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on 12 November 2012
I've been waiting a new album from Christina Aguilera for two whole years after the release of the very controversial "Bionic", which by the way made me a big fan of hers. It was all over the place, but some of its tracks stood out very loudly. Its successor "Lotus" , though, is nothing like it. It's a very cohesive album, whose tracks are very carefully selected and placed in order to experience the album the way the artist meant you to. Beginning with a very interesting and mysterious intro, it moves to the empowerment anthem "Army of me", (Christina described it as "Fighter 2.0"). The beat gradually rises with some great tunes until it climaxes with the ultimate Max Martin/Shellback produced dance jam "Let there be love". After that, the beat goes down and up again and so on, since some upbeat songs are mixed with the ballads.

There are no fillers in the album, I mean none! Just some songs that are less good than the others. The ballads are not that good compared to those on "Bionic" but not bad whatsoever. I love "Cease fire", but the biggest surprise for me was "Just a fool (Featuring Blake Sheldon)" ; after hearing that she experimented on country music, I expected the worst, but the result was phenomenal.

In the dance compartment, the best tracks are: "Army of me", "Make the world move (Featuring Cee Lo Green)", "Your body", "Let there be love" (The best in the album), the grower "Circles" and "Shut up"; what can I say about this song. Christina is so fearless and fearful at the same time. Full of swear words, but she censored the poor thing. It still does the trick though. Want to sing the chorus to anyone who gets on my nerves!

The only LAME thing about this album is that, although it is labeled as "Explicit", only "Circles" is fully uncensored. "Your body" and "Shut up" ARE censored for some reason.

All in all, if you are a Christina Aguilera fan, but you were disappointed with "Bionic", worry no more; this is the album for you. It has everything, dance jams, ballads and classic Christina fun songs! If you are a casual listener you will probably enjoy most of the album, since it's filled with radio friendly material.
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on 14 November 2012
Christina Aguilera's interview with Lucky magazine was what first got me interested in checking out her recent work. My curiosity was also heightened when she mentioned that anyone that likes the song "Fighter" is also going to like her new work and when Blake Shelton publicly endorsed her latest cd (via facebook). I consider both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert naturally good singers. Naturally,I figured that "Lotus" must contain good vocals as well. I am glad that I went by this hunch because Christina Aguilera's voice definitely shines through on this deluxe version. I understand that others may prefer different songs, but these tracks are currently among some of my favorites on "Lotus": "Army Of Me", "Red Hot Kinda Love" "Make The World Move" (featuring Ceelo), "Your Body", "Let There Be Love", "Around The World", "Best Of Me", "Just A Fool" (featuring Blake Shelton), and "Light Up The Sky".
"Lotus" by Christina Aguilera is definitely recommended for those who enjoy "Fighter" and/or at least three songs by Christina Aguilera.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2012
When you have to listen to an album at least twice to really take in the lyrics and vocal delivery, you know you have a real pop album in your hands, rather than something churned out by the latest hit factory.

As an owner of all Christina's previous albums I was rather satisfied with Lotus. It's a through and through pop album with a sound very `in' right now. Working with Max Martin for the first time proves a hit with lead single `Your Body' and the sure fire club hit `Let There Be Love'. Yes, it's that `electro dance' production style that has already worked well for Katy Perry, Usher, Cheryl Cole and a whole host of others but you can't fail to recognise it as a Christina track with her vocal trademarks clearly stamped all over it.

`Red Hot Kinda Love' is catchy pop at its best with one of the most effective vocal hooks I've heard in a while. My other major highlight was `Cease Fire', a midtempo track led by a military-esque pulsating drum beat, likely to have been inspired by Christina's recent divorce. `Empty Words' oozes with positivity and a piano hook a little reminiscent of Demi Lovato's `Skyscraper'.

Overall, I found the vocal delivery quite characteristically `shouty' throughout on Lotus. There have been a few tracks on previous albums where Christina eases off the vocal olympics and sings more sparsely showing more vulnerable qualities to her voice. It's not a major criticism just an observation for those who have enjoyed tracks in the past such as `I'm OK' and `Oh Mother'. The lead ballad here is `Blank Page', a new songwriting collaboration with Sia, accompanied by little more than piano; the `Beautiful' or `Hurt' of the album. The country rock tinged `Just A Fool' with Blake Shelton surely proves Christina can make any genre her own with her distinctive vocal delivery. A great collaboration and one I personally enjoyed a lot more than the Cee-Lo Green one which failed to ignite me as much.

