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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 30 March 2013
It is nicely compact and provides enough amps to charge both my iPad2 and my iPhone5 at the same time. Both devices charged very quickly. I especially like the lighting of the front face and ports - makes it very easy to see where to plug in something in the dark. Both ports are clearly marked with the amps supported. The only negative, which was very minor, is that the 1A port was a little snug and I thought I had my usb cable plugged in all the way, but it was not. I had to do a little wiggling to get it in all the way and to a charging state. The USB cable sent with the product was kind of pointless and will be just another micro USB sitting in my drawer. There were no instructions, so it was not obvious if the "designated micro-USB cable" (as described on the packaging) had any advantages such as supporting faster charging. I used it to charge my bluetooth headset, but did not see any big difference in charge time. Overall, a solid product.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 16 April 2013
I've been using the 15W charger for about a week now. Here is my initial feedback.

The blue light that shows when the unit is powered is great. It provides instant visual feedback, which is necessary because unfortunately, the unit seems to come loose from the charge point very easily. It's a matter of less than a millimeter from fully plugged in and charging to completely disconnected.
On one occasion, I removed the plug to find that the central, spring-loaded terminal had become stuck in a retracted position. This may be a contributor to the problem above. tapping it a few times freed the spring to put the center terminal back in its normal position.
The USB terminals are very tight. This helps keep the power cords to my iphone and ipad connected, but may also play a role in tugging the unit loose from the 12V terminal too easily. A little smoother fit and finish would be good here.
Charging seems to be slower for ipad when a phone is plugged in as well. I'd think the car's system would be providing enough power so that this shouldn't be an issue. I will need to re-test charging times to get more objective data on this.
Considering that it's so precariously connected to power, the unit seems to be longer than necessary. My socket is dash-mounted, but I can see where a longer plug might be either a problem or an advantage in a glove box or console-mounted socket.
With these issues, this unit is still preferable to the cheap plug I picked up in the airport last time I was traveling.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 11 May 2013
Between smartphones, kindles and tablets, we are always looking for a place to charge our devices. My car has only one electric port for plugging in a charger, so my husband and I are constantly fighting for the charger spot when we are on long trips - especially when we use our phones for GPS!

I recently got this charger, which I LOVE, since it gives me the option to plug in 2 devices at once since it has the dual USB port. I have been using this charger for past few days and I find it to be a life saver. Not only is it functional but it also looks nice and seems to be of sturdy quality, unlike some off-brand chargers I've had in the past, which have
fallen apart over time due to cheaper construction.

I have tried, and it sees to work well to simultaneously charge my smartphone as well as my tablet or kindle.

Overall I have been very happy with this product. I only have one minor complaint, and that is that the charging cable that comes with it doesn't seem to be of as good of quality as the rest of the charger. But even with that, I can still use the USB charger that came with my other devices (I think I have several around my house), so I am OK with using another cord if needed. I would recommend this product to others looking for some extra charging space in their car!
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on 9 May 2013
New Trent NT88C Dual USB Car Charger

I always carry my phone and my tablet with me and one or both of them always seems to be running low on battery. The NT88C USB car charger is ideal for me as I can charge one or both of them as I commute to and from work. Problem solved!

The charger was promptly delivered and first impressions are very good. It has a gloss finish with brushed effect on the square end panel with 2 USB sockets supplying 1A and 2.1A respectively. Build quality is excellent; the charger does not rattle when shaken and does not creak when squashed in the hand. It is compact and feels well-made. Another nice touch is that a micro-USB cable is supplied, about 2 feet long.

The charger has has a blue trim that glows when plugged in and shows that device is working. It looks good. The steel contacts are well sprung and mean that the charger stays in place when placed in cigarette lighter plug of car. USB ports are a good fit.

I have used it in the car with my Nexus 4 and 7 plugged in together. During a 30 minute journey my Nexus 4 charges at a little under 1%/minute and my Nexus 7 around half that. Neither gets hot to the touch. I also find that using my phone as a Sat Nav with full screen brightness does not cause battery drain. Pretty impressive.

The charger is also suitable for my iPod and other devices; it has USB sockets so if you can charge your device from a computer it'll work. You just need to have a USB cable.

My overall rating: 9/10. It's a nice piece of kit at a good price.
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on 22 February 2013
I have had this charger for a few days now replacing an old standard car charger. I must admit I am struggling to think of things to say about a simple car charger but here goes...

The new New Trent branding and packaging is great, and upon opening, it looks a quality product.

