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on 4 January 2013
Overall I'm very happy with this laptop. The Build quality is surprisingly good the unit feels very solid, the star performer on this Laptop is the Core i5 Ivy bridge CPU. The display uses a TN panel and I needed to sit dead center with the screen tilted backwards slightly to get the best visual results, colours and contrast deteriorate if tilted too far backwards or forwards. The 17" display panel has a glossy surface and much of the body and lid have a piano black finish so fingerprints are inevitable. The chiclet style keyboard and the track pad feel fine, you can also turn the track pad off if you prefer using a mouse. USB3 ports, Bluetooth, DVD drive, Webcam and Wireless all worked perfectly, I have not tested the card reader yet. I didn't like the on-board speakers, the audio sounded thin despite tweaking the Dolby EQ settings, audio vastly improved listening with a pair of Sony headphones. I've deducted one star for the audio which is probably a bit harsh given that external speakers or a set of headphones improve things no end. Battery life is OK when you consider the battery is driving a 17" display, I have mine running from the mains supply. Size & weight mean this is not a laptop you want to be carrying around for very long. An SSD would turn this thing into a real screamer, according to one forum there's a 2nd empty hard drive bay that can accommodate a 2nd hard drive but I've yet to open up the back to confirm this. I have absolutely no complaints regarding it's performance using the supplied Western Digital hard drive, this is a fast laptop. If you managed to buy one in the Amazon Boxing Day sale for £399 then you have yourselves a very good deal.
Highly Recommended!

I wiped the hard drive removing Windows 8 and the Acer software to install Windows 7 which I prefer. For anyone who wants to run Windows 7 x64 bit on this laptop
you can find all the drivers at odrivers dot com, just make sure you have the correct drivers downloaded and saved somewhere before you go wiping the hard drive!

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on 4 January 2013
I've been searching for a laptop for a while now and this was the best deal I could find.
Although its made out of plastic the laptop feels nice and solid. The screen is lovely and is great for watching Tv and videos on and its pretty big. The trackpad is nice and big and is really sensitive but it can get in the way when typing sometimes so I would recommend getting a wireless mouse and turning it off when doing lots of typing. The keyboard is great and i think its very similar to an apple key board. I was a bit worried when I saw it was running windows 8 but once you get the hang of it its pretty simple to use, i now have trouble using old windows as i'm so used to the set up. Windows 8 can be a little confusing at first so i suggest reading something on how to use it, I found this website really useful - [...]
The only thing is it doesn't come with a recovery disk to recover documents and programs if the computer won't start but when you first start up the laptop you have the option of turning a 16GB memory stick into a recovery drive.
Also the postage on the laptop was really fast I ordered mine on boxing day and wasn't expecting it any time soon but it arrived after only 3 days which is pretty good for free delivery!
All in all a brilliant buy and the design is nice too!
Thank you Amazon! :)
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on 31 January 2013
This is a well made , bargain at £399.
Don't worry about Windows 8. It takes only 1-2 hrs to get used to the changes and its very user friendly.
Nice collection of helpful Apps.
In my view, there is not much on the market that's any better, unless you pay another £100-150 more.
Watch for price fluctuations.
This is my 2nd Acer product, and I feel they are good value.
As usual arrived promptly within 36 hrs, very well packed.
Feel I made a good choice.
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on 21 February 2013
When it arrived Windows 8 wouldn't shut down, sure the screen would go black but the power button and the hard disk light stayed on and eventually if left it would come back to life...

This continued for the first two or three days and I was all set to return my Laptop. Then all of a sudden Windows 8 installed some updates and it started behaving, actually powering off when you asked it to... So I decided not to return it...

Then last Friday it got some more updates and once more it has returned to keeping its power button and disk light illuminated whenever I try to power off. It will remain in this state for about 5 minutes and unless I hold the power button down to actually turn the machine off, it powers itself back on to the log in screen and then reports an error which I dutifully report to Microsoft...

