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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars83
4.2 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlueChange
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2013
The HTC 8X is my first step into the world of Windows after years of being an Android user. I have to start my review by talking about the actual hardware. The 8X is one of the most beautiful handsets I've ever seen. My California Blue model is absolutely gorgeous and is contoured to fit in the hand perfectly. I was surprised at how light the phone is and the quality of the workmanship and finish. With the exception of the sim insert tray the phone is a complete unibody design with drilled in speaker grills on the front and back of the handset.

The screen is stunning, the display is better than the Iphone 5, colours are rich and the darker colours particularly black stand out.

The wide angle front facing camera is definitely a winner, not only is the quality of shots exceptional for a front camera particularly in natural light but the camera captures twice as much as a standard front facing camera making family portraits a breeze. The rear camera is also of a good standard if there is to be a criticism it would be that the camera functionality lacks some of the basic settings available on the HTC One Series handsets. As soon as these are added it will compliment perfectly the high quality rear lense.

The Beats Experience is what you expect but where the 8X really excels is the quality of sound from the phone speakers when you're not using Beats Enabled Headphones. The quality is the best I have heard on a mobile phone.

The phone performs really well in terms of speed, switching between applications and general scrolling. The built in web experience is excellent with the Internet Explorer browser and pages load faster than on my Android devices.

I do miss the lack of a FM radio but I hope this can be rectified in a future software upgrade. The app marketplace is beginning to expand and there are some good apps available but still lacking the choice available on Android or iOS. The Windows People Hub and Live Tiles are a great feature and the operating platform is a lot more user friendly and interesting than alternatives on the market. If you're an Xbox user than the 8X creates some great compelling options to connect up your devices. Microsoft Office functionality is also much welcomed and a feature you will definitely use.

Skydrive integration is brilliant and for the first time ever I am really using cloud storage, its simple, works in the background and requires very little set up.

Battery life has been surprisingly good, the phone gets me through a full day without a need for recharging and I am a fairly heavy user of data and am constantly switching the screen on to use apps. The battery life is definitely better than that on my Android device.

Overall I would definitely recommend the HTC 8X to anyone looking to upgrade. You get a stunning handset which feels great in the hand and is powerful and nippy when you use it. Be prepared for all and sundry to want to handle and play with the device it is definitely a crowd pleaser and easy on the eye!The build quality is better than anything on the market and you get an amazing camera experience especially if you're a heavy user of Skype or Video Calling.

The minor gripes I do have are more software and platform related and easily fixed as more apps come online in the marketplace. The 16gb storage is adequate for my current needs but I do think it would be useful to have the handset available in 32gb and 64gb formats especially as memory is not expandable.

A big thumbs up for the HTC 8X which marks a definite return to form for HTC.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 19 August 2013
Bought it new from amazon as an upgrade from nokia lumia 520.
Using it without mobile internet , just wifi. I am a moderate user.


Really fast , everything is perfectly smooth, good multitasking.
Beautiful design,really slim an lightweight
Good photo quality even in low light conditions,video quality even better.
Powerfull sound output , decent quality of included headphones but perfect sound with Beats Solo HD.


Battery life - with my moderate usage less than 24 hours (about 1 hour of music , 30 minutes browsing , 30 minutes talking time , location services always on)
Every day after playing 2-3 songs my unit restarts. Sometimes it restarts when I plug it to my computer.
This happened before update and is still happening after update. It's rather annoing and I'm affraid that one day it will die.
Maybe my unit is faulty although I read on microsoft forums people having various problems with it.

Maybe it was too good to be true offering so much for such a small price tag.

I am sending my unit back and look for something more reliable.

