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4.4 out of 5 stars127
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Kone XTD LaserChange
Price:£59.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 24 June 2013
So, I own the Razer Mamba and the Cyborg R.A.T. 9, which are both wireless gaming mice and I like them both for different things.

I also have the Logitech G9x (before that I had the logitech G9) - as gaming mice they did let me down but in everyday use I liked them both very much.

I also had 2 Roccat Kone (+) mice, the first one malfunctioned, got it changed, the second one gave up after 6 months. I got a full refund from Amazon (I love you guys :)) and went ahead and bought the XTD.

So, in form and looks this pretty much tallies up with the (+). The difference being DPI and an onboard chip on the XTD. The XTD also feels different from a textural point of view, softer, smoother. It also feels a little bit flatter, which I personally dont like, but it is very minimal.

All in all, this mouse is great. The software is fantastic (and that doesnt come easy). I dont use EasyShift much so I dont care about that as 8 buttons is enough to use imo. I do love the lighting but its a gimmick and no reason to buy a mouse.

I play on a 46 inch LED TV and having control on a large screen like that is a challenge. Not with the XTD (and (+)). They give you a feeling of control that is honestly second to none. This mouse is cheaper than a couple of others that I have mentioned and is more reliable and feels superior. I miss this mouse when I'm not at home and will rebuy if it breaks again. I cant see my main mouse changing anytime soon.

If you are thinking of buying it dont hesitate. you will not regret it - well worth the money!
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on 14 September 2014
I've owned no less than two Kone XTD Laser mice and they both failed after a couple of months. The mouse was amazing but the laser was TERRIBLE.
I started using a Mionix Naos 8200 laser and after some adjustment I am definitely a fan for life of Mionix, however, I couldn't resist buying the holy grail of Roccat mice (for me at least), the Kone XTD Optical.

The mouse is a beast, I use it with the four 5g weights installed and it's heavy, compared to the Naos it's feels double the weight and the quality feels amazing. It's now got a lick of silver over the top instead of pure black and it's definitely a good look.

The Roccat software that comes with the mouse is second to none, it's well laid out and feature rich, if you've never used a Roccat mouse you don't know what your missing. Click counts, scroll counts, distance moved even daft 'awards' for hitting certain milestones. It's all part of the unique Roccat experience. The Easy Shift feature doubles up the use of every button on the mouse, which once you get used to you cannot live without, I REALLY struggled when going back to a mouse without the feature.

The feel of the mouse is second to none, the switches are firm and to press are far nicer than any Razer mouse I've used. The scroll wheel is clicky and tight and very accurate when cycling in FPS's for weapons etc, my Naos 8200 was a little vague and often I'd find three clicks of the scroll wheel wasn't my third weapon, not the case with the Roccat.

I built my PC in November of last year and I've since been through five mice, the 2013 Razer Deathadder, two Kone XTD Lasers (which despite the colossal flaws I LOVED), a Mionix Naos 8200 and now the Kone XTD Optical. I can honestly say I'm very very pleased to be back with the Roccat!

After a replacement for a broken weight cover, I am now on my second XTD Optical. I've had it since the 9th of December, it's nearly 8 months old and the matte coating on the mouse is starting to peel off. I don't have overly sweaty; oily or grubby hands; if anything my skin is somewhat dry; however this hasn't stopped the mouse looking VERY tired.

The marks on the pics aren't dirt or grime, it's the actual coating of the mouse coming off, I've tried to wipe the matte areas several times and they simply don't come up clean.

I've asked for a refund, and after now owning 4 Roccat mice, two Laser & two Optical, all of which have had major or minor faults, I think it's safe to say I won't be going back. It's a shame, I really liked the look and feel of the mice and the software is excellent, however 4 problematic mice is either REALLY bad luck, or a sign of poor workmanship.

My girlfriend has hijacked my Mionix Naos 8200, and has been using it daily, at work for the last 8 months, I had it for a good few months before that and unsurprisingly it's going strong and looking good, I now have an optical Naos 7000 on order and that will be my XTD replacement.
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on 26 February 2014
After buying and returning the Mionix Naos 8200 (which was too small for my hands), I decided to give the Roccat Kone XTD a try and I am happy I did.

I personally think this mouse looks rather pretty, which is completely subjective, of course. It is a fairly big mouse (more on that later), but it doesn’t look bulky. I rather like the LED-strips on the sides, but it might be too flashy for some people. Luckily it can be turned off, should you so desire. The Roccat logo looks good and is not too obtrusive.

This mouse uses an Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor, like most high-end laser mice right now. The switches used are manufactured by Omron, which should be very durable. There are 9 buttons total: a left and right mouse button, two thumb buttons, two DPI buttons, a scroll wheel (with the option to scroll sideways) and another button above the scroll wheel, which is quite frankly impossible to reach. It also has a 1000hz polling rate, an adjustable lift-off distance, on-board memory (so you can use the mouse elsewhere without having to install the drivers) and of course the multicolour LED strips.

