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3.7 out of 5 stars431
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2013
OK Firstly I purchased this In car video camera elsewhere(China)
Second I had to purchase a separate micro memory card (Samsung 16 gig class 10)From Amazon).

Ok on to the build quality.
The camera and mounting/suction bracket are really light weight.And the camera seems to be well made.
But the mounting bracket although very adjustable,I have encountered one minor problem.
And this was on the lever that clips the the mount to the windscreen,the centre pin came loose.A dab of super glue should sort this minor problem.

Just remember when attaching the mount to your car windscreen,wipe your glass with a damp clean cloth and then wipe it dry.Then you should not have any problems getting the suction mount to stay attached.
So how does it perform?
Well actually setting the camera up is relatively easy,I just had a cursory glance at Chinlgish Instruction manual.
I have chosen to only use the forward facing video mode,since I doubt very much that any film footage would be any good from my 4x4 rear.And since I am not very photogenic (Some what ugly)

Anyway the on board display is fairly crisp and sharp.Now on to the important video quality.
So first off it displays its video when played back on your PC using it's own X2 software,it is in fish eye mode.
And using said software,well to be honest it is poor.And also very clunky slow etc.
But having said that,you can play back your video in software of your choosing.

I have only tested this in car video in daylight and dusk conditions.Therefore unable to comment on any night driving using this equipment.But I am not expecting great things from it.
So to conclude,for the money that I have invested in this little piece of kit.I think that it represents excellent value.

Would I recommend it,YES.
And for a good reason.I intend to put together a collection of film clips,of idiotic drivers.And then upload then onto you tube.

Points to remember.
1.Ensure your windscreen is clean and dry.
2.It requires a memory card of class 6 or higher over 2 gig,if you wan't to use a larger card then you can.
3.If like me you have large hands.Then when you remove the memory card you will have to disconnect both the GPS cable and the power cable.
4.The power connection from the Cigar lighter is a little lose.(Well on my 4x4 anyway)
5.The in car audio is very good(So no cursing at other drivers Ha Ha)
Thanks for reading I hope this helps...
I have now done a little night driving with this in car video.And as I expected the video playback was somewhat poor.
With street lighting it is possible to make out other cars,but only just.Driving down country unlit lanes,it is nigh on impossible to make anything out.
Maybe if I could secure this,a little lower and further forward on my windscreen it would improve matters a little.
Anyway since around 90 percent of my driving is in daylight.It is not really a big issue for me.

Second update.
I am so impressed with this in car cam I am considering purchasing a second unit(HD this time)And fitting this unit permanently to the rear of my 4x4.So I would HD to the front and fish eye to the rear.And since I have a cigar lighter rear facing,I would not have to hide miles of cables.
Please check out my Video Car Cam Test.
Third Update
Ok i have now been using this car cam for sometime now.
And the cigar power cable failed,but i had a spare sat nav cable in my jeep.So that in its self was not a problem.When i got home and checked the original cable,it was a blown fuse.But what i have found,is the power in connection port seems to be a little loose.Any slight movement on the cable and it seems to knock off the charge function.Not a major problem,i just need to careful not to catch the cable.
I have also just used this In Car Camera whilst off Roading.And i was up and down some very steep hills.Also the general terrain was very bumpy(As you would expect)And the camera stayed attached to my windscreen throughout the entire day.
Final update.
The problem that i had with the power cable,connector to the car camera.Has now got to the stage where the camera will not stay powered on.
Also the micro memory card will not stay in its slot.One or the other of these problems would have rendered this car camera inoperable.But both problems together have now made it pretty much useless.And it is a great shame,because i enjoyed the secure feeling of having some proof in the event of a accident(Assuming i was innocent of course).
I will purchase another in car camera,sadly not this one.So the hunt begins.
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on 30 August 2013
For the money, this is a good value product. It came with a 4GB SD card but this was useless as it was only a class 4 card and the instructions say and SD card you use must be class 6 or better!! I bought a 32GB class 10 card. When first inserted, the card needs formatting, and this also installs the camera software including the PC review software. When I switched on the camera, its menu was in Russian and I had to experiment a bit to change it to English!!
The front and back cameras both work well. The screen is OK, a little dark to easily see in the car. The sound volume seems low but just about OK to hear. The GPS works just now and again. When fitting the camera, in my opinion it is best to fit it near the rear view mirror so as not to obstruct the view, and to record the best overall view both forward and back. If you have a small windscreen, this could be a problem. Another problem is that there is no quick release so whenever you wish to remove the SD card, you have to end up removing everything ( I find it impossible to remove the SD card unless I do this! )!! The PC software works very easily, you just insert the card and you can review the video. The video quality is quite good, although the cameras take some time to react to any changes to lighting conditions, so sometimes the recording is a bit dark. I have not used it at night. The cameras automatically start recording when either the SD card is inserted or when power is supplied to the unit. This means for example it starts when you switch on the car engine but also when you charge the camera!! There is a button you can press to stop recording. It comes with a USB cable to charge on a PC but I found you can also use a moble phone or sat nav charger as long as the cable connection is the same.
Overall, it gives me some piece of mind when driving in case of an accident etc by being able to show some general evidence of the circumstances and who was to blaim but thats about it, don't expect lots of detail like registration numbers etc!. However, for the money its OK and I am not sure whether spending alot more money will gain anything!
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on 22 March 2013
Trawled the net for weeks for just the right car cam. None were just right. I chose this one for several reasons. Firstly it was sold from within the UK. So it arrived within a couple of days. Its quite small and does not block much of the view whilst driving. The instructions came from Mars as usual but it's quite a simple device to use. Use a decent HD 32 gb micro sd card, put it in the unit, switch on unit in the house, this puts a small program into the card. Stick card into your PC. This downloads the program onto your PC. Done. Cam switches on and off with the ignition key. Nothing else to do. When played back on the PC it appears to save the video in five minute segments. Seamlessly, so you can easily save just the timeline you need. Google maps is shown on the pc too. It shows speed in km or mph on the PC but strangely only km in the car! The car cam screen is rather dark but on the PC it's amazing how much the cameras pick up even at night. Just remember if you don't want what you say recorded, switch off sound and or the inside camera. The inside camera although widelense does not show much from behind the car. I think a separate rear camera would be needed for that.
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on 1 January 2013
For safety's sake, I had been mulling over an in-car video camera for a while. The best on the market cost upwards of £200, which I found a bit steep. The cheaper models didn't seem to have the necessary features. Recently though, this has changed with new arrivals and, after some research, opted for this R300 "travelling recorder" (still don't know who makes it!).