I am beginning to wish I had decided to stick with Windows 7... As now my 30 day trial window has elapsed...

Update, tonight my wife sign on to her account for the first time, which means that all accounts on the laptop have been used... Suddenly the Laptop shuts down right away... Don't know if this is coincidence or not but now I feel that the PC has to me worth more than two stars...

My impression of pc is that the screen size of 17.3 inch at 1600x900 is absolutely beautiful. The speakers are not bad either and give a reasonable sound. The lack of a caps lock or num lock light anywhere on the pc is a bit of a bummer but as long as you are not entering a password or spending a long time just looking at the key board it is fine. Key spacing is a bit extreme and the left shift being merged with the backslash key means that these two are often pressed together. Also the track pad is often brushed by your forearm as it is not quite as recessed as other track pads I have used. Processor seems up to job as does the amount of memory, which mean fast boots and shutdowns, when on shutdown it doesn't hang (see above). I tend to not have too many apps running concurrently as I always use the Alt F4 keys to terminate an App once I am finished with it. Oh yes and normally the scroll wheel on the mouse is all you need to scroll the metro screen sideways, and if you don't have a mouse just move your mouse beyond the side of the window scrolls the metro screen as well. Overall not a bad purchase for the £400 I paid at the beginning of January, for a non touch screen (no finger marks :-)) I5 computer which seems up to all I have thrown at it so far.

Saturday 23/02/2013 update - Today the laptop has decided to not shut down again... And in investigating the reason why I have discovered that this PC experienced problems in the event log on 03/09/2012 a full three months before I ordered it... This is not good as although I tried to get a pc that was designed for Windows 8 it looks like I have got one of the very early ones actually designed for Windows 7. During my investigation I have turned WIFI off, which also turned 'Flight Mode On'. I then turned 'Flight Mode Off' by pressing Fn F3 but this although it says Flight Mode is off this didn't turn WIFI back on. Now I have a laptop that can only connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable, I have tried all I can think of including looking on the net but all I can find is a suggestion that I update the BIOS, something which I am loath to do. I think that it is time to revise the rating again...

Sunday 24/02/2013 update - Today I got fed up with the laptop so wrote an email to Amazon informing them of the problems I had experienced... They told me to return the laptop and told me that I would get a full refund...
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on 10 December 2012
i ordered this laptop from amazon and i haven't stopped using it yet, its very fast and has ample memory and ram but i still have trouble with windows 8 as its nothing like any previous version lol that's just me being dumb. My wife needed a new laptop and so did i so i ordered 2 and they arrived very very quickly within 2 days but that was because one of the days was Sunday so i guess it would have been quicker the only downfall i think is the camera could have been clearer but that's just my view, all in all excellent value especially for the price considering the specs of other computers in this price range.

i should also mention i have never had any problems with ACER'S unlike TOSHIBA and PACKARD BELL who both had major faults eg Toshiba hard drive died and the Packard bell battery died and my mates Packard bell hard drive failed too but the ACERS i bought five years ago are still working fine.

so good product good price good performance and all around spot on product
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on 31 December 2012
Good laptop. Its fast, has a decent keyboard and the screen, although slightly low resolution, is bright and clear. Its a glossy screen which I don't mind although I know some people prefer matte. The downside is Windows 8 which is irritating in its approach and more bothersomely not everything is compatible with it e.g. at the moment I can't access my NAS unit from my shiny new laptop which makes it (laptop) practically redundant......
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on 27 January 2013
I've waited a couple of weeks before reviewing.

1. Overall a great looking laptop with excellent sound and keyboard. The screen is glossy so there is quite a lot of reflection interference. (I considered getting the Samsung 350E7C 17.3-inch Laptop (Black) - (Intel Core i3 3110M 2.4GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8) for that reason)

2. I don't know why everyone is making such a fuss about windows 8. There is a number of tweaks you can download to make it look just like 7. I find the best one to be startisback which gives you the generic window 7 start button and can disable the windows 8 tile start screen.

