch them all in one go. Hehe. I do recommend this new version greatly if you felt let down by the first version or indeed loved it, because this is much better.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not so much a review..., 29 July 2002
...more a counter to those who have attacked Jackson for daring to cut bits of the book out.
My argument is simple: I want you all to compare Fellowship (the book) with the 1st Harry Potter. Now, the Harry Potter movie used a virtually word for word translation from page to screen, and that made for two and a half hour movie. Fellowship is longer, denser and more richly plotted and populated, so if Jackson had used all of the book, it would have been five hours long and lost a considerable amount of necessary pace. As it is, at 3 hours, you don't notice the running time, and I'm willing to be the extended version is the same. It needed cutting, stuff like the songs and Tom Bombadil drag the story in the book and people would have walked out of the movie if they had been in the script. Can you see what I'm getting at?
Now, the movie. It's great, I've read LOTR about 4-5 times in my life, it's a book I can always lose myself in, an amazing piece of escapism, but it's not perfect, the lack of women characters is noticeable, especially in such a sensitive race as the Elves. Jackson does his best to counter this by increasing the role of Arwen, and Liv Tyler does well in the role.
What is in the movie is pretty much universally well done. LOTR:Fellowship is that rarest of things, a blockbuster movie done with an obvious love for the subject material. The scenery is perfect, and the effects are an impressive use of great make up and digital imagery. The Black Riders in particular are very creepy and not a little scary. The central characters are cast to a tee. Most impressive are Elijah Wood as the scared, uncertain, but steely Frodo, Viggo Mortensen broods well as Aragorn, and is pretty good with that sword of his. I have to mention the great Christopher Lee as the corrupted wizard Saruman, in what screen time he has, a lasting impression is made, but it is his old friend turned adversary that really turns heads. Ian McKellen's Gandalf is perfect, a grumbling, affectionate, seemingly harmless old wizard hiding the powerful and wise warrior who confronts the demon in Moria. He makes the movie what it is, or at least contributes greatly to it.
The bottom line is, in a time of souless flashy blockbusters more interested in what they can create with CGI than the script, the actors or the audience, Peter Jackson has me and most of the world salivating in anticipation of The Two Towers, and that can only be a good thing. Roll on December (my Preciousss...)
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5.0 out of 5 stars A fantasy ride to another reality, 5 July 2002
By A Customer
I love the book and researched Tolkien the man many years ago (though I dont consider myself a Tolkien expert or total LOTR fanatic). Like many others I waited and waited and waited for the movie to come out ever since it was announced that it was in the pipeline. And I have to say, even though I had many reservations about the leaked plot changes, some of the character choices and such, no movie has ever transported me into its reality more than this one. I came out of the cinema (4 times in total) nearly speechless each time. It blew me away. I understand some folks disappointment at changes in the movie and the way Jackson handled certain things, and as one reviewer put it, it IS Jacksons Lord of the Rings, it has to be. At the end of the day it is his interpretation and it is humanly impossible to translate exactly such a masterful epic from the medium of literature to the media of screen. But in my opinion Jackson has done a fantastic job. The characters themselves for the most part are excellent. Ian McKellen was not on the screen, it was Gandalf. I have never been so convinced of a character. Ian Holm was amazing, the first meeting of him and Gandalf evoked so much emotion. I could go on. Like any movie, different people will have different opinions, but for me, this movie is without a doubt the movie that showed me for 3 hours, theres a different reality. And two more to come, I just pray they are up to the fellowships standard.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A great film made even better, 2 Aug 2005
I always liked The Fellowship of the Ring and this extended edition makes a good thing even better.
I am a huge fan of the book, but unlike most enthusiasts approached this move with a neutral attitude. This is one mans interpretation of the book and so good or bad it will not be like my own interpretation. So when I first say it, I wasn't eagerly awaiting the images in my mind to appear on screen. In other words, I knew it would be different to how I imagined it.
But this was a good thing, the film is a success in my eyes. The prologue is good, quick way of providing the back story for people who have not read the books. The movie, as stated in the extras is very 'Frodo centric'. To the anger of purists, Tom Bombadil does not appear, but this would add nothing to the frodo-ring story so it is expected not to be there, in my eyes anyway.
The other two DVDs are a great way to see how this movie was made. The first disc tracks the pre-production side. Named "From Book to Vision", there is a lot of design elements and story information here. There is also a documentary on Tolkien himself which is facinating.
The second "extras" disc is very much about the filming, editing and release of the Fellowship. The tehniques are all revealed. From hobbit feet to the massive programme used to create the thousands of "agents" in the opening battle. All this information is extremely interesting. That may be me talking since I love long documentaries about films.
There is also a documentary introducing the Fellowship cast, in other words great actors introducing other great actors and saying "I've always admired ...". But, my favourite documentary was on the minatures, named in this film "Bigatures" due to there size. If you told me, when I left the cinema, that Orthanc and Rivendell were minatures, I would not believe you. This documentary reveals the stunning detail of the models that you see on screen. Another intersting doc is the digital grading one. This is again a good insight into the depth of the film.
Overall a great film, made longer and better. After watching this 5 times, the extended scenes no longer stick out, and you believe that that was the way it alway was. Of course going back to the Theatrical Edition after this is like going from a car back to a bike. Great 4 disc set!!
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