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4.1 out of 5 stars678
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: Stereo Headset|Change
Price:£58.44 - £198.99
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on 28 May 2015
Hi All, just wanted to write this review nearly 5 months after purchase because when it comes to headphones i think its best time to review them are after a long time of using them rather then cause they look cool when you first got them.

So here we go, i heard alot of mixed reviews when it comes to Razer products and im not one to buy stuff just for the name, however i did love the design of these and because i watch streamers, one perticular streamer recommended these so i took the punt. Delivery was great and fast, and the product looked awesome, even the box degin has effort go into it from Razer. Upon trying these out with my iphone, you immediatly tell they isolate all sounds around you and the bass is really good. However, i find myself alot of the time having one of my ears half hanging off the headphones simply because i can barely hear myself talk when im gaming and it feels/sounds strange. Also if you wear earings you have to take them off because the padding sits on your ears (no my ears arent that big). I found that after long gaming sessions im moving the top band alot as it actually hurts my head, even after adujusting to multiple positions it just doesnt feel comfortable.

All in all they are better then your run of the mill headphones, and the build quality is good even if the band doesnt feel very soft. i do feel like they are worth more around the price of £40 rather then the £65 i paid.

Mic quality, the mic is good but is so sensative that if you use it on the xbox it just picks up all the sound around you, if the music is to high then people will hear the music. Not to mention the amount of people that moan at me for being able to hear an echo so i have to turn the music right down.

All in all guys I wouldnt recommend these headphones for long gaming sessions or for anything to be honest just incase like me it hurts your head or doesnt feel comfortable.

P.S the only reason i still use them is because i want my monies worth!!
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on 23 May 2015
It's no surprised that Razer Products are over priced, their build designs are good, and their products come with lots of loot too. Stickers, manuals, adverts.

- Good mic quality for a headset.
- Good design.
- Gets comfortable on your head after a few weeks.
- Nicely hidden mic, it is located in the left ear of the headphone, it's hidden in a hole, I was panicking realizing it didn't have a mic, but I found it luckily.
- Soft materials.
- Nice color/s.
- Strong layered wire. (I have a glass top desk, and I'm wonder if this was causing all the disconnections on my old headset, in most cases, it was. With this headset, no worry, you can cut the wire with a knife and it will probably hurt one layer of wiring, or whatever it is protected by, it's slightly thick)

- There is no where on any of Razer's websites, or all over the internet, which says what material these headsets are made of, especially the head part and the ear's... I can't tell if it's leather, or faux leather. Being vegetarian... I don't like the death of other animals, and it'd be heard breaking to know I bought a headset with a poor innocent animal's skin attached to it... But if they're used from organic materials, I can forgive you, I'd want to know that the animal lived a happy life.
- You can hear audio from the microphone, even when far away. This isn't a massive problem, but some friends and even myself can hear it sometimes. I do a bit of recording now and then, and I can sometimes hear the audio from my headset, through the microphone.

Over all, I wouldn't buy this headset again, only because it's poorly advertised as to what materials it is using. And you can hear audio through the microphone which is a big disadvantage to this headset, considering it sits comfortable in your head in a close area around your ears.
But only buy this if you're looking for the best build quality, certainly a basic easy to use headset.
Of course the audio is the same with every headset, it's good. But there is no best audio quality. I've used headsets from the prices of £1.00 - £60. And I see no difference between all the headsets I've used, although there is sometimes a problem with old headsets, where their volume is too low. I discovered.
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on 16 December 2014
Really nice headset at a nice price. For the price range I would recommend it, however if you can I think saving up for the 7.1 USB versions instead.