Does it cut the mustard? Firstly, a word of warning - the instruction manual is limited, at best, and in pigeon (Chinese) English. But, a lot of features have been crammed in to a small space. Having had it in the car for a fortnight, I seem to have got it working as I want. To get to that stage though required a bit of experimentation - especially with the automatic on/off setting! Secondly, you will need to buy some 'extras'; the provided suction mount was flimsy in the extreme and broke on my first attempt to mount it on the windscreen. A £9 Polaroid windscreen suction mount provided a cheap but v effective/sturdy replacement (other makes are available!). Also, if you want to hide the power cable, a mini-USB extension cable will be required - one metre was just sufficient. I didn't have a micro-SD card reader so that needed purchasing as it is the card that also holds the software required to view the picture and data. All of these added to a total of about £20.

After a fortnight, I am now in a position whereby I am content with the R300 and it's doing what I want it to. The provided micro-SD card provides enough memory for about 25 minutes on a continual loop and the quality seems pretty good; I only use it in the forward looking mode. Having the GPS feed is very useful to prove that speed limits are being adhered to (or not...). Would I recommend it? As long as you are aware of the need to possibly buy some extras and can cope with a poor manual then, Yes, I can.
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on 29 April 2016
Basics: This device boasts two cameras, forward- and rear- pointing – both have native VGA (640x480) resolution (Ugh!).
The device also claims to have GPS data logging – meaning it will not directly display a GPS map on its screen – but it will record your position as you drive – and this record can then be viewed when replayed on an internet-connected PC. Interestingly, the device also displays (during file replay) a continuous readout of G-forces in each of the three axes (x, y & z) – which could be handy if claiming for pothole damage to your car (unfortunately the ‘z’ axis sensor did not appear to work in my camera – so no bumps or potholes were recorded).

The files that this camera produces are not directly accessible to your Windows PC – you need to view them via the supplied “X2 Player” software – though that software does allow you to export copies of the recordings to a more accessible, Windows-friendly .avi format. The X2 software is not supplied on a CD ROM - it is actually built into the camera. You must format your micro SD card in the camera prior to first use as that not only creates the peculiar file format needed by the camera – it also copies the “X2 Player” software onto the card for later (computer) replay. The player software does not actually seem to install itself on the PC – you just click the .exe file and ‘OK’ any warning messages about allowing the programme to make changes to your computer (this happens every time you run it). The viewer software actually works quite well (I’m using Windows 10) – though every time I tried the “Update Firmware” option, it crashed.

