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3.5 out of 5 stars106
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2012
Bought this modem router to replace an existing Netgear 834N router which I had had for a while but it decided to drop connections on a regular basis. Am a bit of a gadget person and like new products, but not a computer geek but can hold my own. So did a bit of research on this and was aware that the 802.11ac format, as at the time of writing (Nov 2012) is few and far between on laptops etc and it seems it is this format that makes the router "the worlds fastest wifi." You can buy a Netgear usb dongle which you can plug into laptops etc which is also 802.11ac compatable and so you should then be able to have the worlds fastest wifi. The other item I read before buying was that 802.11ac has not yet been agreed between all manufacturers etc (apparently next year sometime this will be agreed) so there is a chance that the existing format of this product will not be compatable with other products should the format change - I have taken these chances, but as I have not bought the usb dongle 802.11ac I cannot comment on this new speed - at present the router works on the b/g/n (2.4GHz) and a/n/ac (5.00GHz) format and range/speed etc is probably the same as my old 834N - hopefully it will be future proof for next generation devices.
Apart from above, the router would look good in any living room and setting up is almost automatic with you only needing to input your ISP ID and password.
So in summary the Netgear D6300 will work on all your existing wi-fi equipment but you are not going to get the fastest wifi unless your equipment supports 802.11ac
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on 8 February 2013
I just replaced my D834GT with the D6300. It does the job for me pretty well. On the 5GHz WIFI frequency I attached my sony home cinema, my work laptop and the ipad. On the 2.4GHZ, I have an Iphone4, Iphone5, HTC Desire HD, a dell laptop, an ASUS tablet and a HP laser printer. I has a 6Mbs internet link. I have tried the following scenario where I have simultaneously, played the IPlayer on the home cinema, Youtube on both the dell laptop and Ipad, and uploading a couple of large files from my work laptop.(30 to 60 mb in size) and I have had no problems. I have had the router for one month and never lost the wifi connection on any one of my devices.

The route which is placed in my study downstairs in one corner of a six bedroom house, I get reception in all the rooms. I get 1/2 bars in the garage about 25/30 meters away from the router on my laptop. Having said all that I am not a gamer so I have not put the router to a serious gaming test.
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on 5 January 2013
I purchased this router and plugged it in and followed the instructions which took the whole of 2 mins to do and i was well away on the internet!

You follow the online wizard which asks for your ISP login name and password which is easily available to you over the phone or just copy and paste from your old router and it connectes everything else for you.

I am with Talktalk and the router i got free from them was awful.. it would hang and drop packets and dont even mention the wireless distance problems. I decided 'sod it' and splashed out on this router with modem built in and i am amazed at how great it is. ive only used it for a day or so and it hasnt disapointed. I am PC literate and i know a bad router when i see one and this isnt the case.

if you are buying this just be aware that the AC wireless isnt a standard yet and may not get released in consumer produts but i was willing to take the risk.

i run 2 laptops, sky HD+ box, Xbox 360 and 2 iphones with this and nothing ever drops or hangs on the connection.

hope this helps anyone questioning whether this product is worth it!

I ran speed tests and i am getting a slightly better broadband connection and is showing no sign of slowing it down.

