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97 of 99 people found the following review helpful
on 28 April 2012
After a lot of research i ended up purchasing this wonderful device, the seller was Samsung 3D store uk - next day delivery faultless!!!, they even sent me the english version of the manual in advance of recieving the item so i could read up on the device before hand (thankyou!!)

My reason to purchase this device-
I was nearly the victim of a staged crash in the early hours of the morning, my licence is essential for my job and i happen to really love the car i currently own, the idiot decided that he (with another car behind) would overtake and slam thier brakes on as hard as they could with the brake lights disconnected. As the cars had been following me for quiet a while i had became aware of them and this saved me as i had covered my brakes when the manuver was undertaken, also the brakes on my car were much better than the ones on the car that was trying to do the insurance scam.

Now the device-
I originally was looking at the cheap devices that are all over the ebay site, having looked at the videos of them in action on you tube i was left feeling deflated with the overall quality of the recordings, also i was unhappy with the sizes of the devices. A lot of them have small LCD screens, big suction caps to fit to the screen, and basically scream steal me.
The Blackvue is tiny, approx the size of a packet of extra stong mints, infact its virtually invisble on my car, no lcd screen though.
Ive put the machine behind the rear view mirror, this area is blacked out on my car so all that is visible is about 1/3 of the device.
The machine fixes to your windscreen using double sided adhesive tape (supplied with a spare), this is the same tape they use to affix rear view mirrors to windscreens so is very strong.
Before you fix it to your windscreen check you have put it in the correct locations, the micro sd card slot and power input need to be on the right side otherwise your pictures will be upside down.
Also check you have good clear view, you dont want the camera looking though a tinted piece of glass.
One last thing is make sure you have enough access to remove the micro sd card and power lead, in hindsight i should have put mine under the rear view mirror mount as it fiddly removing mine.

The box comes with everything you need, it has a 12/24 volt cigar lighter adaptor to plug into a power outlet, but be aware the blackvue has a parking feature and needs constant supply for this feature to work. My car turns of all power to everything when the ignition is off, i ended up hard wiring it to constant 12volt supply so i could have the parking feature.
The power lead has to be ran around the edge of the windscreen where i have dropped it into one of my pillars and then into the dashboard, totally invisble installation, the lead is very long and there is plenty of length to get to a power output on the majority if not all motors including lorrys and coaches.
You also get adhesive cable holders if you cant tuck the lead into your cars trim.
You also get a 16gb class 6 samsung micro sd card, an micro sd to sd card adaptor and an sd adaptor to usb adaptor.
You get a manual - this is sadly in Korea but the english version is avalible online and is also on the sd card.


From what ive been reading the software only supports windows at the moment (inc 64bit - there are reports it dosnt work but i only have 64 bit machines and the software works fine). Sorry mac owners.
To install the software is a doddle, you plug in the sd card and open it, in here you can change all the settings from the colour of the lights, picture quality, sensitivity, time etc.
This is also where you can view the recorded footage - the program has 3 different levels of recording, N for normal (green), P for parked (blue), E for event (orange (these wont be overwritten)).
You can view all your footage in this application - the files are standard mp4 so you can also view them on other players like VLC or even a android phone.
With the application though it will show up excatly where your driving on google maps, it give you the option to zoom in, extract a video segment, take a frame as a picture or even print a frame directly from the app. It also records your g forces (very tempting lol)
Overally i am rather impressed with the job they have done on the software, it works seemlessly on my machine and has been thought though well.
It would be nice if they released an linux and mac version
The picture quality - FANTASTIC!!!!! at 1080 30fps the details are outstanding, even at night everything is very clear. Ive put the quality down to 720p as ive found the quality more than acceptable with nearly double the record time. The viewing angle is about 140 degrees (as per manual) so give a real good birds eye view but Dont take my word on this one look on you tube to find examples.

In use-

The device remains on 24-7 if you have it wired to a constant supply, when you pull away it talks if you have enabled it saying something like normal mode activated drive safely, when you park it eventually says park mode activated, but you can turn it straight to park mode and vice versa my using the button on the side.
Around the button is a ring of leds, you can config these to match the colour of your dash board in the app, or if you dont like them at all turn them off. you also have a recording light and gps light, the gps stays green all the time, but the recording goes to red when motoring and green when parked. When its flashing its writing to the sd card.
The machine also has a built in microphone (which can also be disabled in the app) - tbh it works but isnt a high quality microphone, but for govenment work it will do the job!.

I only have one worry about this machine, it seems to run very hot, i dont know if its the gps reciever, the speed it writes to the sd card or the cpu, its just seems to run very hot, with that in mind if your leaving your car for over a week i would pull the lead out or get the battery protection kit. It will drain the battery over time, but the current it uses is very low, with a good quality battery on your car i would expect a min of a week before it would run down - just keep that in mind if your jet setting of for a month.
There is a built in battery but i think that is just to keep the internal clock running as its only 130mha the machine wont run on it and will power down when the supply is disconnected.

