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4.0 out of 5 stars Humax Freesat HDR 1000S review from a happy Sky customer
I have had this box for 2 months now and previously had Sky+ for 5 years so will be making comparisons to that. I have never had any glitches or problems my Humax Freesat HDR 1000s box and am pleased with my purchase. Also to note I was happy with the Sky+ box and Sky customer service.
I am writing this review in part to correct some of the misinformation I have read...
Published 11 months ago by Paul

23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars OnDemand currently out of service
I replaced my older Freesat box because I was bored of the bugs (iPlayer stuck after 10 mins, subtitiles appearing when you unpause and refusing to switch off, really slow menus, random failed recordings). I was convinced to give Humax another go due to the great reviews here and in magazines. I also wanted to access the newer OnDemand services.

I'm afraid I am...
Published 5 months ago by Dalek99

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455 of 468 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Humax Freesat HDR 1000S review from a happy Sky customer, 26 Mar. 2014
Paul - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
I have had this box for 2 months now and previously had Sky+ for 5 years so will be making comparisons to that. I have never had any glitches or problems my Humax Freesat HDR 1000s box and am pleased with my purchase. Also to note I was happy with the Sky+ box and Sky customer service.
I am writing this review in part to correct some of the misinformation I have read in previous reviews when I was considering buying this.
* I have found the record and series link features to be faultless I have never missed the beginning or the end of any shows. (In fact I find them better than Sky+ in that with Sky I often found I had to fast forward to the start of shows, whereas the Humax starts much nearer to the beginning of the programme). You can (as with Sky) record either from the programme itself or from the guide, and are prompted to either record single programme or entire series. Also offered is the option to record in HD if you prefer. I like this feature, e.g. if you are on EPG and selecting to record a series on SD channel BBC4 it pops up would you like to record in HD.
* You can watch a previous recording whilst recording two channels and you can watch On demand, e.g. iPlayer whilst recording something.
* The layout of the channels is better than Sky. I find I watch HD channels more as there are not spread randomly all over the place; plus there is a nice feature that if you turn to e.g. BBC1 a message pops up offering you to automatically go to BBC1HD if you press ok. This is a nice feature; would be good if it happened on Channel 4 to 4HD as well. In addition you don't have to scroll through the countless number of blue screen channels that you're not subscribed to that you had to on Sky.
* Added to the improved channel layout, you can also edit channels. This means that you can delete channels that you don't watch or don't want.
* The box can also be switched to receiver only mode if you want to watch the sort of free-to-air channels you get on Sky. But really how many teleshopping channels does one man need.
* This box has all of the catch-up on demand channels. I.e. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 (plus YouTube)
* I often watch things on BBC iPlayer, usually in HD and have always found the quality great with no lag or buffering. You can fast forward and pause direct from the remote buttons. (For reference my internet speed is 35 meg)
* Added to this is the Freetime feature which I had not heard of until I was buying a Freesat box. This is useful in that you can access on demand TV through the guide rather than having to search and go in and out of each channels individual iplayer. I like this Freetime feature but would not recommend upgrading an existing Freesat box just for this.
* If you are watching a programme for e.g. 10 minutes and then decide to record it, it records the programme from when you started watching (i.e. the same as Sky+) and not only from the point you press record.
* I have a 32" TV (not some big 40"+ telly) and the TV guide (EPG) is very clear and easy to read. I would say the layout and feel is slightly better and more modern than the dated Sky interface.
* The TV guide (EPG) comes up straight away; there is no lag or delay when scrolling down or forward through channels and programmes. (I am using a standard 2 satellite feed left over from my Sky days).
* I can only make this comparison for my TV which is a 32" Sharp, but for me the HD quality of the Humax Freesat is marginally better than Sky+ however the SD quality of channels is marginally worse. (These differences are only slight and I am fussy when it comes to images).
* The box is very quiet (I've never noticed it) and has no overheating issues.
* I find it is a bit too easy to delete things. Once something is deleted it's gone and putting `keep' next to a programme doesn't make a difference to manual deleting. Plus you get the option to delete whole series in one go. Oops my 5 year old just deleted the whole series I was saving up. Hasn't happened yet but I do feel that `keep' should actually do something, as it used to on Sky before they introduced the deleted folder.
* I do agree with other reviews in that the time to start up from standby is quite long. Not as long as booting up a computer, but not as quick as Sky+. In fact you can even programme a timer to switch it on each morning at e.g. 7 am, so clearly even Humax are aware of this.
* Also the remote. Some of the buttons do make an annoying clicking noise when you press them. This is particularly noticeable when scrolling through the TV guide or channels. And unlike Sky you can't programme it to change the volume of your telly which I found a nice feature.
* Would be nice if it had Netflix or Amazon Prime in the On Demand selection. Older reviews suggested this may be coming, however as of 2014 it did not. (Of course the Sky+ box does not have these either).
* Sky had the feature of going straight to the previous recorded programme you were watching by pressing play. I have not found an equivalent on Humax so you have to go in to recordings each time.
* In conclusion if you need to leave Sky for cost, internet speed etc. then I would recommend the Humax Freesat HDR 1000S. If you are the sort of person who records and keeps lots of HD programmes, may be worth considering the 1TB model.