PS: my lumia 520 had a great collection of free apps(ringtone maker,nokia lenses) , htc has almost nothing to support its windows phone.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2013
What can I say? The 8X is light, pretty, fast and tough. It feels good in the hand - grippy without being sticky and a perfect shape. The lines aren't spoilt anywhere and the colour is a bold statement. Let me walk you around the phone.
The power button is at the top right; and while it's sometimes difficult to hit perfectly it doesn't irritate much. The SIM card slot, volume controls and camera shutter button are down the right hand side; made flush with the edge but easy to find and use. (Sometimes the camera button can be a little TOO easy to hit, but there are options in the settings to help). Charging is at the centre of the base (BIG plus point for me) and the left side of the phone is unadorned. The headset socket sits at the top left.
The display is simply stunning; the clarity and sharpness of just about everything it shows is delightful; and it's bright and strong too - even in sunlight it's easily visible. Accompanying the display on the front of the phone are the front-facing camera lens (top right), the earpiece (centre) and at the bottom the three Windows Phone keys back, start and search.
The main camera and flash LED are near the top of the back surface, and the loudspeaker is near the bottom in the centre. Mentioning the speaker brings me to playing music: this phone's built-in speaker is LOUD - and some of the best quality reproduction I've heard from a phone's internal speaker. That doesn't mean it'll rival even a small docking station - duh - but for a phone speaker it's excellent. Plug in some headphones and it is INCREDIBLY loud - you will very rarely need full volume on this beast.
Using the phone, I'm struck by the speed. Transitions are completely free of lag, stutter or slowness - everything feels extremely slick and responsive. Lots of pretty little animations are built into Windows Phone to provide feedback on what you do on the display, and even these don't faze the processing speed at all. Response of the network is adequate on Edge, excellent on 3/3.5G and WiFi.
Battery life is great; with moderate use I'm getting about a day and a half - light usage keeps it going for two days easily.
The cameras are brilliant - I'm really impressed with both (for different reasons). The main camera is FAST. Press the button and the pic is done; no lag (or at least, not more than 1/10th of a second). All the normal "Effects" and camera settings are present, and the flash is good and bright. Photos are great quality with good colour reproduction and pin-sharp focus. The front facer isn't quite as fast, but the difference compared to other phones is immediately obvious when you look at the display... it's INSANELY wide angle, with a viewable area of almost 90°. This means that you can fit in an awful lot of stuff, even when the subjects are only at arm's length. Snaps are by default at 1920x1080 on the front cam which is very reasonable. Videoing with both cameras is great, too!
Downsides? Well, there are some minor irritations but the phone is seriously good - they really are acceptable. Firstly, the power button, as mentioned above, could be tilted back a tiny bit away from the display to make it easier to find. With the front camera, it's very easy to get camera shake in anything less than daylight. It is impossible to charge the phone with the power off; as soon as you plug in power, it switches itself on and won't switch off (it restarts instead).
That's it - I hope you find it useful!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 6 August 2013
After my HTC one X met an unfortunate end at the hands of a spilled pint of Ciders going into the headphone jack, i was faced with the grim task of replacing an uninsured smartphone before the end of my contract.

After some searching, i tried out a windows phone to see what the fuss (or lack of) was about using some that we have at my place of work as business phones. I was rather pleased with them and didn't see why they weren't more popular..

grabbed this HTC 8X as despite my own failings i had nothing but good experiences with their android counterparts and i couldn't be happier. its nippy, the camera is the equivalent of my old one x and the screen is top notch.

You do miss out on some exclusive Nokia apps with a HTC but overall i have found it a solid buy for the price and much cheaper that android phones of a similar spec. May even cancel my contract at the end and keep it instead of upgrading.

Only two issues i can see with such phones are 1, windows has less apps available than competitors (but i only use social networking apps which windows has and the metrotube youtube app is the best experience i have had on any smartphone) and the fact its a sealed battery in this model.

my advice would be if you are looking for the best value for mid range prices go with this.
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45 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on 11 November 2012
While the iPhone 5 was on sale for £550, it baffled me that so many people actually bought it over this beauty of a phone. I would have bought this over the iPhone 5 even if they'd cost the same.

The screen on this phone is excellent, making it a joy to use. App loading is quick and everything on the phone is much faster than it used to be for me thanks to the dual core processor and optimised OS. Holding the phone feels amazing, the only issue I have is that mine sometimes comes slightly disconnected and so it clicks when I grip the phone.

In terms of software, I really like Windows Phone 8. People criticise its Store for not having 'enough' apps. But what does this mean? It means games that go global are produced on either Android or iOS because they have much larger user bases - therefore it's impossible to go global with a Windows Phone exclusive app - and people then have a go at Windows Phone for not having said apps even though it is inevitable that they will initially be produced for the other two platforms or they would not have been huge successes. All the useful apps are there, now including Instagram and Snapchat alongside all the classics. If you're aggrieved that the latest timewasting game isn't available (yet) then maybe you should have a portable games console instead of a phone.

