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3.9 out of 5 stars86
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2013
Size: 100gVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had eczema since childhood, fortunately only ever confined to one small random area of my body, and to not as bad a degree as some. Though I grew out of the flaky, weepy type, I still get a flare-up on the palm of a hand every now and then because you can't help but scratch.
Hydrocortisone cream works and sometimes you need a prescription for Betnovate, and having tried various OTC creams for a couple of decades - admittedly always of the cheap sort - I'd given up having anything beyond E45 for control and a steroid cream for the 'big gun'.

But what can I say here? At least for me Dermalex Repair Eczema seems to live up to the hype; as always though, you should patch test a small area.
The first thing to bear in mind is that this is designed for use on mild to moderate eczema; I'm not sure if it would've helped me out in my more irritated child-teen years, but who knows? The other thing is that it works very slowly. You don't get the near-instant relief of a steroid cream; in fact after nearly a month of application about 15% of my not-very-itchy-red-patch remains, and if it was actively bothering me I would probably have had to resort to HC cream. But, certainly, E45 doesn't help things at all on a flare-up.

So, this is probably not going to eliminate steroid creams for everyone but I think I'm likely to only use those once in a blue moon now. Though this is more expensive for 100g, I'm willing to spend that (or try to get it on prescription) for a subtler treatment after all these years. I'm certain it could mute a beginning-flare-up very quickly.

The cream itself has no scent and seems to have the consistency of a cross between E45 and TCP ointment cream, so you can feel a slight tingle on application.
I also use it on my face as I've been allowed to use HC cream on my face as I get dry skin build up that does need to be thinned out, but over a month this has completely negated use over that as it does a much better preventive job than E45 or aqueous cream. My worry is that the efficacy may wear off (maybe it won't), but right now it's the perfect cream for me. One probably to replace HC cream in moderate sufferers in most cases, and maybe as a 3rd middle cream for severe sufferers. It appears to have no expiry date too.

As I said though, and as one other noted, it works very slowly. But then true healing in most cases is a slow process, so I do feel that 'repair' is an apt label on this product.

I expect my red patch to be entirely gone within a fortnight.
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on 25 February 2014
I have had recurring moderate to severe eczema on my face, due to stress and allergies, for over a year. I had a course of several steroid creams which improved the eczema from severe to moderate. I was unable to use them beyond 6 weeks, and they were uncomfortably greasy. I was left with moderate eczema on my face. I tried everything. My dermatologist recommended several products, which worked a little, but I had to wear camouflage make up, as my skin was scarred and uneven with dry and red patches. I bought this in desperation, expecting very little. After the first day, my skin began to repair itself and the redness disappeared. My skin was immediately non-greasy and regained natural elasticity, which ended the discomfort. The dry patches literally sloughed away painlessly. I've been using it for a week and even the stubborn thick brown patch on my forehead has almost gone. I have incredibly sensitive skin, but this suits it extremely well. I can go out without wearing foundation now and I look years younger, where I have applied it to the rest of my face! It has been a miracle for me.
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on 21 February 2014
I'd had flaky and reddened skin in my nose (diagnosed as eczema by a dermatologist, who didn't help much beyond that), eyes and cheeks area for more than a year; other creams and treatments would only work briefly after being applied, without making the situation better (and constantly using products in sensible areas does not seem to help restoring the skin's natural protection). A few months in a very cold climate made it all significantly worse, until I stopped using hot water to wash and shower, found a shampoo that didn't irritate my skin (Dead Sea Spa Magik), and started using this cream. After that, symptoms got significantly better! Having removed the causes of the irritation, the skin was still vulnerable and rough, and with Dermalex it healed very nicely.
Now it's much stronger and the symptoms rarely come back.
I do still use from time to time, along with a gentle skin cleanser (non-soap), when my skin gets more irritated (from external factors), but the applications have gone down to one or two times a month, and the tube will last for a long time.
Really helpful! I guess my face can now fend for itself.

However, I have no idea on how this might work with more severe conditions.
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on 3 November 2015
Throughout my life I've suffered with eczema flare ups, usually on my finger folds and knuckles. E45 and steroid cream helped in my teens but I'm more reluctant to use the Betnovate style dispensed steroids these days. When flare ups occur I have been using E45 "lotion" (not cream) and this has helped however when the temperature is cold out, or if I wear gloves for gardening etc. the tingling and redness can reappear. Dermalex has been a good add-on to the use of the E45 lotion (which I use in place of hand soap), the Dermalex not only removes the dryness for longer periods but also allows me more time actually doing things outside, in the wet or in cold without making a flare up worse. It won't replace the need for the occasional steroid "zap", but on the whole should make steroid use more sporadic. I've not given 5 stars as I'd prefer to use it for a more prolonged period first.

Decent size.
Hydrates for longer than E45 meaning lasts longer even though it costs more.
Not too oily or perfumed.
Does not burn off layers of skin like steroids.

Tempts you to try the cheaper smaller bottle but the 100g is better value and well worth using routinely to try.
Unsure how it would work on larger flare ups (mine are contained to hands only and are "contact" stimulated).
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on 19 December 2013
This has stooped my eczema in its tracks, took a few weeks to clear and now I just use it now & again when I feel I have an outbreak on the way!
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on 3 January 2016
For me, this cream is in s league of its own. I have been using it on my face for about three months and it continues to be effective in dramatically reducing dryness, making skin soft and more resilient against irritants, reducing redness and almost eliminating itch.

