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on 6 August 2013
I've had this ultrabook for a few weeks now, and overall it is still, for most purposes, definitely worth the £700 I paid. In my opinion, the biggest advantage to this is its SSD. Whilst the actual capacity might require anyone previously used to a larger HDD to buy an external hard drive - although it should be said that if, like me, most of your files are Office documents, the 128GB should be entirely sufficient, the great thing about it is its speed. Documents are rapidly loaded, moved, and saved, and the flash drive allows this ultrabook to load from off in at most 7 seconds, and anyone used to a HDD will find this difference in speed a godsend.

Also fantastic is the 1080p, 16:9 IPS screen. Combine the indiscriminable resolution with the near-360 viewing angles, you get a screen that is truly a pleasure to work on, and it makes writing those dreaded thousand word essays a little less straining. The touch functionality is a useful addition at times, however I've found that for most work tasks it is much more efficient to stick to the fairly good touchpad, which I haven't experienced any issues with. On this note, I should also comment that the WiFi reception on my model has been consistent and reliable, so perhaps this is a product-by-product fault.

The downsides of this ultrabook are quite limited, honestly. Apart from the vulnerable glass cover and the glossy screen, which are minor and common issues, the only real gripe is the battery life. Acer quotes 6 hours, but realistically when doing everyday tasks (word processing, casual surfing etc...) you can expect a solid 4 from this machine. If you intend to use this for mainly home use, allowing for the occasional outing, this will probably not be an issue. However, if you do plan to use this for daily ergonomic purposes, I would recommend finding a better performer among the plethora of this years ultrabooks, otherwise you'll probably be searching high and low for a plug point after not very long.

Overall though, a pleasure to use, which can't be said for most technology.
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on 4 August 2014
I needed a lightweight laptop to go travelling with for 6 weeks, and as I'm starting university in a month, it would also be perfect for that.

I still can't believe how light it is! I can literally carry it around on my palm without worry. Taking it around with you, you forget it's even there, it's so light.

The performance is nothing to scoff at either. Obviously, this is not a powerhouse laptop and I would advice against using it as such. As long as you don't bog it down with bloatware and unnecessary applications, it will fly like an eagle.

Battery life is the only issue, it's rather poor, roughly 3 hours (subject to the strain you're putting on it, of course), so I would advise keeping your charger with you at all times.

The touch screen is a very handy little feature. I was skeptical about it at first, but it really provides a reliable alternative to the fiddly and awkward touch pad. The screen is much more responsive and capable.

Windows 8 took a bit of getting used to for me. It is bundled in with this laptop, but I feel like the touch screen experience really compliments it well.

If you don't like touch controls at all, the laptop also comes with a lightweight Bluetooth mouse which I'm also quite fond of. It's not perfect, it lags sometimes, but the battery is long lasting and it's still infinitely more reliable than the touch pad.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.
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on 11 November 2012
nice design, sleek and stylish

very responsive touch screen, bright & crisp detail

small charger & stylish ultrabook envelope case

comes with a good sized bluetooth mouse (2 buttons & scroller) in addition to a usb-based LAN port and a mini HDMI-based VGA port

3-5 second fast boot and 2 second shutdown

does not overheat, has effective fan vents that work brilliantly

screen size & resolution are perfect

quality built keyboard, does not feel like hands are squashed when typing. new button placements are easy to find and actually feel more natural than the standard keyboard.



power button in an awkward placement

speakers at the bottom of the ultrabook, on a soft surface make the sound very muffled and damp

windows 8 has no 'close' button!! annoying having to use the alt+F4 function to manually close programs you no longer need to use. if you don't close the camera for example, artefact lines and shading forms on flash games & websites due to camera 'still' running in the background.

video seminar groups randomly lose connection (only experienced this once in the past 2 days) perhaps a windows 8 issue?

youtube video streaming jitters in HD mode (makes buzzing noises and frame freezes for a brief second) affecting the viewing experience: this sometimes happens more than once in a single video clip (randomly) despite the fact that all drivers are up to date

touch pad sometimes fails to detect a motion command

the design has very sharp edges, take care when resting your wrist on the sides / letting children play on the ultrabook

Poor built-in camera - reacts sluggishly to motion, colours need to be adjusted manually and functions very badly in poor lighting conditions.

metal finished areas easily scratched - take care of your ultrabook and what you place near it! (especially the edges)

very expensive - felt that the video jitters really brought the performance of the ultrabook down. recommended for people on the move, not wishing to use this for gaming/streaming HD video.
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on 20 January 2015
Its a really great laptop but the keyboard lets it down - I was double-pressing the keys at least once a sentence. I got round it by installing some third party software (Acer don't have a fix for this common problem to my knowledge).