You have to download the drivers from the Roccat website, these are not included in the package. It is fairly lightweight, taking up 13MB of HDD space and 20MB of RAM. With it you can control the different sensitivities (DPI, scroll speed, double click speed etc.), button assignments, tracking control (which calibrates the sensor to suit your mouse pad), lift-off distance, polling rate, LEDs and – since the mouse doesn’t have a display to show the DPI setting you are currently using – the option to get sound feedback when you change the DPI and some other settings.

One thing that is quite unique to the Roccat Kone XTD is the EasyShift[+] button. You can assign this button to either one of the thumb buttons and what it does is, once you press and hold it, all the other mouse buttons change to a second, pre-determined button assignment. Basically doubling the amount of things you can do with your mouse. Once you release the EasyShift[+] button it reverts back to normal.

In use
After being a bit disappointed by the small size of the Mionix Naos, I was very happy when the Roccat turned out to be the perfect size for my hand, mind you, my hands are quite large and when I let someone with smaller hands try the mouse it was a bit too large for her. It doesn’t have an ergonomic shape per se, but it is comfortable enough to use it for multiple hours without any aches. The coating is also very pleasant.

The mouse click feel very nice and aren’t prone to accidental button presses. I like the mouse wheel, not too stiff, but when pressing it about half the time I accidentally scroll to the left as well, which can be annoying. Button placement is good and most of them are easy enough to reach, with the exception of the button above the scroll wheel.

The sensor tracks well (on my cloth mouse mat at least) and with the lift-off distance set at its lowest setting, it stops tracking pretty much the moment you lift it from your mouse mat. It does have very minor positive acceleration though, but for me this wasn’t a problem in practice. Playing games went just as well as with my old mouse and it was easy to get used to the shape of the Roccat.

For me this mouse is more than sufficient. It looks good, fits well into my hand and the sensor works fine. That doesn’t mean this mouse is for everyone though. People with small hands or who are left-handed won’t be able to hold this mouse properly. And people who are very sensitive to acceleration in their mice might want to skip this mouse as well (again it is very minor, especially compared to other laser mice, but it is there). On top of that, it isn’t exactly a cheap mouse. That is why it gets 4 stars instead of 5, because it is very good, but not flawless.
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on 3 April 2013
I purchased this mouse to replace a faulty Logitech G9X. The fault being the left click switch was faulty. In need of a mouse quickly I bought the Roccat XTD. Having owned a Roccat Kave 5.1 Headset for some time and liking the overall quality and after reading many reviews of the XTD online I decided it was the right mouse to go for.

The mouse feels absolutely solid. The surface finish feels very nice on your palm and it fits my hand perfectly, having a medium sized hand I would say. Also being the shape it is you can choose to claw it, palm it or finger grip it. So no matter how you hold your mice you will probably get on with it nicely.

The weights that can be added to the mouse are a nice bonus (something I liked a lot about the G9X) However the hatch can be a little stiff to open and close.

The amount of options you can choose between is pretty immense. The lights can be configured anyway you like with 4 different lights, one on each corner, pulsing and flashing away however you desire. On the fly DPI adjustments are a godsend for design and gaming, along with automatic profile switching based on the application in focus.

The easy-shift button is really quite something else too. Its a simple idea yet it really opens your mouse up to much more. I've read reviews saying that its awkward because you cant use it as a back button in your favorite internet browser but you can. You can completely disable the Easy-Shift button and assign whatever function you so desire to it. You can also set any button on the mouse to do whatever the hell you want it too. Including which one should be the easy-shift. So there really are a tonne of options for you to play about with to get the most out of it.

My only dislike about the mouse is the DPI changer, its not a problem with the mouse, its simply different to the G9X. The G9X has lights which tell you what DPI setting you are using, where as the XTD you have no clue unless you use the comical sound cues which voice what setting you are using. Its not a problem like I said, you just have to feel the sensitivity, rather than getting a visual readout on your mouse of what setting you are using.

Other than that minor dislike the mouse is pretty much perfect. Its responsive at high DPI without feeling like its flying around like crazy. I'm surprised to say it but the pointer itself actually feels better than the G9X. Plus with the amount of options supplied you can fine tune it all day.
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on 20 December 2014
After 12 months of normal usage it began to have numerous hardware problems which I can only assume are caused by poor quality components and manufacture:

1. Left & right wheel tilt would stick in position.
2. Right mouse button lost the tactile click and became extremely sensitive. I believe this is caused by the switch spring failing. A common problem with cheap components.
3. Scroll wheel would continue scrolling even when stopped.

Software problems:

1. Profile's would become corrupted at least once per week, often more. Requiring a driver reset and rebuilding of the profiles. A tiresome task to carry out every week.
2. Profiles not activating when apps are selected. Again requiring a driver reset.

The driver reset was the standard advice given by Roccat support. They seemed unfazed by the fact it was happening so regularly.

After 14 months I returned the mouse to Amazon today because the tilt-wheel left click has failed completely and no longer responds. The right mouse button has become muddy and over-sensitive losing its springiness. Meaning it will activate at the slightest brush of a finger. Making it very frustrating to use. Also with the continued software problems getting worse it has become unbearable.

I've had Logitech mice last 8 years with no problems. I only replaced my last Logitech because I snapped the dongle. This Roccat mouse has lasted 14 months before breaking down.

