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4.6 out of 5 stars479
4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: Sony DSC RX100 Crystal Clear Expert Shield|Change
Price:£7.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 7 September 2013
I approach screen protectors with some trepidation! They always sound like a good idea, but the end result has always disappointed with bubbles and edges that remind me I didn't do a very good job of fitting it every time I use the product! So what to do with the superb screen on my new RX100? The camera is expensive so I thought I had better see what was available and I then chanced on the Expert Shield. How fortunate I did!

After carefully following the instructions, this is the first protector I have ever fitted that doesn't have any bubbles or distracting overhanging edges - I can really forget it is there!

I lay the camera face down on a table with the screen facing me. Carefully cleaned the screen with the cloth provided and then lifted about half the first stage protective sheet from the short side. Starting from the short left side of the screen, I lay approx. 4-5mm of the protector onto the screen taking care not to touch the sticky side with my fingers. I had to lift off and reapply a couple of time before I was happy with the placing, but this was easy to do. Once happy, I used the edge of the box (a credit card would have been better!) to slide and press down from the left, but ensuring the right side of the protector was held away from the camera. I only spotted one tiny bubble as I proceeded with this process so I immediately lifted back to the bubble and repeated. Once completed, I then rubbed over carefully with the cloth and checked for any small bubbles. There were none so I removed the top layer and the job was done - total time, about 10 minutes, but probably wise to allow longer in case you have to remove and start again.

The Expert Shield is highly recommended for its initial fitting and look - time will tell how long lasting it is.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 October 2014
As always, a perfect fit, easy to apply, no complaints. I had one of these on my Lumix TZ10 and FZ62 and in both cases they stayed in place for years, and I even sold them on ebay with the protector on. Granted, after a few years they may look a little tatty and have slight scratches, but it's never been enough to warrant replacing, and at 7 odd quid it's not a problem if you need to.

I HATE people who slate screen protectors when not applying them properly. Yes, it's a pain to wait until you've had a shower, but it makes all the difference. Applying this in a humid bathroom really does make it a doddle to apply, there will be next to no dust as you apply it and you will get it right first time. I've done it in the past where I applied it at work as I could not wait, and I'll never be impatient again.

LIFETIME Guarantee. Should you have any issues they will send a replacement. NOTE - usually they will ask you to send the original back, although I've had a case where it was not possible as I already threw it out, they made an exception, but just bear that in mind that if you are unfortunate enough to need a replacement don't throw the existing one away until you've contacted their CS (which are prompt and very professional).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2013
I'm one of those people who are a bit obsessive about screens & making sure they stay looking perfect. I ALWAYS use screen protectors, whether it's a little phone, a tablet or a camera; (I've even been known to get them for a laptop). So when I bought Sony's RX100 M2, a screen protector was the one "accessory" which I considered essential from the off.

I've had several makes in the past, typically where a pack of 6 (or whatever) are supplied & you mess the first couple up (dust/air bubbles/fingerprints etc.) but then you use up most of the others in the pack getting it right. Sometimes they peel & fall off after a few weeks, sometimes they last the distance. Often they're cloudy & limit the output of the screen or hinder the responsiveness (for a touch screen).

Having only received the camera today (& with this screen protector being sent very quickly (next day) & by separate cover), I can honestly say that on first impressions, it's very good. I followed their advice about using a steamy(ish) bathroom [it's an expensive camera after all - I'm hardly going to simulate being in a rainforest, am I?], but no other company's ever suggested such a simple technique to get rid of air-bourne dust.

So it went on okay albeit with about 5 bubbles. I don't deny - there was an element of panic at this stage as they only supply a single film - but the bubbles were impossibly easy to "push" out using the side of a credit card - I suspect this is the material of the film that lets air through, as the bubbles seem to have dissipated before reaching the edge... clever stuff!

The clarity of the shield is very impressive. It still collects finger/palm marks, but as this isn't a touch screen, it's less of an issue, but worth mentioning.

I've done a number of reviews over the years & I'm normally wary of products with only 5 star ratings - but in this case (& I admit that Expert Shield emailed me to ask me to review their product), I feel it's mostly deserved (but not entirely - see below). I like to think I'll take the trouble to give an update a year or so down the line, as to how it's performed.

The price (a smidge under £7, plus the postage charge) is too high in my opinion. Okay - so the camera's expensive & it makes sense that the film costs more than a standard protective film because it's technologically better etc, but at the end of the day, it's only the one slim piece of plastic & this doesn't cost £1.49 to post (as charged).

This is why I've given 4 stars & not 5.

UPDATE (Sat 26th October '13)
It appears I may have received a bad 'un. I know I said I'd post a review in a year, but 2 weeks down the line & the shield's scratched already. This is especially weird as I've kept the camera in a case the whole time (except when using it obviously).

