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on 13 August 2013
This laptop is amazingly fast! Here's my pros and cons:

1. Lovely Keyboard
2. Speed is amazing. No slowdown problems at all during general use and gaming.
3. CPU and RAM is easily upgrade-able.
4. Fan can be accessed and cleaned easily, just consists of 6 screws and then cleaning.
5. Screen is very bright and spacious.
6. The laptop itself is very sturdy and feels very professional.

1. Touchpad isn't the best around, but still useable and not that bad.
2. HUGE Fingerprint magnet but can be easily cleaned.
3. Harddrive is slow in transfers which can affect loading times, but due to the laptop being easily upgradable its easy to change the harddrive to a faster one later on.


NO Regrets for this laptop, was playing Tomb Raider on high settings with no problems!
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on 31 January 2014
an extremely great laptop. the screen size is perfect and has great resolutions. the download speed for CD's to itunes is mere seconds with the 4 cores and the graphics card can handle most newish AAA games bf3 and older id say indie games and anything smaller "war thunder" CS:GO fallout 3/new vages etc work great on this laptop. the sound is great and the keys are a perfect size and well spaced apart so rarely a miss type. the fan is great at keeping the laptop cool even when a game is CPU intensive the laptop stays cool AND the fan is rediculously quiet, like i mean sometimes you wonder if it even has a fan. there is only one downside to the entire laptop and that is the touch pad, i would recommend buying a USB mouse with this laptop as it can be a pain to use the touch pad especially with windows 8 as theres loads of features that get set off if you move your fingers in a certain way on the touch pad. other than that the laptop is very reliable a little on the heavy side but thats to be expected but is an incredible laptop
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on 12 February 2014
Lenovo's reputation is growing and this and a 15 inch I've used for years now. Upgraded purely for the 64bit that comes with many of the add-on softwear for photography - and yes will accept Apple is the accepted leader but this works out a lot less painful on the wallet - add too that Apple no longer do a 17''.

I've used this for a year - plugged in every day and happily use Light Room 5 and photograph in RAW with 300 or so photos at a time (Don't use video so no experience of how this reacts to that level of editing power) and have had no problems with overheating or crashes - apart from Windows butting in that is - and it deals calmly. I use it on a stand rather as a desk-top which I can put away afterwards - need the space. Will upgrade at sometime (I guess to Apple) but that will be because of the operating system and it's continuing need to update rather than the hardware. Nice buy and has produced photos others have thought worthwhile having - so well pleased.
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on 2 October 2013
The space bar only works when pressed in the middle, (extremely inconvenient) the right-hand bar beneath the touch-pad sticks up. Text gets highlighted for no specific reason. I also find it extremely difficult to get around. Documents or email you are working on disappear for no reason and there is no indication as to where to retrieve them from.Windows 8 does not help either. I also find it quite slow to respond. I have only used email and docs since acquired 4 weeks ago. The battery life is very disappointing even on most "economical" settings. I now have 15% left after just 3 hrs use! I previously used Windows XP and much lower specs.but found it so much easier to use and just as fast to start. I also do not like to be constantly offered items to be purchased if I clicked on a icon. But the computer looks very good and appears very sturdy better than expected from some reviews I had read.
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on 14 September 2013
Good product

No complaints whatsoever. I work on building and updating website content, so need some thing fast when I am on the move and this does the job fine. It is fast, the screen is great and forget all this rubbish you read about Windows 8. Basically, just go to your desktop icon and then it is more or less Windows 7. And then you get used to other bits of 8 as you go along, but it's no big deal.

Back to the machine - Well, so far, mine has been a good workhorse and I have played Call Of Duty on there as well and that ran great. Would I recommend this machine? Yes has to be the answer. For what it has in it, it is a great price. Only slight downside is the quality of the outside - just not as solid as some. That is a minor point though. Good Luck!
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on 9 September 2013
I would recommend this product, especially for the price I paid for it! Beforehand I had an i3 Processor, 4GB hard drive and a terrible graphics card. Now with an i7 Processor, 8 GB Hard Drive and a pretty good graphics card it feels like lightning! It runs everything fine, although I was expecting it to be even quicker but thats more my high expectations!

I recently purchased Total War: Rome 2 which is a fairly demanding game and it ran it well on EXTREME! Very good on Very High. Amazing on High! I love it!

Very glad I made the upgrade!
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on 19 February 2015
Ok so I have had this laptop for about two years now.

If I could go back in time I would not have purchased it, not due to having any major issues, just because other laptops for a similar price are better.

The pros:
- Large HD screen
- Blu ray player
- Good clear keyboard
- Big memory

- The mousepad is extremely frustrating and freezes ALL the time and will then find iteslf jumping all over the screen for no apparent reason
- The computer can be slow, very slow!
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on 18 February 2013
It's fast, stylish, great keyboard. But Windows 8 is very strange - apps everywhere; took a while to find my way around it. I tend to use Desktop instead.
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on 3 July 2013
I chose a 5 star rating for this machine as in my opinion it is the very best 17.3inch multimedia laptop available for the price. All of the features are excellent including; graphics, keyboard, sound, screen and track pad. I'm upgrading from a Sony Vaio 17inch laptop and I'm really pleased with the decision. Regarding the track pad I'm not really sure what all the fuss has been about by many of the reviewers. I've now owned several laptops of my own and through work and this track pad is as good as any that I've used if not better. Perhaps some of the reviewers are just not experienced track pad users and prefer a mouse by default so are generally critical of track pad technology?
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on 29 August 2013
I bought this to replace my HP DV8 and in many ways it is better although some things are lacking. No need to have two graphics cards, Nvidia on its own would do, some concerns about screen quality and optical drive door. I owned my HP for 3 years and must have used it for about 15,000 hours in that time maybe running for 12 hours constant. See how the Lenovo compares after 3 years.
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