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on 20 January 2013
I just bought this printer to replace a 7 year old HP that was the best printer I'd ever bought. So my replacement had to be even better! After seeing over the years that Canon printers win lots of reviews, I decided to take the plunge on the MG6350. I made the right choice! So far I've only tested a few of its features:

1. AirPrint - Using with my iPad and iPhone, its very easy and the prints just come out - no effort, no fussing and no fiddling about.
2. Canon iEPP app - An easy to use app that you can scan from, or open PDFs / JPGs in and then print out. Again, you just tell it what to do and it happens!
3. The scanner - I don't do a lot of scanning, but I still wanted to test it out. I told the printer to scan to email, and it did the scan, opened up my email client and attached it to a new message, ready for me to send it. It just worked - magic!

I use the MG6350 on wireless and this works well. I have the printer in the same room as the router, so can't comment on signal in a different room, but I can comment on setting the wireless up. As long as you give the printer the correct details for your wireless setup, it takes all of 5min to do!

I also did some photo printing to put the printer through its paces, and based on my old HP, I did have concerns that this one wouldn't be as good - how wrong I was! The quality is amazing. I'd even go so far as to say it bests my HP. I gave it a wide range of scenes and colours, and it didn't break 11 / 10 for quality!

The printer has memory card slots on it, which you can set up to be accessed across your network. This isn't something I need, but I did try it out and it all worked fine.

Installation is a breeze - follow the enclosed installation guide and the printer sets itself up, prompting you now and again to do things. Very easy and took at most 25min.

The design is nice and clean - its a clever device in that only the relevant buttons (capacitive) light up depending on what you're doing..looks cool and shows Canon thought about design carefully.

Other - there are a few web services built-in. Google Cloud print, which seems to work perfectly well, and the useful feature of the printer being able to download templates for things like graph paper and notepaper - doesn't sound interesting, BUT its surprisingly handy if you need to take notes and don't want to use scraps of paper...just tell it to print notepaper!

In summary - this is a VERY good printer and I think anyone that buys it won't be disappointed. The only negative I would point out is that you insert the installation CD and it then promptly downloads the drivers from the web, I'm not sure what the purpose of the CD is. I'm a Mac user, perhaps there is Windows applications on there..I don't know. Rather like Apple products, the printer just works! It works quickly, quietly and with excellent quality - and you really cannot ask for more than that.
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on 7 June 2013
Got this printer to replace my Canon MP640 printer which needed the print head replacing - looking at the cost of replacing the print head vs buying new, I decided to replace the printer.

The new printer looks a modern and is a slimmer design. Having both the primary and secondary print trays is an advantage over my previous printer, where the secondary print tray was at the back of the printer. The only disadvantage over my previous printer is the capacity of the primary paper tray - where it holds 25 sheets less than my previous printer - not not really a big issue.

The new printer build quality seems to be better that the equally priced HP and Brother printers I looked at in a local store.

Installation is very straight forward - although it takes about 20min to install the software on the PCs that will use the printer

Print quality looks good - I am using the 'fast' mode to keep ink usage as low as possible, but even in this more the documents are very good - good enough for most letters, print out etc. I tried printing a photo and this was also very good.
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on 7 October 2013
I bought this as a replacement for my old canon i850 which had died. I did loads of research so thought that it would be better than it is.
Set up for the wireless printer on a desktop PC (running Windows Vista) was painless & easy but the scanner does not work & I am really frustrated with this - Canon support is not great.
I have tried to set this printer up wirelessly with a laptop running Windows 7 - it will not work. I have tried to download drivers from Canon site without success so I am really frustrated now, one of the selling points to me was wireless ability so have been extremely let down with the failures & lack of support.
Printing quality is good but it is slow & noisy which seems very odd with such a new high tech product.

At this point in time I would not recommend & I am usually a Canon fan.

