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4.5 out of 5 stars29
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2012
It's true,I haven't played a Tekken game since Tekken 3 on the Playstation1... But after picking up the slightly terrifying ZombiU with my WiiU on launch I needed something a bit less intense. This was the perfect antidote.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is basically a greatest hits package of the Tekken series with a huge number of both playable characters and game modes. Some of the said modes are exclusive to WiiU, including some cool Nintendo themed ones (which introduce Mario mushrooms to the proceedings). They're a bit throw away, buy it's nice to see some effort has been made.

I realise this is a port from the other consoles, which would usually put me off, but I would actually say this is the definitive version of the game.

The fully fledged online mode is great and with only a modest broadband connection I've experienced no lag, or disconnections.

4 player local multiplayer is INSANE.

If you're a best em up fan, or after a good multiplayer game you can't go wrong with this.
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on 6 December 2012
Now I used to be a big Tekken fan when I was younger so I figured I would give tekken a go on the Wii U, I downloaded it from the eShop and now I wished I had purchased it from Amazon purely because the download is 15GB and to save room I had to make up an external HDD, I do own the Wii U deluxe not the 8GB basic set.

I added an 320GB HDD and installed this game on that, I'm so glad I did as this is a much faster way of loading games from the Wii U a 7200RPM external HDD does a better job at loading not that the Wii U was bad at it, I just think for a fighting game you need full speed.

The game seems to be quite hard I've set it to hard as I like a challenge but honestly sometimes it's not worth ruining your WL ratio playing the arcade game as less skilled or out of practise players like myself will not be able to defat the last character in the game on the first try.

Online mode is flawed not technically flawed as in lags or bad connection far from it, the online connection is perfect on this game and you will feel like your playing local player based games, no the problem is the poor matchmaking servers I got matched up to players that clearly live and breath tekken, this is not my idea of fun for either of us, they are not being challenged and I'm not getting anywhere online it's quite disheartening to press the online button, I know this is partly my fault for not being that good at the game but that for me is the entire point of matchmaking.

Challenge modes are great but very short lived, mushroom mode is excellent but ends up being completed very quickly, there is a mode where you can play a game of basically beach ball but with slightly different rules that end up in players getting hurt, this mode was more of a challenge and I'll be honest I think the CPU players are a little glitchy as when playing the CPU seems to just try and fight me as apposed to play by the game rules but maybe that will be cured in a future update.

The graphics are bright, bold and beautiful on the Wii U and the added Miiverse community on the nintendo Wii U gives this game more than most other versions of the game do.

I have really enjoyed the single player arcade mode but not really enjoyed the challenge modes as much as I thought I would, and online might just be ignored until they fix the matchmaking servers as I do feel it's quite off of them to place players against each other that are in very different skill sets, what is a massive advantage is Miiverse, I've made tekken friends through Miiverse that I are in the same boat and want a civilised sparing match and that's where the Wii U differentiates itself from the other consoles Miiverse brings so much more to the Wii U versions of games and thats massively encouraging.
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on 12 February 2013
Fantastic Wii U game. I own a few games for the console since it's release, but none of the others (New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, ZombiU, Nintendo Land and Mass Effect 3) have not got a look in as yet! I have been playing this game almost constantly since the start of the year and am mightily impressed.

I haven't owned a Tekken game since 4 (on the PS2), but still remember a few moves and which characters are the best (King and Yoshimitsu all day long). The single player mode is simple but with a few extra twists and huge replay value as you try and complete the game with every character. The ending movies are traditionally abysmal and nothing has changed here - purely worth watching for the comedy value. You can also play through the main game in two player, which is great fun in a tag team, and there are plenty of other random one and two player modes to keep you interested for months (including the return of Tekken Ball!).

The only downside is the online mode, but this is through no fault of the games developers. Basically if you play this game online, you will consistently come up against players who use the fastest characters and perform one quick/powerful move over and over again until they win. Apparently very few want to play the game to enjoy it, they would rather just play to win by any means necessary. However, saying this, there is a 'friendly' mode which may be a better option for people wanting to have a proper fight; but still, general Tekken-playing public - I am very disappointed in you.

Online mode aside, the game itself is endless fun, with dozens of character's moves to master and tons of extra content; well worth it - even if you just play local multiplayer with a friend/sibling/grandparent/cat.
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on 12 January 2013
I love Tekken, I need to get that off my chest I have been a massive fan since the first game appeared back on my Playstation many years ago.

With the launch of Tekken Tag and the news that it was coming to the Wii U I decided that I would make this a launch game and skip the need to buy it for the PS3.

Tekken on Wii U shines like an amazing fighting game does, plenty of style and rich graphics which are pleasing to the eye.

Wii U benefits from some slight alterations, the inclusion of the Mushroom Mode which uses the Mario mushrooms to good effect to grow or shrink your characters to give you different advantages throughout the fight is certainly amusing but feels like a good fit with the game.

The online mode I've had no problems with but reading other reviews I am unsure if I have been very fortunate,you can set this so you can fight worldwide or specific regions which might explain why I've not seen a problem as yet. With Tekken you unlock items to tag onto your fighter, the Wii U takes it further and allows you to draw on the clothing to really make fighters feel unique and online you do witness some rather strange designs.

The downside for me is the controls, the game does not use the control stick and while this is just a niggle for me it needs to be mentioned. Using the dpad takes a while to adjust to as on the Controller pro the Dpad is slightly further in and makes it feel like you're stretching your thumbs, so best stick to the GamePad or the Wii + Classic Controller Pro attachment.

Also another thing is the game between fights is slow and sluggish, I am under the impression this can/will be fixed with an update to address the load times, and this is only between matches so it doesn't affect the game but why should a load screen or a cut scene stutter and the game be fine...

Overall this is still a stand out title and remembering this is one of the first games on the console shows significant promise.
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on 29 May 2013
Stunning graphics, great gameplay, costume customisation and you have the ability to have the move list open on the Will U gamepad whilst fighting to get you used to a characters moves. Also if you want to see what a move looks like, you can just press the move on your gamepad and it auto-inputs the commands.
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on 27 February 2013
I bought this game because I had played it several times on the PS3 of a friend of mine, so after I got the Wii U I just had to buy this game!

And I have to say, I'm happy that I did.
It was the first time I had ordered something at Amazon, I am amazed by the delivery speed and the quality of the games.

The game itself is very entertaining, not only can you fight both offline and online, you even get special features that are only included in the wii u version from the game!
Like Nintendo costumes and special gamemodes (:

If you liked Tekken in the first place, you WILL like this game even more, especially on the Wii U.
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on 22 October 2013
Since Tekken 3 for PSX one of my favourites fighting games. Good as always on Wii U. Best version for Nintendo home console :)
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on 24 March 2013
The game is totally fantastic. More things to do than its ps360 version. Also, the WiiU gamepad is much more fun and easier to use than the ps360 controllers. Textures are better but I feel that developers could make graphics look much sharper owning to WiiU capabilities.

All in all, this is the best version of the game. Buy it with confidence!
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on 14 March 2013
I'm still getting used to using the game pad for this, but you just can't go wrong with Tekken. I like how they show how to do the combo moves on the screen of the game pad while you're playing; it's really quite convenient. You can use Wii remotes with this, but I would recommend getting the pro controller just for the sake of comfort.
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on 6 December 2014
simple to learn, hard to master toarnement fighting system.
Huge roster, each with a uniqe story and fighting style spanning the entire series with deep asthetic customization options(including exclusive free nintendo character outfits).
An iron fistingly fun time with friends.
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