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on 17 February 2015
I already own a basic Garmin watch which I use when running. However, I wanted something to track other activity, but not something that counted my arm movements as steps (which I gather some of the wrist bands do). Having read lots of online reviews, I eventually plumped for the FitBit One and am really pleased with it. It’s much smaller than I thought it would be and clips very comfortably, unobtrusively and securely on to my bra.
It was easy to set up and would have been even easier if I had followed the online instructions more carefully. I initially missed out one part of the operation and so had to uninstall and start over again, but even that wasn’t difficult to do. I downloaded the App to my iPhone 5S and then went on to MyFitnessPal and synced the device with my account so now all my activity is reflected and accounted for there too. I have been using the device for a week and have still not had to charge the battery (the battery life is shown in the phone App along with all the other readings, so I will have advance warning before it runs out completely). I am really pleased with the device, which I have found to be accurate and which has ticked all the boxes for me. Based on my experience I would highly recommend it. By the by, the burgundy colour is fab.
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on 25 February 2015
I chose a Fitbit One as it claimed to count flights of stairs, even though I was very dubious about the claim.
I am happy to report that it does exactly that, and is very accurate, too. I keep it loose in a trouser or shirt pocket normally, or tucked inside my bra if I've got no pockets, and have actually counted the number of steps I've taken and compared it to what has been recorded by the Fitbit and found it to be 100% accurate. This is also the case for every time I go upstairs at home. The sleep monitor is pretty good, too, although the supplied wristband is rather poor.

Tips for users:
● Wear it as close to your body as possible (not on your wrist) to get the most accurate step count. If you walk normally, the count should be accurate, but if you tiptoe around the steps aren't registered (you don't have to stomp about for them to register, but sneaking around means you don't move enough to "wobble" the Fitbit)
● You'll get the most out of it if you wear it 24/7
● It will count "flights of stairs" only if you go up a whole flight without stopping (e.g. if I go upstairs, but stop halfway up for a minute, it doesn't get counted). If you go out and walk up a hill, the same thing applies — while you're walking, it will count how many "flights of stairs" equivalent you've climbed, but if you stop for breath every 3-4 steps, you'll get to the top of the hill and wonder why it didn't count as any "flight of stairs". It took me a while to realise this, but it's a good incentive to keep moving, and seems surprisingly accurate if you do.
● If you're going to wear it as a sleep monitor, buy a zipped sports wristband to put it in (<£1 each), and wear it on your left wrist (if you're right-handed). You won't be able to see the display whilst it's zipped up (but you'll be asleep!) like you can with the supplied wristband, but it will be secure, comfortable, and it works. The Velcro on the original wristband is not good — it soon starts coming undone in the night of its own accord and falls off, so you wake to find it's monitored nothing.
● The supplied clip is useful at times, but I vastly prefer just putting it in a zipped/secure pocket. Wearing the clip on the outside of your clothing might mean it could be accidentally caught and lost. It can easily and safely be clipped to the inside of both normal and sports bras for ladies.
● Try charging it up about once a week when you know you'll be sitting down for an hour or so — that way you're not missing any activity!
● If you're using it as part of a healthy eating / diet regime, the Fitbit Dashboard (the monitoring website) works well with MyFitnessPal food diary website as the two "talk" to each other, so using the Fitbit and its website to monitor your activity and MyFitnessPal to keep track of your food gives very good results.
● Even if you don't get chance to get out and about for the more conventional exercise routines, you can use the Fitbit One to achieve your step and stair targets around the house (assuming you have an "upstairs"!), so not being able to leave the house does not matter.
● You do need internet access to be able to use this effectively.
● All counters on the Fitbit are automatically zeroed at midnight each day, so if you happen to be in the middle of a walk at midnight, the steps for the first part will count as part of your daily total for that day, and the steps for the post-midnight part will count towards the following day totals. (I've watched it zero itself on several occasions - very annoying when I've got to 22 steps short of my daily target to see it re-set!). It is not possible to manually zero the counters.
● You can manually add activities (e.g. cycling/gardening/swimming) via the website which will adjust your calories burned count, and you can add/edit sleep periods, but you cannot manually edit steps or stair counts.
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on 11 June 2013
Let me start by saying how much I love my Fitbit. I had the Ultra before this and decided to upgrade recently to take advantage of a couple of extra features I thought I'd find very useful.

