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4.8 out of 5 stars22
4.8 out of 5 stars
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If you had to force a Dr Who Fan to choose the best five adventures ever then The Talons of Weng-Chiang would be in the top five.
For many Talons of Weng Chiang is the best ever I would agree it was excellent and stays in the mind long after others have faded..

Why is this so good?
It really is a combinations of factors that all come together to make the whole.

Firstly Tom Baker- for many he is the best Doctor but in Talons of Weng Chiang he really excels. His humour, comic timing and mannerisms are spot on. Jokes come thick and fast my favourite has to be when he dodges an axe thrown by an assassin, turns and asks "Are you trying to attract my attention?"
Baker plays the parody up to the hilt well right up to his Sherlock Holmes like Deerstalker hat and cane.
His companion Leela- the delightful Louise Jameson sheds her skins- literally and wears a strange Victorian Garb knickerbockers that enable her to kick, gouge and poleaxes her assailants with ease. Her questions about London really bring the strangeness of London to the fore.
The script writer is excellent and has written the finest script of a whole series.

The setting Victorian London all `Pea Soup Smog's' and river mists. The Bobbies on the Beat whistle calls and the Victorian Music Hall.
Disappearing ladies ala Jack the Ripper. Add to this the terror of the Chinese Tongs thugs all tattooed with the Black Scorpion led by a Chinese John Bennett as the villainous Li H'sen Chang (last seen by the Doctor in China over 400 years ago).
And wait for it... a vent doll that really is an animatronics with the heart of pig and the malevolent danger of a crack addict that enjoys murdering his victims together with a Giant Rat and a Time Traveling War Criminal from the 52nd Century Magnus Greel behind it all.

If that's not enough the support cast is magnificent- believable policemen that look as good as TVs Ripper Street and the magnificent double act of Henry Jago, a Victorian Theatre Manager with just enough Bravado as to be believable together with Dr Litefoot a `Dr Watson (Holmes)' like Police Coroner Pathologist played wonderfully by Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter respectively.
The success of those two can be measured by their return in the wonderful Big Finish Production the adventures of Jago and Litefoot.

Believe me this all sounds far fetched, too detailed and too complex to be an attractive story but over the six episodes it really is wonderful.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang is available in many formats so I really suggest you read the reviews and descriptions from other more knowledgeable reviewers and select the best version for yourself.
Totally recommended as one of the best ever Dr Who Adventures ever and that is up against some pretty steep competition?
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on 1 October 2014
The third best Doctor Who story after Pyramids Of Mars and City Of Death.

Stunning tour de force acting from Tom Baker and the rest of the cast, special mention must go to Louise Jamieson who really brought Leela to life and the Jago and Litefoot pairing.

A Victorian fog shrouded Sherlock Holmes style bloodbath with great sets, lighting and atmosphere.

Even the giant rat isn't as bad as some people make out!

And the extras are superb, for such a masterpiece.

This is a Must Buy.

Very Highly Recommended.
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on 29 December 2014
There have been many dark Doctor Who serials over the years, but The Talons of Weng-Chaiging has to be one of the darkest ever, featuring a dark storyline and an extremely dark villian. Despite its PG certificate, it's probaly one parents should view first before recommending it to their kids escpecially in the last couple of episodes in the serial. However, Tom Baker is as great as ever, adapting a Sherlock Holmes sort of character here and Leela really comes into her own as one of the strongest companions in the history of Doctor Who.
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on 16 November 2013
Even though Tom Baker still had another 4 years left as the doctor, I pesonally don't think his stories were not as great after this all time classic and the stories did go a bit pearshaped, especially Baker's last season in 1980 - 81. However I really do like Baker's underrated story "The androids of Tara" 1978 and "The city of death" 1979, which is considered as a classic. "The Talons of Weng Chiang" was the final story from the 14th season and what I really like about this 6 part story are the gloomy 19th centery victorian settings, which makes the story look like a hammer horror. Also Tom Baker and Louise Jameson have a great acting chemistry together. Also 6 parts was just right for this story because a lot of things happen in the story and if it was a four part story it probably wouldn't have been as good, which Tom Baker's other classic 6 part stories "Genesis of the daleks" and "The seeds of doom" are brilliantly well written. Also Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter are very good fun to watch as Jago and Litefoot. But I wasn't too keen on John Bennett's performance as the evil Chang, which I don't understand why they didn't have an oriental actor playing him. Overall this is a must see "Doctor who" story and if you are a fan of the series then this is well worth watching.
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on 16 July 2015
Often cited as one of The best of The Tom baker Dr Who stories. Talons of weng chiang Yes The one with The Giant rat as it all fog bound Victorian London Tom baker as The Dr giving his all with his Shelock holmes impersonation companion Louise Jameson in Victorian period costume and of course it Would not be Dr Who without The odd monster putting in an appearance. shades of Fu Man Chu Talons as been released previous before This 3 Disc special edition is worth the update The previous release Which I did own was grainy The remastering have done a good job with This in removing The grain. Disc two gives us updated interviews with both Tom baker and Louise jameson sharing their memories and antedotes on The making of The story. Disc three gives us all The extras That had been on The previous release even with just these alone still worth The price tag Untill They do a blu ray or something you won't find a better quality Disc of This classic six part Dr Who story. If you are like me and can remember Talons when it was first aired by The BBC This new release will evoke memories of That and more. and for me Tom baker is still The best Dr.
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on 20 April 2015
This is another classic Who story and a real bargin with 2 dvd's of extras. Tom Baker was put on this earth to be the greatest Dr Who of them all, I consider myself so lucky for being a youngster in the 70's sitting on my dads lap half hiding half watching the action waiting for the split second when the baddy would be revealed. I won't go into a review of the story as other people have already done so, but the one thing I would say is that this Who story should be part of everyones collection, I've tried to have a top five of my all time favourite tales but there are too many so I went to a top ten, but there were still way to many that would have been left off the list so I now just have my all time favourites, all of them great, many for different reasons but none the less all superb in their own right !!!!!
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on 22 February 2014
Well Tom Baker is always brilliant but this is him at his best. I understand why this was voted the best dr who episode ever, its classic, I won't go into the story line. Just buy it for yourself and watch, because boy, its good!
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on 17 January 2016
It's my favourite of the Tom Baker serials so I couldn't resist a special edition. TBH I already had the 2 disk version and had enjoyed it on various viewings. This one includes some extra content including Then and Now, a documentary on music halls and a Phillip Hinchcliffe/Tom Baker discussion. I enjoyed all of the content and gave my old edition to a friend.
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on 26 May 2015
Excellent goods and service. It was really good to be able to get this separately, as normally it is available only in a set of three and I was not interested in the other two. Full marks to the seller.
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on 15 May 2014
A great story as the other reviewers say, with some good extras thrown in.
But watch out, as the description here tells you "Originally part of a DVD Box set". That refers to "Revisitations 1", which includes this story plus the highly rated Peter Davison final story "The Caves of Androzani" and the 1996 "Doctor Who The Movie" (Paul McGann). Since those are both good as well, if you are a general Dr Who fan, rather than a Tom Baker purist, it might be better value for you to look at the box set instead of the one-off disc.
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