3. My only negative points are as follows.

a. I find the fan to be quite annoying. Every few minutes it turns on for a few seconds with a wooosh like a quiet vacuum cleaner and then turns off. Please note I am using the computer on a normal wood computer desk in normal temperature conditions.

b. I can also hear a very quiet background steady beeping sound. It is not on and off but just a steady ping in the background. You can only hear it if your really listening hard.

c. The lid does not shut tightly. If you're not holding it flat upright it does flap a little.

I would be happy to hear if anyone else has experienced the above issues or has anything to comment on them.

Overall a good computer at a great price, but with a few niggles, that can be expected with any machine.
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on 19 December 2012
I was just on my last legs with my previous Dell laptop computer, so winning this Acer Aspire V3-771 in a competition was a real blessing!
It has the latest Windows 8, which I am still getting used to. The graphics are brilliant if you are a gamer, and the HD display is astounding. Additionally, the large monitor screen is a treat if you want to watch your DVDs, have a slideshow of your photos, etc on your laptop.
The audio is divine - it has the Dolby Home Theater incorporated - and the built in video camera is great, as I have relatives all over the world, and talking to them via Skype is an absolute treat.
If I had to had chosen a laptop to purchase it would've been this one. I was just fortunate that I won it in a competition!
The only minor disadvantage is that it seems that the latest Windows Update has made the network driver incompatible with Windows 8 which I am still trying to resolve, as it keeps on interrupting my internet connection. I wish there could've been some forewarning about this issue, as it seems to be a common one with this particular driver. Also, there is an unnecessary number of useless apps, which you can only access via your Microsoft account - if you have one. However, these can be uninstalled.
All in all, this laptop is an excellent bonus for me, and I got it free!
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on 29 January 2013
I treated myself to this laptop with my Xmas money, after a couple of uses the laptop would switch off randomly and freeze. Then the screen would go static, like when your ariel isn't plugged into your tv. Then after that there's nothing you can do with it! So I contacted amazon and they sent me another one out. And the new laptop was worse, the same problems! But after the static, it wouldn't switch back on at all after that! Maybe it's just a bad batch of laptops....but I won't be purchasing another. Amazon have dealt with the problem promptly and professionally though.
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on 11 March 2013
Laptop hardware all O.K. works as it should.
This would have got a full star rating if it HAD NOT GOT any operating system installed and that is where my problem with Acer started.
Purchased late December for a birthday on 18th Jan 3013, used for 3.5 hours before WIN8 operating system self destructed and would not recover.
Spent a long expensive phone call to some Asian call centre after I eventually (several sites claiming) found an official Acer telephone number.
The result of this was that I was given an official support case I.D. and was emailed a Recovery CD/DVD Request Form.
I was told to enclose the sum of £50.06 fill in the form and send it to an address in Devon but not to expect a CD/DVD back quickly as it could take up to 30 days.
I duly filled in form copied it and posted it off, without any money enclosed as the Acer warranty booklet states that software is supported for 180 days (which I pointed out on the form).
I then settled down to wait for the expected software to arrive, and waited, and waited until today (11/3/2013) when I phoned Devon to enquire where the replacement software might be.
I was simply told that since I had not included any money they would not send any recovery software, and pointing out that their warranty covered the software did not make the slightest difference they were adamant "no money, no service".
Having purchased several Acer laptops over the years there will not be another occasion until such time as Acer either start taking responsibility for their own Warranties,
or if they cannot afford Microsoft's inflated prices, start supplying laptops without operating systems or preferably with a decent Linux based system.

On behalf of purchaser Margaret Milton [very dissatisfied] David Milton

BUYER BEWARE 2 TIPS 1st) First job with any Acer WIN8 system is to make a RECOVERY CD?DVD
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