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5.0 out of 5 stars Nearly Perfect
This will be a long review. For those wanting a short summary, I'll include one at the end.

I've owned the Cr-48 for a while, which was a kind of test unit Google sent out to people to beta test the operating system. That came out a long time ago and none of the commercial units have felt good enough to me to justify buying, until this one. They were always a...
Published 22 months ago by Captain Awesome

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3.0 out of 5 stars Experience spoilt by damaged hardware and flaky Chrome OS software
I returned my Chromebook to for a refund, as the keyboard/touchpad section was `twisted' on arrival.

-Minimalist equipment - Chromebook, power cable, Quick Start Guide booklet, Safety Precautions booklet, Warranty Information booklet, Chrome OS sticker
-Compact size
-Open lid to switch on...
Published 19 months ago by J. WHITE

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5.0 out of 5 stars Full Nerdy Review: Performance a bit iffy at times, overall quite an amazing and well built product., 5 Feb 2013
Anthony Lau (Manchester, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After getting a Nexus 7, I decided that it wasn't for me because it was too small for a good browsing experience and wasn't any use for productivity. So after selling my Nexus 7, I decided to save up a bit more and get this Chromebook as a second computer that I could take to college for work. I knew the limitations of Chrome OS before I bought this, I spend 90-95% of my time on Chrome on my PC anyways so I thought this would be perfect.

I'll start with the performance and the technical specs
This comes with a Exynos 5250 ARM A15 CPU clocked at 1.7Ghz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD and 11.6" LCD 1366x768 screen. I thought my Nexus 7 was pretty speedy at browsing with a A9 1.3GHz Quad Core so this A15 which is twice as fast clock for clock must be faster than my Nexus 7? Well not really, because its running desktop sites and my Nexus 7 had limitations such as not being able to play Youtube whilst browsing in another tab. Personally I like using Youtube as my music player and browsing in other tabs, the problem is whilst this is fine for most sites, on some heavier sites such as Engadget or BBC the music stutters for a second or two. Didn't really expect that seeing this is a A15 1.7GHz Dual core, but hey its a fanless laptop and running full desktop sites, so I let that one off. Also it seems to be a bit slow at loading pages at times, even compared to my Old Dell Studio 15 with a T4200 2GHz Dual core, but hey my Dell has a 2 hour battery life. There isn't much checkerboarding, 2GB RAM is plenty for browsing. Now what really is amazing is how fast this SSD is, I can reboot in less than 15 seconds and wake from sleep faster than unlocking a tablet. Just what I expected but its amazing to experience it. However I ran into wifi dropping issues with my wireless network at home, it seems to have problems with getting an IP address from my router just like my Nexus 7 and brothers iPad did, whilst working fine on other networks. It was quite annoying having to go into the hidden settings and enable the Static IP feature which is apparently still experimental. However once I had assigned a Static IP, my Wifi became as stable as a rock. They shouldn't have hidden that setting really, its quite essential. For future reference incase anyone else runs into a similar problem, you can find the Static IP option on the Chrome://flags page.

Now Battery life and Build Quality
Battery life definitely doesn't last 6.5 hours at my usage. As I said I like having Youtube and a few tabs up. Also I prefer using the screen at full brightness. At 100% charge, it flucturates between 4 hours to 4 hours 45 minutes for me. Which isn't too bad, considering its only a 2 cell battery and can be extended if you turn the brightness down to half. My Dell has a 9 cell battery and doesn't last this long! The screen itself isn't bright anyways at 200nits maximum brightness but for 229 its not bad. 1366x768 resolution for a 11.6" screen is very sharp in my opinion, not Retina display sharp but easily good enough. My 19" PC monitor only uses 1366x768. You don't need Retina display resolution for browsing anyways. However the colours are a bit washed out compared to my monitor whilst both of them are matte displays. But as I said for 229 it will suffice. The Keyboard as most reviewers have said, its very good. However to me it doesn't seem to go as far down as I'd like. The key travel is very shallow, but its still definitely the best laptop keyboard I've used. The size is great, I'm typing this whole review on the chromebook! The Chromebook is THIN! Like literally thin, I could easily carry this in my bag and wouldn't notice that its there as it weighs less than 1.2KG. This is truly a portable device. Some say they copied the Macbook Air but I disagree, most smartphones look similar so its not really a valid argument. Yes its plastic but what do you expect for 229? It definitely feels like it costs more, the thin unibody design and island keys is just a pleasure to look at. The touchpad is a good size for a 11.6" Laptop and the 2 finger scroll works pretty well, however it still needs a bit more gestures such as pinch to zoom. The speakers are quite loud in my opinion, maybe its because its fanless! But the problem is that its located on the front bottom corner which muffles the sound when being used on your lap. Sound quality is pretty good too in my opinion, especially with headphones, there's no background noises at all.