I have now been using this since October 2013. I eventually got the scanner to work after requesting support twice - I had been given the wrong driver links! The laptop windows 7 is now working I assume that when I eventually got the correct driver link for the scanner it helped that problem too.
I remain disappointed as it seems to take ages to warm up & eventually print - I am left with the feeling is it going to work. Scanning also seems an arduous task for the machine.
All in all for a Canon product I am very disappointed it is not their normal high quality & I note it has dropped a lot in price since I got mine - is that significant.
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on 20 November 2012
The printer arrived in an attractive looking retail box which had a nice big picture of the printer on it along with descriptions of the features at the back. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but it was nice glancing around the box reading some of the features before opening it.

I was surprised to find the printer placed vertically padded with four PVC foam protectors on each corner. The ink cartridges were sellotaped to one of the PVC pieces which I found rather weird as I was expecting them to be placed in a more secure location inside the packaging. The printer was wrapped in a grey bag which is quite typical of all Canon printers. Inside were some manuals, service material, special Canon print-test paper, and three free photo sheets measuring 6"x4".

The photo papers were blank at the back with no Canon logos, while the retail versions have the logos on them. They come in packs of 50.

I noticed that the power cord (tape wire) did not fit in snugly and felt like it wasn't even plugged in properly.

Upon startup, the printer took it's time initialising. 6 minutes to be exact. I found this to be quite long but once fully started, it didn't go through the same process again. After installing the six ink cartridges, I began setting up the Wirelass LAN connection which was very easy to do on the touchscreen. In a couple of minutes I was able to print some test photos from an Android mobile phone and the results were superb. I noticed the colours were a bit high in contrast but then again, I printed everything on the default settings.

That said, the image quality is perfect. Absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have asked for a better picture (despite the high contrast which can be customised and set lower later).

I then started my PC and installed the Canon drivers. The driver software recognised the printer wirelessly (you can also choose to use a USB cable). I already knew how the photo quality was, so I decided to test the scanner.

Scanning on the MG6350 is very easy. There are two ways to scan. You can scan from the PC or scan using the touchscreen controls on the printer itself. I find the latter much more easier. If you scan directly from the printer, you can choose where to save the scan image. Either to the PC (which comes up on the screen) or a memory card. Once you press OK, it takes a few seconds and the scan is done. You can also press "COPY" and it prints the scan on paper very quickly. Of course, you can choose to scan in both colour or black-and-white.

I scanned a utility bill and I found it to look 95% like the original thing in terms of colours, contrast, and even clarity. Wow, it really impressed me.

Sorry for the not-so-technical review, but these are just my thoughts on the printer. Bless you.

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on 3 January 2014
The set up instructions are quite badly put together. When setting it up a warning light came on and the power would not work. It would not allow me to use the onscreen set up - presumably due to the warning light. You would think they would include a troubleshooting guide with explanations for any warning lights, etc. but no. I spent thirty minutes trying to get an instruction manual - there is one on the disk supplied - apparently - but that would not allow me to open it. It seemed to be just an internet connection process. I am fairly technically minded and have not come across such a poor set up procedure. There was no online manual anywhere, including Canon's home page and technical support forums. Therefore, if there is any problem beyond the quick start guide, you are left rudderless. Sent back to Amazon for refund. I will go back to Epson I think.
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on 27 January 2014
(please just cut to the bottom if you want just the bare impressions of this machine without the story )

Sadly my loyal old Canon MP600 all in one printer/ scanner began to misbehave and no longer perform as it should, however I was comforted in the fact that it had lasted me 7 yes SEVEN years of faultless prints with ZERO heavy maintenance
Because of the longevity of the last machine I thought there was other choice but to look for a replacement by Canon, After much reading of reviews (good and bad ) I had selected the Canon MG6350 as my next long term companion ( or so I had hoped )
Ordering from Amazon was as painless as ever and the new machine was on its way to me in no time, expertly followed by Amazons informative delivery process. The morning arrived and I was eagerly unpacking this fine looking piece. After much removal of adhesive tabs here and tabs there ( nice to know they are packed so well ) I was soon inserting the CD to install my software. First problem was that I had to update my .net framework before the software would install and this seemed to take AGES but the fault of this is more down to me or the update rather than the MG6350.
Finally drivers were installed and this gleaming piece of kit was ready for the test print.....Test print was fine however I had noticed rather a lot of clanking and banging and squeaking and whooshing etc during the process ( setting up mode I thought ) ... time went on and I began to live with the new MG6350, excellent prints , super fast printing , no smudges or problems whatsoever ......

