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on 27 April 2013
Unbelievable, £100 for an office printer packed with this many features? It's an absolute no-brainer! Easy to change carts for a change (use refillables and save yourself a packet) and the dual-250 sheet dual front paper trays are a real bonus, as well as a single-sheet rear feeder.

The whole thing is reassuringly well built and gives the impression it will last well, and although you're not likely to go wandering around with it very much - it's a hefty piece of kit - the neat cut-outs at the sides of the base make handling this printer much easier.

The mains cable with dog-leg plug for the back of the printer is a neat touch too, you can push the printer further back which will save you a couple of inches of desk space. One review I read elsewhere criticised the text quality but I can't tell the difference between this and my mono laser printer! Photos are superb, as good as the £200 canon printer it is replacing which I had nothing but trouble with, and all in all this is an excellent printer, cannot hardly fault it at all.

Just one little glitch - the inexplicable omission of A5 size on the paper sizes menu! There is an A6 size quoted as 105 x 148mm (which is of course actually A5 size), but it prints out A6 size. Setting a user-defined size of 105 x 148mm also printed out the smaller A6 size for some bizarre reason but it's only needed for printing packing slips so I got around it by using 5 x 7 inch which is close enough for the purpose. Strange one though but no big deal, otherwise an excellent all rounder.
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on 20 September 2013
Our HP Officejet 8500A just packed up, so this seemed like a good replacement. After reading all of the reviews, we decided this was the model for our home office.

1) If anything it is slightly neater that the Officejet, but has two paper trays and a greater paper capacity.
2) It has some really cool features, for example, you can print lined or graph paper from the front menu - great for school homework!
3) Print quality is very good indeed.
4) It is very quiet.

1) Setting it up took a while. The CD seemed to load very slowly onto the Mac.
2) Setting up an additional computer to access the printer was not straightforward. It also seems to require that you go through part of the wireless setup of the printer again, which I did not want to do, as I had done it once and it was working fine.
3) The software all take a bit of tweaking to get it to work optimally. The scanning software, by default is very clunky. You can choose a 'professional mode' that allows more freedom.
4) Scanning Software is very, very slow on 300dpi. Had to drop to 150dpi to make any headway at all.
5) Scanning Software requires you to 'preview' the documents when you use it is advanced mode. This is terrible if you are using the Automatic Document Feeder, because once it has been fed through, you have to go and feed it all back in again to scan it.

The above are not killer problems, it just made me really appreciate how good the HP software was that comes with the Officejet we had before. All the Epson stuff works, sort of, but not nicely and easily, and it doesn't seem to have been set up to be easy to use.

Will report back when I have used it for a while.

UPDATE 23/Sep/2013

I have sent the printer back. The network connectivity issues were driving me up the wall. The support page on the Epson website suggests deleting and re-installing the printer each time!

Also, the duplex printing feature is greyed out on our macs. This is a recognised issue in the FAQ section on the Epson website. It suggests making sure that you are set up to print with plain paper.

All in all, I have spent many hours setting this printer up and trying to get it work reliably, and it doesn't, so it had to go back. I will be looking for another HP Officejet.
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on 8 March 2013
I've had many epson printers all better than the last, but I think I've hit a brick wall. The photocopy options are stagering, set up was easy, though if you've only installed one or two printers before you may find the installation a bit confusing. The print driver after installation is very indepth and looks very perfessional.

The touchscreen is awesome very easy to navigate. The 2 paper trays different not to look over printer to see if your going to run out of sheets or just to print something and not even bother about the paper. Double sided printing is spot on the back up registar is perfect.

A all round solid printer.....and BIG. what you may not know is you will need access to the back of the printer from time to time so don't stick it in the cuboard or under your desk.

Here's the but....

