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4.7 out of 5 stars
The X Files - Complete Season 1-9 (New Packaging) [DVD]
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 22 November 2012
I bought this as a gift for my husband as he has just dragged boxes and boxes of videos out of the loft to rewatch whole series, quite unsightly and bulky which I wasn't happy about! Over last few weeks he has fallen back in love with series so thought the DVD collection would make a great Xmas gift whilst making myself happy about getting rid of videos :) the collectors edition has a few more DVDs but is a lot more expensive so I was happy when I saw this complete collection for a very reasonable price. Very happy with my purchase and I'm sure my husband will be too
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161 of 170 people found the following review helpful
The X-Files truly is an amazing show - within the first 7 seasons there is only one bad episode and that is in Season 2 and it's called '3'... I won't explain why, but if you watch it, be warned. I've yet to watch 8 and 9 - but this review isn't about the show it's about the DVD.

I originally bought the Complete Collector's Edition of The X-Files which is essentially what this is, except THIS DOESN'T have some of the extra discs the original DVD sets had or the Collector's box, for that matter. The Collector's box also has an extremely nice episode guide telling you each episode. I originally bought this for more storage space but... well just read on...

The DVD box is almost identical to the packaging of the complete 24 box set that was repackaged in 2008 (24 - Complete Season 1-8 + Redemption (New Packaging) [DVD]).

So what you get is 2 huge Amaray DVD boxes (4 single DVD cases, all next to each other's, width) contain 4 seasons each (1-4, 4-8) and then you have a smaller DVD box about half the size of the huge boxes (2 DVD width) and within there contains Season 9 and the 2 feature films. The outer box is small, yes - and looks lovely, and the bulky plastic box design is quite nice yes - but the fact there's NO extra discs on Seasons 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 - it really is kind of a 'rip-off'... But then again on the front of the box it does say 55 discs (which is what confused me) as my original box has 61. I was shocked to discover it was the basic show and films with 2 extra discs... And the only reason they're included is because they have the last episodes of Season 2 & 6. It's a shame these 6 extra discs - featuring tons of documentaries and deleted scenes, out-takes, and other material - weren't included.

So, overall - the packaging is nice, but with the exclusion of the 6 discs and collector's episode guide - it feels incomplete. At least all the shows are in tact and how they should be.

Also, if you don't care for your extras - then buy this as it is great value for your money, and worth price just for the 9 seasons and 2 films as well.