I am giving this 4 stars as i have only had it for a short time.
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on 9 June 2013
I bought the Netgear D6300 to replace a 4 year old Linksys wireless router which no longer coped with a house using several Windows 7 and Apple devices simultaneously. The router lives in my attic next to a chimney and provides clear wifi coverage over the whole of a large Edwardian home with lots of walls.
It worked right out of the box. There is no configuration CD, it is all set up via a web browser screen. Problem solved, no more hanging up of my wireless network. It is expensive and I don't have any other wireless ac devices but it seemed pointless at this point in the cycle to buy another wirelsss n router. The D6300 also fixed a problem I had with a 2 year old Canon (MG1850)wireless printer that had never worked wirelessly. Now I can print to that too over the network. The Canon printer still wont scan remotely however - for that it still needs a USB connection to my PC. You can plug USB (it's only USB 2)storage devices into the router to create network storage. I've tried this with some memory sticks but can't get this feature to work and haven't invested much time in trying to do so. I have not tried setting up the router to access it remotely over the internet. Like so many pieces of kit I find reviewed here there seems to be the entire range of experiences from brilliant to rubbish. I have been on both ends of that experience myself over the years and it is often inexplicable why things work for some and not others. I think it is mostly down to the almost infinite range of user environments that kit has to work in. I expect to get no more than 3 years use out of most hardware I buy and am sure this will prove the same.
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on 15 June 2013
Totally agree with the anonymous comments posted 9th June 2013 and Mr Bastianelli 3 days later. I too had looked to replace an old Belkin unit, as signal strength was becoming a problem with 4 people in the house online with tablets and running a Smart TV. In reflection, this item has been more or less a complete waste of money. To provide some sort of capability in upstairs rooms, I have still had to buy a Netgear wireless extender, which I also use when travelling (this is a good product !!). It seems that the extender may as well have been added to my original Belkin router, for the same result. I can't believe the publicity on the box for the Netgear D6300, which obviously had the sales assistant at my local Curry's taken in. I suggest you do more research, for another product with more favourably provided feedback. Netgear R6300 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router
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on 1 August 2013
This looked to be a promising bit of kit as I have a sprawling flat and required something to punch the wireless through the walls to the furthest extent of the building and this looked to fit the picture. My stock router was a Sagem supplied by Sky and it just wasn't powerful enough so after looking into this a bit I decided to take the plunge. The unit itself seemed quite well made if not discrete but I would rather performance than looks so that was fine. Setup was ok and when it kicked into life I grabbed the iPad and went wandering. Previously the wireless signal would not go from the router to the center of the kitchen, approx 25 feet, but I had full signal, I carried on through the kitchen to the end of the back bedroom which is roughly 55 feet and through 5 walls of varying construction from lathe and plaster to fire resistant plasterboard over brick and found it still had full signal. Most impressed.
Then the signal just stopped so I went back to investigate and the router was in a reboot sequence and this just cycled on and off with no constant on or off. I tried the usual, mains reset, reset button, leaving it off overnight but every time there was power to it it continued this cycle. I called Netgear and spoke to an adviser and after a bit of playing around they deemed the unit faulty. I returned the item and got a full refund on the unit with no problem. Now I am in a dilemma as these units seem to either work really well or looking at many, many reviews they just don't work at all. When it worked the wireless signal was fantastic but I don't need the hassle of buying and returning a multitude of these. On a positive note, I know someone who has one and it has upped his connection by several mbps, the wireless reaches all through his house and it never misses a beat, not one drop out in several months of use. I gave it 3 stars due to the wireless performance I had and based round my friends unit but I personally wouldn't buy another unless I had a rock solid guarantee I wouldn't have to exchange a few before I found one which worked right out of the box. The only thing for me now is to find an alternative ADSL router with comparable performance which has a higher reliability rate.
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on 27 June 2013
I felt a bit guilty splashing out for a high-end router but figured that it would be worth it for the future and as my 6 year old Netgear's wireless was starting to play up I had to do something.

In short, I wasn't blown away by the supposedly much more powerful signal etc although it may be unfair to compare when I don't have any 802.11ac capable devices. However, you would expect some sort of improvement and unless WiFi bars are misleading or meaningless, there appeared to be little or no benefit there.

What really forced me to send the thing packing was the fact that it would pretty much without fail drop the ADSL connection at least once a day and wouldn't reconnect without a reboot. Although I could possibly put up with it at a pinch, what I can't put up with are constant phone calls from the kids asking why doesn't the internet work, what can I do about it blah, blah... This issue appears to be one that has been ongoing for some time and even though I updated to the latest firmware it obviously hasn't been squashed yet.

Amazon kindly accepted the unit back and I exchanged it with an Airport Express which I have attached to the old Netgear in PPPoE mode (set the Netgear to modem-only mode) and it is working like a charm

My only regret is that I couldn't wait a couple of weeks or else I could have picked up one of the new Airport Extreme's with Boo Hoo.
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on 20 May 2014
I've had two of these now, and had to return both as faulty. On the first occasion the unit was working fine, but after 30 days, just powered off, and then would not power back on at all, even after hitting the reset button. Amazon offered to replace with another and I accepted this, and that was great service. However, the replacement second unit only lasted five days, then the same strange power off happened, and no way of turning it back on.

So I've now put back on my old reliable netgear DGN2200 that it replaced, and will look at an alternative modem as I can see others have mentioned similar experiences. I had also updated the system to latest firmware, and that had had no effect.

