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3.6 out of 5 stars430
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2015
I have 5 of these units all operating daily since December 2014, using on-off rules defined in the iOS app. They always turn on reliably in accordance with the programmed rules. However every day at least one of the five randomly fails to turn off (different one each time) requiring me to regularly check the app or appliance/light and manually turn off the failed one. (This defeats the object for having them) All units have the latest firmware 2.00.7166.PVT and the latest iOS App to control them 1.10.2 .
The units are maximum 20ft from the wifi hub, and signal strength at the unit is excellent checked by independent wifi analyser tools. There is also no co channel interference on the WIFI channel I am using. This would suggest that the firmware to these units is still only at prototype phase and flawed. I have cleared the units and reprogrammed all the units from scratch and within a couple of days they are back with their random failure to switch off. I would recommend waiting until the firmware is fixed or updated as there is a serious reliability issue with them when programmed to switch off at a certain time. (Maybe the switch software needs to be rewritten to ensure a multiple switch off pulse is sent?) If this could be fixed these units would be excellent.

Following extensive investigation of my issues by the WEMO support team and their engineering experts during February, it has transpired that if one does a soft reset (not defined in any instructions) and then reset the name of the device and the rules, they all work perfectly. It transpires that a soft reset clears down garbage in the Belkin Cloud server that can be prior present even for new devices. Not to be confused with a hard reset as defined in the instructions, a soft reset to "clear data" is available in the WEMO app as follows - select edit - select switch - select reset options - select clear data. I did this for all switches and they have worked perfectly since. Prior to this all switches would randomly stick on or off or fail to trigger.
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on 14 February 2014
The WeMo switch is a very nice idea, poorly implemented. Once you've downloaded the WeMo app, installing the switch is pretty straightforward, although it's worth plugging it in close to your router in the first instance - it seems to get noticed more reliably.Then you can turn it on and off from your phone (or tablet).

The problems start when you try to set up rules to control the switch. Belkin say you need at least Android v4, which I have, but attempting to save a rule, having set it up, invariably results in the app hanging. That's assuming I've managed to set up the rule at all, which isn't guaranteed. A search of the relevant Web communities indicates that many users have exactly the same experience. Belkin technical support isn't good. There are several dead links to articles whose titles indicate that they address precisely these issues.

So why have I given the device 3 stars? Because, once you've linked the device to your wireless network, you don't need the WeMo app at all. Join the site, link your device and account and set up whatever rules you like from there. It all works easily, transparently and reliably. Belkin seem to have shot themselves in the foot by reinventing the wheel and making it square.

There is one remaining problem (that I know of). The switch has a habit of turning itself on a little after midnight if no on-off sequence spans two days. Belkin appear to know about this because there's a support article about it. Or rather, there's the title of a support article. Naturally, the link is broken. There's an obvious work-around: simply set up a rule to turn the switch off at, say 00:15 but that's a bit primitive.

So, in summary, I like the device and find it very useful now that I've spent some time tinkering and understood what works, what doesn't and how to get round the latter. But it could be so much better.
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on 28 November 2015
It worked well at first (no more than 3 days) and then completely dropped connection from my network for no apparent reason. Countless number of resets, reboots, firmware updates, app reinstalls simply fails to resolve the problem. I personally believe that this item should not be on sale in its current state as it just doesn't work - Belkin you need to sort this out!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 September 2014
A total of seven switches in our home now and all working well. Recommend for home automation especially if you want to control lights, etc whilst away or just for the convenience of being able to let your lamps come on at dusk automatically without having to alter the times constantly to allow for the changing of the seasons.

I've read with interest some of the reviews here and have been trying to figure out why so many people have issues with connectivity / signal dropping. I think some of it might be to do with wifi routers that are supplied by the ISP providers. I use an AirPort Extreme station and have not had any issues in the three years or so I've been using Wemo switches. They just work.
review image
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on 3 December 2014
I've got three of these now and, apart from some teething issues, they are awesome. I agree with all previous sentiments that the belkin app is pretty poor, however, I downloaded an app from the google play store which runs as a server on your android device. It is awesome! Really really good and well worth the few quid that it cost. The key to using these is to statically assign their addresses. Now you can't do that within the device itself so you have to apply DHCP reservations from within your DHCP server. Since I did that I have had no issues at all with any of the devices, they work like clockwork.

Now all I want is a UK light switch to match. Come on Belkin, expand the range!!!!
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on 23 November 2012
Summary: I recommend this product.
- Note: This is a review of the WeMo Switch, not the Motion Sensor.

### Unit:
- Size: A smaller unit would be welcome. The width of the unit can prevent neighbouring plug sockets from being used. However, this may not be the case depending on the chosen power supply (e.g. some power strips have a larger distance between sockets)
- Build quality: Very good.
- Initial set up: Easy.
- Weight: Appropriate.
- Design: Nice.
- Noise: Runs silently. Emits a Click sound when switching a device on or off.

### Functionality + iOS Application:
- Use with: iPhone 4S.
- Load time: As of version 1.8 the app takes a couple of seconds to load (i.e. open and find devices).
- Works perfectly.
- Easy to use.
- Very customisable.
- Extremely responsive. Triggered switches are nearly instant (under a second).
- Switches and status can be triggered and viewed remotely. (Handy for cases of "Did I leave the *item of choice* on?")