Now ChromeOS
This is my first experience with Chrome OS, so far so good I'd say. Better than I thought it would be. The File manager allows copying and pasting, so you can transfer some files. The Music player is very basic, it plays my MP3's but theres no repeat, shuffle features. However you can sort of make a playlist by putting them in differently folders. It plays the next song in the folder when your song finishes which is a good feature. 1080p MP4 videos play fine which was a surprise, the GPU is quite powerful I heard so I'm guessing theres some sort of Hardware Acceleration. Youtube plays 720P videos fine, 1080P videos also plays fine but isn't as smooth. I love how they replaced the Function keys for actual useful keys like back, forward, brightness and sound control, rather than having to hold a FN key to access them. Now the make or break feature for me was the Multi language keyboard input, I needed to be able to type in Chinese and well done to Google, they have included many languages that you can quickly change format by pressing alt-shift. Thats something my Nexus 7 lacked, there was too many taps and swipes to change keyboard. Now onto Apps for this laptop, don't expect Google Play or Apple App store quantity of apps, because there's not. Also most of them are web apps that rely on internet access to work, however there are quite a few offline apps such the Google Docs, Angry Birds and few other games. Google Docs is the equivalent of Microsoft Office for the Chromebook, it can save as .docx format or .pdf, theres a spreadsheet and powerpoint equivalent so its all good. A bit basic but its free and gets the job done, if you want you could fire up the office web app from Sky Drive.

Would I buy it again? Short Answer: Yes. But after using this, I feel that I could've used the extra power on the Chromebook 550 and the 0.5"" bigger screen size and a bit longer battery. But that one is 100 more expensive, weights half a pound more and is a bit thicker. I'm more than happy with this purchase, its a great on the move device. Even though it can be a bit limited with no internet, some of the offline apps were great and I can load a few movies on my 32GB SD card that I purchased for this device. Overall 4.5/5 Stars if its possible to lose half a star, because I still think the performance could've been better and the battery life claim is a bit iffy for me. My brothers iPad 4 has a much bright screen and lasts about 8 hours, this could do better for sure. Hope Google could improve performance with future updates. Overall its 229 well spent, good for those who prefer the desktop experience with a keyboard and don't like tablets. Its more of a "productivity" device. Not so good for anyone who expects to play games and "consume" content as that's a more suited use for tablets. I would recommend you to get one if you're in need of a second computer, but also look into the Samsung Chromebook 550 if you have the money.

I'll be happy to answer any questions and hope this review has been helpful,

Update 23/11/2013:
Almost a year in, I must say after soo many updates Google has been top in optimising the Chromebook. The scrolling seems to be much better and there are far less stuttering with Youtube background playback in tabs. However the loading times are still the same. Couldn't really compare to an iPad Air in terms of speed but the desktop browsing experience on this Chromebook is just much better than touchscreen browsing. The new three finger gestures are amazing and I've adapted completely to them. You can middle click to open in new tab or close tabs using three fingers, and swipe between tabs with three fingers. Makes the Chromebook a joy to use and puts Windows laptops to shame that doesn't offer such gestures. Still no pinch to zoom though. :( Netflix is now working and seems to able to steam the content in HD without an issue.