I understand that this box now ships with a remote control that can be programmed to your TV; to adjust the volume, switch it off and on etc. I don't have personal experience of this but believe that if you have the control with an 'STB' button top left, rather than the MUTE button then this is the case. A sensible improvement on Humax's part.

Also to be clear; Amazon is sorting all Humax reviews together. My review is for a Freesat Box; i.e. you need to have a satellite dish, (this is not a Humax Freeview review).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!, 10 Dec. 2012
I've had mine just over a week now and I have to say I'm impressed with it so far. I've been using my Sky HD box for Freesat since canceling my Sky subscription a couple of months back but obviously haven't been able to record, pause or rewind! This Humax box allows me to do that as well as a few other features which are new to the next generation of Freesat boxes.

The EPG is visually very pleasant and is similar to the SKY HD box in layout although it simply lists what's on now and next rather than showing you further in to the future. To view programs occuring later in the day you have to scroll across. To view channel types you press the List button on the remote which then gives you the common options such as Movies and Entertainment. If you select BBC1 or ITV on the EPG you can press back on the remote control and view programs available via the catch up services. This is a really useful feature although it will improve later in the year when the Channel 4 and Channel 5 demand services are added. There are also rumours Netflix will be added which would be a welcome bonus. The box also has a few nice little features like offering you the option of watching a program in HD (if available) if you select the program on one of the standard definition channels. One thing I would note is the EPG shows the channel logos rather than listed the channel name so this may make it hard to identify the channels if you're using a small TV.

Other menu options include a Showcase section which highlights popular programs available on catch-up and showing that week. There is also a Humax section which has a Wikipedia style app as well as a couple of others. The Catch-Up TV option just has iPlayer and ITV's catch up service at the moment but displays the Channel4 and 5 options with a 'coming soon' banner. I've watched quite a few programs on iPlayer which have streamed without problem in full HD. It tends to stutter for the first couple of seconds and then runs without any issues. My Internet connection is around 10Mbps.

So far I've not had any teething problems, the EPG is responsive although the box does takes a little time to boot up and you get a Humax/Freetime splash screen while it's starting. It's not excessive (20 seconds or so) but it's not instant. The remote control is long and thin so takes some getting used to but after a while becomes second nature.

Overall I'm very happy with the box. I was a little apprehensive given the cost but as there are no monthly subscription costs it represents good value for money.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Be afraid very afraid, 10 Sept. 2013
I've had a sky+ box with a basic package - £27 a month - for 5 years and realised that other non-subscription options were multiplying, in the last year especially. Opted for freesat over freeview after direct comparison clearly favoured freesat for it's picture quality on both SD and HD channels. Freesat also seemed more future proof than freeview. Interestingly, John Lewis, where I bought it, use satellite reception for their display TVs.