For me personally it is a nice comfortable headset and I still stand by this for the year and a half I have had them but I know the circle ear cub design would not be a good choice for the people who prefer a more egg shaped style cup

Good sound quality but not surround (you can use their Razer Surround software to simulate surround sound and it works pretty well)

The mic is retractable which is useful if you want to just use them as your out and about headphones or if you just move around allot which is nice if that's what you need

The mic, The mic on the kraken pro is very annoying as it picks up noises you can hear through your headphones VERY easily which is very annoying if you use skype or anything similar. I have looked around and asked other people and it seems as though loads of people have this problem but I can't ever find a fix. It might have something to do with the splitter that is including but im not sure as i don't have another one to test it.

The only other problem I have is with the mic too. It just doesn't come out far enough. I think the sound quality would improve massively if the microphone would be in front of your mouth when fully extended rather than at your cheek.

Both these problems have been fixed in the USB 7.1 version which is only a little more plus you get the addition of it being Razer Synapse compatible. In my opinion, unless you are using these headphones on other devices that have 3.5mm jack and are willing to put up with the sound leak problem then these are not worth buying and you should save up for the USB 7.1 version.
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on 28 October 2014
Been using these headphones for 2 good days now and here is my thoughts on them

I will start by listing the things I like about the headset:

The headset has great sound quality in my opinion

My friends have told me that my mic sounds "perfect" over skype and teamspeak

I LOVE the mic mute button on the mic its self, saves you if you have family that dont understand that most of the time that you're in a call with people... im sure some of you can relate

I like the lighting on the headset and the mic status light is awesome

Overall I like the headset but there's some flaws that I would like to address that I think Razer should look into fixing

One of the annoying things to me about the headset are the ear cups, one is like a suction cup on your ear that doesn't allow your ear to breath and lets no air in or out, I guess that could be considered a good thing but its kind of annoying considering the other one lest air out.

another thing is annoying is that there's no voice monitoring built into the mic or in Razer synapse (that's a big must for me) so usually when im in a call playing games I have to only have one ear cup on

Speaking of razer synapse its overall good, it has nice features where you can select what programs and games use the virtual 7.1 and the ui is nice and razer themed

Last thing is the braided cord, you will hear when it rubs against your clothes and when hits something which is really annoying

again overall a good headset but i could be a perfect one if Razer took my review into account because i have seen a lot of people say the same things 4/5 stars
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on 8 September 2014
very bass heavy to the point that they begin to leak into the lower mid range however the bass does pack quite a punch with very strong vibrations which run through the ears and around the neck giving a very emersive bass. the highs are very strong but can very occasionally be quite sharp. after listen to several of my favourite genres (dubstep, edm, drum and bass, rap, trap) i decided that the sweet spot is in slower paced trap where the bass is very heavy and the main synth consists of mainly high pitch single beat notes as it complements the pros of these headphones. as for gaming the bass gives a very punchy sound especially when playing fps games. for communications however voices can be a little muffled as the lower mid range is quite overrun by the bass and the higher mid which causes most voices have the lower tones removed. in terms of functionality the fixed cable can be an issue for some but i feel as if it is strong enough to survive most everyday use. they are a rather chunky pair of headphones that, unless you have a smaller head shape, will stick out at the sides meaning that for most these wont be a going out headphones. for those who do/can wear them out the retractable mic is a great feature that allows for the mic to become barely visible without close inspection, however as of yet i have not been able to get the mic to function on my desktop which isn't really a problem for me as i have a desktop mic however it would of been a nice feature for monitoring the sound recorded by the mic with which would be an incredibly useful feature considering the superb sound isolation the pleather cups combined with the strong clamping force gives. as for comfort at first they are extremely soft with the gentle pleather cups and breathable mesh over the headband however over time the headband can become quite irritable across the top of your head and can require some small adjustments and before correctly worn in the ear cups cause aches around the jaw and ear area (i suggest lightly stretching the headphones by the headband for about 5 minutes before putting them on). overall i think that if you are looking for a relatively cheap pair of comfortable headphones that pack a very punchy bass with a lot of vibrations then these are the pair for you, however be aware of the headphones issues especially with lower mid tones as this can be quite a turn off for some people.
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on 23 April 2014
I bought this headset due to hearing about the quality of Razer products, and because I needed a USB headset due to my headphone ports being busted.

