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on 28 March 2013
I was looking for a new laptop, after my old Asus served me well. I was really impressed with the price Amazon were offering this for and read some reviews so ordered it.

I am so glad that I did, the laptop is sleek and elegant. Very thin, and stylish keyboard, many have said that it reminds them of a Mac! I am not comparing it's performance to that of a Mac, just the thinness.The performance is also fantastic, very quick and I do not understand why people complain about Windows 8 in the slightest. Yes, it is different but a fantastic different, very innovative with the apps and I find incredibly easy to use.

I would definitely recommend this laptop to anyone, the screen is a great size and it is all around brilliance, as you would expect from Acer.
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Feels like a good, solidly made, laptop. Not particularly heavy but not particularly light either, despite the manufactures claims. Battery life about average, 3 hours or so depending on what one is doing. Boots fairly quickly into the Windows 8 `start' screen. The screen is very clear and easy on the eye for both text and pictures, movies look realistic and the sound is good, clear and even.

Easy to setup wifi wise, though not so good on the backup in that although 16gig is mentioned as a minimum I found that the system would not fully back up to a memory stick of that size, locked up toward the end. I had to use a separate HDD to fully back up the disk image file.

No mouse or other pointing device included (as you would expect) but the finger pad seems very usable and gives one the ability to press anywhere on the left or right respectively to simulate left or right mouse buttons (boy that was convoluted!). Comes with a charging unit but very little in the way of documentation.

The major drawback with this machine, without a shadow of a doubt, is Windows 8, it's crap (I apologise but there really is no other word to describe this operating system). It changes the screen seemingly at random, one second you are trying to back up the next something else appears on the screen and you end up moving the pointer all over the edges of the screen trying to get back to where you were, absolutely hopeless. Over the years I've used just about every type of operating system around from DR Dos, DOS, Unix, Mac's, various non graphical interfaces including Dec writers and Windows from 1 to 7, I've programmed in machine code on up, or down whichever. But I have never come across an operating system so user unfriendly as Win 8. It maybe that it works well on a touch screen basis or for those folk just starting out with computing but for this old hand I shall get be getting out my old disks and shall reformat the HD and put Win 7 on the machine ASAP. And before one says I'm a luddite, believe me I'm not, if it's new tech then I'm looking for ways to afford to buy!

To summarise then, what you have here is a nice solid computer with an excellent screen, reasonable battery life but with a less than wonderful operating system. If you can live with that then fine, for the price I think one would find it hard to get a better Intel i5 machine. Personally, I'm happy with my purchase and have the means to revert the machine to Win 7. However, if you would be one of the many, many people who I understand are paying money to get their new computers `down graded' from 8 to 7 then you may want to consider a chrome book or a mac.
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on 19 June 2013
Laptop brands are a bit like car makes, a lot of "badge snobbery" comes into play. Top makes/brands MUST be best because they're at the top!... Not always the case, as with this laptop. It's got MORE than enough memory/storage capacity for me, it's fast as hell at connecting to the internet, (it has intel core i5), hd, usb3, Bluetooth (that actually works!), windows 8, (available with touch screen, but I didn't want that!) great sound, brilliant clear picture, comes with all sorts of other goodies that work, and, which I'll use, can revert back to previous windows/explorer if you don't like windows 8 (bit of practice, and you soon get used to it... It's not hard) If you don't like/use some of the programmes/apps, just shut 'em off. Simples!... And to get back to my opening remark, This is not a high end, top brand, over the top, expensive, do everything for ya laptop... It's an ACER!... AND! At less than £400 it does the same/more than so called "top brand" laptops, at a fraction of the cost!!... Give it a go, you'll see!
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on 13 March 2013
Fairly Light
Backlit keyboards
Fairly powerful overall
Fairly Cheap
Lots of handy shortcuts on the keyboard layout.
Battery life is about 3 hours while watching films