I have found Fitbits to be a great tool to add motivation to my activity. I guess I must be a stats-driven person because I love seeing my Fitbit dashboard all lit up green because I hit my goals for the day. Even better is when I've exceeded them. It came to Italy with my last year and it was great to get home and see how many steps/stairs I'd racked up by hiking and climbing. Really helped me be aware of staying active even when on a break.

1. It syncs via Bluetooth with my iPhone; this means I can step stats all through the day at work and so am encouraged to do more walking about (I have a desk job so need the encouragement). It also means I can take it on holiday and still get updates without needing my laptop (wish I'd had it for Italy).
2. The synching dongle on my laptop is tiny. The old one (for the Ultra) used to get in the way no end but this one is barely noticeable.
3. It just works, right out the box with very little setup.

1. I can see how the silicone pouch will eventually give up. It seems pretty flimsy so I wear my Fitbit backwards inside my bra. This then means that sometimes the dongle struggles to find a signal (who knew that my chest could block Bluetooth signals?). However, it never seems to stop the iPhone sync.
2. The low battery warning comes just a little bit too late to do anything about it. I got one yesterday morning at work so made a mental note to charge it when I got home. However, the battery went dead at about 2pm so I lost 4 hours in which no data was recorded. Not terrible but still a bit frustrating when you check in to see how you got on.

I'll just add a final word of how great I've found the company to be. Last year I lost the sleep band for my old Fitbit whilst camping. I wrote to Fitbit and asked if I could purchase a new one. They said they didn't sell them separately but were happy to send me one for free - which they did!
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on 8 February 2016
I decided I wanted an activity tracker as part of an attempt to get a bit fitter in 2016 (such a cliché!). I opted for Fitbit as they seemed the most popular and widely integrated with a good range of devices. I specifically chose the One as a compromise between size (the Charge would look huge on my tiny wrist), functionality (Flex didn't quite cut it) and budget. I like that I don't have to wear it on my wrist - it's usually clipped to my waistband or bra - but I can with a separately purchased wristband if I so choose, and of course it's comes with a relatively comfortable sleep wristband. Not sure how well that will wash though.

In terms of functionality the One does what I want it to do. It counts my steps, counts stairs, tracks sleep (albeit manually), tracks calories burned and tells me the time. I like the little progress flower on it too - it's surprisingly motivating. In fact just having the thing keeps me a bit more honest and now encourages me to take the stairs at work rather than the lift. Battery life is pretty good too - mine has never come close to dying despite leaving it 4-5 days between charges. I don't mind that it doesn't interact with my iPhone beyond syncing with the app.

Speaking of the app, it's very comprehensive but it's easy to become a slave to it. I started off tracking everything I ate or drank but with an eating disorder history this wasn't something I wanted to start obsessing over so I removed those tiles from the app. It's good that you can do that.

Overall I like my Fitbit One and will continue to use it on a daily basis. The only way it could be improved is to add automatic sleep functionality as sometimes I do forget to set it away before I fall asleep, but to be fair it's not advertised as having this. I am contemplating upgrading to the Alta when it comes out in April for that reason, but it's not like I am desperate for that functionality. More like if I happen to have the money I might. If you're looking to try out a Fitbit then this one is a great entry choice as it has more functionality than the Flex, costs less than the Charge and boasts more options for how you wear it.
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The FitBit One is the latest in a range of what are described as pedometers but the FitBit One is so much more. It tracks you going up stairs and also your sleep patterns, the website will track food intake and so much more!

Upon opening the box you will find the tiny Fitbit One with its smooth plastic front and dark titanium style metal back this thing is seriously small and light, you almost don't feel it in your hand. Thankfully there is a silicone rubber and metal clip which means you shouldn't loose it, there is also a wristband for use when your sleeping as this thing tracks your sleep.

You goto the website and signup, this also downloads the latest version of the software and you just follow what it asks you to do and before you know it your done and ready to go. Charge the unit for an hour and get to work! LOL

Like most other pedometers this tracks your steps and stores them, unlike other pedometers it will track altitude so it tracks the extra energy you use going up steps and hills (converted to stair floors), it also tracks your sleep patterns, pop the device in the supplied wristband at night and press a button (long press) to tell it your going to get to sleep, wake up in the morning and press that button again to tell it your awake and it marks that as sleep and will tell you how you slept based upon your movement in the night.