This is by the far the best headset I've purchased, and I don't regret deciding to pay a bit extra than I usually would. The headphones themselves are very comfortable-after a typical marathon session of 6 hours they get a little uncomfortable, but I'm already getting used to the feeling so they hurt less at this point (I stress that this is only after very long periods of time that the average person isn't sad enough to spend in front of the computer). They look absolutely beautiful, with the glowing Razer logo on the side a nice touch.

The headset is relatively easy to set up. I had a couple of teething issues, in that the program you download to help set it up (Razer Synapse 2.0) couldn't actually detect the headset to configure surround sound with it, and windows requires me to set the headphones as the default device every time I boot up the PC. However, I didn't find these things annoying enough to warrant any real complaint as the sound doesn't seem affected by not configuring the surround sound part, and I can still edit other settings of the headset such as bass with the program.

The headphones themselves have high quality sound and allow me to accurately pinpoint where people are, to the point where I can hear halfway across the map on Counterstrike (which is an incredibly useful thing). Music sounds awesome, particularly with the volume up. The quality is lovely and crisp, and you can really hear the difference between a cheap headset and this one.

The microphone is detachable and mutable, and the quality is very good. Unfortunately, the microphone can pick up the sound of my PC running in the background so there is slight background noise when I speak in programs such as teamspeak, but this really isn't much of an issue considering my voice is clear and understandable.

On to my complaints with the headset. The only things I can really complain about are the lack of a volume adjuster on the headset itself (my old one had an adjuster attached to the wire into the PC), the fact that the mute button for the mic is ON the mic itself and a little fiddly to press, and the slight issues I've had with the setup (it would have been nice to definitely configure the surround sound). However, the final issue is probably a problem on my end, and the other two are nitpicky points that don't really lower the quality of the headset. I am thoroughly impressed with this headset and believe it to be well worth the money, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to spend a bit extra for a serious, quality headset.
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on 13 April 2014
After My Turtle Beach X12's had finally packed in from a broken hinge and the audio from the right hand side had completely gone it was safe to say a new headset was in order. Disappointed by the build quality of the X12's I decided to go for a higher price headset in hope that the extra money for a premium piece of kit I'd hope to get much better build quality and with the choice of the Razer Kraken Pro I feel that they will last me much longer.

So as it being a Razer product your going to get some snazzy packaging and Il be honest I was dead excited when I got it, I've always wanted to get a bit of kit from Razer and see what the craze is about though I did honestly think my first bit of kit was going to be the Tartarus but needs a must! I have read reviews or watched unboxings of this headset and have had trouble with the packaging and really I took my time trying not to damage the box and I believed it was fairly easy to open to be honest, getting the headset out of the Lil box with the plastic holder was annoying I will admit however though done undamaged! Along with the Headset you'll get Razer Documentation as you always with their products and also a nice lil Razer sticker. Enjoy the Lil things.

With it being a Razer product you can rely on it to be a premium piece of kit and built to last. Through consideration my headset needed to be comfortable to wear, better quality and no usb power required (The X12's would cause an awful buzzing noise that could annoy yourself and those on the other end of the call) that aside I can say the Razer Kraken does exactly as I want it too. The hinges which was my main concern this time round, considering the ear cups can actually fold in for easier transport I dont think Ill have the same worry compared to my x12's.