P.S. In case my review makes about as much sense as the existence of aliens (bad joke...) - I have uploaded 24/25 pictures of the set itself so that you, the buyer, don't end up making the mistake that I made and thinking it was the same as the previous 61 disc set, when it's not.
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136 of 148 people found the following review helpful
There are 201 episodes of the X Files , plus the movie .The show originally aired on September 10th 1993 and finished on May 19th 2002. Created by Chris Carter( He wrote the show after hearing 3.7 million Americans claimed to have been abducted by aliens), the show cleverly mixed genres dealing with science fiction - the existence or not of extra terrestrials is the shows defining theme, but it has elements of horror, spirituality , procedural cop thrillers and of course massive amounts of conspiratorial conjecture.
The plot for the pilot episode has FBI agent Dana Scully ( Gillian Anderson) assigned to be the partner of the agency's investigator of the paranormal Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). Shuffled out of the way in a basement office Mulder is a "Believer"-nicknamed "Spooky" by his colleagues- with a filing cabinet full of incidents of supernatural or alien activity -the so called X files. Scully is a sceptic , plus it transpires that she has been placed with Mulder so she can report back to her superiors so they can keep a cap on any of Mulder,s findings. One of the show's less than credible aspects was Scully's continuing cynicism in light of what she see's and experiences but she has a strong faith ( faith is a continuing sub plot of the show) and is also a doctor (medical) so also seeks scientific rational for what she encounters.
The series instigated the concept of a continuous mythology running throughout the narrative series to series.-namely that of alien interaction with humanity, government cover ups and abductions, with Mulders sister Samantha proving a progressive facet These are dubbed "Mytharc" episodes . The others are the "Stand Alone" or "Monster" episodes which can be viewed by casual viewers without reference to the continuing narrative. These provide some outstanding episodes with "Ice" , Beyond The Sea"( The first episode to concentrate on Scully) and "Excelsis Dei" up against light hearted fare like "Humbug".
The other on-going aspect to the show is the relationship between Mulder and Scully . The dichotomous nature of their affiliation drew almost anal scrutiny from the shows fans ( Or "X-Philes" as they became known). Despite their disagreements over the nature of their work a bond grows between the two and they constantly seem on the cusp of something more physical , thankfully something the shows writers resisted. .
The supporting characters - Fox and Mulders immediate superior Walter Skinner( Mitch Pileggi), The shadowy Cigarette Smoking Man(William B Davis), the duplicitous Agent Krycek (Nicholas Lea) the anti-government "Lone Gunmen" ( Who also got a spin off series that bombed) the enigmatic "Deep Throat" (Jerry Hardin)and the "Alien Bounty Hunter" ( Brian Thompson)to name a few of the many are all beautifully realised and often get episodes that provide more insight into their characters .
The last two seasons saw Mulder mysteriously disappear so Scully is allocated a new partner John Doggett(Robert Patrick) after he fails to find the missing Mulder in "Manhunt" and in neat role reversal he becomes the sceptic before Scully is fired from the FBI and replaced by Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). This took a little of the momentum out of the narrative but Scully keeps a connection to the past and of course Mulder returns to ties things up at the conclusion of season nine.
The inclusion of the movie(Made in 1998) is a nice bonus. The film is like an extended episode with a bigger budget( No surprise there) and ties neatly into the "Mytharc" , even elucidating some aspects of that continuing plot-line. There are numerous commentaries and interviews to expand and inform on the X Files mythology which is a convoluted and absorbing one and a god-send for pedants .
The X Files is a hugely influential show. It led to a sort of spin off series "Millennium" (Excellent) and "The one Gunmen"(Less So) but its influence can be seen in numerous contemporary series like "Lost" , "Supernatural" and "Heroes" where continuous plot threads and multi-character story lines occur.At the time of its final episode The X-Files was the longest running sci-fi show ever on American TV, a title since lost to Stargate SG-1. The show was declared by TV Guide to be the second greatest cult television show (Star Trek being number one) .The second X Files film is in pre-production and it will be fascinating to see where the writers go with that. Until then this box- set provides an excellent value chance for those that haven't to completely acquaint yourselves with this superb TV series and for long standing fans who haven't already to own the X Files outright. Either way it,s essential viewing .
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34 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 31 October 2005
If you loved the X-Files and don't own any of the seasons on DVD then buy this set! It's great to have all 9 seasons on DVD in one boxed set.
Each season is housed in its own case, producing a sort of library effect when you open the main box. Each season also has a lot of extras on its own bonus disc; including deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, cast and crew interviews and overviews of each season.
Each season has a glossy booklet, listing which episodes are on which disc and the scene selections you can choose and where to find the bonus features, along with a list of the original TV broadcast dates.
The first few seasons are shown in 1:33 full screen format and later seasons are in 1:78, which is nearly widescreen. Both formats produce a good quality picture.
This is the ultimate for any X-Files fan; although it can be argued that the first seven seasons were far superior to the last two, it's nice to have ALL the episodes. The X-Files Movie is not included in the set; considering it was a very average movie, it's not really a down point. In conclusion this is a highly recommended set!
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61 of 67 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 13 January 2008
I remember having the first VHS tape season one box set. Not great quality especially after numerous replays and friends borrowing the tapes. So fast forward to 2008 and here we have it - a 61 DVD disc set consisting of possibly the best sci-fi series ever created. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson inject life into into their characters and when William B. Davis' Cigarette Smoking Man appears, you just know something bad is going to happen.

The DVDs themselves are enclosed within well designed sturdy plastic DVD cases which ensure that the DVDs do not come loose. Picture quality wise, season one holds up very well considering it was made in the early 1990s when digital and HD were just a dream. The picture and sound quality in latter seasons are substantially better. There are numerous special features dotted around on the discs and there is a copy of the X-Files Movie and a special bonus disc.

If you want to relive the X-Files then this box set is truly a bargain. And as always, Amazon delivered the box set the next day.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 April 2013
THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE X FILES `COMPLETE COLLECTOR'S EDITION' - 2007 (the big fat black box with series 1 - 9 and the first feature film), NOT THE RE-ISSUE OF THE SAME PRODUCT - 2012 (complete with allegedly rubbish housing and referred to on Amazon as `New Packaging' edition).

I'm re-watching (again) my favourite series of all time and with very good reason (more on this later).

This boxset - out of all the different ones released to date - is without question the definitive edition. It contains all the series: 1 through 9, all complete with well-worth-watching special features, plus the 1998 feature film `The X Files: Fight the Future`. Each series is packaged in its own `M-Lock' casing and contains an internal cardboard wallet for the special features disc. The film has its own traditional DVD case. There is also an accompanying booklet with all manner of useful information.

