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on 24 January 2013
Bought the phone for my partner for christmas. She wanted a powerful smart phone which wasn't the size of your hand. This phone fitted the bill perfectly. The overall size of the phone is perfect for her hands and she can easily reach all corners of the screen with one thumb. Although it is smaller than other new smart phones, the screen size is still great for web browsing and playing games. Comparing the screen to her old Apple 3GS the screen its around the same size but is much much brighter and clearer. As an added bonus you can even add a microSD card and add loads of music and videos. The dual core processor is great at running every app we've thrown at it so far with no lag at all. I wouldn't give it 5 stars as I feel its overpriced, for the same money you can buy the quad-core Nexus 4. If this was priced at around £230 it would be the perfect phone for everyday users.
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on 2 April 2013
After an unfortunate experience buying this phone off an Amazon Marketplace seller (at which point I'd have given the phone 2 stars) I bought another one (from Argos) to replace the one returned to Amazon, more expensive than Amazon but it really is new, unlike (I believe) the first one I bought, and can't fault it (yet.) Lovely size; would have liked a non-slip surface on the back of the phone but that's just being picky. Upgrading from a very old (8-year) phone meant that entering all the phone numbers was tedious, but once done it's done. I believe that it'd be much easier transferring data from one Android to another, so not the phone's fault. Connection to Gmail and FB was easy, phone is crystal clear and the 'suggestive' text function is wonderful; it remembers what you've typed before, including email addresses and names, and really does make life easier. So much better than predictive text, which is rubbish. Surprised it doesn't come with a stylus; the text keyboard isn't very big, and even though I have smallish fingers it's very hard to hit the keys precisely. Definitely not a bloke's phone (sorry, Samsung!) The 'Back' soft button on the front of the phone is great, as is the Menu soft button; the only annoying button is the Power button at the top right hand side of the phone, and tends to be the default 'pick-up' point. A 'Press and Hold' soft button would have been more user-friendly.
As a side issue, don't rely on Samsung to answer queries or requests for help. For Customer Service I'd rate them -10. Amazon, on the other hand, respond in extra-fast time, and resolve the problem with no hassle at all.
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on 2 February 2014
Does exactly what I want it to do with no fuss. Upgrading from Galaxy S
I wasn't bothered about some of the additional gimmicks on the S4 as it seemed like more to go wrong and I'd heard all sorts of nightmares surrounding iPhones. The size of this is better, in my opinion than the full sized S3 as I carry it in my pocket. Works well on G3 or wi-fi with compatible speed to my iPad.
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on 22 December 2013
I have, half way through my contract, put this device in the drawer and changed my contract back to Blackberry and brought my old Blackberry out of retirement!
The Samsung device does anything and everything except allow me to make and receive phone calls. It spends most of its time offline as it looses contact with the network despite showing a full set of signal bars. The only way to ensure it is online is to ring my home number to see if it rings. It rarely does. On the rare occasions it does allow a caller to contact me, stroking the screen in the prescribed manner doesn't answer the call so I end up having to call the caller back. Invariably whilst calling out the line drops every minute or so which makes the whole process a chore. If I do manage to contact someone, they complain that they can't hear me as the microphone is so insensitive or that they are hearing echoes of what they are saying.
To make a phone call involves numerous keystrokes to unlock the thing making it even more of a bore to use.
In its favour, if you want to play music or games, it works really well but, unfortunately, I bought it for use as a phone.
I have returned it to Samsung who said that they had fixed it but it continued to play up.
Checking on the web I have found other people who are having similar problems so I suspect there is a fault in the design or at best a faulty batch out there somewhere.
Ah, the Blackberry. It actually makes and receives calls with no fuss and is always online. AND when I transferred my music to it had a much better sound.
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on 4 November 2013
This phone is a huge improvement from my Blackberry. I find the size of the mini preferable, the larger ones are unwieldy for me. Internet works smoothly and fast and I have access to all the apps I need. As someone new to touch screen phones it's a good starter, very easy to use. The device memory isn't necessarily impressive but it's enough for my needs (I rely mostly on internet browsing, google maps, watsapp and a few entertainment apps). The camera doesn't seem much better than that of my Blackberry Curve, but has a good resolution (2560x1920). I use my phone a lot during the day, so the phone doesn't last all day without recharging. Still, I'm happy with my purchase and recommend it to people new to touch screens/smart phones with (relatively) simple needs.
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on 15 October 2013
Couldn't be happier with the S3 mini. Mine came directly from Amazon (I noticed over the past week that the seller was a marketplace seller and switched to Amazon for the white colour)
It came exactly as described sim free, brand free. Obviously you cant expect to get exactly the same specs as the regular S3 but its pretty darn good. I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy Ace which was slow and the memory was AWFULL! So I'm already used to the Android system which I really like, its easy to use and customize-able and i you use Gmail as your primary e-mail you get all the syncing ability you would with an iphone.

Anyway so far the screen res is awesome, camera is ok enough for me, and the '8gb' memory I think will be more than enough for the apps I want. And the size is good, its slimmer and lighter than the ace but a good size to hold, the only reason I went for this instead of the regular s3 was size.

Well recommended buy, oh did I mention the price is £50 cheaper than a regular phone shop - win :)
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on 13 September 2013
It is not easy at 78 years old to change with the times but my old Vodophone needed replacing and with advice from my Granddaughter I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S111 Mini. . I am so glad I did. With a little help from her it was set up in no time with a new provider and I cannot think how I ever didi without it. Yes, it did take a little getting used to, but all new things do. After about a month I am as good as anyone on it. Two things I added to my purchas were a very small stylus whic makes texting and googling a doddle, and a clear gel cover which makes it safer to hold. and keeps it looking good. I would recommend this phone to anyone. There is one problem though it makes internet buying even easier than the old PC so I expect my bank balance will suffer.
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on 5 February 2014
There was a time when mobile phones were slab-like and heavy, and the sign of progress was their shrinking size. Now things have gone the other way, as the range of what they can do, especially in the visual line, has called for ever-increasing screen sizes. Each user will reach his or her preferred balance between having a big screen and having a bulky phone and for many this may be it. And at a very reasonable price.
For me the screen size of the S3 Mini is good and the phone is thin and light – any bigger and it risks being left on a desk or shelf rather than carried around, which would rather defeat the point of having a mobile. The Android operating system is 4.1 which makes for brisk functioning and avoids the pauses that sometimes marked earlier, lower, versions of the OS. The screen and camera are good for general use - I’ve seen the occasional complaint about them but these seem to come down to the fact that it’s not a nigh-megapixel digital camera, which it isn't, it’s a phone. The interface will be familiar to users of a Samsung tablet and the phone has a good range of features including widgets.
The hard copy quick start guide provided is very basic, but one of the widgets is for access to the full manual. I recommend making use of it, starting with instructions for fitting a micro-SD card – there’s no slot, it fits under the battery. This means that if you have photos or other items to download you’re unlikely to want to remove the card and put it in a reader, so make sure you remember where you put the provided transfer cable.
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on 29 May 2014
Phone ok until Samsung send upgrades that send it into an irreversible "boot Loop". Then beware the tiniest of cosmetic cracks invalidate your "Warranty". Put plenty of time aside to chase the worst customer service I have ever seen.
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on 23 July 2013
I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S3, but sadly had it stolen, so I thought I would get this mini version as it is a good price and had brilliant reviews! I absolutely love it, I find it a perfect size for your pocket and prefer it slightly smaller! I would recommend this phone to anyone! Thanks amazon :)
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