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4.4 out of 5 stars175
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2016
I love this honey. I love honey in general, because of all the health benefits it has given me over the years (total eradication of hay fever, general better health!), but this one tops all the ones I have tried. I almost feel like hugging it!

Here are all the pros I want you all to know:
1) It tastes delicious. Like, even better than your mum's cooking kind of delicious. o_o I never tasted a honey so rich and pure. Please DO note though, every time I buy a new batch of this honey, it never tastes the same. This is a testimony to how natural it is. No batch of honey is meant to taste exactly the same, with a variety of plants that contributed to making it - which is the choice of the bee!
2) It is as natural as you can get. I'm not kidding, I was buying the supermarket honey, and the common organic ones available from companies like Rowse, but there's bound to be a deficiency in quality when they aren't committed to organic, rather it's just money that is on their minds. I don't trust most of the honey that comes from the more 'advanced' GM-crop countries. GM-crops = GM honey = GM me! No thank you! >__<
However, I have total trust in this product's authenticity and health factors.
3) Buying it in a massive tub like this definitely helps to deflect some of the high expense which naturally comes when you opt for organic. Before discovering this holy grail, I was buying the 400ml glass jars, which were really making a hole in my wallet. </3 But I couldn't give up on the honey! So the fact that the company does big batches = happier (richer) customers!

However, despite my love for this product and 5* rating, there is one down side to THIS listing in particular.. which is, the fact that it comes in a plastic tub, and for us more health-concerned individuals, we know that plastic = bad-as-heck-for-health + leaches chemicals over time. So, it does make me a little sad that my heaven-sent honey may have been somewhat contaminated with plastic chemicals, but for now, this will do. :)

A tip, which I intend to do when I get the time - either store it in a cool place at all times (heat/extreme cold triggers the chemicals to come out faster), OR, even better, transfer the honey into a massive glass jar. : D

Please let me know if there's any more tips you have, and hit the 'Yes' below where it asks if I've been helpful! I like to know if spending my time reviewing does actually help people. Thank you! :)
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on 11 October 2013
I buy this honey regularly in the smaller containers and enjoy it so I thought I'd buy a larger one for my upcoming mead-making experiment. The honey flavour is good, although this product is the 'clear' version and I normally order 'set'. Since this is for mead and still organic, I don't mind, but I do feel the 'set' has a better taste. The container is a bit annoying to open, but I just wedged a (dull) knife under the 'open' flap and pried it open that way. Wasn't any more effort than opening a tough jar. Definitely good quality honey, you can taste the difference from cheap brands!

Now... I order this 'Fulfilled by Amazon'. Ordinarily I have NO problems with such products, but this time turned out a bit rough. My first order, I noticed honey on the bottom of the box when I picked it up. I flipped it upside down and opened it and, sure enough, the container had busted. A crack around the bottom. There was a bit of paper thrown in the box, perhaps to take up extra space? It did a poor job. The honey was basically at the mercy of the delivery people. No 'fragile' or anything on the box and no protective wrapping. My husband was not happy and recommended I contact Amazon to return it in case there could be contamination.
So, I contacted Amazon and they were VERY quick to get back to me and despatch a new box with honey! Unfortunately, it just arrived today and this one was even worse. LARGE crack in the bottom of the container and honey was all over the inside of the box and dripping out the bottom. I think between the two of them I'll have one full container of honey... Definitely disappointed with the shipping and I won't be ordering this online again. The first delivery was by courier and the second by Royal Mail and I don't blame them, it's just a hard plastic container that needs more protection for Amazon to ship it.
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on 5 July 2014
Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I wanted to experience the numerous health benefits that a significant among of people have reported:

Health benefits of raw organic honey:
- Contains immune stimulating properties
- Provides an energy boost
- Relieves morning sickness
- Helps soothe sore throats,laryngitis and pharyngitis
- Treats many ailments like stomach aches, constipation and even migraines

Having conducted a significant amount of research into Raw Organic Honey, I came up with a very specific requirements list that had to be fully met:

- Raw
- Organic
- Unbleached
- Fairtrade standard
- Natural ingredients
- Contains no additives or preservatives
- Cold processed

Product manufacturer:
Given that this product has been manufactured from such a poor country (SW Ethiopia), its important to support their local economy. It's pleasing to know that the company are part of the Fairtrade standard which means that the local people will get a certain percentage in return so that they can feed their poor families.