The set-up was easy - just unplugged the satellite cables from the sky+ box, screwed them into the Humax, connected the HDMI to the TV, and it was off and running. The Onscreen guide (EPG) is almost as easy to use as the Sky and easily learnt without poring over manuals - my wife has no complaints - which is a reasonable benchmark for user friendliness. Great picture quality and huge storage capacity.

The wi-fi built-in makes it likely that Netflix et al will not be long in arriving. The on demand services already available include 4OD and 5, as well as iPlayer and itvplayer. YouTube is surprisingly crisp, DVD quality with no interruptions and this is with a broadband speed of about 2-3 Mb/s.

As for the heavy initial outlay, this will pay for itself in 10 months. No major gripes - it's had some firmware upgrades which presumably ironed out earlier problems picked up by reviewers and of course the ondemand service has expanded as promised. Slightly irked that the remote can't be reprogrammed to control the TV although there are universal remotes I suppose.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice product but could be improved., 16 Jan. 2014
Denis Smyth "Aghalee Blue" (Northern Ireland) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After 20 years of paying for Sky, I decided that the time had come to cancel Sky and go with Freesat.
After a lot of research I chose this Humax box and so far I am pleased with it. Delivery from Amazon with very quick.
It looks good, TV guide is very good and I am happy with picture Quality. It was also easy to set up.
Some things could be improved, such as the Humax portal were you can access apps online but it is very limited. YouTube could do with a better set up.. I connected by Wifi to my router using a Edimax dongle costing £9.99 delivered instead of a Humax dongle costing £30 and it works a treat...So a good saving..
Being able to use all the On demand catchup sites for BBC, ITV (Not Northern Ireland) CH4 & 5 is great.
You can play your own files via the front USB port and it happily played my photos and video clips transferred from my PC by pen drive..
Sound quality, I am not yet convinced but time will tell.. TIP: don't set the volume on the Humax box to full!
Like every product on the market there is always Pros & Cons and I am happy with my purchase. Remember you can extend your warranty to 2 years by registering the product ID on the Humax website..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant alternative to SKY, 25 Jan. 2013
The savings of years Sky Subscription more than covers the cost of this box. I now have a great range of programmes and have no monthly subscription.

There was a Sky Dish present when we moved in and we have had a Sky + SD package for over 2 years now and very rarely have we lost signal. In my mind that meant the Dish worked correctly and was aligned properly although there are loads of mobile apps that assist you in realigning your dish. Obviously installing and aligning a dish requires more expense, work and tools - notably a ladder

I unplugged the Sky box and plugged in the FreeSat box
- Sat Input #1
- Sat Input #2
- HDMI cable to the telly
- Ethernet cable to the router
- Power cable

The sat inputs are a little fiddly and you have to be very careful with the centre wire on the connector but apart from that it was one of the easiest set ups I have done.

Set the TV input to accept HDMI #1. Turn on the freeSat box via the remote. A wizard starts automatically and takes you through about 5 steps
- Checks signal strength and quality (We have around 80% and 90% respectively which reinforces my confidence in the dish alignment)
- Tells you how many television and radio channels you have tuned (90+ and 30+ respectively)
- Enter your Postcode (for local content)
- Set a PIN for parental control

A marked improvement from using a SD Sky box via a SCART cable. The HDMI cable (provided) really is so much better and we are now getting the full use of our Full HD telly.

- The buttons are a reasonable size
- The Home button allows you to access anything you need to.
- There is a single button to access recordings.
- There is a List button that you can use when in the EPG to list channels by type. This is useful as there are so many channels!

Because there are over 90 programmes the search feature is something I am really grateful for. I have found it really easy to use.

I have not seen the Sky+ HD interface but I would guess that the Humax FreeSat HD+ is as good or if not better.