You might ask, do I have anything to say about the new generation Chromebook? Well first of all the HP Chromebook 11 (currently unavailable) has a better screen and build quality than this Chromebook. However it still uses the same CPU chip and RAM, doesn't have the HDMI Port or a SD card slot and is almost 50 extra. I don't know if I could justify that, however if it was the same price or just a 20 difference, I'd say go for the HP if you can live without the HDMI Port/SD Slot. The new Acer C720 looks good, but a big problem to me about that is that it seems more bulky, weights more, worse build quality and feels like they've just reused a netbook design which isn't great. Also it has a fan! Fanless design in the Samsung and HP Chromebook 11 rocks! However the Intel Chip in the Acer is miles, MILES faster than the HP and the Samsungs, and also offers 2-3 hours more battery life. So if you're willing to trade build quality and looks for performance and battery life, then go for the Acer. You couldn't go wrong with any of these devices really. The HP Chromebook 14 looks solid if you want a bigger device but I don't think theres much news on whether its coming to the UK.

My previous conclusion about the Samsung Chromebook 550 still holds true if you can find it for cheap (Under 250). I would've loved to own one of those, but 300 seems too much considering this is only 180 now. Also the Acer C720 outperforms it with a better battery life, however Acer build quality is so so. I'd still keep the 4.5/5 rating simply because this could do with a better screen and if HP can do it for the same price, Samsung could. Also it needs a SoC update as the Exynos 5250 on this is aging, even the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 has better specs that this for almost the same price. Surely they could put a Snapdragon 800 or similar in without increasing the costs.

In conclusion, I can still say this Chromebook is a solid buy especially being 180 now. If you want trouble-free browsing, you can't go wrong with one of these. They take literally 10 minutes to set up from new and require zero maintenance. However I'd love Samsung to keep this design, put in a Snapdragon 805 chip as the performance could do with a boost, an IPS screen like the HP Chromebook 11, Micro USB Charging maybe? and perhaps a bigger battery. But is that too much to ask for? We can only sit back and watch.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Let down by faulty functionality, 11 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had this 11 inch reconceived netbook for two days and we've become quite close - but not so close that I won't be returning it to Amazon. Maybe?
Wassup? This is a second generation Chromebook, so you'd expect the bugs to have been fixed. They haven't.
(1) The Sync function simply doesn't - I'm currently waiting for a Chromebook Ninja (their term) to get back to me with a fix

(2) And this is the deal-breaker for me - using Google docs is fine, but not all my mates use Gd's, so I'd like to be able to send them a Word version. As you can only edit a doc in Gd's, the function in the File menu which gives you a Save As option of several formats inc. Word is pretty important. It doesn't work. Error message every time, even for docs of only half a page of simple A4 text.
As someone familiar with Open Office, the free version of Win Office, as it is known, I'm tolerant of the need to press a few extra keys to get my preferred format, but this ain't working.

(3) Most of the TV and Radio streaming functions that run in Windows have an equivalent Google App, except Netflix, which loads the movie titles and then produces an error msg when you try to play something - they claim to be working on a Chrome version, yeah, right.