"The Most Comfiest Headset Ever" Such a line that really I dont think can be proven. Simply cause thats going to be down to opinion not fact but lets not get into that debate shall we! Anyways its got a few issues, to begin with the headset itself. The Audio reproduction quality of this headset is simply not good. There's much better headsets out there for it and for £60 Id expect the Audio quality to be better than what it actually is. To start off, like most people have said in most reviews. Bass. Way to much, the first thing that will hit you when you put it on and listen to music the bass is immediately noticeable. Some wont mind, some do. Personally I do however over time I've kind of gotten used to it however some of my favorite tracks do sound kind of muddy due to it so dont expect brilliant Audio quality. For playing games it's not too bad but I mainly got this to communicate with friends and play online so it fits the job well to not banter too much about audio. I will mention however these are closed ear cups for better sound isolation keeping you in your fantasy world and the real world out of your immersive experience though do remember to take breaks. Being used to the X12's I could have them on for Hours and hours without breaks, the Kraken however I have to take breaks as because of them being closed ear cups not alot of air gets passed through to your ears and the bacteria build up can be quite aggravating and at the time of writing this my ears are a little sore. A fault to due to my own use and not the headset mind you but passing on this advice!

Next on to the Microphone, its retractable which is I really like since if you dont want it out you can simply put it away when not needed. With this feature since it being a Analog headset, its a normal 3.5mm jack meaning you can plug it into your Phone or Ipod or whatever you use to listen to music, so potentially you could use them while your out and about if you dont mind the headset on while your out and with that microphone away you dont look that additional bit silly. Just saying!
The Microphone is really nice and responsive just as you'd like in a gaming headset. Sadly however theres no function to mute the microphone or control the volume as of like the X12's so you'll have to adjust the volume level on your desktop and either push to talk macro or mute the microphone through your software manually. With this new change I have had to be more careful on what Im saying and must realize I no longer have this Luxury...
A splitter will also be included so you can use the Microphone and Audio ports on your desktop as the headset on its own only has one jack connector.

Finally Software, Synapse 2.0. I downloaded this in hope I could use the Equalizer to get bring up some of those bass frequencies to make it less muddy but alas my headset appears to only use my Realtek audio playback opposed to the Razer Audio control playback. When making Razer control the default device I wont hear anything, all the audio is being played back on the Realtek Audio channel instead of Razer control which I found annoying yet have seen no solution so that is unfortunate. On a side note you can download Razer's surround sound software to essential give it some surround sound elements which aren't bad in truth but appears it can be used with more than just Razer headsets so potentially could use on any headset perhaps?

Overall I think its a great headset for its purpose. Built to last, not bad to wear and does its job. For £60 I think it is a little overpriced however for the build quality I reckon its worth that extra push if it will last you in the long run.

And remember folks, ensure you take breaks!
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on 17 March 2014
So I've had the headset a mere 8 hours but I do have many thoughts on this headset. So the first time I tried to hook it up to my PC, I had some major driver problems which at first, I blamed on the headset although it turned out to be the sound card I had. But then for a while my PC would blue screen every time the headset was unplugged. No idea why, but that's no longer an issue either. Another problem I had at first was that the mic would just playback the PC audio for some reason and only one of the headset speakers would work. Again, this is a problem you might have but for whatever reason, mine has stopped doing that.

With regards to the sound quality, it's good. It's not amazing my any means, my primary headset are the Corsair Vengeance 2000's and in comparison, the Corsair headset blows this out the water, however, the sound is perfectly acceptable on this headset. The only major complaint about the sound is that it's EXTREMELY bass heavy like any gaming headset. All I can suggest is altering your EQ settings if possible to correct this. Since I wanted to use this headset for travelling for music and for a little bit of gaming on the side, I'm not sure if these really deliver in terms of sound quality just because of the bass, again though, turning down the EQ settings really helps.

The biggest praise I can give this headset is over the comfort, this headset is extremely comfortable, they really are built for extended use and you won't even notice they're there!

Overall, you've got to ask yourself, is this headset worth the pricetag? Well, it's extremely comfortable and the sound quality is decent, plus the look is amazing and it's extremely portable. I may have been jaded by the fact that I had a few problems with it at first but after giving it a chance, I'm impressed. I would recommend this headset IF the price was £10/£20 less. One thing I see commonly with Razer products is that they're strangely priced at times. These things are awesome, but I don't personally think they're worth £65 or however much I paid for them.
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on 10 November 2013
I don't often write reviews on Amazon, but I feel I should for this - because it is superb.

