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4.3 out of 5 stars171
4.3 out of 5 stars
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On the front of the M165 is a button which can be pressed to answer calls or held down during pairing. “Answer” or “Ignore” voice commands can also be used when answering calls, but I found it easier just to press the button. The button is easy to locate and serves it’s purpose very well.

To the left side is a switch for turning the unit on or off. This is easily accessed with your thumb, even with the M165 in your ear. Reassuring voice prompts of “Power on, talk time X hours” and “Power off” leave you in no doubt of what is happening.

On the right side is the volume button. This toggles between 4 settings with a “Maximum volume” voice prompt at the loudest setting. Holding down this button will mute the headset.

Looking to the top of the device we find a standard micro USB port for charging. This gives most Android users an advantage over the iPhone, as the same charger can be interchanged to charge both your phone and the headset. The accompanying USB charging cable allows a second USB cable to be plugged into a pass-through port, enabling you to charge both your phone and the M165 from a single USB port.

The final item in the box is a USB car charger connector where the cable can be plugged. This charger seems to be great quality and is small enough to let me close it inside the cigarette lighter panel of my car which is a big improvement over previous chargers I’ve owned. The charger also has a nice blue LED when operational.

From the outset, I have to say that one area where the M165 really excels is comfort. The unit is extremely light and slips easily into either ear. Once in place I can hardly feel that it’s there and could easily forget about it. No amount of violent head-shaking made it fall out (my wife is a formidable woman). An ear-clip is included in the package to give a more secure fit, but for my ears I found it to be unnecessary. I would really love a pair of ear-buds with a similar ear retention design as this.

Pairing the M165 with an Android device is extremely simple, after which all you need to do is turn on Bluetooth and the headset connects instantly as soon as you flick the switch. Reception was generally good, with audio continuing to play through walls and up to around 15ft from my smartphone. However for some reason when walking with my phone in my left pocket and the headset in my right ear, I did have a problem with the audio occasionally cutting out or skipping. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was causing this (I’m not aware of any metal plates in my body) but switching the phone to the pocket on same side as the headset resolved the problem.

Listening to audio is very clear both during calls and playing media. The headset boasts dual microphones to help reduce background noise during calls. However while I had no problem being heard in a quiet environment, it was a different story when trying to talk with a lot of background noise. The headset did cancel a lot of the noise, but also seemed to muffle the voice making it very difficult to understand. Overall I didn’t find using the M165 offered any advantage when talking in a noisy environment. Another aspect to be aware of is that when gaming you do notice a very slight delay between the action and audio. This is just for a fraction of a second and I do believe this lag is inherent with all Bluetooth devices.

The M165 charges within a couple of hours, after which it offers 7 hours of active battery life. For such a small and light device, this unit really offers excellent battery life. I found I was able to use the headset for days of moderate use before the battery would run low. A quick charge and it was back in action.

Plantronics have a couple of Android apps on the Play Store for use with their headsets. The first app called MyHeadset unfortunately didn’t have a guide for the M165 at the time of this review, however it’s MyRecorder voice memo function worked well. This app also adds a notification to your notification shade while the M165 is in use telling you how much talk time you have left. Clicking on it brings you to the Plantronics website. The other Find MyHeadset app helps you find a lost headset by sending an alarm tone.

To be honest, I usually don’t need any assistance to look like a dork and it is difficult to look cool with a black slug hanging out of your ear. However the M165 is smaller than most, and with the rise of the phablet I could see this as a great alternative to holding a huge phone to your ear.

While one of the units greatest strengths is that it is extremely small and light, this also makes it easy to lose. Also when you have the M165 in your pocket there is no protection for the silicon earpiece. I’d have liked to see some sort of carry case included with the device.

However the wireless aspect is really nice, allowing great freedom of movement when doing tasks where you would normally snag the wire on something. Although you are restricted to mono, this does offer an advantage if you need to be able to hear your surroundings. I had no problem listening to long podcasts or music with this device, and found myself using it in situations where I normally wouldn’t have bothered with earphones. If you regularly make calls in situations such as driving where you need to keep your hands free, then I would definitely consider adding one of these to your shopping list.

Overall I would highly recommend the M165 as it is a great option if you are in the market for a Bluetooth headset.


Small and light.
Comfortable with great fit.
Excellent battery life.
Quality construction.
Simple to use.
Voice prompts.


Occasional audio skipping.
Noise cancellation muffles voice.
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on 13 August 2013
Headset arrived quickly, and is the best one I've had. It is very clear both for me and for the people I am talking to, and simple to operate, although voice control doesn't work on my current, borrowed phone.

The only problem is the announcements about charging: when I switch it on a female voice tells me softly how much talk time there is. But after it got down to 3 hours, the charge fell rapidly, eventually the voice telling me that the charge is low, please charge the device. This started happening every 2 minutes or so, and became really annoying, particularly as the announcements drowned out any conversation I was having with someone I had called! Perhaps if she didn't keep making so many announcements, the charge would last for another 2 hours! Shut Up Woman!!!
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on 14 February 2014
Had this for a week or so now and the intitial impressions are good, functionality, comfort, call quality and battery life are all good.