Touchpad is very poor. Slow to respond. Does not pick up delicate touches. Compared to a Powerbook touchpad it's terrible.
No dedicated ethernet port. The adaptor works but is a joke.
No dedicated microphone input socket. There is a combined one with the headphone jack.
Keyboard is not of the greatest quality.
Screen resolution is poor.
Overall the machine feels quite plasticky. In fact the keyboard and touchpad on my previous cheap Acer were nicer than this one's.
Windows 8 is stupid. As a simple example, they have removed the wireless networks manager from Windows 8. You can't delete a wireless network, you can't change a wifi password like you used to be able to. Many things like this are more difficult. And what use is an app screen layout on a laptop with no touch screen. Completely idiotic. Fortunately, it's possible to set it up like before by going to the desktop from the main screen and adding shortcuts. If Microsoft carry on like this I'll be buying a Mac next time.
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on 13 April 2013
Sorry to say I was scammed either from Amazon EU Enterprise or Amazon UK, as you can see later this was my first review more than a year ago, yesterday 17/07/2014, the Laptop doesn't want to recognize either the Wireless or the Ethernet Broadband, same time after few days installing an external portable Samsung Hard Drive, the Laptop stopped accepting it, also stopped accepting different Flash Memories, so I decided to run restore to earlier date I created earlier and after I left it at night, I turned it on at the morning but there was no recovery and no restore, I went to ACER UK website and ACER USA websites and tried to entre the serial number and the SNID Numbers and Believe it or not both are Faked, the S/N is not valid number and the SNID is also not valid number, I started to look for the Windows 8 Product Key, it is not there,
Amazon UK says we can't return it as it is having only one year guarantee ???? and Acer says this is not original Acer Product, the Sellers are Amazon EU Enterprise???? , I am demanding to return it as I am not stupid to accept faked Product 10th class in China to be sold to me as if it is first class Product.
This is not a Guarantee issue dear AMAZON, this is totally unacceptable, and sorry to be good customer for Amazon anymore. as I will take it to the European Consumer Bond as a pure Criminal Case. I will not then demand my refund but also the refund of all the programs and wasting my time trying to repair this crazy ugly product for more than a year, it supposed to be fast as it shall have 8 GB RAM but it is slower than turtle and i accepted but after my discovery, no way

Thank you, it is very good Laptop and it is very fast and I like all the futures with the laptop itself, my problem is mainly with windows 8, it is not easy to use, or may be I am getting too old to understand how to use the menu, it took me two days trying to findout the indexing system and the ratng wich was good as 5.6 rateing, I am busy now days using the PC's to finish work as fast as possible and then I will give it two days to learn more about windows 8, the strange thing is you have to have hotmail addrss to sign in
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on 2 June 2014
Bought this from warehouse deals and saved about £100. Had windows 8 on it which I hate so got rid off and and the webcam didn't work. Had already set it up with windows 7 and used serial so couldn't send it back... would have meant being out of pocket. Also didn't come with the network adapter which I will now have to purchase also and I got a 30 day guarantee!! Would have been better buying the full price laptop, it would have saved me money. Watch what you buy!!
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Originally I commented that I was 'generally very pleased with this laptop.' Unfortunately Acer laptops have a well - recognised problem of disconnecting frequently from the Internet - it's a network adapter issue - and my laptop has developed this problem.
The information from Acer user forums is that Acer are doing nothing to correct this. Mine disconnects at least 4-5 times daily and as my work is Internet based, it's a real problem, wiping out the advantages of superfast fibre-optic broadband.

I solved the horrors of navigation by connecting a USB mouse and a free download of Pokki, which mimics the Windows 7 start procedure.
Navigating Windows 8 with the touchpad really wasn't easy and I do recommend getting a good cordless mouse. I've now upgraded to Windows 8.1 which was marginally easier.

There's a decent sized space alongside the touchpad for mouse operations.
What was really good was the time taken to upload files from a stick - this was a fast and painless operation uploading nearly 10gb of data in next to no time. The sound quality - and vision - for DVD's is first class and there was no first time installation procedure- a DVD ran as soon as I popped it in.

I've done my darndest to run as much as I could and crash this, and I've only managed it once. It manages running multiple operations very well.
A slight con is the lack of a Caps Lock warning light, as mentioned by others.

Summary: Please be aware of the Internet issue. Having given this four stars to start with, I've revised this down to two stars.
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on 20 May 2013
The laptop was fine infact this was the second I bought unfortunately the screen failed in less than 3 months. I contacted Acer and the arranged for a courrier to come and pick it up saying it would take 5 o 7 days to repair. Now 20 days later there is still no sign of the laptop being returned and my emails to Acer go unanswered even though they say they will reply withing 24 hours. I am unable to reach a human being on the phone and the on-line chat assistant can give no help except say it is under repair. I will certainly not be buying Acer again, I have bought 8 laptops over the years and this is the first to fail and for something less than 3 months old I expect a better service.
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on 12 June 2013
This was the lowest price I could find for the specs. The laptop is OK for general home use (no gaming machine for sure). My four year old Sony Vaio gave me the same performance index if it means anything. But then that cost me three times as much when I bought it.
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on 27 March 2013
Simply will not play videos from the internet without hanging after a few minutes. Have installed the patches Acer told me to, but its no better. My Samsung tablet and ancient, battered HP laptop (which this was supposed to replace) all play fine using my wireless broadband. Have returned it as unfit for purpose - waiting to see if I get a full refund. Meanwhile back to my antedeluvian HP.
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