..... that is apart from the racket ! it seems that the MG6350 needs to constantly remind you its there or something as its constantly whirring , clicking , squeaking ... it does this everytime it turns on, every time it turns off ( it has a power down time to supposedly save energy ) it whirrs , bangs , squeaks just before you print something just after you print something ( even after every single 6x4 print I tried to produce ) in short its the most irritating constant chorus of noise that after five days became too much to handle ..there is no way I could put up with 7 years of this...especially for £99 ( it seems to have gone up since then ) Returning it to Amazon was about as easy and simple as you could get and I was refunded very quickly.
Sadly the next machine I tried I found much cheaper than on Amazon or I would have used them again.
Incidentally I went for the EpsonXP-405 and whilst this is no way near as nicely made or prints quite as superbly as the Canon it is very ...very .... very quiet
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on 10 January 2013
At the beginning I would like to say this is my first photo printer.
I am using a Mac, the setup was easy on WiFi, downloaded the drivers from Canon's website. I wanted to try a usb as well, but manufacturer did not put one in the box (poor decision IMO). I chose Canon, because I shoot with Canon DSLR (7D) and 90% of my lenses are the same brand and so far I have been pretty delighted. Let me try to divide my thoughts in pros and cons:

1) good connectivity - WiFi, AirPlay, USB, LAN, CF (!) and SD cards...
2) nice design, although it attracts some fingerprints and dust
3) fast for printing documents and especially like the duplex function for saving paper
4) good speed for scans as well (however I didn't find it any faster than my 10 year old Epson photo perfection 2580). I haven't used it yet for more intensive photos scanning so I can't say how are the colours and quality. I hope well - this is Canon after all.
5) pretty straight forward menu on the touch panel which I am sure many would like. Had some difficulties finding the WiFi mac address - it is situated in setup/device settings/Lan settings/confirm LAN settings/WLAN setting list.
6) great online support! I had problem with scanning from the touch panel directly to my mac. Wrote to Canon and in few days they issued a new driver and the problem was fixed!

1) as another reviewer mentioned - it really is LOUD. It vibrates a lot on my massive three story drawer, sometimes without reason (like few minutes after printing something). I didn't find the quiet function to make a difference.
2) I needed some time until I found the best settings for printing photos. Mine came with a lot warmer colours than intended. Also the quality of the first few 4x6" wasn't good at all. I could easily spot the dots. After some try outs I found that if you choose a better quality for photo paper before printing, it actually prints much much better! So, just choose PT1/2 (this is for the Pro Platinum Canon paper). Also the colours are much more accurate. It appears to me like Canon wants you to buy more expensive photo paper in order to achieve better quality.. Looks like a cheap trick to me. Maybe I am wrong, but these are my experiences so far. And even after more than 50 photos printed, I am still not convinced in this so-called Photo Lab quality. The photo studio nearby prints better looking photos for less money: 0.07-0.16 EUR (because if I want quality prints, I should use at least Photo Glossy Plus II and it cost 0.18 EUR + additional for the INK which is expensive as well). I should say that I print via Photoshop on 300 DPI, HQ..