You have and 8 day schedule and can scroll back in time (only if those channels have on demand content). The Channel Icons are listed in the TV guise are listed which is quite snazzy but you would not want a smaller screen telly as this would be difficult to read. We have a modest 32 inch screen.

You can choose a programme in the guide and use the i button to get a quick synopsis or use the 'About' option in the interface to get a fuller description.

There is a Showcase feature that shows recommendations for the current day and also 'D0n't Miss' programmes. I find this quite useful as I don't buy TV guides or the Radio Times.

When you find a programme you want to record you are given the choice to record in HD (if available) or SD and also the choice to record the 1 programme or the series.

All other features that we are used to with Sky+ are present

This was quite easy to access but it does take a few seconds to load. Also you cannot fast forward /rewind with any ease, it tends to jump in 10 min chunks. Also because this is accessed via a Channel you cannot use if 2 recordings are taking place at the same time.

When you first enter the recordings section you can see that 10% of the space has already been used. I can only guess that this is 'reserved' for such features as pause/ rewind live TV, also you can begin a recoding at any stage of the programme and it will record from the beginning as long as the freesat box was not powered off or in standy when the programme started. With this in mind I am glad we went for the 1TB over the 500GB box. If both boxes 'reserve' 10% of recording capacity then that leaves you with 900GB or 450GB on the respective boxes.

There is a quick start guide which covers the physical setup.

The main instruction manual covers using the EPG; recording, parental controls etc and are very comprehensive.

There is also on screen help which covers many topics.

Some reviews have been negative regarding the instructions but these were adequate for replacing a Sky box. They do not and would not cover dish installation etc.

This is really easy to do via the remote control. Just ensure you have an internet connection.

I have read reviews that list some cons
- Recordings having the end chopped off
- Series links disappearing

I have looked at numerous recordings and I have found that there is around 4 mins extra at the beginning and end of programmes from channels with advertisements. The BBC recordings (no adverts) only have around 1 min extra at the start and end of programmes but none have been cut-off prematurely.

There does not appear to be any option to change the amount of 'buffer' but as already stated I have found no need to do this.

I have not observed series link disappearing and I can see that I have recorded many programme over the 2 weeks that I have been operating this and the series link information is still present.

I have found a couple of Cons that I have not seen on other reviews.

Con #1 When 2 recordings are in progress you cannot change channels but there is no message to state this. This is normal functionality for a dual tuner setup but with Sky you got a pop up message on the screen. You can check if 2 recordings are taking place via
Remote Control > Recordings
My Recordings Menu > Most Recent
Look at the top the list and check for a symbol that is a red circle with a white 'R' in it

Also iPlayer is accessed via a Channel in the EPG (even though it's via the internet) so you cannot use this while 2 recordings are taking place.

You can watch a recorded item at the same time as 2 recordings are taking place.

Con #2. There is no light on the front of the box to indicate a recoding is taking place and you cannot tell if it is recording a programme unless you go into the recordings menu.

There is an upside to this. My 1 year old would always try to touch or whack the Recording / playback lights on the front of the sky box. So far he has shown no interest whatsoever in the Humax box.

If you power off the box while a recording is in progress or during playback of a recording then you will damage the HDD. I would recommend that as a precaution that this box is not powered down without checking that recordings are taking place.

Remote Control > Recordings
My Recordings Menu > Most Recent
Look at the top the list and check for a symbol that is a red circle with a white 'R' in it. If a programme has this symbol then the box is recoding and should not be powered off.

Another confusing aspect of this is that planned recordings have the same icon as currently recoding which could cause some confusion with less diligent users.

There are some channels that are not on FreeSat but as we have freeview built in to our telly we can still watch them but not record them.
- Dave
- Yesterday
- UK Gold
- Viva
- Dave ja vue

Free Sat Does has Pick TV which looks very much like Sky One.