I've posted a photo above showing the damage & the company's sent me out a free replacement but I've not had chance to replace it yet. I don't deny that in a sense, the "shield" looks like it's performed, in so far as protecting the camera glass from real damage. But I kind of feel that it must be pretty soft to have scratched so easily in the first place.

I'm also slightly uncomfortable that my experience appears to be the only negative one on Amazon for this product - & as such, I'm not sure whether others will agree about my downgrading this product from 4 to 3 stars.

There's no question that the company has been very responsive & quick in their attempt to dispatch both the original & replacement product to me. Only time will tell though if (for me anyway) the shield is as good as everyone else appears to suggest it is...
review image
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on 2 August 2013
After doing a bit of research I wanted a quality screen protector for my new RX100 M2 camera. I purchased the expertshield protector and i have to say its amazing. Much better than a certain product which sells for nearly twice as much. Great packaging and instructions, even includes a lint free cloth to clean the screen from dust and finger prints. Easy installation, it fits perfect,you cant tell a protector is on. Its very well made, not like your usual flimsy cheap protectors. Its great quality absolutely no effect to the screen in terms of brightness or sharpness. I am relaxed now putting camera in my pocket, knowing the screen is protected. Highly recomended
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on 3 April 2013
At first I was sceptical about the high cost relative to other screen protectors available on the market. Having employed alternative screen protectors, I am familiar with how tricky these can be to apply and how unsightly they can be if not applied perfectly.

I tried Expert Shield's offering and found the application to be relatively straightforward. Due to my mistake, I didn't smooth out the plastic properly and was left with a large air bubble. Unlike other screen protectors, the thick polymer layer is rather forgiving and I was able to smooth out the bubble with relative ease. The result; you can't tell there is a screen protector at all.
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on 30 September 2015
Sadly seems I did'nt have a good experience with this, after recieving it, I noticed it had defects on one of the edges like it was not cut properly and pulled apart.
When I placed it on that same edge would not lay flat properly and slight air gaps....but mostly I noticed a major drop in clarity and the screen kept giving me the feeling of looking through smudged glasses, I found I could not really tell looking at my photos that the image was in focus and kept having to use the view finder insted.

After contacting, they stated I may have received a antiglare they said they will send a replacemnt, after a week nothing arrived and had to contact them to just refund me.

Seller did have very good communication and quick to try resolve problem.

In the end I decided just go with the official Sony PCK-LM17 Semi Hard Screen Protect Sheet for not much more and completely rate that for clarity and thicker quality protection, this sadly was a waste of time.
review image review image
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on 10 February 2015
I think this is the first time I've left a review on here and I'm afraid it's not a positive one. I received this today and applied easily enough however, it has one big problem which renders it pretty useless, it's a fraction too big, especially width-wise. It took me three attempts to get the protector properly lined up with the edges but after doing so one edge slightly protrudes from the edge of the screen. It's quite a hard film with not too much 'stick' so the slightest touch from a finger, clothing, camera bag or anything else on this protruding edge means that it peels itself away from the screen. It hardly seems worth sending it back so I'll try to keep it on till I get something else ordered. NOT recommended.
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on 22 March 2015
As with any screen protector you can buy for anything, they're fiddly to apply and it takes the patience and skill of a saint to get them on perfectly, with no bubbles. This screen protector makes the job a little easier due to more robust materials, but the skill is still required. The first one I bought (which I paid just over £8 for) didn't go on well and was full of bubbles, it was also misaligned on the screen - so I pulled it off. The bubbles had been caused by dust and the edges would no longer stick down, so this protector was ruined. I then took it upon myself to order another one, thinking I could probably get it right the second time. I aligned it properly this time and it went on well, but with still a couple of unmovable bubbles and, for some reason, the bottom right hand corner won't stick down - seems as if it's got a tiny fold in it which is keeping air under it.

Aside from this, the protector does seem slightly higher quality than cheap ones you can get on eBay, but cheap is certainly not the right word for this product. The main reason I have chosen to rate this product 3 stars is because the price is extortionate. Over £7 a piece for one screen protector is not acceptable - considering these kind of things always mess up on first attempt, there's a learning curve to getting them right. For £7, at least three screen protectors should be provided, I feel. These do not cost Expert Shield £7 to make and, considering profit margins, they'd likely be making lots of profit on £4 a piece. The price would be a little more acceptable if, as I said, three protectors were provided. I have reached out to Expert Shield and explained that I feel the price/quantity supplied is unfair and I'll see what the outcome of that is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this screen protector will protect the glass display of my A6000 well, but as a reviewer above me found, it's actually quite a soft and easily scratched material that attracts finger prints. Really doesn't seem to be a premium screen protector worth almost £8. I'm not gonna mark it as less than 3 stars because it does what it says on the tin, it's only really the price and quantity supplied that I have an issue with.