For conclusion, I am with mixed feelings. I am somewhat pleased with it so far. However my problems with the printer make me set a 4 star review for now.. The main reason I bought it, was printing my photographs.
If anyone has some advices on how to achieve the best possible quality photo print, please reply to this review.
Thanks for reading, it is my first review on Amazon (I think) :)
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on 9 May 2014
I thought we put a lot of time and effort into researching what printer to buy, but clearly nowhere near enough was done. The brief was a printer/ scanner with wireless that put the emphasis on the printing of photos over document print quality, getting the best for our budget. All I can say is we are bitterly disappointed with this printer and 14 months in we have thrown in the towel. Why?

Running costs- this thing consumes ink at a jaw dropping rate. We even went so far as to banning the kids from printing and restricting any printing full stop just to gray scale documents, with the odd colour output for homework. Yet still every 6-8 weeks we were changing one or more colour cartridges. Whether they were the XL or normal 551 versions. In the 14 months we've had this we have gone through approximately £330 of colour ink alone. Which nearly made me fall off my chair when we have so little to show for that cost. Even taking into account scrapped photo prints, we'd still have little to show. The last two months I've kept a careful eye on the printing done and calculated we get less than a quarter of what Canon quote you get from cartridges, even with the printer set to economy printing.

Print quality- dubious. Now let me be clear, we've tried every brand, grade, finish and combination of those of paper on the market. Yet still prints are often dull, or washed out, or murky. Or the highlights so blown out I've even reprocessed image files through every possible software I could find convinced we were doing something wrong. I did find the Mac drivers had a tendency to make the printing heavy on the cyan and I went to the trouble of calibrating the output to accommodate this. Still rubbish. Even printing straight off the memory card to bypass any print driver interference still produced the same haphazard quality and washed out pictures. On the printer screen is this beautiful image and what comes out is just shocking. Which I find insane as every so often a great picture will pop out that sparkles. A lot of printing has gone in the bin and when you factor in the ink usage levels... ouch!

Given the wasted printing through poor quality output, the money wasted on paper and massive amount of ink used, I've gone back to sending images to be printed by a mid range printing service. It's still cheaper per print having triple the amount done than those done with this thing the last 14 months!!

Usability- This is the day to day scenario with this printer... switch on printer to start warm up, go into kitchen and boil kettle to make everyone a drink. Make said drink and nose in the garden for a few moments. Return to printer nearly five minutes later and it might JUST having finished the warm up routine, but not always! What a song and dance! Knocking, whirring, clicking, banging, shaking the table as it does it's thing. Finally when it does start printing the buffering speed is painful and it just makes you feel like you wished you hadn't bothered. Especially when you want to switch it off and the cool down routine is the same as the start up! It's not even like the print quality is worth it either!!!!

This is no exaggeration... whilst the homework should have been printed the night before, waiting for this printer to start up and finally print a two page piece of homework actually made us late at school the one day by over five minutes.

There is nothing good at all to say about this printer. The flatbed scanner is good quality but to be honest, what one ISN'T these days?! I've heard myself yelling and swearing at it to 'just come on for etc etc', and that sentiment is extremely indicative of how my partner and I feel about it. Bitterly disappointed and we can't wait to see the back of it.
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on 15 August 2013
Bought this to replace an amazingly reliable Canon ip4500 that had finally given up the ghost. Firstly if you just want to print photographs and standard documents the print quality is amazing. Unfortunately there is no rear feed for thicker card and paper or irregular sized envelopes. The two tray feed method on this printer is very restricting. A shame as I have been a huge fan of Canon over the years and will have to look elsewhere when my other ip4500 finally gives up.
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on 29 July 2013
This printer is great! It was easy to setup with wireless printing services synchronised to my laptop, my wife's laptop, and our smartphones without any issues.

It is quite large and take the paper from the front loading tray in a portrait format which means it is also deep. Print noise is low, which is good when I am working late at night and the touch screen works perfectly. It scans simply and allocates the files to your receiving device in a logical format.

If you want an easy use all-in-one printer that doesn't work to hard on the ink (I have mostly printed documents with small images not to photo level) this will provide good quality results.
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