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on 6 July 2013
I have always used HP printers in the past and have been very pleased with the photo print quality and the inks.
I wanted a printer that could print good quality photographs which would be colour accurate with a properly callibrated monitor and paper profiles. So far I have not been disappointed. It also prints onto DVD or CD which is great if you are a wedding or portrait photographer and want to deliver images to clients on disk. It will also deal with fairly thick cardstock so would be great for anyone wanting to produce their own greetings cards especially if they are wanting photographic quality. The rear feed makes this possible although it did take me a while to work out how to feed the paper in correctly even when following the instructions- this aspect could have been better designed but does work once you get the hang of it. Also I find the finishing tray a little annoying as it comes out automatically but you have to push it back in. I have had issues with the printer blobbing ink on a T shirt transfer although his seems like it may have been a one off. I am not sure the inks are as colourfast as the HP ones as I made T shirt transfers with my old HP printer very easily and these did not fade or run with washing. The results with this printer have not been quite so good but it may be that it was the transfers themselves and not the printer - I would need to trial it more to be certain. I don't use Epson paper which is not recommended but I am sure that this is a marketing ploy rather than a real reason for not using other specialist papers. Inks are fairly expensive but seem to last a while. Overall I am pretty happy with the printer so far.
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on 16 July 2013
I finally bought an Epson xp-750 after considering a bunch of alternatives and of course the reviews on this site.

I'd like to give the following feedback:

First things first - READ THE MANUAL - many of the complaints I've seen, especially those regarding printing from the rear feed would not have been an issue. As always too many people assume because they have used printers before that they KNOW how things should be,

Noisy - not really, certainly not loud enough to break concentration when printing.

Setting up - simple using direct connection - usb or network, I didn't bother with wireless as it wasn't a need for me.

Remote printing - simple to implement - works great.

Ink usage - first up, I expect printers to use ink - I only use m/facturers own, don't like the prices, but one always has 2 choices.

I was somewhat concerned regarding some of the ink usage claims by certain individuals so I offer the following for what it's worth.

Using the inks which come with the printer so far I have:

Done the initial installation - cycles through the inks to 'load' the system
Installed the h/ware upgrade - some cycling again
Switched the printer on 12 times
5 hi-res 6X4 colour prints
3 hi-res 6x4 b/w prints
25 pages mix colour/text
3 A4 colour prints at best quality
2 A4 colour prints at ordinary quality

the ink levels are now showing on average 20% usage

Normally I use the printer for photo work and having calibrated it to work with p/shop and l/room am very satisfied with the quality of the results.
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on 14 May 2013
I have not been moved to write a serious review before, but the XP-750 has provided me with such an extreme contrast between excellence and frustration that I feel the need to share my experience. Let me start with the good news: I am a serious amateur photographer and I bought this printer to replace an Epson Stylus Photo printer, solely for printing my photographs. Using the original inks and Epson Premium Glossy paper, the print quality of the XP-750 is excellent, by far the best I have seen for a home printer and stunning at the price. It is also very quick with best quality prints, and my initial estimate of cost-per-print is that an A4 size print will come in at at less than 30p.

Now comes the 'but',................

I have been installing printers to computers since the mid-1980s (my first was an Amiga with a dot-matrix device) without any significant problems, but the Epson installation software for this printer is disastrous. I appreciate that this problem might be specific to my hardware setup. I am using Windows Vista on a fairly fast PC and a BT Infinity broadband wifi connection; probably not untypical. I will spare you the detail, but two very lengthy, failed attempts to get the printer talking to the wifi and my PC at the same time (just following the software requestors), both ended in a 'hung' process requiring a complete uninstall and restart. At this point I ditched the supplied software and went for a manual install through Windows, which eventually worked. The reason I have decided to write a review now is that I have just attempted to scan direct from from the printer to my PC, but it refuses to do so and is asking for a USB connection. This is, in my opinion, the root of the problem with the Epson installation software - it probably works fine with hardwired USB, but it can't cope with password-protected wifi (at no stage during the failed installation attempts did it ask for the wifi key), which is quite ridiculous today. I should also add that I am running a Kodak all-in-one printer on the same setup, which installed like a dream.

So, the XP-750 gets 5 stars for print quality, but a big, fat zero for software and ease of installation. If you are serious about your photographs I would highly recommend this printer, but only if your PC-rage and anger management training is current, and your computer skills are up to a 'first principles' installation. In my case, both were seriously tested.
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on 13 November 2012
I read a number of reviews of various makes and models of printers. The same model would receive reviews of "This is the best printer ever!" and "Do not buy! Dreadful!". So I am guessing there is a great variation in individual printers of the same model and it's possible to buy a dud. So, I reasoned I might as well buy a new model and Epson had a reasonable number of "Best ever!" reviews (along with some "Dreadful!" reviews).

I wanted a printer that was wireless, installed on Mac OS as well as Windows, could print good photo quality and could print directly from an iPhone. This model claimed to do all that.

Installation of the printer was straightforward for the Mac. When it came to installing on a Dell laptop however, I got a "Failed to launch configuration tool" error. However, it's difficult to know if this was a problem with the installation software or our wireless set-up or firewall. It recommended to reinstall the software and I was about to do that when I noticed the laptop could actually see the printer so I gave it a test anyway and it worked fine. I did notice later that there was an "Additional Computer" option further down the installation menu that the manual didn't mention so for subsequent installations after the first laptop, I would recommend running that. Apart from that it was straightforward. I didn't even need to enter the router password, it just asked for permission to access the password already held by the laptop. The trickiest thing was trying to find the paper tray! The output tray, the two paper trays and the CD tray are all located at the front, one on top of the other. Once you've figured out which is which, it's obvious.