So, after many hours of setting up to get around - or not - the above failings, what are we left with?
A lightweight netbook - which loads the web from off and is hot to trot in about 7 seconds (I'm still impressed by this!).
A clear keyboard which has space between the keys so even my porky pig digits can type accurately.(but lacks a forward delete key.)
Google drive inc. a free 100gb storage in the cloud for two years - it works well.
Cloud print - it works fine on wi-fi using my ancient plug-in HP printer, but don't ask me how.
Many, many Apps from the Chrome store. The only one of the many I tried that failed was Open Office Reader - yes, its that compatibility issue again ...
The screen is bright and easily adjusted as the brightness keys are large as are the volume keys, rather than being hidden to be used by the intrepid only.
Storage / connectivity: hm, a bit of a mixed picture. The full size SD card works fine, but 40% of the card sticks out on the left of the unit. Why? So I can catch it on something and curse? There's one USB 2 port and one USB 3 port, the latter backwardly compatible with USB 2. There is an HD port and something weird behind a plastic cover which I may need to take a residential course for before I can use it .And the audio out/in is via a single mini jack, so don't expect your Skype double jack headset to work.
I'm getting tired now - its been a long 48 hours and my partner is getting grouchy. To close, I'd summarise Chromebook 3 as good for accessing the net and poor for Office functions. At 229, you could go for a new 10.1 inch Win 7 starter netbook which solves the problems above if you download the free Open Office, but is overall slower when running a 1.6 gz chip on 1gb Ram. Nighty, night.
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5.0 out of 5 stars As easy as..., 6 Dec 2012
R. McQueen - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Chrome OS is really like riding a bicycle. Its easier than you think to learn, the limitations are easy to understand but it'll still suit most people's needs 9 times out of 10. Unlike a bike however, the training wheels for Chrome OS are free, so there's nothing stopping you starting your practice run now and seeing how you like it. All you need is to download the Chrome browser, sign into it with your Google account so that everything is synced wherever you login, download the extensions/apps you need (I recommend Check Plus For Email, Google Calendar Checker extensions which allow you to view pop-ups of both from your browser, a password manager if you don't already use Google for password storage, grab yourself a nice theme such as "Blue Space Sunset", Tweetdeck for twitter and Facebook, offline Gmail and Evernote for notes), then try to use nothing else for a week and see what limitations you have. For me its just image editing but I'd want to do that on a big screen anyway, no access to videos on my home network (although you can play files directly on the chromebook from a memory card or if stored internally) and some reduced streaming options.

For some people these limitations will be a deal-breaker and if so fair enough, Chrome OS probably isn't for you. For me though its perfect. I wanted to stop limiting myself, locking information to specific devices or echo-systems for no apparent reason. In general I was doing a good job but Chrome OS pushes you on so much more, as it encourages you to think differently. You have options like Spotify on the web or Google Music for audio, Google Movies, Youtube, BBC iPlayer etc for film and tv needs, apps like Kindle for books and magazines or Comixology for comics, google talk for voice calls (only 9p per minute to call mobiles!), google calendar, various task tools that can sync with google tasks such as, obviously the google bookmarks syncing and numerous other options I haven't mentioned. But most importantly, you can replicate your experience anywhere, as long as you have the Chrome browser.

The device itself is brilliant as its lightweight, has great battery life, very good keyboard, is highly portable and at great price. I think the best thing about Chrome OS is that it reminds you that ultimately laptops, pcs and even the internet itself are nothing more than utilities for the majority, and its up to you to make the most of them. Instead of spending over a grand on an Apple something or some incredibly superpowered laptop or pc you'll use 95% of the time for browsing only, you can get a Chromebook and a reasonably powered tower intel i5 pc a midrange i3 or i5 laptop combined for half the price, and still have enough left over for a couple of years worth of Spotify premium usage, premium Evernote membership, Lovefilm membership, Amazon prime... :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Ahead of its time (always new), 11 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have used Chrome browser / Google services for a few years and have been impressed how Google fixes and improves current and new software quickly (within weeks) and appears to listen to the customer!
This comes as a breath of fresh air after having to "put up" with other well known established software companies products for decades.

This is what drew me to the Chromebook!

The Chromebook requires a mind reset as everything is done on the Chrome browser (internet), I would recommend trying to operate everything you do day to day in a pure Chrome browser environment on a conventional PC before making the switch.
I now use this as my main PC and have found everything to work better than expected and as advertised, hardware and build quality, excellent for the money.

Very pleased five stars!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Samsung chromebook for work, 28 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Amazing little computer. I run a small electrical contractor firm and got this to to replace carrying a diary and note pad around. I tried using a tablet for this but found typing on it slow. At the price I don't have to worry about it onsite.