I bought these headphones a few weeks ago, and am very pleased about my purchase. They're super-comfy, the sound quality is amazing, Razer Surround is phenomenal, and they're easy to use. There are a couple of downsides, like the no-frills design on the input front - there's no controller, all sound has to be controlled through the PC - but on the whole, it's great, and at a reasonable price.

And don't think this doesn't have 7.1 surround sound when compared to the Kraken 7.1; it does. You simply download the software from Razer's site, for free (next year you'll have to pay $20 USD if you haven't already downloaded it), you configure it easily and there you are. It feels really genuine, and I have honestly - no jokes - turned my head in the direction of the sound several times because it feels so real and immersive.

The headphones in pos and neg form:

+ Very comfy. They are advertised as the most comfortable headset in the world and this is certainly not true, but they are very easy to wear and don't cause much disturbance to my ears or head. My ears aren't the perfect shape for these and so it can get a bit uncomfortable at times, but on the whole this is definitely a standout feature.
+ Fantastic noise cancellation. I hear virtually nothing from my surroundings when I'm wearing the headphones, which may or may not be a good thing, but it certainly makes things more peaceful and absolutely increases immersion in games.
+ Surround sound is incredible. As mentioned before, this is truly phenomenal. Though this isn't strictly part of the headset, as you can download the Razer Surround software for any headphones.
+ Sound quality is great. Nothing exceptional, but there's no fuzziness or interference, it's very clear and the bass is powerful. In fact, too powerful perhaps. Lots of people say don't buy these because the bass is too high, which is true but you can fiddle with that in a few seconds to sort the issue out.
+ Microphone is great. I needed a new microphone because my friends were always complaining about it, and now my voice is crystal clear.
+ Works great with phone/iPod
+ Cable is plenty long enough

- Looks may not be to your liking.
- Doesn't feel particularly high quality
- No sound/mic control
- Bass is far too loud out of the box (remember, this can be changed very very easily)
- Mic can be difficult to pull out or retract

As you should be able to see, the negatives here are very minor in comparison to the positives, and honestly I don't feel they are important enough to give it anything lower than 5 stars.

These headphones are basic, but for what it is, it's fantastic.
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on 23 July 2013
I bough this headset about 2 weeks ago so I've got some decent experience with it now.

SETUP: 5/5
My favorite thing about it is the simplicity, just a 3.5 audio and a 3.5 mic cable coming out of it, super easy to set up.

I've mostly been playing CoD and Fallout since I got the headset. It's fairly easy to get an idea about where footsteps/gunfire are coming from in CoD, the bass is great so for games with a lot of explosions and planes the headset lends a very immerse experience. Fallout also sounds great, the voices are clear and and depth, and the ambient sound track plays well through the headset.

MUSIC: 3/5
This is the headsets one weakness in my opinion - the bass is overpowering with the mids being overly muffled. Sounds like your listening through a pillow. It's not bad by any means, but if your going to be listening to a lot of music and require good sound accuracy then this might not be for you.

A nice touch is that it's a retractable mic which is convenient for when you don't want to look like an aircraft pilot walking down the street. I've been told that it's good quality over Skype.

BUILD: 4/5
Solid - it's hard to actually tell how big the headset it from the pictures, but it's pretty huge. It pretty much exudes quality, although it's made out of plastic it's nice plastic, very chunky. Razer claims that this is the comfiest gaming headset on the market - whilst I wouldn't go that far (after 45 minutes you start to feel a bit of pressure on your head), it is still very comfortable. Almost feels like you're wearing a cloud when you first put it on.

Overall this is a nice solid buy, just steer clear if you're going to be listening to a lot of music on it.
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