Absolute rubbish.
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on 3 June 2013
I am very reluctant to changing my mouse, due to the different shapes and ergonomics on offer. Sometimes it is a risk when buying a mouse before you use it, in case the shape of the mouse doesn't "agree" with your hand.

After watching a video unboxing of the item from a respected youtube subscriber of their unboxing of the item. I thought, it looked great and would be a step in the right direction. I was not wrong! This mouse is wonderful, with the perfect shape for my hand and the mod/customisability through the sophisticated software (downloaded from the roccat official website) is perfect. ranging from the right sensitivity, to DPI settings and the colour scheme you love. The added addition of customised macro buttons are great, not to mention they are easily in reach (with average to above average handsize)

I would recommend this mouse to anyone and they would not be disappointed...

If you wish to watch a full, detailed unboxing and first impressions of the mouse, go to this URL:
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on 20 May 2015
After searching for a while, I think I've found the perfect mouse. I actually don't use this mouse for gaming at all, I was just looking for a reliable mouse with extra configurable buttons and right-handed shape. After using Logitech mice for many years, my last one (G500) lost its left-click in under a year so I went looking for alternatives as I'm done with Logitech. After some searching I arrived at this one, which is looking so good I may buy a spare.

+ Mac support - this is extremely hard to find in gaming mice, the config software is decent enough and I was mostly able to map what I needed and then uninstall the software with the config stored in the mouse
+ ergonomic right-handed shape, feels great to hold, the sculpted thumb area is nice
+ water-resistant coating
+ no rubber to get dirty and sticky over time
+ great scrollwheel
+ performance is brilliant
+ Mac software can disable system acceleration if you require
+ lots of extra buttons

- cannot map horizontal scroll in Mac software - I got around this by mapping a button to Shift to use Shift+wheel. Dedicated support would be nice
- needs direct support for Mac functions like Mission control, expose, view desktop etc (however you can map corresponding keyboard keys after disabling the shortcuts in System Prefs and then re-enabling them)
- a few bugs in the Mac software - cannot map F15 for some reason & some bugs in the LED setup
- LEDs are really quite pointless, I'd prefer a cheaper version without them
- large cat graphic on the mouse - again this isn't needed and detracts from a great design
- the button right at the front is pretty inaccessible, I'd prefer to see more buttons on the left side instead

The cons are small niggles overall - I would still highly recommend this mouse.
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on 28 July 2015
the mouse hasn't let me down yet, i've used it for almost 2 months now. i consider myself to be a regular pc gamer. i cannot say much about the customization other than you can change the lighting on the mouse, calibrate the sensor for your mouse pad, and easily adjust the sensitivity and DPI with no problems. You can also assign different buttons on the mouse including the scroll wheel buttons. the feel of the mouse is very good, there's an indent on the side of the mouse for your thumbs which adds a little comfort whilst playing. the response of the sensor is brilliant and accurate, you can move the mouse as fast as you like it will respond and match your movement. for me the best feature of the mouse is the scroll wheel which can be tilted left and right for 2 extra buttons. this feature gives me a little less controls on the keyboard which helps me greatly. the only two real negative point i have is the size and material. i am 5"11, and the mouse is a little too small for my hand to fit perfect. my palm touches the mousepad however that isn't a big issue. the material is a smooth rubber feel, however for me i would prefer one with grip rather than one where your fingers can easily slide and move. that is just my opinion. i highly recommend you buy an appropriate mousepad with this mouse, something very smooth like the roccat taito or steel series mousepads.
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on 16 August 2013
I tried many mice before finally settling on this one, including its excellent but smaller model, the Kone Pure, which was just a touch too small for me.

This mouse is excellent, the grip is perfect as its a soft touch plastic which means you wont be slipping off of it after hours of gaming. The main buttons offer a perfect satisfying click, which surprisingly feels so much more quality than your average mouse. The scroll wheel too is firm, which means it wont spin like the logitech ones, but feels much more accurate because of this.

The mouse comes with extra weights which really I feel are mostly a fad, because I cant think of anyone that would ever need to change the weight of the mouse because it hardly makes any difference whatsoever. And the lights, while they look cool, add no extra functionality but do look fantastic when lit up at night, plus you can change their colour and their pattern in which it will flash, or not at all or even turn them off altogether if you would prefer.

Overall, an excellent mouse. It's not cheap, but if you are looking at these range of mice then you know that already and you're looking for the right mouse rather than the cost.
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There are so many features on this mouse that will probably make ideal for the super-dedicated gamer who does nothing else. With its software installed, there are almost as many options on-board as with Roccat's Ryos MK Pro keyboard. For my own use and needs, that is overkill! Although 20g of additional weights are included, the mouse does not have as much weight when they are installed as it should and probably needs considerably more. On the plus side, it has an all-over rubberised feel and the main buttons are soft-touch and excellent, the others are more positive.

Having only recently purchased Corsair's Gaming Mouse, personal optinion is that the Corsair is more substantial, more immediately usable, and a far better product all-round. Its aluminium frame adds considerable strength and resilience, and some weight which makes it far more controllable.
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