Fit / Comfort
It is surprisingly comfortable and in my stays in my right ear very well even without the supplied ear hook. My left ear on the other hand it does not feel quite so secure, I'm guessing this is down to the shape of my ear, but still better than the JabraTALK this has replaced. It is very lightweight and a bit smaller than other headsets I've had so this probably helps. When it is in my ear I can't actually feel that it is in.

Battery Life
The battery life appears to be good and I like the way it actually translates battery life into estimated talktime which it announced everytime you switch it on. This appears to be quite accurate too, when you have a fully charged headset it announces it has 7hrs of talktime and following an hour phone call this dropped to 6hrs of talktime. I would feel comfortable going away for a week and not taking a charger with me although it will probably invalidate the warranty as it uses a standard micro USB connection if you have a Android phone, Kindle or MiFi dongle the charger will fit and more than likely charge successfully.

Call Quality
Probably the most important factor As with all the other Plantronics headsets I have had over the years the call quality and connection quality is great, people sound clear to me and I've jet to have anyone complain that they can't hear me. The device has always stayed connected through any phone call which I can't say of the JabraTALK.

The extended bluetooth capability means it can play music and other sounds from my iPhone, the quality is perfect for podcasts and sat-nav instructions and even though it is mono, music is quite good too. The fact it is a multipoint headset is very useful for people like me who have both a work mobile and a personal mobile as it connects to both when you switch it on and then whichever rings it connects to.

Unlike other reviewers I got the USB car charger and the pass through charging cable, I can confirm that the supplied charger has sufficient power to supply the iPhone 5 with enough juice to charge the device and use Sat-Nav at the same time as charging the headset; something not all 12v USB chargers can do. Also included in the package was a plastic ear hook which I'm guessing could be used if your ear didn't quite fit the device or you felt that it wasn't as secure as you would like.
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on 27 July 2014
I previously had the M55 model, which I was relatively happy with, until it got crackly and started cutting out. Amazon offered me a replacement or money back, so I upgraded to this one.

Many others have given extensive reviews already, so I shall focus on the key noticeable differences over the M55. I would say that the main one is that it has a button on it rather than the button being incorporated into the body of the unit. This makes a huge difference, as when you went to either put it in your ear or reposition it, you would inadvertently press the button and end up hanging up on the call. I haven't noticed too much difference in functionality other than it reacts and connects a bit quicker. It also seems to feel slightly less plasticky and better quality.

for me, the button arrangement alone make it worth it over the M55.
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on 9 July 2013
This is the best headset I've bought so far. Fits so snuggley in ear you forget its even there. The sound quality is brilliant and volume can be adjusted easily. It can connect to two phones at the same time which is a bonus. Works will with both smart phone and older keypad phones. Its light with a superb build quality. Would highly recommend this device
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on 4 November 2013
I use a bluetooth headset all the time for work and have tried many types. This one is a nice solid build and a comfortable fit. The voice contol works ok with my galaxy s2 and the sound is clear without being exceptional. My only gripe is that a 2 in 1 car charger was not included and the wall charger supplied was not for the UK (think it was USA). It's a mini usb socket and I have several already, so I won't return it but be aware if you don't have a spare.
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on 20 October 2014
It's very similar to the M55 except there is a small home button rather than having the entire back as the button. The sound quality is better but it still has the same basic problem as the M55. The voice answer doesn't work. Ignore works most of the time but when you say 'Answer' in any shape or form it rarely if ever picks up the call. This is extremely frustrating! It doesn't matter how or when you say answer or if you say it several times at all manner of volumes and any accent you can think of it won't work 99% of the time. If ignore works without a problem there is no reason 'Answer' shouldn't work just as well.
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on 28 December 2013
I love it.
It's so light. Pairs with iPhone and displays the remaining battery life.
Great for everyday use. I place it in my ear every time I need the phone. Otherwise I keep it in my pocket.
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on 21 January 2013
I dived in to the whole bluetooth headset thing from the beginning but unfortunately my first was my last for 9 years. It was unreliable and way too big. Anyhow, thought i'd take the plunge again and am totally delighted with my purchase. This thing is tiny (7g) and does everything it says on the box (apart from the MyHeadset App which doesn't support all of the new features of the 165 yet). It connects to both my work iPhone and my Android Galaxy without any complications AND both together at the same time. I am reliably told that the sound quality is better than my standard headphone mic., something i really didn't expect. The headset verbally updates its remaining battery level and asks you if you want to answer a call, reply answer and it just works!!

For the price, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. It works very well indeed.
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on 15 December 2013
I just bought a bunch of these for my employees before they get caught driving without hands free. A great feature is the voice dialling which is vey simple to use. Just press the power button for 2 secs until it beeps, then say "call blogs" and it will call blogs, or give you other choices. Plant tonics are trying to move customers to a fee paying service for voice recognition to read email or text for you and seem to bundle voice dialling in with this. So if, like me, you're fed up of companies trying to get you on a subscription then this headset does the job well.

It also sits very comfortably in the ear, has great volume control and has a great microphone and people I called did not even know I was in the car.

The only downside is that I paid £49 for these from Maplins!
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