This printer is NOT an Epson Phioto Stylus, Please don't asume it is. it can print photos but for general use. I knew this before buying this printer and the photos look perfectly fine for what I want. If I wanted to print photos I would buy a photo printer and not complain about this one.
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on 3 February 2014
I've chosen this printer because I needed something to scan directly to Google Drive. Cloud scanners are unreasonably expensive, I wonder why an all in one costs much less than a scanner only. Maybe people don't shop around just by what they see in ads, but that's not my problem as I always do my homework.
Another feature I was after was ADF and automatic duplex scanning, so that I can feed many documents at once and have them scanned without having to open the lid and turn the sheets.

Epson WorkForce WF-3520 is basically the cheapest scanner with such features. However Epson WorkForce WF-3530 with two paper trays is not much more expensive so I was going after that but Epson WorkForce WF-3540 has a £20 cashback so basically it cost me less than the WF-3530. I think the only difference between 3530 and 3540 is the WiFi direct.
I didn't go with HP because all reviews state that HPs scan to cloud app doesn't remember passwords so it's basically unusable.

Enough about why I bought it, have some review too.

Setup is easy. I don't understand why people spend their time connecting printer to a PC then downloading and running installers when all setup can be done on printer. If using a wired connection just plug it in and is connected. For wireless there are more options, i.e. WPS (aka PIN) and manually entering connection details.
Once connected to network just open printer's setup page in any browser (can be on a mobile device too) and configure more options too. IP address can be displayed on printer's display or in router's DHCP settings. I.e. this is where Google Cloud Print and EPSON Connect can be set up.
So the printer was never connected to any computer but can print and scan.

There's also a remote printer driver for people who don't want to use Google Cloud Print but want more options than sending docs through email.
There's also a mobile app for Android and iOS, but with Google Cloud Print I don't see any use of it.
Setting up Apple Air Print is also easy and possible without connecting the printer to a PC. Just open admin page in browser and click AirPrint Setup. Here you'll encounter one of the many software bugs. There's no description what Bonjour Location is so I left it empty. No error message was displayed when I saved settings so I assumed it's optional. AirPrint wasn't working so I went back and entered some random text into location field and saved again. Now AirPrint started to work.

Print quality is good. Both text and graphics.
This isn't a photo printer but photos printed on normal paper are no different than the ones printed on same paper with an average photo printer (I.e. Canon Pixma iP6600).

Scan quality is very good. I only used ADF what has only got Text quality setting available. Scanning from glass has Photo quality too.

Another very annoying software bug is that duplex print setting isn't applied to all prints, only to copy from scanner and print from memory card and USB stick.
EPSON support is as rubbish as any other similar company's support. Their first reply to my report about duplex setting not working was a link to a KB page about Windows settings. When I explained I'm not using a PC they blamed 3rd party companies for this issues. I asked bit didn't get answered what 3rd party companies are to blame if email printing through EPSON Connect doesn't work. I wouldn't be surprised if they would eventually reply that is Gmail :-D

The most annoying error I found is paper tray handling. This is one of the selling points of this printer but if you think you'll get a printer with 500 sheet capacity forget it. Printer can't use tray 2 if tray 1 runs out of paper. It stops printing and displays an error. It doesn't even give the option to continue from tray 2, need to fill up tray 1 or resend print job to tray 2.
It is also not possible to set tray 2 as default.
The problem with this is that tray 1 has the option to load envelopes so if you thought you can have envelopes in tray 1 and A4 in tray 2 and printer will default to 2 forget it. In this setup tray 2 has to be selected explicitely for every print job, otherwise prints will fail.
For email printing there isn't an option to select trays at all so either all emails will be printed on envelopes either will not be printed at all.

So sad that two of the most advertised features (ECO Duplex and two trays) are failing. Both are software issues so could be easily fixed in a firmware update but knowing the update schedule of similar products I don't see much chance for these being fixed.

Other annoying software issues:
Content is not formatted to printer's display i.e. when scannning the contrast control is so big that only the title of 2 sided setting is visible so I always have to scroll down to check what the setting is.

