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on 26 June 2015
There are two issues of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra's re-recording of "Lawrence of Arabia" conducted by Nic Raine.

Firstly, there's ASIN B003YCM0HM - issued 21 September 2010 - by Tadlow Music which has two discs: CD 1 - "Lawrence of Arabia" and CD 2 - "The Music of Maurice Jarre".

Secondly, there's ASIN B008DL447S - issued 14 August 2012 - by Silva America which has just one disc with "Lawrence of Arabia".

I bought the Tadlow Music issue from Amazon UK.
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on 29 September 2010
The title of this review refers to Peter O'Toole's Lawrence(pointing at his head) assuring the sceptical Arab Sherif Ali, that he will indeed be at the taking of Akaba, before embarking on a suicidal attempt to rescue a bedouin lost in the baking desert.
Album producer James Fitzpatrick had a similar determination to record the entire film score and after many years, succeeded, as he relates in his splendid booklet notes.
The question is, was it worth the effort, what with different recordings still floating around. For me, the answer is an unqualified 'yes'. The original Colpix LP is the second record I ever owned at about age 9, and although it now sounds like chips in a frying pan I haven't the heart to discard it, such are the emotional links to both film and music. Lovers of this work of art have waited many years for this complete recording,(still surpisingly short [77 minutes]for a film nearly 3 1/2 hours long), and Messrs Fitzpatrick, Raine, the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and the entire Tadlow team have done us all proud. There are many cues unrecorded in any of the soundtrack albums or the various rerecordings and concert suites that have only previously been heard on the film itself.

Here we have the music in the correct order,with all the subtle changes matching the film's mood as Lawrence's naivete and the romance of the desert gradually gives way to his neurosis, paranoia, and the reality of brutal desert life and warfare, with perhaps the dissonant,jerky arrangement of the desert/Lawrence theme accompanying Lawrence's walk along the roofs of wrecked railway coaches being the first real musical clue of the mood change (track 21).

For the first time in the splendid On to Akaba sequence(track 16), we hear the ululating (continuous supporting howling achieved by rapid tongue movement) from the bedouin women then the men singing as they process out of the Wadi Rum camp. I defy any admirer of this music not to be moved at this point.

To my ears, the recording is very clear with much orchestral detail,previously obscured in earlier recordings now audible.

I considered the second disc an unnecessary bonus until I listened to it, for it, too, is a feast of little known Jarre scores,including The Magician of Lublin, Moon over Parador, The Fixer, Cimarron Strip, Prancer, Palanquin of Tears (some attractive Chinese motifs), Solar Crisis (Carmina Burana a la Jarre), Sunshine, Firefox, and Dead Poets Society. There's also a previously released suite from Jesus of Nazareth.

I cannot recommend this superb 2-disc set too highly
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on 17 July 2011
OK. I will admit that my only CD of this soundtrack is the one conducted by Tony Bremner. Big mistake!

So I was reluctant to buy this one but after just one listening I'm amazed with the level of detail here. Not only the sound is superb, which is expected in a modern recording anyway, but the pace and timing is very carefully chosen. I really like this version.

I've seen the film again and must say that some decisions taken by Raine are better than the ones from Jarre. Might be unbelievable, but this also can happen with classical music. Sometimes the composer is not the best conductor of his own music.

Don't get me wrong! The music in the film is fantastic but this other version outside a film context is just as fabulous as the film itself.

I cannot recommend this too highly. Buy it and then decide which is your version and for what mood.
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on 18 July 2016
With the same producer as the Silva Screen recording (and released by Silva) I would like to have had an HDCD release. How about a release in SACD? This is the type of music that can do with a spectacular sonic treatment. All that being said; thank you for this recording, it's wonderful to have the complete score and I imagine this took tremendous effort to come to fruition. The sound is very clear and dynamic range is pretty good.
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on 17 February 2011
First up, I never bought this album but I did Listen to it..three times over two days. It is not a bad album when you consider all the work that went into it. Nice music and incidental sounds that cover the whole of the movie.
And I know Nic Raine is a wonderful arranger and conductor.
And I also know that Nic Raine got his blessing from Maurice Jarre.
I also know that he got his blessing from John Barry for his 'John Barry 40 years of Music'.
So whats my problem ? maybe its because its not Maurice Jarre conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and that I would rather listen to 8 tracks with Jarre conducting his own work than listen to 28 from someone else conducting Jarre, it is that simple, 'Quality rather than Quantity.' Lets be honest, look at the CD sleeve, in bold lettering MAURICE JARRE. In smaller letters at the bottom Nic Raine conducts.....a bit misleading I think, for those with not so sharp eyesight.
Jarre, Barry, Goldsmith, Schifrin, Williams, even Morricone's original work is out there on Amazon - I say play it and enjoy, be it 8 tracks or 28 tracks.
But on the other hand - I am a realist.
Dimitri Tiomkin RIP never released an album of 'Gunfight at the OK Corral', but Nic Raine recorded it.. I bought it -great album. Victor Young RIP never recorded 'Shane'on an album, but Nic Raine did - also great I bought that too. More of the same please Nic from those great Film Composers who never left behind their music except on the screen.
I'm sorry guys, I guess I just Have a thing about originals, even if they do cost a little extra .
Would I buy this album ? Well I had considered it as I had heard it was a 2CD package and only to read from reviews on Amazon that the second CD only contained lesser known compositions by Maurice Jarre. But...I can't complain I did not buy it (so far) and as I said it did not sound that bad. It just wasn't good enough for this 'fussy boots'
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on 6 June 2015
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is one of the greatest films ever made and it has a score by Maurice Jarre to match and enhance David Lean's brilliance on the screen. Nice to have all the little snippets of music. No matter how much of a LAWRENCE fan you are, you will hear something new in this beautifully made recording.
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on 20 February 2014
Belongs in everyone's music collection. A perfect score for a perfect film. After you fall in love with this recording, get the original soundtrack as well.
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on 25 October 2010
I have my CINEPHILE CD 008 edition, which is far enough, it contains all the great music you need to hear, and above all, conducted by the composer.

This new recording, the only value it has its more music. But why to spend more $ in something thats more of the same. The Cinephile edition costed me $10.

There is no price for the composers own vision of a work. You cannot beat the emotion he gave to the recording with better sound or hiss reduction. Its the same when I listen those old Furtwängler recordings!! Who cares if the sound is not dolby 7.1!! Damn how good he works with the orchestra!!

In resume, just to listen some more tracks, and music that does not belong to Lawrence of Arabia (which totally takes out the mood of the score) you buy this cd, if not, stay with the good old Silva and Cinephile editions (I prefer the 2nd one).
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on 30 October 2014
Jarre treated with full honours. Lawrence was a magic score - and still is.
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on 9 November 2014
excellent the best on the market
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