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Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Mono Headset - Black
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on 4 May 2013
When I was choosing a new bluetooth headset I had just one thing in mind...quality. I'd had the cheap Nokia and Jabra ones before and whilst build quality was good, comfort on the ear was not.
So, I came across this model. At £100 it isn't cheap but I was swayed by its compatibility with Skype as I use this a lot when working from home - it also pairs with my blackberry so looked good.
However, at £100 I wasn't wanting to carry it around without a case so I saw the nifty charging case but at an additional £40 I thought it was too much.
Anyway, roll on delivery day and it turns out that this package comes with the aforementioned charging case - so you get the whole lot for £100. I couldn't find any mention of this in the advert on Amazon.
It also comes with a desktop charger and a USB/wall charger - so three charging options included! And that magnetic join between charger and headset feels good - like the magsafe connector on a macbook pro.
So, in using it for a day or so I have to say it feels good - sound quality is very good and the battery lasted all day.
For the money, Plantronics have got this right and I cannot rate it highly enough.
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I have been a fan of the Plantronics Voyager since using the more expensive B230 Pro model Plantronics Voyager B230 PRO UC Bluetooth Headset (Standard Version) I was excited to try this one out and see how it fared by comparison. I've been using the Legend for a few weeks now and apart from a few small design complaints and issues with echo (more on this later) I'm pretty delighted with my new headset.

The headset looks sleek and stylish. With an extended microphone arm and a bulky, behind-the-ear design, it will feel large (at first) if you've not had this kind of headset before. The headset is adjustable so you can wear it on either the right or left.

From a usability point of view, it is generally quite well designed. The voice in the headset always tells you how much battery you have (rounded up to the hour) and will remind you when it's time to charge. Also, as I complained about the volume buttons on the Voyager Pro model, I'm going to have to point out that volume adjuster here is much better - a sliding switch, located behind the ear - and it's fairly easy to use during a call.

If your phone is ringing, the headset will answer calls automatically when you place it into your ear: this is a smart sensor feature. If you already have the headset in your ear, it will beep when you have an incoming call and tell you who's ringing - it will also ask if you want to answer or ignore. I really like this feature and the voice recognition on the "answer" and "ignore" has been generally very reliable for me although there have been a few occasions I've been there saying "answer" to no avail.

I also wanted to mention that the headset uses a non-standard charger. Well, I say it's non-standard only because I've not seen one like this: it has a magnetic connector. It's actually pretty nifty and you do get a car charger adaptor piece included in the box. I'm not sure how cheap or readily available replacement chargers would be if you lost this one.

- The headset causes a discernible echo from time to time - it feels like your own voice is bouncing off the microphone and straight into your open ear. It's a strange sensation but it doesn't happen all the time so I'm not sure yet if it's a fault with mine or a general design flaw. I will update this if it worsens or I figure out what's causing it.

- The on/off/call/end call button is located in a very awkward position, just behind the microphone arm: it's a small button too and could be fiddly if you have big hands. The Voyager Pro model I mentioned has a large button on the side of the arm, which is a lot more comfortable and it's a shame the Legend doesn't follow the same design in this respect.

The device is very easy to pair: it will start the process itself when you switch it on. The instructions for this are in the slim "Getting Started" leaflet included in the box. I noticed some people had problems with missing instructions and would like to point out that all the instructions you need ARE in this one leaflet BUT half the instructions are at the front of the leaflet and the other half are on the back of the leaflet after all the other languages. Don't ask me why, it seems odd to me too!

You can actually pair the headset with more than one phone. I connected it to my Samsung Note and to my Blackberry Bold - it actually does connect simultaneously so both phones are connected (the headset will call them "phone 1" and "phone 2") Because they are simultaneously connected, you could play music on one phone and be listening to it on your Legend headset and still receive an incoming call on your second phone: the headset will just cut the music and ask you if you want to answer/ignore the call.

I have also noticed that the Legend is very quick in the way it connects: switch it on and it will find both phones straight away. My older model struggled by comparison and sometimes needed to be re-connected manually when switching between phones.

I've rambled on for far too long, but this is a really great headset and far superior to every other headset I've owned (I've owned many) After continued use, in my opinion is that it's better than the Voyager B230. The B230 does connect to the PC if you make calls through there but if you're not going to use this feature, the Legend is cheaper, more reliable and much quicker off the mark when you switch it on.