All in all a great purchase!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great box for 2nd TV, 7 Dec. 2013
Richard Speight (Barnsley, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this as my 2nd Sky box, which I was only using for free channels, started freezing up. Having looked around at what was on offer I selected this, a little more than I was hoping to pay but the EPG and features including the HD channels swayed me.
This was a few months ago and had no problems with it, the picture quality is excellent and the HD channels are superb, so much that I don't mind being banished upstairs to watch the football when it's on BBC or ITV! My wife mainly uses it and she thinks it's so much better than using a Sky box and having to utilise favourites to be able to know which channels we could receive.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Alternative to SKY, 4 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Brought this box as a replacement for SKY even though I had seen some negative reviews on the internet. First impressions are great, very easy to install and despite what I read I found the remote very easy and natural to use. ( Different from SKY obviously but has to be! but within a few minutes your have it figured out without any need to even read the instructions)

Used the internal WIFI and it streams without any problems (my router is 4m away behind another wall), some internet reviews criticised the built in WIFI as not very good but the manual does say best results are achieved using a wired connection, if your signal is strong and close it should be ok. Only criticism is the "you tube" APP always displays a flashing "loading" while playing clips, not sure whats causing it?

The recording function, I have done a few test records on 5 programs 4 worked well but 1 started recording only for the last 45mins on the film!? So some more test runs needed before that bit is signed off (hence the 4 stars!)! The live TV pause/record/rewind works well as well.

Some reviews have criticised the mechanical clicking with the remote control, its ok and does not annoy me, but I guess if you get annoyed easily by life it might bug you!

As for the build quality cant comment yet, but you have a full 2 years warranty with it, so hopefully that will cover everything.

All in all a great far!
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4.0 out of 5 stars After 1 week of Use and learning, 6 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I firstly wanted a product that got me the main satelite channels, without being tied to a monthly fee as per Sky. My main channel I wanted was CNBC, which is only a satelite channel. ( not available on Freeview ). I also wanted a '' box '' i could record other channels entertainment with.

I chose this particular product for these reasons and that it also supported Wi Fi - ( still dont know the main reason for having Wi Fi as I have connected the box to my router via an ethernet cable ), but its there if I eventually find a reason, it see's my laptop but at moment cant read my pics or videos from it.. ah well, Its there for future use
from the above the 1010S box performs suberbly - easy to set up, just plug it in, connect the cables and press start, it did the rest in finding, displaying all the channels available. It operates easy, it makes finding your desired channels simply, by having a list button on the remote and then decide what category of programme you are looking for. I also like an aspect that if you choose a channel and it has a HD equivalent channel then it gives you the option to just press OK and it takes you to that HD channel. It also looks stylish and modernistic with its design and colour

For the above reasons I rate the Humax 1010S Freesat box 5 stars.

Now for the downside aspects - not many but for a balance have to be mentioned

when turning on the box - it goes through a '' lenghty '' ( about a minute ) start up sequence before displaying the channel you last viewed and the surrounding channels on the TV guide. its the start up feature that I find peculiar, - turn a TV on and its on, turn a Sky box on .. and its on .. so why cant this be the same ???

The recordings are easy to display and play, but to delete them after viewing, was awkward, I had to re read the manual to understand how to get rid of them. ( I work on the principle that if all else fails - read the manual ) , no colour button just to delete !!! easy when you know how, but not straight forward
for these above reasons I have given an overall rating of 4 stars, slightly harsh as I would have liked to give 4 1/2 stars, but it wont let me do that here

Overall very pleased, still learning and still believe its worth the money - it works and looks good, so am pleased to reccommend this unit
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5.0 out of 5 stars Way beyond a basic box!, 12 Nov. 2013
retroandy (Banbury, UK.) - See all my reviews
I'm currently running this side by side with the Manhattan HD-S2 which is reviewed elsewhere, here is my take on this mid-budget offering.