The keyboard and track pad is brilliant.

I would definitely recommend.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The future of laptops - today!, 22 Jan 2013
Sam Quixote - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought a pricier version of the Chromebook (Series 5 550) back in August 2012 after getting fed up with my Vaio laptop's slow boot speed and constant need to update software, both OS and AV related, all of which impeded my simple desire to be able to check email, browse a few websites for a couple minutes, and then log-off. The Chromebook satisfied all of my desires for a super-fast functional netbook so well that when my parents' desktop PC broke down, I knew precisely what to buy them for my father's 60th - this newer Chromebook.

After setting it up for them - a doddle really, enter the password for your wireless connection and ensure you have a Google account and that's it - I showed them how easy it was to use. Simply open or close the Chromebook's lid to turn it on and off. Boot speed is literally seconds. Updates are necessary though these are few and far between and also take literally seconds to update. And browsing is completely straightforward - Chrome looks simpler as a browser than IE.

Comparing my Chromebook and this newer Chromebook, there are some differences that are noticeable. On the newer model, the power cable plugs into the back, which is also where the USB slots are, while the 550 plugs onto the left hand side where the USB slots are also housed. Battery life on my 550 is a couple hours longer, the screen is larger, and it looks sleeker - the newer model folds up leaving a kind of line at the back making it look a bit clunky, design wise. Then again my 550 is also pricier (though with the cash-back offer Samsung ran when I bought it at PC World, the difference was only fifty pounds).

But in terms of speed and browsing, there's no noticeable difference. My parents are delighted with the Chromebook and love the speed and ease with which they can go online, check email, and then turn it off all within a minute whereas their old desktop clunker took about 15 minutes to fully start up and, when it did, browsing the internet was a slow and joyless activity (my father's words).

The speed of Chromebook's boot up time is because the OS is in the Cloud (internet storage) so without an internet connection, this device is more or less worthless - this is why I've kept my Vaio for Office, movies, and downloads. It also doesn't have a disc drive so you can't play DVDs or Blu-Rays on it, and you can't download on to it, so no iTunes, or anything that requires downloading - the plus side being you don't need anti-virus software as no viruses can download onto your machine.

For those looking for an affordable and easy to use device but don't like tablets and prefer using a mouse and keyboard (a lot more people than you think) then Chromebook is for me, and now my parents, the only way to go.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The future, I think., 26 Nov 2012
T. Roser "fishbear" (Brighton UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I couldn't resist this, as my ageing MacBook wheezed it's last. I was considering a MacBook Air, but as I would use it for documents, web browsing and that 's about it, I realised I could get four of these for the price of one...

Very fast to boot, very nice and minimal interface (control feedback for volume and setting etc is simply lovely) and a very zippy feel means that if you do what 90% of people really do with their computer then you are sorted.

You cannot go wrong with this. Amazing value, effortless cloud storage and a joy to use. Thoroughly recommend. Buy it for your parents to avoid tech support calls for the rest of your life :-)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent little machine!, 9 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Samsung Series 3 XE303 11.6 inch Chromebook-Silver (ARM Cortex A15, 2Gb RAM, 16Gb eMMC, WLAN, WWAN, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Google Chrome) (Personal Computers)
As soon as I received this Samsung Chromebook I fell in love with it. It completely satisfies everything I expected. A small fast notebook for online browsing, checking emails and social network reading/writing. For offline heavy duty work I already have a MacBook Pro Retina and Lenovo Thinkpad. It boots super fast and it keeps your online workflow easy and efficient. The looks and keyboard have a strong resemblance with MacBook Air.
I really don't understand why some people criticize this notebook. It is meant for being always online, not for offline productivity.
Excellent purchase!! Buy it, you won't regret it once you know what it's meant for.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great purchase, 10 Mar 2013
After days of searching online for a new light portable laptop/tablet for casual web browsing/bit of word processing and some HD film viewing I came across the Chromebook. I had seen the adverts and read/watched all the reviews and for what I needed it for the Chromebook came out on top.