But after that is installed it is usable. Build quality very good. Incredibly light. Would recommend.
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on 10 November 2012
I have been using this Ultrabook for just over 24 hours and I think that I have at last found the ultimate portable computer.

It looks incredible and is at last a Windows PC that can be placed next to the MacBook range of computers and not be found wanting on looks or performance, the Acer Logo on the back of the screen also lights up which is a nice touch.

It is extremely light and can be picked up with one hand with no problem, it is also extremely fast to start-up and shutdown, either from sleep mode or from a full boot, in fact it is up and running as soon as you open the screen.

The display is excellent and the touch screen works very well, the keyboard takes a bit of getting used to as the keys are quite flat, but seems fine to me after a bit of use, the backlighting on the keyboard is also very good, the track pad is a bit tricky to begin with but after a bit of fine tuning seems to be working fine now.

Comes with micro HDMI port (VGA to HDMI adapter included), a headphone socket and external battery connector socket, also has two USB 3 ports (USB to Ethernet adapter included), and an SD card reader, also a Bluetooth mouse and carry case are included.

No problems with Wi-Fi connection which is giving me full strength when connected to my router.

Battery life seems to be OK, around 4 - 5 hours on a single charge, maybe the only thing that lets it down a little.

Still getting used to Windows 8 and keep finding new ways of working with this O/S, seems to be many new shortcuts and screens, running Office 2013 on it and it all integrates together very well.

Yes this is an expensive Ultrabook, but I think it is well worth it, I just love it, and I think it will be a quite a while before it is replaced.
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on 11 October 2013
I like the look of it, and the touch screen and 1080p are great additions, plagued by problems though.

I returned to Acer for repair a month after I got it. Keyboard kept repeating 'L' or not registering hits on 'L' key, screen burn in was very evident and then randomly powering off.

After 1 month being repaired, mainboard was replaced. They keyboard was replaced so problem still there when typing, and the laptop was dropped during repair, denting and bending the aluminium, now there is a sizeable gap in which exposes the interior of the laptop, not to mention reducing the resale value.

Would never deal with Acer again.
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on 6 April 2013
Fantastic laptop, lightning fast with the SSD hard drive, takes about 5 seconds to boot up.
Really well built. Screen is stunning even though the text is a little small.
Came with a really nice suede effect case in the box and a bluetooth mouse, which is the only real downside to the laptop.
The mouse can be a bit temperamental reconnecting to the laptop when it you wake it from sleep.
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on 4 April 2013
This laptop was purchased to evaluate Windows 8 on a touchscreen machine. Overall I like the product. I had been after a lighweight HD resolution laptop for some time and this seemed to fit the bill. As a summary:

The screen is excellent and the touch works very well.

I don't like the very limited travel on the keyboard. It does make typing difficult. The lack of dedicated function keys is also a problem.

I think Acer should have included a TPM module with this machine.

Overall though the machine is very nippy and I like it, but the poor keyboard and lack of TPM means I cannot use it as my primary laptop, which is a shame.
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on 21 November 2012
Man is this machine thin and light. It's thinner than an iphone when closed! Superfast. Brilliant screen. Works like a dream. I can't fault it. Battery life is about 6 hours with realistic use
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on 4 March 2013
Beautifully styled laptop, with a wonderful screen. However, it has a fatal flaw, which is very flaky wifi - it spends as much time down as it is up. This is a known issue, with multiple posts on the Acer Community Forums since October 2012. There is still no sign of a fix, rendering using this laptop a very frustrating experience. I cannot recommend.
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