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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars53
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2013
a nice good thick read. heavily peppered with lots of sexy scenes, sometimes I thought there was too much "spur of the moment", I've-Just-Got-To-Have-You sex. even though there was a HEA, I thought that a different pace of sex scene would reflect that, but it was all full-on, ALL the time. Wowzers, this female lead has he hands full with her horny boss. there was little build up to the sexy episodes between them and i thought there could have been more description about their looks, feelings etc
The make lead, great character, but I read the book being confused about how old he was. He was best friends with his previous exec for 15 years, she was retiring age, so that made his 45? Then 70% through the book, it was revealed that she was his university profressor. Exactly HOW old is the make lead? At least put it into context me please? someone. anyone?
Finally, one final irk. For a contemporary romance, why half way through the book does the author use clumsy traditional nonsensical words like... "sheath"? and dressing for a party in kitten heels was sexy? Really? Thats the equivalent of wearing flip flops, surely? Come on, get with the times. a sheath and kitten heels does not make for a sexy outfit to a party. And what is this wierd obsession that most romance authors have with women being in sheaths? what the heck is a "sheath"? surely, dress is a better description? WOULD ALL ROMANCE AUTHORS STOP USING THE WORD SHEATH!!!!
apart from my minor confusions, i did like this book. The two leads were strong and the plot interesting with plenty of twists.
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on 30 September 2014
I have to say that at first I was a bit dubious about the basic story line of this book. A powerful CEO, implements the "Executive Sex Clause" with his new executive assistant - which basically means that they have sex because he doesn't have time for a relationship. But, I was pleasantly surprised! Ellison Thorne is your typical rich, gorgeous, and horny alpha male. Dee Henning is a beautiful, feisty female with a brain and a healthy bank balance.
I loved the instant connection with Ellis and Dee. There was no hesitation or denying their attraction, the ESC was put in place, and the hot sex starts as soon as the story does.
The plot follows not only the relationship of the two main characters, but also their business deals and the underhand tactics of Tally Barnes. Tally is a woman scorned - not out of love, although it's clear she fancies Ellis, but because Dee was given a job that Tally thinks should have been hers.
Anyone who likes a hot, sexy romance with plenty of action and intrigue should certainly pick this book up and give it a go.
I'm giving this four stars because it was a great story and well-written, but it wasn't one that I had to read in one go. I was able to put it down and walk away for several days. However, I will most definitely be starting on the second book, Identity Crisis, tonight.
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on 26 July 2014
This book was a really good read. Not your straight forward woman looking for love finds Alpha male to fit the part. Dee is every bit the amazing business woman, professional, focused, determined and gets the job done. Her dream has always been to work under Ellison Thorne, an amazing business man with great moral fibre. When the opportunity arises after tragedy strikes she can't say no, but Ellis and Dee are cut from the same cloth, workaholics, but that's not all of it. Dee has always thought of Ellis as an amazing man, and Ellis has been fantasising about Dee for a while so it's no surprise when they start a sexual relationship to ease their stress while working so much, a deal to scratch their itch when needed but is it ever that simple when sex is on the table. This book is well written, great plot, great characters, good and bad providing lots of angst. The sex scenes are hot but do they get the HEA? Well I recommend reading.
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on 21 April 2014
I didn't realise when I purchased this book that is was K.D. Grace writing under a different name. I have loved some of K.D. Grace's steamier erotic novels, but some I found a little too "out there" even for my tastes, so I was interested to see how her new romance focussed book would read.
I wasn't disappointed. Dee and Ellis were strong likeable characters and the setting and plot were well thought out and flowed nicely. It lost one star for me because I didn't get enough descriptive emotions from the two main leads, I'd have liked to have found out more of how they felt about each other, what they saw in each other. Possibly not as erotic as my usual type of book and a bit too much time spent in meetings rather than on feelings and actions, but a very enjoyable read. I will definitely try the second book in the trilogy.
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on 5 April 2015
A sizzling page turner. Dee is a strong, feisty business woman who becomes the new executive assistant to Ellis, a workaholic, hot alpha male. The chemistry between the two is instantly obvious, jumps out and knocks you off your feet. Is there more than just physical attraction though? The two main characters are really well written and rounded out. Throw in a couple of nasty pieces of work that make you want to pull them out of the book and wring their evil necks, a very interesting business deal and lots of steamy sex, angst and oh my god moments and you've got a wonderful combination, stirred together by a talented writer to give a story that makes you hungry for more.
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on 4 November 2013
Really enjoyed this easy to read fun romance about Dee and Ellis. An interesting story, business executives with ethical motives, magnetic attraction and lust between the main characters, hot sex and romance all round. With a real bitch of a woman thrown in the mix and of course a dangerous bad guy. A great read for a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea, bar of dark fairly traded chocolate and your feet up!
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on 11 January 2014
I came across this trilogy by accident when browsing through Amazon. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters were realistic I have in the past been disappointed when I've read books that others have rated highly especially if they are poorly written but this one definitely deserves it's rating and I couldn't wait to download the following parts of the trilogy to find out what happened
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on 5 December 2013
Having recently read numerous poorly written romances with terrible plots and even worse spelling, i was beginning to lose hope. This was a refreshing change. The characters had some life to them, the plot was captivating and the erotic scenes remained spicey enough that i didn't feel the author was 'chucking in' another scene to pad the book out. Overall a worthwhile read.
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on 10 October 2012
Grace Marshall is the NEW romantic alter-ego of KD Grace who we all know and love for her steamy erotica, brilliant writing, her addictive plots, imaginative ideas that keep us turning her pages.
Executive Decision is the very first book of the romantic side to KD Grace and I am excited to bring it to you. It is also the first book in this new trilogy which will be followed by Identity Crisis and The Exhibition.
I really didn't know what to expect from the NEW romantic Grace Marshall, I do love my full on erotica, I also love a brilliant storyline and plot, but I have to admit I didn't even notice it was more of a romance novel, the plot was so fast paced I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, I was completely immersed in the characters.