The only entry this boxset does not contain is the 2008 feature film `The X Files: I Want To Believe`, but this can easily be brought separately for a small price.

If you are in anyway thinking of owning or re-tracing The X Files, this is an absolute must buy. It is the best boxset I have ever seen (and I include the Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection in that statement).

If you are new to the show - sorry, phenomenon, then I am reviewing each individual season as I re-watch them and these are posted elsewhere on Amazon (and my profile) if you want further information on trying individual series before you buy the whole thing.

That said, if you are an X Files newbie, this is the best time since the culmination of the 9th series (2002) to get involved (the review of the boxset concludes here. If you want some more reasons to buy it, the following gives an insight into what lies ahead for The X Files)...

Firstly, since the release of the second feature film there have been ever-growing rumours of a third. It has remained unconfirmed by studio `Fox', but it certainly sounds increasingly likely that it will happen. Without giving anything away, there are major trails of the story that remained un-concluded and the third film is rumoured to re-visit these areas (the second film didn't). If and when this (possibly final) entry in The X Files happens, you'll want to be up-to-speed.

Secondly, as of June 2013 a new official comic series of The X Files - now officially dubbed `Season 10' - is to be released, complete with Chris Carter (the show's creator) on-board as Executive Producer. This comic series is set to take place after the 2008 feature film (maybe it will act as a precursor to the third and final film?), and its release will also be bolstered by re-compiled and re-released collections of the older X-Files comics that were released circa series 4 and 5. These comics are better than you would think and are absolutely worth getting alongside the canon series. Potentially this could be the best X Files release in the last ten years.

Thirdly, after years of rumours, a strong indication that the complete collection of the show is to be re-mastered and fully released as a Blu-Ray collection next year (2014) is proof that there is still a lot of life left in the greatest TV show of all time. Don't get me wrong - this product reviewed here is still the ultimate edition and I wouldn't trade it for the world - but if you are Blu inclined, chances are it will be here soon.

Add to all this subtle rumours of reboot/relaunch for the TV series and this is the most exciting time for The X Files in a long time. After 20 years, it appears that the saga is finally about to reach its crescendo. If you don't get involved now, you never will.

It's the greatest show ever in the best boxset ever. The truth is coming... make sure you're ready.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 20 February 2013
Having very vivid memories of watching this show as a young girl every Friday night with my Dad, I decided to treat myself to this boxset a few months ago. Some of the best money I have ever spent.....

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best TV Series ever created. What makes it so good? Well apart from the genius writing and the imagination of the show's creator Chris Carter, what makes this so good is simple. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. The chemistry between the two is what makes this show so successful 20 years after it first aired on our TV screens, people are still discovering The X Files for the first time even now and the first thing people comment on is how great these two actors are.

With Mulder's tendency to believe everything that crosses his path, and Scully preferring to base her theory's on science and hard evidence, these two bounce off of one another effortlessly and it sucks you in to their world with ease.

Some stand alone must-see episodes for me are;
Bad Blood
The Post-Modern Prometheus
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Never Again
Milagro, and
Memento Mori to name a few.

As a massive Gillian Anderson fan, it is easy for me to say that she is the heart of this show when most people would say it is Mulder, but there is something about Scully that makes this show not just great but Phenomenal. When Scully cries, you will cry, when she laughs (which doesnt happen often), you will laugh with her, and when she says 'Shut up mulder' you will find yourself muttering it under your breath too. Gillian Anderson is the best actress I believe I will see in my lifetime and I am grateful that she had the opportunity to bring a great character to life.

If you do one thing this year, then make sure it is to buy this box set. Then after that, go and buy Bleak House. Just because, well watch it and you'll understand why.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 December 2009
I became an X-file fan from the outset in the 1990's but for reasons I can't remember it faded from my radar after the early seasons; then I caught some episodes on Virgin 1 and was once again captivated. The characters are so vibrant (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are adorable as Agents Mulder and Scully), and the storylines are so...well, we're talking alien abduction, the supernatural and monsters here, but the viewers intelligence is never insulted by the themes portrayed which could so easily have happened. The production values were incredibly high as well, giving the viewer a cinematic experience.

By keeping a watch on the price fluctuations I got this set for £70.00. Like others here I have had problems watching some episode's due to them freezing but have managed to get through OK, I'm into season 3 now. Having heard about the problems with Season 8 disc 5 I played this one first. Sure enough it wouldn't play 3 of the episodes. On the playing surface I found 3 blobs of plastic. With a dry cloth I scratched these blobs and they came away without leaving a mark and the disc then played no problem. I'm not saying that all the glitches people are experiencing with this particular disc or others can be rectified so simply but that's what happened in my case.