Lyrically there are a lot more of `Fighter' style songs. This is good news for anyone who likes this kind of `knock me down and I'll get back up' theme. Others may wonder just who Christina is so angry at. Whatever the case, Lotus surely proves Christina doesn't only have `the voice' but `that voice' which continues to set her apart as an artist.
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on 14 November 2012
Well, a lot of artists made their comeback the last months after many years of abstention. This is one to remember and totally worth the wait. A woman with a sublime voice, recognized by the most important people in music and not only is returning to express once more that she's beautiful no matter what we say. The album is all about standing on your two feet, punching hard your enemies and getting over your obstacles like a fighter. On the other hand, this record is obviously made to fight its way back to the charts since the last record was commercially a failure. So she used some Max Martin magic for this. This means that we have some dance tracks and club bangers, easily 'swallowed' by the listener that will make you sing along right away. Of course she couldn't do a thing without her 'vocal sensational' ballads, so here, working partly with Sia once more, there is a set of ballads hard to describe with words. Sometimes you just have to listen. Raw emotion and vocals at their best, feelings flowing all over the place by a woman who had a lot of ups and downs in both her personal and professional life and the lyrics are picturing it beautifully. The collaborations are inevitable and came out great with CeeLo backing her in the soulful dance track 'Make the world move' while Blake Shelton showing her how pop and country can be combined to create something as beautiful as 'Just a fool'. The album could be discribed as a 'Stripped' volume 2 in lyrical and emotional terms but the music is definitely following the times and it looks like it's the first time that Christina Aguilera decided not to do only what she wants but what the radio wants to play. I assure this purchase is totally worthy and maybe the best comeback we've seen in years.
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on 5 May 2013
Lotus Intro: It gives a good intro into the album and tells you why she has written the album. Shame it wasn't a full song as it doesn't develop throughout the song - 6.5/10.
Army Of Me: Great beat to it, but it is not a 'fighter 2.0', that was 'Stronger than Ever'. Army of me is too poppy and not enough rock to be classed as a 'fighter 2.0'. However I like the link 'One of me is a fighter' - 7.5/10
Red Hot Kinda Love: This has to be the best song written by Xtina. Such fun and makes me want to be on holiday. Should have been the first single - 10/10
Make The World Move: I don't know what people have against this song? I love it! The lyrics are a bit basic, but the drums in the background gives it a positive ambience and Ceelo's signature voice just rounds the song off. 8/10
Your Body: A brilliant song, fantastic fun and great lyrics! But shouldn't have been Lotus's first single. 7/10
Let There Be Love: Much better than 'Your Body' and makes me want to dance along to the song. Its subliminally sexy which is all about turning her on? But still could have been a worthy single and a better first single! 9/10
Sing For Me: Vocally amazing and only Xtina could sing it. Beautiful lyrics and shows that she 'doesn't care how I sound'. 8.5/10
Blank Page: So emotional. So raw. Pure Magic. 9/10
Cease Fire: Lyrically magic, no more to say - 10/10
Around the world: Lyrically basic, but fun to listen to. Love the link to Lady Marmalade
Circles - A song for the haters! A great pick-me-up song as it is full of energy and full of hate. Fantastic! 8.5/10
Best of Me: My favourite song every written from Christina. Mainly because it means so much to me, but it is just amazing and true and beautiful. 10/10
Just A Fool: A first-class country-pop song that entices you till the very end. Heart-pounding beat and slowly gets better! Shelton and Aguilera's voice work magnificently together!
Light up the Sky: The second best song on the album. Slow piano rhythm at the start and then BAM!!! You are hit will everything she has! Vocally and sound-wise. Brilliant! 10/10.
Empty Words: Lovely song to listen to, with meaningful lyrics that strikes at the heart. 8.5/10
Shut Up: This is the worst song on the album. But is like Marmite to me: You love it or you hate it. I have a mixture because at times its a brilliant song full of hate. But then Aguilera doesn't sing the chorus and it is censored, which is confusing when Circles is not. 5/10
Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix): Amazing remix, but I find it doesn't round the album off in a good way. The Oxford Hustlers remix would have been a better remix. 6/10

Overall a huge album from Christina, but has not received the sales it should have. It starts off brilliantly continues till Shut Up. Empty Words or Light up the Sky would have been a better way to round of such a fantastic album! Still a worthy 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2013
Christina Aguilera has a phenomenal voice of that there can be no denying. 'Stripped' is without doubt one of my favourite all-time albums, the songs on that album match up to the quality of her voice, which is phenomenally soulful and packed with raw emotion.