I am a 58 year old female and have had severe facial eczema for most of my life. I use prescribed, thick moisturisers, steroid and pro steroid creams and ointments nd have tried ecpensive cosmetic creams My face gets very deeply dehydrated to the extent that it can't seem to hold moisture in at all, and a moisturiser just won't penetrate and has to be applied almost continuously, to little effect.

This cream seems to be able to go deeper into my skin, which stays smooth and softened. A friend commented that the etched lines caused by steroid damage looked less deep.

The cream does feel a bit itchy when first applied but this wears off after a few minutes. I find it works best if applied on top of a thinner cosmetic moisturiser I have ( this other moisturiser is too thin on its own).

I confess I have had to apply some steroid cream for a few days to clear some resistant redness and dryness, but having done that, the overall improvement has been maintained.

This is now a cream I can't be without!
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2013
Size: 100gVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My son has dry and very itchy skin; so I have used this product after a bath and through the day. His itching has greatly reduced. It s very absorbent, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. It's expensive for the amount you get but if your skin is really dry then I think it's worth it. Once my son's skin stops itching I will use a cheaper moisturiser and just use this on occasion.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2013
Size: 100gVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having suffered from Varicose Excma on my ankles for a number of years and never having found any cure for it that lasted more than a day or two,I really had to try this product!
The main problem I have was that dreaded itch! It is insatiable, once I start scratching its almost impossible to stop!
The 4 star score is only because of the thickness of the cream,it certainly doesnt feel or look very nice at all......perhaps that's just me being picky!
I have now been using this product sparingly for three days and so far no returning itch! that is something of a record as most creams etc. are fine for a couple of days and then the itch seems to get used to them and returns with a vengeance!
I intend to return to this page and edit with a longer term result in a couple of weeks but so far so good!
Edit 07/05/13 Have been using this on a regular basis and have had absolutely no return of the dreaded itch! even when I have been wearing long socks which usually irritates the condition terribly! Great Stuff!
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2013
Size: 100gVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having suffered from eczema all my life, I have come to the conclusion that the ideal cream should sink in quickly, moisturise without being sticky, should prevent itching, should last, and should not have a strong smell. Therefore I was slightly irked to read on the instructions in the Dermalex box "do not scratch your itchy skin." As anyone with eczema knows, that is exactly what the sufferer is unable to do. Do you tell a fatty who wishes to be slim "it's easy, avoid carbohydrates" - is it really that simple?

My understanding from the instructions is, that Dermalex does not claim to be a miracle moisturiser, but to be a "damage repair accelerator," which activates the skin's own repair mechanism and creates a barrier against bacterial toxins. This makes sense as apparently sufferers of atopic eczema are frequently found to have bacterial infections.

The instructions also recommend that Dermalex is not used on skin that has cracked or been scratched, which is an instruction I would find quite hard to follow during a bad flare-up.

Cortisone is really the only way to go during a bad period of itching (usually triggered by stress) as well as following a whole list of other things to avoid, whatever your own personal triggers are - synthetic fabrics, alcohol, dairy, soaps etc.

I have used the Dermalex for three weeks, I can't prove whether or not it replaced missing ceramide components, as the leaflet claims it does. It's a very pale green colour, sinks in well and has a faint clay-like smell. It does have a slight tendency to slough off if rubbed. It is suggested that a moisturiser be applied on top and I would recommend Doublebase Hydrating Gel Pump - 500g

In fact I didn't use an additional moisturiser and can confirm that I had minimal itching during the three weeks. I didn't use it on my face as I would have liked to have seen a specific reassurance that it is suitable for facial use.

The obvious sticking point would be the price. I would certainly use it again if I could afford it - but I can't.
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on 27 April 2013
I bought this for my 5 month old baby who has had eczema since he was 4 weeks old.

I bought it from Lloyds Pharmacy and it cost me £10 for a small 30g tube. Considering lo has it all over his tummy, his thighs and creases etc..I guessed the tube would last me about a week and I'd see how we got on with it, but I was definitely prepared to keep with it if I saw good results, especially after seeing the picture on the packaging and that it contained no nasties in the ingredients.

So it is with great disappointment that I have to report that like the previous poster, for us it hasn't worked; my lo was not happy with me putting it on, screamed like mad, so does it sting?..I'd guess it does for him. I had already tested a bit on my hand and it felt fine to me, but then I don't have eczema, so maybe it didn't feel the same.

I also report that lo's eczema has now spread and is more red. It's so frustrating! I wasn't expecting a miracle cure but just something to manage it would be good. Nothing is helping him at the moment and I feel at my wits end with it. Going to go back to Dr's and hopefully we'll get to see a specialist. I have already asked if he can have a test done and they said not at this stage. Its awful watching him suffer and I really feel for anyone with this condition, its horrendous. It just seems there's no one cause & no one fits all treatment either.

Anyway, apologies its a bit long winded; just to say, hey it may work for you; you could always try the small tube first to see if you see any positive results. Its just a bit steep at £10! There doesn't seem to be many reviews for it at the moment so thought id post my experience of using it.

Incidently, we have tried diprobase, aveeno, cetraben and oilatum and it just makes his skin more red. I'm hoping he'll "grow out of it" like people keep saying he will, but living with it daily and seeing how it affects him doesn't make me very optimistic.

Good luck and hope you find something which works for the meantime, we are still searching...
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