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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Size: iPod Touch 5th/6th Gen. (2012-2015)|Colour Name: Crystal Clear (Invisible) Edition|Change
Price:£3.97+ Free shipping
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on 11 January 2011
First off I will say that the customer service from this company was first rate. The free sweets was a very simple but effective touch. Applying the screen protector took two runs at it but it really isnt difficult I just have the fine motor skills of a caffinated 5 year old! The feel of the protetcor is great and there is no negative impact on the touch interface. the only problem is if your looking up close there is obvious diffraction of light causing a rainbow effect. I only have it a day so maybe ill get used to it but It does take away from the sharpness of the retina display.
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on 5 November 2011
I'll be honest and say that a week ago I bought the invisible screen protector from MediaDevil, attempted to put it on half-assedly and the result was a screen filled with bubbles and specs of dust. Being the human that I am, I immediately felt it must be the product's fault and emailed MediaDevil in frustration.

The response was some excellent advice. I was given specific reasoning as to why my first attempt probably failed. Namely, failing to avoid the tiny rubber ring around the edge of the 4s. MediaDevil were generous enough to give me a second chance and sent me replacements that arrived the very next day.

This time, preparing myself properly and following the instructions exactly as they were given in the video, as well as the added advice in the email, I was able to get the front protector on first time with zero bubbles or dust. As other reviewers have said, it really is all in the preparation.

You might be a little skeptical about how "invisible" a protector can be, but here I am truly impressed. Other than the generous gaps provided to fit over the camera and Home button, it is virtually undetectable. You might only notice it when certain lights produce an extremely faint rainbow effect on the screen and really, this is hardly worth caring about. The protector feels good on the screen too, you know it's there, but it doesn't feel too rubbery.

Overall, excellent product and MediaDevil are a great bunch of people. Just follow those instructions carefully!
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on 19 November 2011
Update 15th September 2012 - I am just updating this review as having originally posted it I was contacted by the wonderful founder of Media Devil.. He was charming, friendly and very helpful and sent a full replacement (with more sweeties! Thanks Callum). And although I didn't use the item itself after all that, I CAN categorically state that I would certainly look at Media Devil's products again due to their fantastic, 5 star customer service.

Original review follows: As stated by other buyers, the Magic Screen arrived very promptly and with the nice addition of a couple of sweeties in the packaging which is a friendly touch; Shame I'm on a diet.
I have used several brands of screen covers in the past for my iPods, previous iPhone and other electronic devices, so am pretty au fait with applying them bubble and dust free. Therefore, following the mostly glowing reviews of this one, I set to sticking it on my iPhone 4s, following the instructions to a T!

I found it much harder to apply than previous covers... It didn't seem sticky enough and so kept lifting off while I tried to apply it. This meant that it was constantly picking up dust etc. which I duly removed each time with sticky tape as per instructions (very sensible, hadn't thought of that before) but it just wouldn't stick properly and just as I was about to finish after about 20 mins of fiddling (and a bit of cursing!) The first section lifted off and this time I just couldn't get rid of all bubbles. Argghh. I gave it best and stuck it on bubbles and all, but the next day the corner was already lifting off.

So totally fed up I chucked the whole damn thing away along with the spare, and put the wasted money down to experience. Am managing without a cover at all now but thankfully the Apple screen is very tough anyway.