The 2.1a port is great news for people in a rush or those with an iPad. If I need to charge my iPad and my iPhone I'll use the charger as designed with the iPad in the 2.1a port.

However, when I just need to charge my iPhone 5 up, I'll use the 2.1a port anyway as it seems to be considerable faster (a bit like using the iPad wall charger with an iPhone).

It's hard to review a charger really - it works. What else? Well the look and feel of the charger is the best I've seen. It lights up bright blue. Bright enough to look cool, but not enough to distract when driving. The entire 'end' of the charger is clear perspex, causing the end to glow.

The charger size is slightly larger than a Belkin mini charger, but so far appears to be more robust - making a better connection to my car 12v port. The other charger also used to randomly cause my iPhone to error saying "This accessory does not support charging iPhone". Not so with the New Trent.

The included cable is a nice touch, but currently I don't have much use for it. I believe it is the same micro usb cable as used in New Trent's battery case, so would be useful for that.

Not a lot else to say other than the product works well and looks great!
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on 20 February 2013
What I liked in the product:
- The product is ergonomic, and has a nice look and feel. The plastic is resistant and yet light which is a plus
- The "springs" (silver metal pieces) sound and look resistant
- The blue led around the ports is pretty awesome and quite useful for night drivers
- The packaging (box it came in) is attractive, elegant, and yet simple. The product was also well accommodated which reduces the risk of damage when transporting (or even after being dispatched from Amazon).
- The cable is long enough to use in the car.
- It did what it says on the tin and so I'm happy so far. However I didn't have the chance to test it in a long drive which I will do in a couple of weeks

Opportunities for improvement / Recommendations:
- A small booklet or a couple of lines somewhere indicating which equipments could use "2.1A" and which could use "1A". I understand it's impossible to list all of them but would be nice to have some indication of some sort (for example, like the product description you have on your website product)
- The charger could perhaps be a bit smaller. It's ok if you want to leave it inside the car, but not that great if you share cars or if you want to take it with you somewhere (e.g. to use it whilst on a taxi or someone
else's car).
- The cable could be retractable and thus a bit longer (this is definitely a "nice to have" rather than a "must")
- The product (or a "premium" version of it) could be a multi-use cable (i.e. not mini-USB only) ... although I can see that the mini-USB is perhaps the most commonly used - The ports could have a mark distinguishing "2.1A" and "1A" (for example, "2.1A" written in yellow and "1A" in magenta, or some colorful leds). This would help to quickly identify the port whilst driving.
- When driving is a bit too difficult to find the right port. I think the solution used in the "New Trent Arcadia Rapiduo" with regards to port location is better (didn't test the Arcadia Rapiduo so this comparison is
based on the photos of this product on Amazon)
- Still regarding the "2.1A" and "1A" lettering, it seems that after some use it may get scratched and numbers will disappear. Mine is new and it has no scratches so far, but I can imagine leaving it loose in a car and have
the numbers peeling off after some time (please ignore this if you have though of it already)

It looks and feels very nice; it is convenient and for sure very useful for those who drive regularly and have many gadgets; however might be a bit too expensive for a charger and the ports are difficult to distinguish when
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on 12 February 2013
NT88C Charger Review

The 3.1a car charger works exactly as advertised. It is great having 2 USB ports, one of which is 2.1a so it can charge the newer iPads and other higher power devices.

Improvement areas:
- The bright blue accent lighting is "cool" at first, but at night it is actually sometimes too bright and could be distracting...not a huge issue but perhaps future iterations could have the light toned down a bit...on a positive front, the blue creates quite a bit of ambient light at night, which at times can be handy
- The charger is fairly "large", in that it sticks out a good bit from the base of the port in the car...making this fit more flush might be better in some vehicles (not really an issue where the port is in my car, but flush or closer to it would be better)
- For the most part it feels sturdy and well built...the one exception is the seam in the plastic along the sides...this is not an issue once the charger is put in the port, but in handling the charger the seam wasn't very tightly "glued" together and feels as though it could come apart