In the box:

1 x Samsung Chromebook
1 x Charger
1 x Warranty
1 x Quick start guide

Now bare in mind this isn't for everyone, it may look like a laptop but its not, it is a web based operating system that is more of a powerful fast tablet (minor the touch screen) with a keyboard in a small laptop shell.

The brain that powers the Chromebook is a Exynos 5 - 1.7 GHz Dual Core ARM processor developed by Samsung purely for the Chromebook. Because it is based on tablet processors it has no fan and doesn't get hot. I have been amazed at how cool it feels to the touch and how silent it is. This also comes equipped with 2 GB of DDR3 ram, more than enough for web tasks and running web apps. Some people have slated this but if you think about it previous laptops in the past have come with 2 GB of ram and they've had to run games, web browsers and the operating system etc. This only has to run a web based operating system.

The exterior of the Chromebook is a beautifully smart looking silver metallic finish with a black chic-let qwerty keyboard and a matte screen. Looks almost identical to Apples MacBook Air. The screen itself is a 1366x768 11.6 inch HD screen, I have seen others complain about this but if you're used to 1920x1080 full HD or retina displays then fair play it wont look as good or the same. I have no problems with this and think it looks great. The brightness is very good and also the plus of having a matte screen is you can use this in direct sunlight without having the annoying/unusable mirror problem of a gloss screen.
The touch pad is big, comfortable and centred, its very responsive but you can change the settings for this and the keyboard via the Chrome settings tab.
The hard drive on this model is a 16 GB SSD (solid state drive) which basically means no moving parts, so no noise and no slow boot times. This is how the Chromebook manages to turn on and be on the web in about 7/8 seconds. You may be thinking hmm this isn't alot of storage, well upon purchasing a Chromebook once you have logged in/created a Google account, downloaded an update and are online Google will give you 100 GB of cloud storage for 2 years. This is a secure internet "cloud" based place to store photos,films, documents etc. Also it should be noted that once making a Google account you automatically get given 5 GB of online storage for free.

Connectivity wise this has:

1 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 3.0 (super fast usb)
1 x HDMI
1 x SD card slot
1 x Headphone/Mic jack
1 x Power port
1 x 3G simcard slot (this isn't usable on the WIFI model)
1 x Built in Dual Band WIFI b/g/n
1 x Built in Bluetooth 3.0

There is no Ethernet on this model either only WIFI.

This Chromebook also has a VGA webcam positioned just above the screen with 2 mics either side and a light detection sensor. I have tested this and its not bad but its not great either.

Application wise there are 100,000s of web apps on the Chrome store. It should be noted that you cannot install Microsoft office nor can you use applications such as Skype or Spotify. However there are many apps available on Chrome's app store that have alternatives to these such as Google Docs/Google Play.
Google Docs can also be used offline and can save docs locally in MS Word format.

Gaming wise this Chromebook plays web based games like Angry Birds smoothly and in HD also. HD web streaming is smooth and have had no problems so far. The Chromebook can play HD MPEG4 films but not avi or mkv. You can download a video converter to fix this problem though.

Battery life is great, a key selling point for me was seeing that this could last up to 6.5 hours on one charge, (full charge takes about an hour). I have tested this and have gotten about 8 hours with moderate usage throughout the day.

All in all a great choice for someone that wants a simple, fast, web based computing experience and has access to WIFI, has casual tasks like word processing/web browsing/very light gaming.

Hope this review helps, sorry about the essay.

Written via my Samsung Chromebook.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Really delighted, 26 Oct 2012
Michael Beale (UK) - See all my reviews
I've had my Samsung Chrome book for two days and I'm delighted with it. It's light, really fast and does what I want. I mainly use it for web surfing and to access gmail and Google documents when I'm out and about. It took me some time to find the Kindle app for Chrome books, but that works well. I'm going to treat it with a care as it doesn't appear the toughest of net-books, but I don't see that as a problem. Really great value for the money.
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