### Scheduling:
- Allows for fairly specific rules.
- Rules can be set for:
- Weekends
- Weekdays
- Individual days
- Rules allow for:
- Turn on only.
- Turn off only.
- Turn on then off.
- Keeps time perfectly.
- Active rules can be overridden easily.

### IFTTT:
- Set up: Fairly straight forward.
- Functionality:
- Works perfectly.
- Responsiveness: Very good. 8 seconds for IFTTT 'recipes' to trigger. (e.g. recipe 'if email contains tag '#hall-light' turn on hall light).
- Straight forward set up.
- Allows for interesting uses (Turn on a fan if the weather is over 18 degrees Celsius.) (if I'm approaching home [using phone's location], turn on the light.)

Product packaging: Very nice, good quality, easy to open, Apple-like in the fact that it's no nonsense. Would be easy to re-package.

### Price (As of 2012-11-23, £39 at Amazon):
- Single unit: Slightly expensive.
- Multiple units: This would get expensive quickly.
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on 23 July 2014
I love my technology and any notion of home automation is always welcome! I saw these on a promotional offer, did a little research and in the spur of the moment I decided to buy 3! I have only android devices, so any application that are named will apply to android only, as far as I am aware.


Home automation! Once they are setup, they are a marvel! I have had mine for little over 3 months and they have never missed a beat. I have one set to turn on my LED strips around my house past a certain time in the evening. Another to turn my air purifier/ioniser on as a drive home so that my house smells lovely when I open the door! And the final one to control my wireless phone charger, at 5% battery it turns on and at 100% it turns off! I could probably put them to much better use, but what to use them for turned out to be the most difficult step!

Depending on the level of automation, setup can actually be very easy! Simply enter in the rules via the official application or a third party application. I find the easiest events are programmed via toggling a WiFi connection to your internet or time and date.

Despite having these for just three months, the application of the concept is tremendous! I am forever changing my mind about what to automate leading me to believe I need to buy a few more!


The Belkin application is truly woeful. You would have thought Belkin would have the power to remedy this but currently the application is almost unusable. This would be a deal breaker for me, however, there are third party applications out there which work a lot better! Completely transforming this piece of kit! Although the initial setup still has to done via Belkin's app...which works around 25% of the time for me, once that is done you never have to use it again!

The plugs are massive, stick out a fair amount and are a little bit unsightly! They dominate any plug outlet and in some cases, are too big to be put next to one another. In particular, you may have this problem with surge protectors and extensions.

For complicated setups and events, a large portion of technical knowledge is required. Programming locational events, for instance, required external applications such as 'Trigger' and 'Tasker', to initiate a rule and then interact with the third party WeMo software (WeMo Manager). Perhaps the most impressive use I have seen is using 'Tasker' via voice control to turn on the lights, for instance. Such a setup requires in-depth knowledge of very complicated applications, processes and seems a little too unstable/unreliable for me to currently invest the time and effort it would take.


More of a luxury then any form of necessity. Home automation is fantastic and in my opinion will become much more prevalent in the next few years. You can either stay well away, wait it out for the revised technology or jump the gun and start now! I realise this is not the first attempt at commercial home automation but it is certainly one of the most user friendly!
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on 28 April 2014
I've bought Belkin kit before and all but one item has failed to work out of the box or given up the ghost after a while, so I should've known better. I was looking for a Home Automation solution that didn't cost an absolute fortune and was suckered into looking at this. I couldn't even get it working with my Apple set up. I have the latest products and operating systems, including an Airport Extreme running 2.4GHz and 5GHz on 802.11ac. The Wemo didn't detect my 5GHz signal (the one I use) so presumably it has no support for it. Then it said there was a firmware update on the iPad app so I let that run through until it said it was completed and the blue LED on the Wemo stopped flashing. Then it said there were no devices, then it said a firmware upgrade was available and it just seemed to repeat this sequence in a never ending loop. I never got it to work. Having previously spent days managing not to get one of their top of the range modem/routers working, I wasn't going to get suckered into this and have returned it to Amazon. There is also a significant security flaw reported for these devices - something about creating open ports in your firewall that are inadequately protected and which provide a mechanism to get into your network. Working for an ant-fraud company, I tend to be more paranoid about this stuff than most people.

It just confirms to me that Belkin make quite attractive (if bulky) equipment, but they are difficult (sometimes impossible) to set up and have many limitations and flaws. I don't think I'll ever buy any more Belkin products.
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on 25 February 2013
This worked for three weeks and now has stopped working.

It looks like it is working, you can hear it switching off and the light goes off but whatever is attached to it stays switched on.

Trying to get hold of Belkin Support is impossible, totally hopeless.

Save your money, I'm going to see if I can return it to Amazon for a refund.
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on 13 December 2014
This is a great little device that works well on either the home network, or over the web. I've had in use now for a month and it's been perfect at turning lights on and opp either on-demand via the app, or via a schedule on Product is well made, though its size does block adjacent sockets. Packaging is really nice (as good as Apple devices), which is great if gifting to someone else.

A number of authors have commented on the reliability of the device and its app: I think this might refer to earlier versions. I've had no problems with wifi connectivity, and am pleased overall. The iOS app works flawlessly, but the Android version does crash (but always works on a restart).

Overall, a good home automation device - and for £30 a bit of a steal.
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