Size is compact, not much bigger than the Manhattan and much smaller than the old Hummy FOXSAT HD boxes, I bought mine from a bricks and mortar where it was displayed besides the usual range of Freesat boxes, and nowhere did it mention this ones party piece and main selling point, which seems bizarre! Plug in a exteranl USB drive and you activate the video recording/timeshifting/pausing functions, which is fabulous at this price point - I'm not a big recorder of TV, but occasionally miss the late night movie or classic show shown in the early hours, or need to pause live telly, so this is a terrific feature, the drawback is it only has one tuner, so heavy duty recording may be out. But if you've also got Freeview through an ariel or only record when you're out or doing something else, its a great feature. Also, plug in an ethernet cable and you activate the catchup/<free time> functions with iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD etc built right into the TV guide.

The remote is a really nice size and weight and well thought out, it also reproduces the basic functions of most tv remotes which is handy. The user interface is rather lovely and modern, Always a "live" thumbnail/sound unlike the Manhattan. You only get now/next in the guide so looking far ahead or up/down the listings involves a lot more button pressing, so not as good as you may be used to, but it's so pretty, it's not a burden. Looks very friendly with its larger fonts and use of colours.

Picture quality is good, but not quite as good as the cheaper Manhattan on my set up, regular SD is a little blurrier and darker, but HD stuff is crisp and clean.

Comes with everything you need and the cables are very good quality, the PSU is separate "wall wart" unit. All in all, a great unit, is it worth twice the price of the budget Manhattan? To me yes, the interface and extra functionality are well worth it if you can stretch your budget.

One side note: I've tried two external drives, a 640gb S2 Samsung USB portable which I had sitting around, which works great, and a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint in a third party Seagate caddy, which works but then unsyncs from the box, an incompatibility somewhere. To format the disk you need to input your PIN code, if like me you never assigned a pin on the setup, input 0000 :-)

All in all, very pleased with this unit, and now a couple of weeks in have raised the review by a star, a great box!
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Great feature rich product at a great price, 16 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
We purchased this product after ploughing lots of reviews, guides and top product lists.

We wanted a product that was reliable, well priced and easy to use. This product ticked all those boxes (as i am sure many others do too)

Out of the box it was very easy to set up, and was good to see all the cables (including a HDMI) and parts you needed too, So often these days manufacturers skimp on what they provide with the product with a view to cutting costs but Humax delivered here!

The unit looks great and while you may never use the touch buttons on the front they are there just in case without being obtrusive.

The remote is well laid out although my only niggle is that the "guide" button is not more prominent as it is a well used feature but that said it is placed in such a way that a thumb can slide to it easily enough.

You can program the remote to control most new TV's using the manuals codes. which features it operates will be down to each TV but for volume, channels and standby/power it works. it even displays on screen as you press each mode button so you know the remote is set to control the right unit.

The Menus, user interfaces etc are well organised, and everything is easy to get at and control.

The system will easily let you record 2 channels at once and you can even watch a third channel (i think the limit here is that you can only watch a 3rd channel that is on the same "mux" as one of the channels being recorded, if you don't understand that then perhaps stick to watching/recording 2 channels only or have a look at the freeview website for more info.)

we haven't even half filled the hard drive as tend to delete programs as they are watched but it should be more than enough storage for most.

The unit displays Blue when it is powered up and Red in standby. it also displays Red when in record mode too. shame a 3rd colour or even a blink couldn't have been employed here.

If you have been tuned in to a channel for a while you can rewind as well as pause and record what you are watching, rewind is great should you miss something critical.

There are so many products out there that all offer pretty much the same thing but Humax seemed to have made their mark in the PVR world without the premium price attached to some of the larger mainstream brand names.

It has USB port too for viewing media and a network port for online features, currently we have not tried this out as the TV is connected to the internet for catchup/on demand services but we will try it out and i may update this review in due course.

We were so happy with this product that we purchased one for my mother too, not being tech savvy we knew it would be easy for her to use and she hasn't complained so far. (finally got her off VHS!!)

Bottom line - Product does all that you would want and probably more. is well priced in the market and is easy to use.
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