Admittedly I am a little disappointed with the echo but it is very intermittent and to be fair, it hasn't really marred my experience with the headset, which has delivered everything it said it would on the box. I love the smart-sensor feature and if you have more than one phone, the Legend is definitely the best headset I've had when it comes to pairing simultaneously with two phones. All things considered, it's a great headset - almost Legendary.
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on 13 November 2014
This is one of the most frustrating reviews I've had to make, because when it works this is a brilliant product.

Key highlights:

1. You can use it with your PC for skype/lync calls etc, as well as your mobile
2. You can pair 2 mobiles at once (handy if you have a work and a personal phone).
3. The in-ear speaker is very clear (usually)
4. The noise cancelling microphone works incredibly well, especially in the car. When talking to other people they won't even know you're in the car, as the mic is so good at filtering out background noise. Making or taking calls whilst driving becomes a pleasure rather than a chore where using traditional in-car kits, you're often straining to hear what the other person is saying over road noise.
5. Hands free answering and calling. It works, especially the hands free answering - you just say "answer" or "ignore".
6. The headset knows when you've picked it up and put it in your ear, and automatically routes audio into the headset.

Sounds great doesn't it? Well yes...but here's the kicker. I've had no end of problems with 3 headsets now. My first one (non UC version), ended up with audio going crackly where people sounded like Daleks, before it stopped charging.

The second one (this model) stopped charging after a few months, and I returned it for a refund.

I then RMA'd the first one to Plantronics who sent me a new UC headset within 24 hours (superb customer service like Amazon). I've had the headset for a week now, and guess what? The battery doesn't charge.

Regardless of the method of charging (case, cable or base, both plugged into the mains or a PC), this headset is dead.

0/3, and unfortunately for this reason it's no more than a 1 star review. Otherwise it would be 5 :(
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I use the telephone so much in work that a good headset is a major boon. Over the last few years I have tried several of the Plantronics headsets including Bluetooth, DECT, office and mobile designs. All have proved extremely ergonomic and comfortable and the Legend builds on this by bringing together and adding various small features from the rest of their range that add up to a lot:

* The ability to pair two phones (also present in other models such as the Pro UC) means that I can use one unit to take and make calls on office phone and my mobile.

* Background noise cancellation is even better, partly thanks to an extra microphone which helps to pick up and cancel out background sound.

* The introduction of an on/off switch (as opposed to a button that needed to be held down) makes it faster and easier to switch on and off - surprisingly useful.

* If the phone rings, putting the earpiece on will direct the call to the earpiece and calls can be answered by saying 'answer'.

* The unit is slimmer and slightly lighter than the Pro UC, which was itself a very easy on the ear unit.

It is hard to knock any of the Plantronics models but the Legend manages to take the design forward to the extent that the sheer feel of the unit is even more harmonious. Voice recognition for pulling up names from address books is good, battery life is improved and the earpiece is incredibly comfortable on the ear. I have tried so many units that either fall off the ear or constantly remind of their presence but I had to touch my ear to check that the Legend was still there.

There are other features such as 'Vocalist' that I will probably never get into and the key experience for me is that I use it without being aware of it. It performs its task unobtrusively and efficiently.

By the way if you experience using a Bluetooth headset with the iPhone 5 (particularly drop out during calls) I gather from forums that it is rumoured to be a bug in Apple's Bluetooth software, which will hopefully be fixed by an update. My Pro UC experienced this problem with the 5 and so did another brand I had as a spare.
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on 7 October 2013
There's another version of this headset available which is just the headset. That one is OK, but it has the annoying proprietary charging cable. This version does too, but it also has the carrying case which charges the headset (and plugs in with stauendard micro-USB) and a desk stand thingy which also charges and a dongle thing which I previously sneered at but now love because when I plug it into my Apple Mac it JUST WORKS. The headset connects, and then it stays connected and doesn't weirdly drop off at crucial moments as all bluetooth headsets do when connected via Apple's woefully bad in-built bluetooth gizmo.

So finally I have this joyful thing. A bluetooth headset which works with my phone and my laptop and is easy to keep charged and is comfy. Amazing. After about thirty of the damn things I have one which does a proper job. I bought two.

Still look like a dork wearing it though. Can't have everything.
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on 19 December 2012
Bearing in mind I'm a truck driver and this headset takes a lot of abuse from me.

First of all I can't really complain about this head set, very comfortable to wear, excellent sound quality, the duel mic's one for picking up background noise to cancel it out and the other for your voice work great together. Works great in noisy environments with voice activated smart phones.