There's no default setting for scan to cloud, always have to select that single provider I have set up.
More annoying is that it doesn't store providers not even for 10 seconds, so have to wait 5-10 seconds before each scan to load list with my one provider.
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on 18 January 2014
For once a printer that just works. After many frustrating years of trying various makes of printer/copiers and scanners (including Epson) happened upon this and have been delighted with it. Have ditched all my others printers and now the whole family can print copy and scan with ease. We have a variety of PC's, Laptops, Macs, tablets and iPhones and all can print to this with ease. The EPSON app is especially good and so easy to use. Inks are also very cheap for this. Can get a 16 generic chipped ones for £10 delivered.
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on 24 April 2013
This is a replacement for an earlier one that was faulty. I was suprised at the speed with wish a replacent was sent. I was expecting that their will be a long delay before I get a replacement. I am very happy to know that their are still some companies around that keep their promises about customer service. Before I bought this product, I have compared it with other similar product on the market. This is the ideal printer for home or small office. It is good value for money.

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on 17 February 2014
I operate a near-paper-free office, so anything that reduces the time taken to scan really matters to me. Duplex scanning and cloud-scanning are the features I bought this for. Once set up this device is brilliant.

Setting up the printer & scanner wirelessly with the PC was very easy from the CD they supply. But you can do it directly from the printer’s web interface, as other reviewers have also observed.

Cloud scanning to Google Docs also works well... once it is set up. BUT it was not easy to set up for me. The (helpful when you get the right operator) Epson Helpdesk and I established that Windows 8 was blocking some communication which prevented the printer’s registration with "Epson Connect" (that's the web service through which cloud scanning is achieved). It didn’t matter whether the firewall was disabled or not. Anyway, using a Windows 7 machine was the answer.

Otherwise, suffice to say that it works as described. Print quality is fine for office documents. Having two trays is great – and works for first-page-only letterhead with MS-Word. Duplex printing works well too. Cheap generic ink is available from many discount suppliers. It also works fine with standard £2.50 Asda paper.

For the ecologically minded, most cartridge discounters won’t accept Epson cartridges, because they can’t refill them themselves. But you can sign up for Epson’s own recycling scheme online, and they’ll send you envelopes which you can use.

One other tip – if possible with your router, assign it a fixed IP address. Mine changed its IP address after a couple of months, which meant wireless printing stopped. But this is a networking issue, not the printer itself.
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on 15 September 2013
My Canon printer died and I needed a replacement so having read a few reviews I picked this one with the added bonus of a scanner with automatic document feed.
I wanted a printer with ethernet so it was permanently on my network and usable from anywhere, this one is...from anywhere on the planet if I so choose.
I am using compatible cartridges as most of my printing is text documents with the occasional low detail graphics.
The printer is capable of hi-resolution photo printing but I would recommend genuine Epson cartridges for that task as compatibles don't give quite the same quality print in my estimation.
The price was good and delivery quick as is the document printing and I can recommend it for home or small office workgroup.
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on 19 January 2013
Good quality printer . Great wifi easy to install. Like the two large paper trays dont have to keep putting paper in the tray. Nice interface easy to follow. A good allrounder good at some tasks average in others. The ink useage seems good for cost. Know I understand why having seperate ink cartridges is better and is cheaper.two sided printing is good.
Print quality is ok not exceptional. Scanning was slow but did the job. Epson software is poor and very poor compared to hp. The printer is big but what do you expect from an allrounder I am happy with my purchase
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on 24 September 2013
bought it mainly for ADF duplex fearture. however - could not manage more than few pages before jams and stops.
cuation: can only scan via ADF A4 pages - nothing smaller in size, and nothing remotely wider even by 1mm. returned and bought HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 plus, which is really good and does not have the issues of Epson.

PS: Amazon excellent returns policy works smoothly again - and because the unit is rather heavy they came to pick it up free of charge, instead me having to drag it to the post-office. The refund followed promptly. Another good reason to stay a loyal customer of all things Amazon
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