All this data gets synced to the website where it is displayed and stored. I can't describe the website it has SO MANY options and SO MUCH information its crazy and its free unlike many other similar services.

Can't get to your PC? You can get an app for iPhone and Android to view your progress, enter foods you have eaten (though I advise the use of MyFitnessPal as it does barcode scanning, personal recipe storeage and more and links with FitBit), even record your mood and more.

If you have a more modern smartphone (iPhone 4S and 5 at present) you can also sync to those directly when out and about, more phones will be compatible soon but they do need Bluetooth 4 which not many have at present, but the FitBit One is at the cutting edge of this tech so most new phone models released will likely be compatible (ie. your next phone will probably work)

This is an excellent motivation, once you see your stats and even how often your sedentary it will make you want to do more. I am definite proof of this :-)

Worth the money, if your looking to loose weight this tells you calories in, calories burnt and really you can't hide how your putting on or loosing weight if you use this, its all there in detail which means you can change things, just make sure you put out more than you take in, even for a fatty like me its actually easier than any diet you've ever been on. Trust me!

* Small and Lightweight
* Tracks the extra work it entails to go up stairs and up hills (converted to stair floors)
* Tracks Sleep patterns
* Only needs charged every 5-7 days
* Excellent Website
* Links to modern models of smartphones (Bluetooth 4 needed)
* Plays well with others, links to MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and so much more

* Some people could be prone to loosing such a small device, I used a lanyard which I put into a keyring, the keyring then goes into FitBit One clip, I loop the lanyard around my belt loop pulling the fitbit through the middle, this means its locked to my jeans and can't escape and I can still pull it out and read it, pop it on charge when at the computer, etc.
* I would recommend once you install the software, update the Fitbit One via the software as mine did not pick up that first update automatically right away, it may do that after a sync or two but you want to start with the latest software, so best double check it with a manual update.
* No backward compatibility even with a button push to Bluetooth 2/3.

Is this better than the Fitbit Ultra? In a word, Yes, its smaller, lighter has a better armband, has a better brighter clearer display, has a better clip, is more resilient to damage and is splash proof and waterproof to 1m, will let you sync to mobile, firmware upgrades via computer or via mobile. So to repeat, yes, its worth the upgrade.
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on 6 March 2016
I rate my Fitbit One very highly. The Fitbit One was recommended to me by some friends in the USA. I wear it all the time, clipped to my bra out of sight. I didn't want a tracker that was visible on my wrist. I think it is pretty accurate, and it motivates me to move and get more exercise. It is far more accurate than any pedometer I have had before. And it is very consistent in its tracking. The clip works very well and is very secure.
It was easy to set up and it syncs well with my phone and my laptop. The dongle for the laptop is really small and I keep it plugged into my laptop all the time. So sometimes it syncs automatically without me doing anything. Although since the last software upgrade, when I have to sync it, I sometimes have to sync it twice on my laptop as it can't find it the first time. But that glitch will disappear on the next upgrade. The battery life is excellent, I usually charge it up every 10 days, and it takes less than 2 hours to charge. I get a message to charge my Fitbit in plenty of time to recharge it without it ever losing all its power. I do have a spare charger and dongle.
I find the Fitbit dashboard easy to use and understand, and you can hide the things your'e not interested in.
I use it to track my sleep, and I find it accurately tracks when I awake in the night, and also shows when I am having more restless sleep, although this is not often!
My Fitbit dashboard also talks to my Weightwatchers account and credits me with Fitpoints without me having to calculate anything. I only have to add manually activities like swimming when I don't wear my Fitbit.
Since getting my Fitbit One in July 2015 I have lost 19 lbs in weight and my BMI is less than 25. I think it is an excellent product for the price.
The only downside I recognise is that this Fitbit doesn't include a heart rate monitor, so it decides how hard I am working out using its own algorithm. Being over 60, I sometimes feel I am exercising really hard, but the algorithm just says moderate. I feel that a device with a heart rate monitor would show I was working out intensely. The algorithm appears to be designed for younger and fitter people than me! I might consider a tracker with a heart rate monitor next time I need one, but for the foreseeable future I am sticking to my Fitbit One. It has really worked for me.
I do recommend it as an excellent tracker, but if you get one, I suggest you wear it constantly for a few weeks and really get to know how it works.
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on 27 April 2015
I've had my fitbit for a year. I have worn it everyday, I even took it on holiday with me.
I would highly recommend this gadget. It was a great motivator for getting off a train stop earlier etc. and made me realise how much I was sitting down. It has it's limitations (it is just a fancy pedometer after all) but it doesn't get in the way.