NOTE: the camera-formatted card cannot be read by Windows (except for the partition that holds the X2 Player software). Regardless of how many hours of footage that you have shot, the memory card will show no files or folders containing video when examined in Windows Explorer ... the “X2 Player” software is your only means of accessing recorded footage. A memory card, formatted by the camera, will fool Windows into reporting that the card has much larger capacity than it actually has – but don’t worry about it. The camera does not appear to offer ‘loop’ recording – so when the memory card is full you will need to delete recordings manually or just reformat the card.

On first activation of the software, the GPS settings will tell you that you live in Beijing ... but that is easily fixed using the tools menu button (in the X2 Player) to select the Google Maps option. Initially I went walkabout in the garden – just to see how the GPS performed. It didn’t. After 10 minutes the camera was still claiming there was no GPS signal (it lied) – but I had a look at the recorded files anyway. Having got over the initial shock of discovering that I appeared to be in China rather than Edinburgh, and having switched to the Google Maps option in the X2 Player, I was: (a) pleased to see that the GPS had in fact picked up a signal (despite what the camera’s screen was saying) and then (b) a little surprised to discover that my garden had moved about a mile south of its usual location. Ah! I thought, it must be Aliens (or the military) experimenting with Star Trek transporter technology – no other explanation seemed to fit the facts! Later testing, in my car, demonstrated a continuing Alien influence as, without warning, the GPS told me that, on multiple occasions during an hour long trip, my car had instantaneously leapt half a mile or more off-road (in random directions – entirely unrelated to my actual direction of travel) before just as suddenly leaping back (though not necessarily to my actual location). This element of random unpredictability in location certainly makes for an interesting looking journey ‘track’ – but one which is probably useless as evidence in any insurance claim or court proceedings.

Image Quality: The main reason for buying a dash-cam is probably to provide evidence in the event of an incident. To serve that purpose you really need a camera that will capture as much detail as possible. Unfortunately, whilst the spec. for this camera claims a 1280x480 resolution – you need to be aware that this is the combined, side by side, resolution offered by the two cameras when simultaneously displayed. Each camera offers only a 640x480 (VGA) resolution – and, actually, the bottom 40 pixels (or so) of that are lost to the black band that carries the date information. As one camera looks towards the interior of the vehicle its usefulness in capturing incident details is somewhat limited. This leaves only the forward camera to capture the ‘action’.

To show just how inadequate 640x480 is at capturing essential details (e.g. number-plates) I’ll attach a couple of frame-grabs taken in a car-park. The upper frame is a 640x300 crop from the Lujii, the lower frame is a matching crop (640x300) taken from my normal dash-cam (an E-Prance G1W). The E-Prance shot is not a telephoto one – its lens has a similar angle of view to that of the Lujii – it is just that at 1920x1080 the E-Prance’s full frame is three times the width of the Lujii’s. Put it another way, all else being equal, a genuine full HD camera will capture about seven times more detail than a VGA one (3x horizontally and 2.25x vertically). These two frame grabs demonstrate that fact ... in the upper one (Lujii) the number plates on the cars (which are about one and a half car-lengths in front of the camera) are barely visible – and completely unreadable ... and no matter how much you enlarge that image - that is as good as it gets. The lower crop (E-Prance) has the same pixel count as the Lujii’s crop – but as it was taken by a camera with seven times the imaging area (in pixels) it is perfectly possible to read the number plates. The Lujii’s image has other problems as well – in bright conditions it tends to underexpose – making it even harder to read number-plates.

Overall, the Lujii is pretty-much useless as an evidence gatherer – its images lack sufficient detail and its GPS tells blatant untruths. Other reviews have noted the clumsy way in which access to the memory card is impeded by the power and GPS connections and, I would add, the near-impossibility of navigating the menu buttons without smearing the interior lens with fingerprints. Look elsewhere; spend another 10-15 pounds and get a camera that has native high definition capability – this particular model just doesn’t cut it.
review image
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on 22 January 2015
In my opinion the best all round DVR you can buy for the money.

Firstly let me say the camera and assorted leads take up a lot or space, I would not necessarily recommend them for cars with small windscreens, however for cars, vans and lorries with larger windscreens it should be fine (So long as its location does not impede the driver's view.).

I drive a sign written van and as such I am a prime target for "Cash for crash" gangs, for those of you who do not know about the whole cash for crash scams incidents, where fraudsters deliberately (sometimes with multiple cars in communication via mobile phones), have one car cut up or brake sharply in front of the other, which then performs an emergency stop causing an innocent driver’s car to go into the back of them. As it is the driver of the car behind that is deemed to be at fault in such collisions, fraudsters attempt to claim large sums in compensation for apparent whiplash caused by that driver. Gangs will target the vehicles most likely to have insurance like sign written vans or lorries.