It would have been easy to return this set due to faults but with a package this size problems are almost the norm. At an average of 98p per disc based on today's price of £59.97 (Dec'09) be prepared to put up with some minor annoyances; with some DIY disc cleaning you can watch at your leisure every episode of one of the greatest TV shows ever.

Addendum; I add this in April '10 having now seen the whole set. Well it is a brilliant series, I had forgotten the X-Files did comedy episodes; War of the Corophages, Bad Blood, Small Potatoes and others are hilarious. The extras are a real bonus, just a pity they didn't show more bloopers (search X-Files bloopers on YouTube!) However for a number of reasons seasons 7 to 9 never quite reach the heights achieved in the previous 6; maintaining that level of excellence was always going to be difficult. I was a bit disappointed with the way the long running story of Mulder's sisters' abduction was dealt with. When the Syndicate are dispatched in season 6 a key underlying premise is lost and the series seemed to lose direction a bit. The final outcome of the alien invasion plot is not answered at all; hence the call from X-Files fans for a third movie to conclude this unfinished story. The absence of David Duchovny for much of season 8 and practically all of season 9 also meant that the viewer is deprived of perhaps the X-Files biggest asset, the interplay between Mulder and Scully, one of the most endearing partnerships in TV history. I could watch Gillian Anderson as Scully all day but without Mulder it is like watching Laurel without Hardy.

Despite these last criticisms I would thoroughly recommend this set to any prospective buyers, I have absolutely no regrets at all.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 November 2009
X-FILES is a series that will always stay with me. And it will always remind me of my University years, lab reports due, midterms looming - but never wanting to miss on an episode.

There have been just over 200 episodes of the X-FILES TV series and 2 movies (only the first movie is included in this collection mind you). Not every single episode is a masterpiece, but a great number is - especially most of the episodes of the "mytharc". Contrary to current cult series, such as LOST, where the mythos is interwoven with the story, X-FILES episodes ranged from the story of Mulder and his quest to uncover the secret government/alien conspiracy to independent cases and to even humorous episodes.

I was reluctant to order this because of so many fellow Amazon reviewers have complained about unplayable or skipping DVDs. But I always wanted the complete collection, the price had dropped significantly so I took the plunge. Of course, first thing I did when the box arrived was to check every single DVD - and was relieved to find out that, besides some minor loading delays, no major problem could be found. Maybe I was lucky or maybe later prints took care of the problems. So I count my blessings.

Now, this is a different edition form the US release not in region only. Whereas the US release comes with cardboard multi-DVD sleeves, a drawer for the booklets and a box with a flexible cover, the UK release comes with sturdy plastic multi-DVD cases (one for each season), has no drawer and no...lid. At first I found this annoying (mostly because one cannot tell from the photos that the box remains open from one side) but in the end it was actually more convenient: I keep my DVD in three oversized drawers in our TV room so it works to keep all the DVDs in their box yet access them easily from the open top.

One of the best TV shows ever created in an excellent packaged release.

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58 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on 7 November 2012
Recently bought X Files box, unfortunately by mistake ordered new packaging from 2012. Couldn't be bothered to return it, having some problems with delivery (not from Amazon, I'm always happy with your service :).
Knowing that there's only 55 discs (not 61 as in previous release) I was certain that there will be no extras. I was not mistaken. What's good about this boxset is that you can get every episode and both films in one reasonably sized box (it's really small for such a long series). What's bad? Apart from just handful of extra features whole series is packaged in cheap cardboard box. Box is as thin as a box with teabags and contains 2 big plastic cases with season 1-4 & 5-8 and slimmer one with season 9 and both films. I don't mind keeping my PG Tips in that kind of box but anytime i'm holding this boxset I'm afraid it will fall apart.
Box is looking nice on the shelf but contents and execution is really poor. Better go for separate season boxsets or previous collection with 1st movie and 61 discs.
About series itself. I remember watching X-Files when it originally aired. Remember that I stopped around end of season 3 or 4. Some whispers in my head told me that maybe I should watch it again, so I'm back to the series after almost 20 years (never seen it again since around '93-'95) and after few episodes of season 1 I must say that memories are back and I can understand phenomenon of X-Files. Let's see how it will go in later seasons (especially after Duchovny leaves the show).
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