When I first tasted the product on its own I was surprised that honey could taste that good. I had been so used to eating the cheap heavily processed honey from my supermarket, I now had real quality honey. Given that honey is much sweeter than table sugar and is better for you, it's obvious to see why so many people add it to foods such as toast, porridge etc. 10/10 for taste for sure!.
(I also used it on my skin and left it for 5 mins after smearing it on my face. After washing it off with Luke warm water, If was the best that my skin had looked for years, and it's a natural product).

Value / Comparison vs other honey products:
At £0.73 / 100g this product offers exceptional value for money given it's properties.
Although there are several different honeys available that match my desired criteria, none can match this product for quality vs price. A very popular choice is the "Raw Health Organic Tropical Honey" at £1.14 / 100g, however that is more expensive than this product.

Although raw organic honey does not have the same potency as Manuka Honey, at anything up to £9.18 per 100g, having it on a daily basis is not an option for most people.
Cheaper ones in shops on the other hand do not have the same health benefits because most have been heavily processed at hot temperatures, killing the beneficial enzymes in the process. Fresh, raw organic honey is tastier, and far more potent.

Having a tub that can't fit in most kitchen cupboards is also not very practical. However I am an avid fan of bulk buying because it's an excellent way of saving money. I keep my mine under the bed. The other downfall of having this honey raw and cold processed is that it has not been subject to heat treatment which means that it might contain botulinum endospores, however this will only affect a very small population, mainly children under one.

'Feedback - If you found any aspects of this review useful and you would like to leave feedback - please follow the link below - thanks'.
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on 6 April 2013
Tropical Forest Set Honey is one of my favourite honeys and I have been buying it very often. This particular honey is pure, without sugar feeding and cold pressed. I haven't been buying it in such a large bulk, but to response to one of negative reviews, I would like to say, that crystallisation of honey is a natural process, which proves that honey hasn't been heated. The sweater nectar the more sugar will contain crystallised honey. It's wrong to throw honey into bin, because of the crystallisation. Crystallisation doesn't change honey valuable qualities. Honey could be softened in water bath. Honey temperature should be lower than 40C to avoid losing its valuable qualities. If I would buy honey in such a large bulk, I would transfer it into glass jars, since I believe, that it's not good idea to leave it in plastic container for too long.
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on 6 November 2014
Not impressed with this product it has a vile smell my kids can't stand the smell and we have only used it the first time we opened the tub even after buying it 5 months ago the smell is still there not like other organic raw honey I have bought in the past doubt it if this is 100% raw and organic
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Sorry to say but it smelled awful and tasted awful as well. Ended up throwing it out.
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on 19 November 2013
I just bought this honey tub ,and to be honest it is amazing.
Its nice and smooth honey ,flowery with a blend of smoke which makes this honey uniq.
Very good price value.
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on 20 March 2013
Hmm.... I bought this same product from Amazon but from a different supplier and it was better. It's still very good but this time it was more runny and the flavour was milder. Watered-down? I don't know if that's even possible but anyway, great stuff. I'll put it down to innocent variation at source this time and check the next batch.
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on 25 February 2016
This is probably the best natural honey I've tasted since I was a kid and my grandfather kept bees (all those years ago!!) I didn't experience any problems with delivery or packaging as some other reviews have noted, although I have to say that the label on the lid noting that the honey was from sources in England and Wales doesn't quite match the Tropical Forest Label - but never mind it's good and that's all that count for me!!
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on 21 October 2014
Really lovely dark, rich honey, got a smokey hint and not such a good smell but all my grandchildren love it in their milk in sandwiches and on cereals. My blood pressure has gone down since I been having a heaped teaspoon daily in some milk. I divide it up between all my family members. Really good for money I will be a regular customer.
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