Battery life is fairly good, although it does certainly deteriorate over time. I can say it lasts me well over a day with average use (even though I charge it daily, just in case), and with heavy use it should last too.

Windows Phone 8 is a very good upgrade from 7, and it adds a few great features that the OS has missed. It's now quicker, easier to use and much more functional, and works well with a Windows 8 PC.

I dare you to try this phone and not want to own it.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 29 January 2013
Windows Phone 8 is a truly stunning OS. It looks great, has loads of features and is very, very slick. Coupled with HTC's beautiful design the 8X is an exceptional phone. Whilst some argue the App ecosystem is not as well developed on Windows Phone it is rapidly improving and most of the core Apps are there. Choosing a phone certainly should come down to specific Apps - it's about the entire experience. If you're a bit social network user you'll love how WP8 integrates this so deeply into the experience. Your 'address book' show the latest updates from your various networks, pin someone to your start screen and get notifications of emails, missed calls, social network messages, image uploads and more directly on their tile. The integration also goes deep into other areas of the phone such as you can view your fiends photos alongside your own in the picture hub.

Apps have the ability to plug into various parts of the operating system, such as the lenses that add effects to the camera and can be accessed directly via the camera interface. Go to Music and Videos and not only do you see your own tracks or videos but also Apps such as YouTube or TuneIn Radio. These Apps also link in to your recently watched/listened to history meaning you can easily access the content again regardless of the App used to view it. Of course many Apps also allow you to pin items directly to your start screen too. It makes the experience more content lead and less App lead which is a great decision. After all you if you want to listen to an internet radio station the App you use should be irreverent - it's the content you want.

I've not tried Kids Corner but it's a great way to allow you to 'lock down' the phone so you can let your child use it without accidentally calling people or deleting things. You specify which Apps, videos etc they can access.

I'd like to see the charms from Windows 8 make the move to Windows Phone 8 to create a more unified and consistent sharing experience. Maybe in the next version?

As for the hardware, HTC have done a brilliant job. I've quite small hands but the phone is still very comfortable thanks to it's gently tapering edges which also create the illusion that it's thinner than it is. The phone just feels good, the screen is smooth and fingers glide over it, the polycarbonate shell is durable and feels soft and comforting in the hand. Despite being bigger than my old phone the HTC 8X just disappears in the pocket. The colour and brightness of the screen is excellent and the HD display shows every detail.

Call quality is by far the best I have experienced on any phone, it's loud and clear, however I'd recommend changing the default ring-tone as it seems to get lost in background sounds even though the speaker is very loud.

The camera is very good and fast, not Nokia Lumia 920 standards, but still good enough for most people and with the lenses feature mentioned above very powerful.

I'd highly recommend this phone to anyone. I'd certainly place it above Android hands for the average consumer as the interface and user experience has been more clearly thought out. If you're coming from Apple you might miss some of your Apps but I'm sure you'll find something similar or they will appear soon as the Windows Phone market share increases. Once you've used Windows Phone a screen of icons linking to 'App silos' feels very last generation.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 23 May 2013
This is a great phone. Beautiful, sexy, functional.

The range of apps available is fine - sure, you have less than Apple, but I have yet to find anything I needed/wanted that I couldn't find.

At first I was a bit unhappy with the battery life - and, as the phone comes out of the box, it is not very good. However, if you go to cnet and watch the video on how to reduce battery drain, ( and then implement the tips they suggest you will be fine. I leave Wifi and GPS on all day, and I use my phone a lot - the battery lasts for three days.