Ask yourself this, what would happen if you had to take the blame for an accident you didnt cause because of the lack of evidence, you had your car vandalised, became the victim of road rage?
It might cost you your excess - average at the time of writing is probo around £250 mark, or if your unlucky you could lose your licence (what happend to a friend when someone reversed into him and claimed he drove into them - then claimed for personal injury, result was the court took his licence away for 6 months),
this little box of tricks will take away the grey area of liabilty, you can proove you wasnt at fault, or proove that the hooligan down the road was the culprit of your break in (as long as he dosnt notice the blackvue). With all the fraudsters about now on our roads can you afford not to purchase one? - if the answer is yes send me your location im moving there!!!
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21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 23 September 2013
I've been using this since May 2013. It's fairly easy to set up. The video is recorded in one minute sections so it's easy to save the part you want.

It's very good at recording the general action, the position of vehicles, etc. So, if someone pulls out in front of you the recording would be very useful in the event of a dispute with the other driver.

However, if you want to see any sort of detail, especially of anything moving then forget it. Considering this camera is not cheap and is supposed to be HD, the quality of detail is very poor. I have found that it is impossible to read number plates of any moving vehicle, even in good light. The movement blurs all such detail and the recording is rather 'blocky'. Superficially the scene looks like good quality, but if you freeze the frame or zoom in you see the failings.

So, I cannot read the number plates of any car coming towards me on the other side of the road, nor of any parked vehicles I pass even at modest speed (30 mph), nor even the number of the car in front unless I'm really close and not moving very quickly. On one occasion a car jumped the lights when I was waiting first at the lights. There was a pedestrian island to my right in the middle of the road. The car came from behind me, pulled around the island, jumped the lights and cut in to the left again. It was impossible to read the number plate.

To recap, it's fine for recording the general scene and actions but extremely poor at detail. Bear these limitations in mind before you buy.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 7 November 2013
I did not buy through Amazon but a group buy from a car forum.

I have had one fitted to the front of my car for over 3 years and it provides reassurance that in the event of an accident you can prove who was in the wrong. The picture quality - full 1080p HD - is superb and the GPS functionality allows you to replay any journey on your PC, the speed recording can be turned on or off.

Easy to fit, just be sure mount it high (behind the rear view mirror is best) and aim the lens down to avoid too much sky which can cause overexposure problems, better to have a clear view of the road ahead with lots of bonnet rather than pics of low flying aircraft.

Have been so impressed that I have just bought another to fit to the rear screen
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 23 June 2012
This new model DR400G 2HD is a definite improvement on the first model which is still in a class of its own. This new model has a much better definition with a new 2 megapixel cmos sensor. You really need to go to the website[...] and look at all the options this camera offers, all the demo's and possibilities too many to mention. No doubt this is the market leader and now having used it under all travelling conditions both here and across Europe it really does perform to expectations.
However no matter how good a product is it is the technical and customer support that is paramount because it is a very sophisticated product and not a toy. So choose your supplier carefully. I deal with SMART TV GUY UK because they have what I term a European quality approach to their UK support structure, based on the premise that you cannot teach experience it is nice to know that whatever the question or problem they have a trained and experienced person to hand. you can't put too high a value on customer support, something often missing in the UK.
After considerable and still ongoing research I have still not found another camera that comes anywhere near this in terms of functionality and clarity, which is important because less than HD quality is in my opinion not worth buying.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 July 2013
Very simple to install as long as you interpret the helpful installation instructions.
They appeared to me to suggest mounting the thing on the back of the rear view mirror.

Anyway, fix to the windscreen. A good place is behind the rear view mirror.
Make sure you test removing the unit from the holder and able to disconnect the power lead.
The reason for this is that you will want to remove the unit to get the card out or to just put the main unit somewhere safer than on view.
Another instruction that did not help that much was how much force may be required to remove the unit from the holder.
It can be quite a lot the first few times.
Also, it seems like the unit will not rotate all the way round, not true, just use a bit of force.
I was going to get 2 spare holders but the price of them plus the high cost of shipping changed my mind.
I replaced the 16gb SD card with a 32gb card just to cover for a full week but that is not really needed.