It only needed charged about once a week and this made sure it didn't run out in the middle of tracking.
It was really accurate when walking.
It was a great sleep tracker and it's fairly comfortable to wear when sleeping
It comes with a handy holder which I used clipped to the centre of my bra. Comfortable and tbh I forgot it was there most of the time.
Android app worked well and synced the majority of the time. There is an online dashboard that you can use to personalise your target steps etc. Easy to use and informative

It was always out when running. (luckily I had other gadgets for running)
About month 9-10 part of the plastic of the holder came off and it was left with a bit of metal poking out. This was fine when on my bra but when i moved it to my trouser (for running) it could dig in occasionally.
( i should say it broke due to being moved on and off my bra/trousers frequently and it costs £13+ to replace which I didn't want to spend)
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on 19 June 2013
I was looking at getting the Nike Fuelband for a long while as I really wanted a gadget to help me track and monitor my daily activity. I received the Fitbit One as a Christmas present in 2012 and I've only just got round to using it for the first time in the past week.

It's really easy to use and dashboard allows me to set goals by which I can track the steps I've taken, calories consumed, calories burned, restful vs restless sleep and activity level.

It looks like I've lost 3lbs already since using it as I'm more aware of my activity levels and it encourages me to do more to achieve my daily goals.

I haven't really got involved with the community just yet and will look into that in the near future.

My only recommendation for improvement is to include a UK food database which will help to make the entries for food consumed more accurate. Right now I'm guessing my calorie and quantity values against an American food database which is fine for now.

As a first pedometer, I think this is a great gadget which also has a silent alarm to help you wake more naturally. Makes for a great gift too.

As I get fitter I may need something more rigorous so I hope Fitbit will be able to deliver.
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on 4 December 2013
I bought a pedometer off the back of watching a Horizon programme about self-monitoring. I was interested to know how active I was during the day. I was also interested in the amount of sleep I was getting since I often felt tired during the day. This device seemed to fit the bill and was well reviewed.

I have been using it for a month now. Mostly I clip it on and forget about it during the day and review how many steps I've taken before going to bed. It's has encouraged me to take longer routes rather than just take the shortest distance. My average is still short of the 10,000 step 'ideal' (as recommended by doctors/government chief medical advisor/whoever) but it is getting closer and well up from my initial 2,000.

As for sleep tracking, I have to remember to push the button when I get into bed to tell it that I'm going to sleep and push it again in the morning to tell it that I've got up - I have forgotten a couple of times but I'm getting better. It does, at least, track my movement during the night to note how much 'sleep' (lying still) I get versus being 'awake' or 'restless'. It is supplied with a wrist strap that the device is supposed to be put into during sleep but I found that getting it into it's clip again was so fiddly that I just clip it to my nightwear.

A charge seems to last about two weeks. I use the display a couple of times each day and probably only sync it with my computer once (a small bluetooth adapter is provided) so there isn't a lot of additional battery drain. Also, I don't use the vibrate alarm so that probably helps with battery life.

There is a lot more to the web site than I actually use, but the dashboard shows me the mains stats (steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and sleep) and I can scroll back through previous days. The site does allow for logging of food eaten but I'm not really fussed about that and the food is all US. Some reviews mention that there is another site with UK foods but I have not checked it out. The web site also allows logging of additional exercise taken and a manual logging of sleep if needed. I've not tried them either. Also, I've not bothered with the app since I have an older iPhone which doesn't support bluetooth 4 so I can't comment about that.

What I do get are emails telling me about badges won and one giving a weekly review. I also received an email to say that the battery was low.