The printing from iPhone was the easiest part. I downloaded the free Epson iPrinter app, it found the printer straight away and printed. Brilliant. There's also printing by sending an email to the printer which you can do from anywhere. Again, no problem.

The printer itself makes the usual clunk, whirr, clunk noises when it's setting up but I didn't mind that. It seems to take quite a few minutes to set itself up after installing an ink cartridge but (hopefully!) that won't be too often. As regards the whole ink-more-expensive-than-Dom-Perignon thing, I have given up trying to find a printer that prints for a reasonable price. A full set of XL sized cartridges for this printer will cost £69 but I will just have to see how long they last.

The print quality is good. I didn't notice a great deal of difference between the Normal and Fine settings when printing from my MacBook Pro but it was good quality. The photo quality was as good as our old Canon Pixma iP4200. Scanning was easy and accurate.

All in all, happy so far with my purchase. It does all the things I want it to. Only time will tell as regards its thirstiness ink-wise.
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on 2 February 2014
After much deliberation i decided on the XP-750.Having read the reviews i almost looked elsewhere as a lot of poeple seemed to have difficulty with the set up.I had no such difficulties,i simply followed the instructions as to do what and when to do it and it was up and running perfectly in about 15 minutes.The printer replaced an Epson CX6600 which had given superb service for years and then decided to start chewing paper and jamming.I could not find anyone willing to try and repair,hense the XP-750.Having set up the printer i decided to print a few things to see how it performed.Brilliant sums it up.I know i have only tried it out so to speak but the initial results are very good and the photos i printed are far better than the old cx6600 allthough that had allways had copy ink cartridges so the quality of the xp-750 photos may suffer when the original ink runs out.I refuse to pay EPSONS extortionate prices for replacement ink,if they were twice the price of copy cartridges i would buy them but not at four times the price.So as stated i have only had the machine long enough to do trial prints,initial results are excellent.
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on 12 March 2013
very good printer with excellent photo production and copying
only down side cartridges work out expensive approx £8 each x 6
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on 16 November 2014
I did some research before buying this printer, as I needed one with similar facilities to my previous Epson (PX630) that was damaged in a thunderstorm.
My prime interest is in photo printing and it does print very good photos, as long as you use good quality paper of course. The scanner works a lot faster than my previous model and when I copied one of my Grand Daughters school photos, it printed it out almost the same as the original.
Have not connected it up by WiFi yet as I use a lead to the computer.
As always when you buy a new Printer the Ink cartridges supplied don't seem to last as long as any replacements, I think that may be because the printer has to use a lot of ink setting up, also perhaps the cartridges don't hold as much ink. I did print out 15 double sided sheets of A4 photos in Best quality , before it became obvious that ink was getting low. I have now replaced the cartridges with "Think" ones from Choice Stationary, who I have used for some time and the print quality seem the same as the originals when photo printing. Oh... and the double sided printing works well on letters etc, magic how it takes the paper back in and turns it over to print the other side
All in all , pleased with the printer
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on 16 January 2014
As an Epson fan, keen photographer and light business user I purchased this latest product for my son in law. His feedback having set up all parameters for wired , blue tooth, and remote e mail connections by himself can only be described as glowing. On top I now have a family competitor for first class photo prints. Great product if you stick to Epson original inks and premium glossy papers.
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on 12 December 2012
Have had this printer for 2/3 days now. It replaced my elderly Epson R800 which died suddenly. The first thing I notice is that the build quality is not the same. The R800 was a solid construction whereas the XP-750 is a much lighter grade of plastic. I dont expect this to be a problem. Setting it up for wireless was no problem and adding a laptop went smoothly. In operation it is, like most inkjet printers noisy. Once it has gone through the setup process, it prints quickly. I have produced a couple of A4 pictures using Photoshop CS5 and the quality is good. Printing time on Best Quality is not fast, but marginally quicker than the R800. B/W text prnting is fast and clear. Now to the down side. When printing, the printed paper support tray extends automatically. I expected it to retract automatically as well. Pushing it back by hand did not feel right - I thought I was risking breaking the mechanism. The Epson help line confirmed that it has to be pushed back manually. The second and trickier procedure to get used to is feeding from the rear slot paper feed. I tried to follow the online manual which was extremely vague on the subject. After trying a number of methods, again I contacted the help line by email and learned that to use the rear slot you have to go into Devices and Printers, right click and set the Printing Preferences setting to Rear Feed slot. The print setup screen also has to be set to rear Feed slot. Then send the file to the printer and wait for the printer to tell you when to put the paper in and press the diamond shaped 'go ahead' symbol. The nuisance is that to revert to the feed trays (for plain paper or photo prints) it is necessary to go through the Devices and Printers route to reset the printing preferences. The other aspect to get used to is that feeding photopaper from the front trays the the print side is put in face down. I had the habit with other printers of having it face up and I got it wrong. The consequence of getting it wrong is very messy. Claria ink does not dry instantly - so be careful. I have not yet investigated the scanner. One very good point is that the email help line was most efficient and replied within 24 hours. So far I am giving it a thumbs up - but I will have work to do to find the best Photoshop preparation to achieve the best print results.
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on 5 May 2014
This is an awesome printer for photos. I shoot professionally and use the Canon 5D Mrk iii plus the latest L series lenses. I demand high quality images and after reading the reviews about this printer, I thought that I would give it a go. And all I can is wow, it does not disappoint.

It handles all I can throw at it and then delivers even more. Even photos with high contrast areas are delivered without question - superb! Worth every penny.
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