My car does not support the parking mode so you would have to find some other way to keep the unit powered up if you have the same problem.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 15 August 2012
Like many others, I have looked at all the cheaper products similar to this one, but it was seeing some of the Youtube footage that eventually convinced me to part with so much cash for this item. After trawling through reviews, youtube footage etc, I took the plunge and ordered it late afternoon along with a couple of other items including a 32gb card, and in usual Amazon fashion, it arrived by 12 noon the next day!! aven though I went for standard delivery.
I installed the camera in about half an hour, most of this time was concealing the cable, the camera itself was just a couple of minutes.
I had to read the instuctions from the card that was included as I dont read or speak Korean! they are in PDF format and very easy to follow.
I also downloaded the smartphone (Android) app for my mobile to play back on the hoof.
The first time I played it back on my laptop, the images were a little dark, so a couple of clicks in the setup menu within the playback software and WOW! the images are incredible, even better than on Youtube! crystal clear, even when zooming in.
Within a half hour it nearly paid for itself when a driver cut me up on the M62, I checked the footage and everything was caught perfectly and his reg number was clear to see, luckily he did not make contact as I braked hard and swerved which put the camera into "Event" mode.
So all in all, I am very pleased with my puchase and think it is worth every penny, I cover around 60k miles a year so chances are I will be using it as evidence one day.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 11 June 2013
Very fast delivery. This camera is exactly as described and very easy to set-up and use. The picture is clear and it adjusts quickly to changes in light levels. I will definitely buy from 'Smart TV Guy' again, I like his style!
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 12 February 2013
Well packaged, good manual and comes with everything you need to get going.
Setup is very intuitive and instructions are in clear English

The software is fantastic:
- Review your footage using Google maps and see the whole journey mapped out with a marker at each recording file.
- You can zoom in on still images, or hold the mouse over the image while playing for a zoomed in window.
- You can export the individual file or for a set time period.
- You can print the frozen image.

The setup using the computer is very easy, changing the LED light function so it can be on or off in parked and/or normal mode, setting the sensitivity level for both recording modes is a breeze although the system is still recording events too easily if you hit a speed bump.
I have mine in 'stealth' mode with the LED off all the time and no audible or visual indication it is even there, so at night it is unseen. The only visual activity is the recording and GPS lights.
You can invert the image so if (like me) the camera has to be on the right side of the mirror and therefore upside down so the unit is hidden, then you can review the footage the correct way round in the viewer (although date and time is still not corrected)

The power cable supplied is easily long enough to take the long way round the windscreen to the power source with cable clips to keep it tidy, and a spare sticky pad if you need to relocate the holder.

It has a video out function which can be plugged into a video in feed on a monitor for a live feed of what the camera is seeing.

Returning to my parked car I noticed a crack in my front bumper, the camera caught the lady driver of a new Range Rover trying to squeeze into the space in front of my car and reverse into me.
The 'G' sensor of the camera picked it up as a 1.5g motion to the rear and the crunch of the contact and recorded it as an event. The lady got out of her car (wearing headscarf and high heels!)to inspect any damage, saw the crack with her paintwork on my car and promptly got back in her Range Rover and moved off. The camera picked everything up in glorious high definition, showing every wrinkle on her face and lack of concern. So a quick export of the file to a DVD, and a hard copy of her car and her looking at the damage and will register with the police to obtain payment for a new bumper. I wont even think I would need to bother my insurers!

Two fifty for the camera has already saved me three hundred on a new bumper. So already quids in.

Maybe worth getting one for the back of the car!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 17 June 2013
Brilliant product, recently had a car accident rolling the car and looking back on the play back you can see it was a pot hole that caused a blow out causing me to roll. Claiming of the council now. Also brilliant for recording and back up with work on the road alot. I can not say a bad word about this it is a wonderful piece of kit and now would not be with out it on the road.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 4 March 2013
I've been wanting one of these for a long time. I deal with insurance claims and hear the horror stories of fraudulent and exaggerated claims so bought this to try and protect myself in the event of something unexpected happening on the road. I was once the innocent victim of a road rage assault a few years ago and how I wish I had this then, it would have saved a stressful and unnecessary court hearing. In many respects the BlackVue does exactly what I want it to but I do have one or two niggles. Firstly, it is bigger than I was expecting. I thought it would sit discretely behind the mirror, hidden to sight but it is actually very obvious from outside the car so I have to remove the camera whenever I park so as not provide temptation to a would be thief. This is not helped by the colour; It would be harder to see in black rather than silver. Also, removing the camera from it's housing is very difficult. This may be because it is new and tight so perhaps it will free up a bit with use. I was hoping this would be something that I could just leave in situ and not have to worry about but alas I find myself constantly putting it up and taking it out again, which is annoying. As far as the operation of the camera is concerned, it does exactly what it is supposed to and recording quality is good. The only problem I get is with the playback, which works fine on my Windows 7 computer but not so good on my Windows 8 laptop where the video is very jerky. I don't get this problem when playing back as an MP4 video clip in Windows 8 media player however because of the way I fitted it in my car, it plays upside down. This can be corrected in the Blackvue player but not in Windows Media player so, with the benefit of hindsight, I probably should have installed it the other way round. An incident happened between another car and a moped when I was driving through Bristol today and I only saw a bit of what happened. When I replayed the video it was interesting to see what had actually happened and would have been great evidence if it had resulted in an accident. I hope nothing like that happens to me but I am happier knowing that it will all be recorded in case it does. These cameras are only a good idea, of course, if you are sure that your own driving is beyond reproach, otherwise you could score an expensive own goal.
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