I have to say I was also disappointed at the wifi range. My old DGN 2200 has external antennas, and this one has them all embedded. I had hoped to get a speed and range pick up from the D6300, but did not notice any speed increase, and if anything the wifi range on the 5G had less bars in other rooms in the house than my DGN.

On the positive, the interface, setup and software genie was very good and helpful and improved over my old DGN.

I'm a fan of Netgear, but this modem is not for me.
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on 11 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This review is based on firmware version Later versions may improve your experience.

Having used Netgear home network equipment I was keen to give this a try. It replaced my DGND3700 which is still going strong. The 'billboard' design is certainly a change from the pervious from Netgear designs but due to the sloping it doesn't have a smaller footprint on the desk. There are 5 gigabit ethernet ports, 4 switch and 1 WAN for a fibre modem and a traditional RJ15 port for your ADSL line. 2 x USB ports allow flash drives and printers to be connected. Disappointingly, power is via brick rather than the usual combined plug/PSU. Not as neat and I cannot believe it needs the extra block. Build quality feels as good as usual for Netgear. Solid, with no sign of cheap materials.

Setting it up has 2 methods, wizard or for those more technical, manual. If you've used Netgear before and know what you are doing, the manual set up is pretty easy. Beginners should use the wizard, then learn the more advanced settings later on. The wireless is dual band so you have 2.4ghz and the much less crowded 5ghz. Both bands can operate at the same time. You can also set up a guest network that can just provide access to the internet and not the rest of your private network.

So how does it perform?
Internet speeds for me match what my ISP says I should be getting so no complaints there. So far the ADSL connections seem stable and no lock-ups or crashes that I've encountered. The biggestproblem I've encountered so far is that VPN connections drop for some unknown reason. Seeing as I need it the VPN to access work, it is a problem. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it. Signal strength on 2.4ghz is poor on my iPhone 4s (internal antenna does not support 5ghz) but 5ghz is fine on all other devices. Come the summer I should have no problem sitting in the garden with the internet.

For me, the instability with VPN's is a real killer as it stops me working from home hence the 3 stars. In this day and age, home networks should not have to keep one eye on firmwares to resolve bugs that suppliers seem incapable of finding prior to release.

Netgear, release a new firmware to resolve the bugs and you may have a winner...
EDIT: 15/4/13. New firmware, hard reset and install from scratch has fixed the VPN issue and speeded up the 2.4Ghz wifi. Moved up to 4*
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Netgear D6300 looks fabulous. It's sleek and shiny, modern and monolithic. Though a little on the large side, it stands upright so its large size is negated somewhat, and it looks much nicer than my Billion 7800N, which is white and boxy with aerials sticking out all over the place.

The D6300 has a good feature set: built-in modem, Gigabit ports, Ethernet WAN, 2 USB ports and dual band Wi-Fi. The browser-based interface (don't bother with Netgear's set-up utility) is divided into "basic" and "advanced" sections, and is easy to understand and use. A firmware update (to has been released that's resolved a few issues, one of which was the inability to set the same network name for the different bands. For some reason, this firmware isn't appearing on Netgear's website, but it is available directly from the browser-based interface.

The D6300's internal antennas have amplifiers on them, so you'd expect the router's wireless capability to be good, and it is - in the 5GHz band. I'm able to get a decent connection on this band even from two storeys away. However, from the same distance the 2.4GHz band is weak - much weaker than other routers I've tried. This is very strange considering that lower frequency waves tend to travel better through obstructions. The router is capable of the new ultra-fast 802.11ac speeds, but I don't have any 802.11ac-capable devices, so I'm unable to test this.

The poor 2.4GHz performance would be forgivable if the 5GHz band didn't suffer from random disconnects: the band still appears as available but no devices are able to connect for a time, while the 2.4GHz band seems to remain unaffected. A few times this has happened now and I'm unable to find a cause (it's unlikely to be interference as there are so few 5GHz networks in my area). On top of this, the router has apparently completely crashed on a couple of occasions, resetting all of its recorded statistics so that they start from zero again.

The D6300 is a strange beast: so much about it is likeable, but it's spoilt by poor 2.4GHz coverage, random 5GHz disconnects, crashes, and inexplicable things such as email on a Mac slowing to a crawl whenever it's in use (other routers I've tried don't do this). Really, for the price, you should be able to expect a little better.

**UPDATE:** The slow email on a Mac was being caused by the "Disable IGMP Proxying" option under "WAN Setup" being selected (it's selected by default). At least this issue was remediable.
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