Sadly since this album Aguilera's career has been on a steady downward trajectory. Admittedly Back To Basics achieved commercial success and showed that she was more than capable of reinventing herself, however this did not match the staying power of Stripped in my eyes at least. Bionic was another attempt at reinvention, this time to an electronic diva, it didn't work and that was reflected in the poor sales for the record.

Lotus was therefore viewed with great anticipation. Would Christina finally be able to replicate the success she had Stripped and where would her most recent reinvention take her? Well from her pre-album interviews it was clear Christina wanted back some of the success she had lost and hence Lotus was intended to take the form of a Stripped part 2 as it were. I don't think this album achieves Stripped's greatness or indeed comes anywhere close; that said it is a pleasant album and far better than Bionic. It certainly deserves more commercial success than it has achieved to date purely on the strength of Aguilera's voice if nothing else. For what it's worth here are my thoughts on the songs:

1. Lotus (Intro)- A great electronic opener to the album, I would have liked to have seen this extended to a full song, but nevertheless it whets the appetite for what is to come. 9/10

2. Army Of Me- Christina claimed this song functioned as a Fighter part 2; unfortunately it is nothing of the sort. Fighter had real passion and zest, this feels like a cheap clone. The inclusion of the word 'fighter' as the crux of the chorus does nothing to help the impression this song was written purely with the intention of replicating Fighter's success. It lacks Fighter's melodic appeal too... 5/10

3. Red Hot Kinda Love- At least this song doesn't have a direct counterpart on Stripped. It's another funky, upbeat number and while it is without doubt generic, it's a great song to bop along to. 7/10

4. Make The World Move- Much has been of Christina's duet with Cee Lo, many heavily criticising it. I love the verses, but I have to say the chorus does nothing for me with it's messy and oddly contradictory harmonies and melodies. 6/10

5. Your Body- The first single which failed to make much of an impact on worldwide charts. It's generic, yes, but it's also catchy as hell and with Christina's strong vocal performance I'm surprised this failed to perform well for her. 8/10

6. Let There Be Love- A generic, by-the-numbers dance tune. It's OK, but won't set the world alight. It's essentially an inferior version of Your Body. 6/10

7. Sing For Me- The first big ballad of the album. This one took a while to grow on me, however grow on me it did. The chorus enables Christina to warble to her heart's content and with somewhat pleasing results. 8/10

8. Blank Page- One of the best ballads here. The track allows Christina's voice to shine, and the ballad is emotive without being over the top. 10/10

9. Cease Fire- A gutsy, r&b tune which, if nothing else, is original. Christina sounds like she is going to war with the militaristic beats on the verses and the gutterall cry of cease fire in the chorus. Truth be told, I quite like it. 8/10

10. Around The World- Lyrics don't get any more generic than this. Fact. The chorus lists world cities, and rhymes Pisa with 'Please Ya', yes it actually does... It's a basic, dance tune. Weak. 3/10

11. Circles-Thankfully Circles is something of a return to form for Aguilera, and Circles is probably the strongest upbeat track on the album. I love the rocky edge to the chorus, she is certainly channelling her anger into this song and it is all the better for it. 10/10

12. Best Of Me- Sadly this ballad blends into the background and I guarantee this is not one you'll be humming around the house. 5/10

13. Just A Fool- This is Christina's foray into the world of the country ballad (a la Lady Gaga's You and I). It suits her. I admit that I didn't really notice the track on the first couple of listens, but now I think it is probably my favourite here. Of course I should mention that this is a duet with Blake Shelton, and both perform vocal wonders on the song. Brilliant. 10/10