In summary, maybe I was just extremely unlucky with a duff one, but I most certainly would not recommend this make of protector.
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on 6 February 2012
There are many screen protectors for the iPhone 4s out there that are available for under £2, sometimes even under £1. I have tried those and must say the old addage is true: "you get what you pay for". Many times the protectors wouldn't fit / stick properly and were difficult to apply without getting air bubbles and/or dust underneath.
HOWEVER, this product surpasess all of them easily. It came with a very good chamoise style leather cloth that got my screen spotless (not the usual dust attracting cloth ones you get with cheaper screen protectors), and also came with an extrenmely useful application card which was very sturdy & solid (again, cheaper ones will have one made of card that bends easily, rendering them useless and not fit for purpose). The application card helped enormousely in the application process - and even doubles as a mini-calendar!
The screen protector itself fitted easily, smoothly and with no fuss on my first attempt with no air bubbles or dust at all. It does not affect the look of the iPhone (some cheaper ones look quite 'wet' and shiney fron certain angles) and it also feels great - just like the iPhone feels without a screen protector. In fact, I would say that it is not AT ALL noticeable there is even a screen protector on it.
Massively impressed. If you are thinking about whether to spend the extra money - don't hesitate. It's really worth it if you want to avoid hassle with re-applications, bubbles, screen feeling not smooth / not looking good, etc.
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on 25 May 2013
Best cover available on the market by far. this is my 3rd iPhone and I always use these as cheaper ones are just a waste of money and need replacing soon or later. I put front and back cover on my wife's iPhone 4 two years ago and the phone looks just as new today. I now have this cover on my iPhone 5 and also my iPad 2. Just the best product.

You do need to know what you are doing and be very careful when putting them on as they are so accurate in size and cut that they are a perfect fit to your screen and back cover so just take your time. Also, when it says invisible, they really are invisible as you never notice them. They are worth every penny and I would buy these without a shadow of doubt! A little more expensive than others in the market but you always get what you pay for and these are simply the best in the market.

Andrew from London
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Up to the usual MediaDevil high quality, this screen protector is crystal clear and a perfect fit for the iPhone 5 screen. Very impressive given that it arrived a week after the iPhone 5 launch, the cut outs for earphone, proximity sensor and home button are exactly where they should be and the overall dimensions match the screen.

Supplied with a credit sized card 'smoother' that doubles as a 2012/2013 calendar and a cleaning cloth, the screen protectors comprise two layers, the outer being peeled off once the smoothing out of bubbles is completed. This leaves the bottom layer unmarked and, to my simple eye, there is no degradation to the retina display's qualities. With the three cut outs to match for position, I repositioned the protector once and easily removed a dust particle with a dab of Sellotape.

And the best bit.....MediaDevil still ship two sweets with every package. Highly recommended.
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on 14 March 2015
Wow this is the best screen ever.. I've just fitted it to my iPhone 6 and to be honest was a bit sceptable about how it would appear due to the iPhone's curved edge design.. I needn't have worried, though granted it's not possible to fit the iPhone 6 edge to edge it is very minimal and barely noticeable. I managed to fit it freehand and once the top was aligned the backing peeled off and it adheared to the screen easily without any bubbles what so ever(though it pays to wipe your screen before application to remove marks and dust) I would buy this product again no hesitation!
review image review image review image review image
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on 17 March 2015
These are the only screen protectors I buy now. I have them on mine and my families phones and tablets, plus the camera and just about everything with a touch screen that we own. This one is for my husbands iPhone 6 and fits perfectly, was easy to apply and does not leave any bubbles on the screen.
If you do get a hair or something stuck under the cover leave the top backing sheet on (marked 2) and peel off the protector. You can then use the the new sticky fluff remover and re-apply the screen. I've taken a couple of goes to get it right but you'd never know as the finish is perfect.
There are always 2 screens in the pack and they often outlast the phone! I am pretty rough with my phone and have dropped it a couple of times but the screen has never scratched whilst covered with this protector.
I can use it in any light and the sensitivity is not compromised at all.
I can't recommend these enough and would give them 6 stars if it was an option!
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on 14 November 2009
Immediate impressions weren't good as I opened the packet, but I needn't have worried. The supplied cloth cleaned the phone very well, and the screen protector is quite easy to apply. In fact, it's so un-noticable, that even when it's on, you have to do a double take just to be sure! Oh, and getting a couple of silly, but none-the-less appreciated small gifts in the package was the icing on the cake to make this purchase one I can fully recommend.
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on 28 June 2015
Love these screen protectors! I have ordered 2 lots of them as they are so good and are of very high quality. Very easy to apply and comes with everything you need if you do happen to mess the application up.
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