Dee Henning experienced at her job gets offered a life changing dream job when her colleague and friend gets accidentally killed while on holiday. Beverley Neumann will never know what she has started with her last email to her Boss CEO of Pneuma Inc Ellis Thorne as his personal secretary for many years.
Beverley insisted he hired Dee knowing how good she is at her job; but most of all knowing her friend fancied the socks off him.
The Executive Sex Clause a private joke between Beverley and Ellis, would Ellis actually enlist the ESC between him and Dee like Beverley suggested, it seemed a great idea; helping relieve tension between them with no strings attached. Less sick days, boost creativity, therefore increasing productivity between people working so closely together; where there is often alot of sexual tension.
A great sexy idea in theory but could it actually work in the real workplace? Can you ignore feelings, emotions and the heart and what happens if one person or both fall for each other; no longer the clause but just pure lust and passion.
Is that all I hear you say... Hell no this is just for starters.

This fantastic read includes Pneuma Inc wanting to save the forests and fighting adversity with outside deception. Workaholic Dee, heart of gold and with best friends alongside her fights against a traitor within Pneuma Inc; wanting nothing better than to take Dee's job and undermine her creativity in the eyes of Ellis.
Will Ellis believe this traitor, can Dee save the day, and can Ellis win his girl...?

I loved this book it had such a great plot, with so many ongoing factors; I found both Ellis and Dee so relatable and each character within so believable. It took me a while to warm to Ellis though as I felt he was way too hard on Dee.

I found Grace AKA KD has this amazing knack of creating sexual tension not just through a few pages, but the whole damn book ending in incredible sex.
This new trilogy is slightly more romantic and vanilla than our erotic KD Grace but believe me you get carried along by such a great storyline you will not even notice; sex can be just as hot even in vanilla standards.
This is a brilliant read and fantastic 1st book as Grace Marshall. I cant wait for the next two.
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on 13 October 2014
I really enjoyed this book and all of the characters too! Was sad after reading the tragic events about Beverley but the rest more than made up for it!! I just wanted to find out the ending and so happy even I got there :-) now looking forward to reading 2 and 3 although a wish it was still about Dee and Ellis :-)
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