A good aspect of the build quality is how sturdy the charger fits in the port, and also how solidly the usb cable plug into the charger...there is no wiggle and everything is nice and tight. The charger works great, and charges an iPad (30 pin) and iPhone (lightening) at the same time. It seems the more powerful 2.1a port charges an iPhone faster than the 1.0a port, which is great when you only need to charge one device. When you do need to charge two devices at once it is fantastic to have that option...for that and the 2.1a port I'd highly recommend this charger.
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on 24 January 2013
I have been using the New Trent (1PC) 15W 5V@3.1A Dual high-speed USB port car
charger for about 10 days. Packaging was simple and there were no directions as
none are needed for this device. Construction is good. The tip and two side
connectors are spring loaded and appear to have an appropriate tension to insure
that it gets good contact with a car receptacle. When plugged in, I can pull
out a usb cable from it and it remained firmly seated in the car outlet. Dual
ports are pretty common on most car chargers. What separates this from others
is the 2A output on one of the usb ports. This is very important if charging an
iPad, but I found it also very nice to speed up the charging time of my iPhone
5. I have a 30 minute commute to work and I have found that it will add about
35% to my battery in 30 minutes. This is quite a bit faster than what I was
getting with the previous plus I had been using. I also like the led blue ring
that lights up around the usb ports. It makes it easy to find them in a dark
car, plus it confirms at a glance that your plug is hot. The two usb ports
are labeled 1A and 2.1A. This is very helpful I have a unit at home that plugs
into the AC and the plugs are not labeled. It took me forever to remember which
one was the 2A port. The plug is about 3 3/8" long. I plug mine into a power
port that is under my arm rest (BMW 135). At first I was concerned that the
length was going to be a problem but it was not. I have an iPhone 5 lightening
cable plugged into it and when my armrest is down I have about a 1/2 of
clearance. I have not yet had need for both ports, but when my wie and I take
a road trip that will be important. She can power he iPad while we motor down
the highway and I can also have my phone charging. Overall I am very pleased
and would recommend for a portable car power/charging option. (NOTE: I read a
recent review where the reviewer was confused saying the unit was not 15W as
advertised. Watts are measured by taking Volts times Amps. In this case 5V x
3.1A = 15W.)
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on 16 January 2013
First and foremost the unit is small and perfect size. The plastic is very
sturdy and feels solid to the touch and while inserting into the cigarette
lighter port in my car. The blue light give a nice look to the interior of
my car at night without being distracting. The ports are clearly marked 2A
and 1A.

Now to usage, any USB cable slides in firmly without the feeling of it
falling out or getting bumped and falling out. I have used the unit to charge
my SG Nexus, SG3, IPhone and Ipad among notable devices, all charged
quickly and completely during regular usage. I did notice that when I was
using a cell phone for turn-by-turn GPS driving directions that when
plugged into the 2A the device stayed full charged. That was the biggest
thing for me, the unit keeping up with the battery usage actively in the
car. Its a very simple and inexpensive unit that simply works as it
should. What I use it especially for is with a GoPro Hero3 while dash-cam
mounted filming. Also, to charge GoPro Hero3 when AC outlet is not
available on the road.


- Keeps up with charging during heavy usage (GPS driving directions,
music streaming, video streaming)
- Charges two devices
- Solid, sturdy construction
- Comes with a USB-to-microUSB cable which will reach a cup holder or
mount on dash
- Inexpensive
- Blue light

Areas of Improvement:

- None, it works as should.
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on 9 January 2013
I have recently found the NT88C incredibly useful in my day to day
runnings. I have a New Trent IMP210B battery case charger which I use quite
regularly, but as I'm always on the go, I never had a device which allowed
me to charge my devices whilst not near a power outlet.

One of the only possible improvements to the NT88C I can think of after
testing is an LED indication that your device is fully charged and is no
longer consuming power. Possibly even two LED's so you know when to unplug
either of your devices (if simultaneously charging). This bringing me to
one of the best advantages of this gadget, being able to charge my satnav
and my phone at the same time. Unfortunately for me, my satnav is pretty
old now and requires almost constant power consumption as the battery life
is hopeless. My Iphone doesn't exactly have the battery life of a Kindle,
so you can imagine I use the 5W 2A/1A Dual USB port car charger pretty

Another improvement would be to make the NT88C just a little smaller. This
would allow it to comfortably sit in your cigarette lighter outlet without
sticking out too much and possibly being exposed to an accidental knock,
which could cause damage. Although on that note, I think the NT88C is
pretty durable and well put together. It hasn't suffered any unstableness
whilst I have had it, and I have a tenderness to drop things. It also looks
superb, a very stylish metallic black finish and a blue LED effect that
just looks damn cool.

My last improvement is a simple one; I think the product could possibly
come with more information on which products can be used comfortably with
the device. Charging your devices to the correct voltage is quite important
these days as you can easily limit the life of your gadget's battery by
overcharging it with too much power.

Overall though I do rate this as an extremely useful gadget which is very
versatile. It looks good, it works well and does what it says on the tin.
And from what I've seen it's pretty durable. Not to mention the inclusion
of a micro-USB cable. All you need is your gadget, and a car of course.
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