Just for transparency, I am writing this review at the request of Expert Shield.
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One of the nice features of the Sony A7S full-frame mirrorless camera is its high quality tilting rear LED display screen. Sadly, this display screen does not fully rotate out of the way when not in use and so is permanently exposed on the back of the camera, making it susceptible to greasing from handling and viewfinder usage, as well as everyday knocks and scuffs. It makes sense, therefore, to consider fitting some sort of protection to this screen, especially given the camera's hefty almost £2000 price tag.

The "Crystal Clear Expert Shield" offers what at first glimpse appears to be a fairly standard protective film approach. Upon opening the product, however, it is clear that production quality is a notch up on the usual cheap tablet and smartphone protective films, which invariably degrade screen visibility, either with their poor optical quality, or else with air pockets that invariably get trapped under them whilst they are being applied and which are them impossible to push out. The "Expert Shield" is high transparency and has a reflectivity that closely matches that of the A7S screen.

Fitting the "Expert Shield" is no easy matter, though, and it is worth reading and rereading the instructions carefully so that you are comfortable with what the operation entails before you start. Like all such films, it appears to attract any and all dust and tiny specks of dirt from miles around as soon as you peel away the backing sheet from the sticky surface, making it imperative that you not only wipe away all dust and grease from the screen itself before applying the shield but also choose a dust- and dirt-free work area for the fitting operation. I failed to do this on my first attempt and ended up with a ruined shield as a consequence. The manufacturers assured me that it should be perfectly possible to clean the product with some sticky tape but they kindly replaced it for me anyway, under their much-vaunted "Lifetime Warranty" policy -- for which the product definitely gets a bonus star!

I was more successful on my second attempt, but even though I thought I had been scrupulous in cleaning around the work area, I still managed to get one small speck of something on the sticky surface just as I was about to apply it to the screen. The recommended sticky tape trick did the job this time, though. As noted by another reviewer, however, the version supplied for the A7S seems just a tiny fraction of a millimetre too long for the camera screen and I therefore found it impossible to get all of the edges to sit perfectly flat. Squeezing the few bubbles that got trapped was, however, fairly straightforward.

I also found it tricky to persuade the final layer of protective film to come away without it simply lifting the Shield from the screen. Whether this was because the film was a less than perfect fit, or because it is actually too low a tack for the highly polished (and, I suspect, coated) screen of the Sony is hard to say. As a result, for the first few days that the Shield was in place, it was all too easy to catch it on things that lifted one corner and threatened to peel it off. After a while, however, it seemed to bed down somewhat and it no longer seems to be prone to this.

Optically, the Shield does not impair the Sony's superb screen quality to any significant degree, as long as you keep it clean. I do find, however, that it picks up finger and face grease even more readily than the screen does on its own, as well as being harder to clean except with the lint-free cloth supplied. The Sony screen always came up spotless for me with a wipe of any convenient cloth or tissue -- even a sleeve in extremis. Treat the Shield that way, though, and you will be left with a statically attracted layer of lint uniformly distributed across its surface!

I am still not sure whether or not to recommend the product. On the one hand, it is a comparatively small price to pay to protect a potentially vulnerable part of an expensive piece of kit and the company behind it are unparalleled in their commitment to customer satisfaction. On the other, it appears to necessitate a small but appreciable extra level of care to be applied to the cleaning of the screen to keep it looking its best. I am not sure if what is lost on the swings is, in fact, regained on the roundabout, in this case. Perhaps time will tell.
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on 13 December 2014
Purchased one for a new Sony a7 camera. It arrived next day and I had prepared myself by watching the official Expert Shield fitting video, and several other ones on Youtube.
I had my little bowl of water, tape, and contents laid out, all ready to go.
Followed the instructions, removed Tab1, fitted it - no bubbles! Woohoo! Removed Tab 2. How easy is this?!
Then thought I'd give the fitted a protector a buff, and the cloth stuck to it.
How odd.
I then realised the protector was on back to front.
I called Expert Shield and a very charming and gracious lady apologised that the factory must have made a mistake in manufacture (I know what you are thinking, I applied it wrongly, but really, I hadnt) and sent me a replacement.
It arrived two days later, one day after I returned the camera as it was pants.
So I now have a new Expert Shield and nothing to stick it on to.
I am not returning it for a refund as that would be taking the mickey.
5 Stars for customer service. 1 star for the product being defective and wasting my time and phone bill. So an average of 3 stars.
I cant rate how well it works as I havent used it.
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