There are lots of naysayers out there who want you to believe this phone and/or the OS are substandard. The naysayers are wrong. This phone is actually far better than an iPhone - and it costs less.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 6 February 2013
Windows is the world's ubiquitous OS - as far as PC's are concerned - yet a relatively small player in the world of mobile communication. Much of this is due, I feel, to the relatively meager specifications demanded by Microsoft for their phones. With the release of Windows Phone 8 that has changed dramatically - and for the better.
The HTC 8X is a fantastic example of what is now available for those users who either want a new experience, a (slightly) less walled garden, or a a simpler way of communicating.
HTC have delivered this opportunity in a package which at least equals their Android offerings in a variety of ways.
The construction is of a premium quality - both the form factor and the materials involved result in a aesthetically pleasing experience - one of the few phones you will often just hold so as to look at it.
Internally, whilst limited by Microsoft's specifications, both the screen and CPU combine to deliver a smooth and "hitch-free" experience whilst browsing or multi-tasking - the screen being especially pleasing to the eye.
Sound quality is outstanding - especially with high-rate MP3s - whilst video runs smoothly without lag.
The only points of concern would be the rather awkward power button (though the addition of a dedicated camera button is much appreciated) and the wanton pleasure the rubberized coating takes in picking up marks.
On the subject of the camera - I found the quality to be slightly less than other offering by HTC - but the addition of a wide angle lens allows for great, more group-friendly, shots.
In conclusion, the HTC 8X is a fantastic phone - and whatever your feeling about your preferred OS - the actual phone is a pleasure to use and well worth a try.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 April 2013
I got this mobile from the network I've been with for years, and couldn't sing its praises enough.There are so many good points i would have trouble writing them all, so i will concentrate on the main points and hopefully the things that matter most to the consumer.

Battery life is sometimes slated by other reviewers, but if you know what your doing and don't need wi-fi on all the time, there is no reason this phone cant last for up to 3 days (I use my phone regularly for texting, checking email and updating facebook and have had 3 and half days out of it)

Camera quality is solid, and comparable to my point and shoot samsung camera, maybe not as good at night shots as the nokia lumia 920, but far superior to any phone i have owned before.

Build quality is sensational and feels much more expensive than the likes of the samsung galaxy s3. The case is made from a single piece of polycarbonate, and is shaped in such a way that the phone feels slimmer in the hand.

Operating system of this phone is windows phone 8, and although it has its critics, I feel that there are many plus points to this over android , as long as you don't feel the need to personalize the home screen to the level android allows.

Screen quality is brilliant, and I'm sure I read somewhere that it has or had the highest pixel counts of any mobile out at the time of its release ,and compared to a friends iphone I reckon it far exceeds apples latest smartphone. The screen is also large and bright, and while maybe a little large for small hands, it should be no problem for most people.

The only drawbacks I have found after a months use are is lack of ability to remove the battery, and no way of adding extra storage. Having the home button at the top of the mobile and being slightly harder to find quickly is also a pain, but you get used to it.

Perfect for anyone who doesn't require the latest iphone or android, and who doesn't need to follow the crowd, this phone is a little different.
I'm confident that if you want a smartphone but don't want to pay the extra couple hundred for a top of the range samsung or iphone, this mobile phone is capable of meeting your needs without letting you down.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 19 February 2013
I've had the 8X for about a month so I've really had time to play around with it and I have to say it is a stunning device and a joy to use.

The HTC 8X is beautiful to look at and to hold(sometimes my gf gets jealous). It has a soft matte polycarbonate exterior which provides great grip and feels great in your hand. Thanks to the round thin edges you get a feeling of a premium sleek phone, which is great. Overall its a real eye catcher.

This was my first windows phone device and I really enjoyed the OS. Coming from a HTC One X(Android), there was no switching barrier. The OS user interface and controls are very intuitive. The look and feel is very customisable and user friendly and have subtle but beautiful effects and transitions, giving the device an overall smooth feel.

The 8X sports a nice 1,800mAh battery & I found it to be just right. I am generally a power user and I would regularly get a full days use out of a single charge. On days with intensive use, this would reduce considerably so thats a downside.

Coming from an android device, I was let down by the Windows app store. They have the popular apps, Facebook, Twitter and the likes but thats about it. If you're accustomed to the variety of apps available on other platforms then you may share my opinion on this one. The Windows Phone app store is still growing and fast too so I won't worry about this too much.

The camera quality on the 8x is superb. 8MP rear facing and 2.1MP This combination leads to impressive shots. I used the camera in bright and low light conditions(night outs) and the quality is super. The front facing camera has a wide angle lens which means you capture everyone in those group shots that we love so much.
Videos are captured in full 1080p HD quality at 30fps and they look amazing when played back on the big screen.
Sound on this device is backed by the Beats Audio and with a nice pair of earphones you can really tell the difference.

The 8X is a beautiful device I enjoy using it. It gets top marks for design, hardware and media features but takes a hit with the battery life and lack of apps to really make it shine.
The 8X is my secondary phone at the moment and I'm in no hurry to jump ship from android as of now but I see Windows Phone making a big splash in the nearest future.
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