Only slight down sides,

1) if the phone is in you pocket you sometimes get some interference through the head set.
2) battery life.......could be better, my previous headset(s) I would have to charge every 4-6 days where with this head set I have to charge everyday.

Overalli give it a 8.5/10
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This is the third and by far the best headset to date. Not only can you tell it who to dial this bit of kit can tell you who is calling you and asks you if you would like to ANSWER or IGNORE the incoming call on two phones. BUT you must tell it to understand UK english and not USA english.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 18 November 2012
Firstly I have to say that I have never had a hands-free headset so did not really know what to expect from a quality of sound and use point of view. Now that I have used one for a while I must say that I am mightily impressed with them if this little beauty is anything to go by!

You get a usb charging lead plus its UK plug adapter, a Euro plug adaptor and even a Car "cigarette lighter" socket adaptor also - which I am pretty impressed with. You also get a small range of other in-ear foam and gel ear piece accessories if you prefer different types. OK so these probably don't cost a huge amount to manufacture but it shows that the company have thought of their customers which makes a nice change! Well done Plantronics!

You get a little pocket-book of "Get Started" instructions - with just a few instructions (with a couple of diagrams) in a a wealth of different languages. Somewhat strangely the English instructions are on the first 4 pages and then the last three also - weird!

It is really easy to set up with any bluetooth enabled device. My mobile phone found it instantly and was connected and being used in seconds. A little voice in the ear piece tells you when you are receiving a call and you just say "answer" and it does just that and you can start talking. You can reject a call if you'd rather not speak to the person calling by saying "ignore" or you can call somebody straight from the device without having to touch the mobile phone by just pressing the call button on the unit for 2 seconds and telling the unit what number to call (my phone asked me if I wanted to share my contact numbers with the bluetooth device when I first connected them together). It really is that simple!

It's a tiny little unit which fits snugly in your ear and is comfortable and unobtrusive. The sound quality from both ends is great (I always ask the person I am talking to about the sound quality and have all confirmed that it is great). It has an on/off switch, a volume control (I keep my switched at full volume) and the important call button on it.

This set semms just to be for a mobile and doesn't appear to work with a PC without the BT300 USB mini adapter dongle which is available separately at a bit of a cost.

I am really happy with the unit and recommend it highly!
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on 30 May 2013
This is a nicely made product, works very well I use it on my Mac for voice dictation through Dragon has a long battery life,
nice desktop charging dock, would highly recommend
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on 3 April 2013
I bought the voyager legend professional mobile unified headset, optimised for Skype about 2 months ago. This is the best decision I ever made for working from home. I am a project manager, based in the UK and regularly hold conference calls with teams in Ireland, Holland, Brazil and Russia,(where call quality can vary), dialling into conference calls via my mobile phone, Skype or Lync.

The headset connects perfectly with both my laptop and mobile phone at the same time with no lag. When holding skype / lync calls, I can accept mobile phone calls and switch seamlessly between the two. I also get email alerts directed to the headset if I am away from the computer.

When putting the headset on, a voice informs you that you are connected to the mobile phone, the laptop, and the number of hours usage you have. The same function provides caller id on incoming calls and allows voice commands to accept or reject calls.

Some interference can become apparent if you move to another room from the mobile phone, however, I have been able to receive calls when the phone has been inside the house and I have been in the back garden 5+ metres away. I have used the earpiece in the home office (with screaming kids in the background), on the road and on construction sites where both I and the other caller have been able to speak and hear each other clearly.

Talk time between charges has been consistant at around 7 hours.
My earpiece came with 3 charging accessories
1. Bespoke stand - my main charging method - a magnetic clip locates the earpiece and presents it for use. I use this to store the earpiece between calls.
2. Bespoke cable - lightweight cable with magnetic charging clip to locate the earpiece. Then charging clip can be removed to reveal a standard micro usb connector (similar to blackberry) for use with the travelling case below:
3. Travelling case contains the earpiece plus the mini usb laptop dongle. This is the most convenient method of charging while travelling. The case accepts a micro usb connector which charges a battery in the case which in turn charges the earpiece up to 2 times without the cable being connected. Very handy if on the move.

I often wear the headset for several hours while on calls, and can forget that it is there.The earpiece can be worn equally on the left or right ear and has a number of different sized ear pads for maximum comfort.

Controls are straight forward and robust with separate buttons to answer / end calls, mute and volume. Pairing is also straight forward compared to other bluetooth devices.

Tried listening to music one time - went back to my normal earphones.

Overall, with the quality of the earpiece and the additional charging devices - great value for money.
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