14. Light Up The Sky- I have a soft spot for this song, despite the fact that it is lyrically very generic. The chorus is both empowering and uplifting. I actually think the word epic suits the chorus. 9/10

15. Empty Words- A downtempo ballad, which in the context of the stronger songs here, is quite forgettable. I don't think it adds much to the album. 4/10

16. Shut Up- Personally I wouldn't have chosen to end the album with this song, I think Light Up The Sky would have been more fitting. It's an upbeat number with a chorus which will probably make you wish that Christina had shut up rather than making this awful song. 3/10

These scores average out to a 6.9/10 and I have chosen to round the score up to four stars rather than down to three. Overall this is a solid album, it won't change your life, you probably won't be listening to it in five years time, but it isn't bad and undoubtedly deserves more success than it has achieved.
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on 6 January 2013
When I first heard that Christina Aguilera was releasing a new album I was really excited and I had a feeling it was going to be good because it has been a while. I'd seen her performance on the AMAs and that emphasised my positivity on the album. I must say I was NOT disappointed when I finally got this for Christmas. It is one of her best and personally I don't think she's had such a solid album since Stripped and that's one of my favourites, from the Lotus intro I was drawn in.

Standout tracks for me would be: Your Body, Army of Me, Let There Be Love, Blank Page, Sing For Me and Just A Fool. The ballads on here are AMAZING and I'm really impressed with Just A Fool with Blake Shelton combining country and pop.

I wouldn't say there's really any tracks that are bad, you can tell whilst listening that she really thought about the direction of this album and created a consistent sound, compared to most artists that have an album that's pretty much a pick n' mix of genres and sounds.

It's a shame that 'Lotus' isn't or won't really get much airplay and might even be considered a 'flop' because it's far from that. But the music industry has changed and unless you're Adele music like this isn't really recognised but it should be. This album is class and if you're a Xtina fan you should definitely give it a listen, I don't think you'd be disappointed.
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on 12 May 2013
I don't understand why this album did not do better in the charts as I think it is much better than her last album, Bionic. This album has a string theme, but unlike Bionic the theme has not overshadowed the songs. I think that on Lotus Christina shows her voice much better than on Bionic and this album has better songs on it and it has a really good mix of dance songs, ballads, even a country sounding song.

My favourites are:
Army of Me
Your Body
Let There be Love
Blank Page
Just a Fool
Empty Words (delux edition)
Cease Fire

I was a bit disappointed with Bionic, but after I heard Your Body I knew I had to order this album, if you want to hear some of Christina's best vocals then this is the alum for you. I think. She sounds better on here than on stripped or back to basics especially on Let there be love, blank page and your body. Lots of the songs on this CD are uplifting and have a great message in the lyrics and are inspiring to listen to, also there are ones that are great dance songs and also some really good ballads especially blank page which is one of the best Christina songs. Cease Fire has a good beat to it and i love the use of the drums on this track and it has a good melody. I like pretty much all of the songs on this album and there are few I would skip and so it is worth getting this album.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 February 2013
I adore Christina Aguilera as well Shakira. Bionic was a good record, I admit the music scene changes every week or every month. Lotus is magic!!! Beautiful record. One of Christina best work with pure quality. I strong recommend you to get a copy. ARMY OF ME and Just a fool are my favourite tracks. There are other good ones. I love Your body, Let be Love make the world move, around the world. Hurry up and get yourself a copy.
Score 5 stars.
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on 22 January 2013
Don't be fooled by the chart numbers or what the critics say. This album is probably her best. I don't understand why it was not a success, maybe wrong or little promotion? But one thing is certain: "Lotus" is way better than the rubbish Rihanna has been releasing every year, especially the last one. From rock-tinged moves like 'Army of Me' and 'Cease Fire' to old-school flavors such as 'Red Hot Kinda Love' and 'Make the World Move' (featuring Cee-Lo Green), from post-divorce ballads like 'Blank Page' and 'Sing for Me' to fun records such as 'Circles' and 'All around the World' to masterpiece lead single 'Your Body', this album is worth at least a listen. Interestingly, my favorite track is the three-minute long title intro which can be considered as a song itself with its fabolous melody and arrangement.

The voice is here, so are the charisma and the attitude. So, no matter what haters say, the Xtina we love is back. I really hope she'll go on a tour to support it.
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