So in an attempt to protect myself from such fraudsters I got one of these car cams, this particular model records not only what is going on on the road in front of me, but also my speed and location via the GPS, and it records what I'm doing in the cab with a rear facing camera, basically a total "Black box" for my van.

If you are the sort of person who makes it a habit of breaking the road traffic act, by using a hand held phone, or dangerous driving or regularly speeding then this camera is probably NOT a good buy for you, if however you are a good safe driver then it gives you the indisputable evidence if you have an accident, of not only what the other driver did, but what you were doing at the time of the accident.
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on 7 July 2014
I started using dashboard cameras after a lorry ran over one of my previous cars from behind while I was sitting stationary in a traffic jam. There are a lot of reckless drivers on the road, especially in London, and not many people are prepared to testify as witnesses.

I have two of these, costing depends on who is selling them and the capacity of the memory card. So far, this investment has saved me £1187.39 when another driver's negligence resulted in a collision with damage to the front of my car (total write-off) and to the side of their car. Without the video footage, damage inspection alone would have made it look my driver was at fault. The cameras have also captured countless other examples of negligent drivers and cyclists.

A power button turns the device on and off if held down. The same button is used to switch between front view, back view or both simultaneously (filming settings for front, back or both simultaneously are found in the menus). There is an `OK' button which starts and stops recording. The camera can also be set-up to automatically record whenever you turn your ignition on and stop when you turn it off. When you take the camera out of it box for the first time, it may be using a non-English language. If you press the menu button when not recording, and then scroll down to the 7th item (with a cartoon of a person talking next to it) that is the language selector. Once you have used this to select your language, the device becomes self-explanatory.

The camera records in a continuous loop. It has a built-in GPS (recording your location simultaneously with video footage) and a shock sensor intended to detect crashes and automatically save (protect) video files relating to any crash so that they will not be over-written by the loop. If you leave the GPS plugged in when not in use, it will drain your camera's battery, losing your important settings, so I generally leave it disconnected. If you drive a sports car, the shock sensor is pretty useless, because it thinks you have crashed every time you corner, brake or put your foot down. If you are not using the automatic crash sensor you can manually save (protect) video files by pressing the right arrow button immediately after the incident has occurred. It works well for normal cars though. There is a limited capacity for saved files, so be sure to review them regularly and un-protect any that you do not actually need.

The ports on the camera are covered by a rubber protector that flaps around when the leads are plugged in. Be sure that this flap is tucked away neatly when driving or it may obscure some of the view of the inside of the car. In this video the driver has not tucked it away, and as a result it obscures her face. The video file size uploadable to Amazon is limited. To see the same camera footage in full quality search the internet for a video named `The End of the UEA Dharma Society Buddha Car'

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on 27 January 2014
Camera is rubbish and the companies service matches it! I cannot believe that this camera is being sold as an aid to help in a legal fight! You might as well get an old etch-a-sketch and mount that on the wind-screen. The quality is bad and spotting a number plate is even worse. I did say I liked the camera, but then (because this one was broken and Goods-cool ignored me) I bought an E-Prance mini 0801! The 0801 was amazing HD and only £58 without a SDHC card. The SDHC card cost me £12.90 on e3bay from nicememories2013 (correct at time of writing).

Avoid this camera and company regarding this product. Also, in the end Amazon gave me a refund because Goods-cool ignored my emails to them.
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on 21 November 2013
For the money I wasn't expecting much but..
It's advertised as HD (High definition) but each camera records at 640x480 (not HD).
The video when viewed on the PC is grainy & low quality. Number plates are unreadable so this will not hold up in a court of law.
As others have mention, it records as soon as you turn it on so the gravity sensor is useless.
GPS does not work. Just stuck somewhere in China!
Finally, on battery the unit only lasted half an hour so needs to be plugged in all the time.
Buy this at your peril!
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on 22 December 2013
The first thing to say is that it doesn't have night vision, which is my own fault for not reading their advert carefully. I also never received the 4gb memory card and e-mailed them but got no immediate reply. However i sent them a further e-mail threatening to return the camera under the Distance Selling Regulations and that got a reply and my 4gb card!! On the plus side the picture is nice and clear in daylight and displays the speed in KPH (making me more aware of speed limits!) As I'm retired, don't do so much driving and do most of my driving during the day the lack of night vision is not such a bind, but I'd advise anyone who does drive more, or at night to go for a more expensive one (NOT the cheap Chinese imports) with proper night vision and preferably Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).
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