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3.9 out of 5 stars108
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2012
The case is great. Good quality, great and snug fit, s-pen and buttons reasonably accessible. Only one problem: The magnet in the back of the case, which is sowed in between the sheets of leather, messes up the function of the s-pen in that region of the screen. As a result, the pen stops working when writing on a small area (about 1 cm^2) above the magnet. The rest of the screen is fine. Oh, and the users guide for the Note 2 says not to use magnetic clip cases with this phone. Guess what: They are right. When I remove the phone from the case, the pen works fine all over the screen. Not to mention the fact that prolonged exposure to the magnetic field may permanently magnetize the phone and then you won't be able to use the pen even after removing the phone from the case. This case is not at all recommended, and I would return it promptly had I not opened it and used up the screen protector. Not to mention the fact that I leave abroad. Really, didn't the designers try out the case before selling?
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on 21 October 2012
This case is a stylish and quality leather case with space for 2 credit cards. The case neatly protects my phone without adding excessive bulk. Even with the case, it is still possible to slip my Galaxy Note 2 into my trouser pocket. Considering the rock-bottom price, it is a bargain and highly recommended.

Delivery was also very fast. I ordered this on Wednesday evening and received the case on Friday morning.
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on 8 November 2012
Bought this to protect my phone, and its great! The Note 2 is held securely and well protected. Tried fitting £5/10/20 notes into side pocket and they dont fit easily/flat. Folding them over to insert increases thickness, and with cards in I would worry about screen pressure/wear(screen protector is provided, tho i would use an invibleshield instead).

overall a great little case, I'll just need to carry a wallet as well.
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on 19 November 2012
Good protection for your "phablet". It has good quality PU leather and while you can see the odd stitch out of line its not noticeable unless your looking for it. The stitching is orange and looks well, it suits the case.
Screen protectors are a nice bonus.

The only problem I have about cases like this is the added bulk. The phone is really long but not thick at all. When you put a case like this on that slim device is no longer so slim. Because of this I would recommend getting a Gel or Silicone case for when you are just around the house with your phone and dont need the full protection of a case or for times when it just looks better

Very fast delivery and a great case for the money. I would highly recommend it
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on 12 February 2013
The case is a perfect fit for the Galaxy Note 2 and very well made. One caution however, as previously mentioned the magnets used to close the case interfere severely with the phone. I know its not ideal but the magnets are easy to remove. The two magnets are approx 8mm circular disks so just cut a small slot with a razor blade enough to remove the magnets & use Velcro fastener instead of the magnets. Cut Velcro carefully to size, rough up the area its to stick to with a small scraper. Suggest using 'rubber glue' as its flexible, strong and sets quickly. My phone case was ready to use after 30mins.

You'd think the manufacturer would have amended this case by now to either Velcro or loop tab (before you receive claims for damaging expensive phones)!!!
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on 4 January 2013
Unfortunately the 'spine' of this phone/wallet cover is not wide enough to allow the phone for the cover to properly close when there's anything in it...

I had 2 cars and one note in it (as per the picture) and access was not easily availiable to the notes... It *may* be ok if you're going somewhere and using it on the odd occasion, but certainly not for regular use. If the spine was ~3mm wider, it would make a world of difference.

Additionally, they've opted for a case which the entire phone fits into, as opposed to a replacement battery cover which encompases the wallet part...

The product certainly has potential with a few minor changes - but currently it doesn't cut it!
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on 6 November 2012
Seems well made and holds the Note 2 really snugly. Only one minor gripe: the makers have made a slot for the S-Pen to be accessed, but it's not really big enough to get my finger in to remove it. Otherwise, really good value.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 February 2014
I bought this for £6.08 and from the pictures I was expecting a lot more. The phone is held in place by a plastic clip case and the white leather is then glued to that. First of all the material quality is questionable it just feels too cheap and nasty then there's the build quality... the stitching is all over the place, looks like the machine doing it was cross eyed. There is glue flash all over as well, you'll have to remove it with your nails.

As you can see from the pictures the credit card slots are on the wrong side so when you insert anything they just slide out into the deeper part of the wallet. The slot that is cut for the camera is too small so when you try to take photos the protruding leather can enter the frame, the slot cut for the s-pen is too small so to use it you have to take the phone out of the case, you can see from the pictures that is isn't a well designed hole. The phone also pokes out a few millimeters at either end to if you did unfortunately drop it the case would offer no real protection, which for a 500 pound phone is a risk I'm not taking.

The feature of using the case as a stand is flawed as it just slides back to a horizontal position, there is not enough resistance for the case to support the Note 2's weight.

Overall this product is a disaster and waste of money, I'll be sending it back as it is fundamentally flawed, for the first time ever shopping on Amazon I feel cheated out of money.

Terrible terrible product!

Since reviewing this there's been a surge in 5 star reviews, just click on the review and it soon becomes apparent that they're all fakes... Take my advice, don't buy this product.
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on 3 January 2013
While it's not a perfect fit (the spine is maybe a couple of mms too narrow), this is a great cover for such a low cost. It's well put together and looks as good as many premium products out there.

EDIT - A word of warning. The magnetic clip causes the touchscreen around that area to become unresponsive. It will recover if removed from the case, but I stopped using it completely after experiencing this worrying effect.
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on 24 February 2014
Don't get me wrong its definitely a professional looking case, card slots and space for cash is a nice little touch (depending on the way you look at it - if you lose you phone you lose the cards and cash too).

''Precision-engineered'' though?....I have to disagree.

Now, this would have been an easy 5 star rating if the case did not have one major flaw, the magnetic clasp. A flaw in which whoever was testing these cases would have picked up on immediately, had they actually tested them. Another customer ''Saverios'' mentioned this flaw in another 1 star review as well, so I'm not the only one who has noticed this.

The magnet in the rear of the case causes interference with the S-pen when your phone is in the case. If you are writing a note or drawing or whatever, the pens location accuracy on a certain area of the screen, is way off. This is seen only on the right hand side of the screen about half way down (where the magnet is built in on the rear of the case).

Test it out for yourself, start drawing close to the right hand edge of the screen near the middle, and you will see the pen does not draw where you place the pen, it is way off. There are also parts of the screen (right hand side again) that you cannot write/draw on at all.

For people who don't use the S-Pen, you will probably enjoy this case and this *flaw* won't effect you. However, for some (maybe not all) S-pen users, I would say have a look for something else.

I guess you could take the magnet out the case by cutting the material and then glueing it down again, by why should you have to do this in the first place? Exactly, you shouldn't.

Anyway, a wee bit of constructive criticism for future cases like this --> instead of using magnets just use a button fastener instead ! Problem solved.
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