As a device to motivate me to walk more, it does the job. The sleep tracking is reassuring, too. I can't help feeling, though, that I've paid for features that I don't use or need.
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on 13 August 2013
I'd been looking at these activity monitor things for a while. I work in healthcare where a 'bare below the elbows' policy is in place, hence options such as the Fitbit Flex or Nike Fuelband weren't suitable for me. I did a bit of research and decided the Fitbit One was the best option. In addition Amazon where having a special offer at the time which meant that it was just under £60.

Setting Up (with iPhone 5)

Very easy. Download Fitbit app from AppStore. Load up app, select the option to set up new device and away you go. It then connects to your Fitbit using Bluetooth and set up is very simple, I won't bore you with the details.

Point of clarification
The app will say you have burned a certain number of calories when you first set it up. This is because the device displays the total number of calories you burn in a day, including those you burn just by being alive (I.e. your basal metabolic rate, a calculation based on your weight and height that you enter during setup). The number displayed is the amount you have burned since midnight.

This also means that each morning when you wake up the device will say you have already burned a few hundred calories, this is not an error but seems to cause a lot of confusion amongst users. I think including these calories is very useful since in any 24 hour period you can then see how many calories you have burned in total (I.e. BMR + those expended by the number of steps you take).

It may also have a few hundred steps recorded from its journey to you in the delivery van, I'll describe how to get rid of these later in the review (same way as removing steps when driving). NB: There is no way to 'reset' the device when you first use it.

Couldn't be more simple. Place into the rubber belt clip provided and clip to pocket. The clip is very strong so will clip to even very thin fabrics securely. I understand from other reviews that the rubber can perish and the device can slip out. To get around this problem I clip the device facing into my pocket so if it does fall out, it falls into my pocket. This may be a downside for some users, however I look at my stats entirely using the app and not the screen so it's not a problem for me at all.

You then simply start walking and the device records your steps. These can then be viewed on the device's screen. In addition it displays your calories burned, distance covered, flights climbed, the time and a flower. The distance is based on multiplying steps by an estimated stride length. You can calibrate the device for your own stride length. Flights climbed will count any increase in altitude, including slopes etc. The flower's stalk grows longer or shorter depending on how active/inactive you are.

You can also start a timer by holding the timer button on the device, and stopping it again with same button. This timed period will then be synced to the Fitbit website. I think the idea is then that you can tell the website what activity you were doing at the time. However at present you are unable to allocate an activity to a timed period on the website - tech support have confirmed this is a feature in development. The only way to record a specific activity is to create a new activity record on the website and enter the times manually, then select the activity from a wide variety of activities Fitbit has in its database (I.e. running, elliptical machine, driving car). I think this then improves the accuracy of its calorie calculations as well as providing the user with an exercise log. The app also has an option to record activities.


The device comes with a dongle which you can connect to your computer by USB. Then whenever your computer is on and the Fitbit is in close proximity to the dongle, it will sync it's data via the dongle to the Fitbit website. I however have never used this method.

I sync my data entirely using the iOS app on my iPhone 5. I believe this method works on most phones which can use low power Bluetooth (I think this also includes iPhone 4S). Basically by running the app it connects to the Fitbit and syncs your data to the app and website. By default the data only syncs when you open the app. However you can change this option in the app settings to enable background syncing. This means that as long as the app is running on the iPhone, evens in the background or with the screen off, data will continue to sync. The advantage of this is that the app can then send you push notifications spurring you on to reach your goals based on live data. The disadvantage is that the battery life of both your phone and the Fitbit take a hit. I have had to disable it for the time being since my iPhone battery seemed to be suffering pretty badly. Perhaps this is why it is disabled by default.


Very few. The device seems reasonably accurate, is well built/designed & is easy to set up and use. My only problem has been miscounting of steps when using the car. The manufacturers claim their algorithms detect car use and won't count steps/flights of stairs. However in my experience this hasn't been the case. Each journey seems to add on a few flights & a few hundred steps. To get round this you can record an activity during the time you are driving using the app/website called something like 'driving automobile'. However due to the problems with renaming activities using the timer as described above, this is an irritating process. One way I do it is to enter the app, select 'add activity' and then select 'driving automobile'. This then records the start time, I then select the duration when I exit the vehicle. This then ensures the step count on the app & website is accurate. However the count on the device's display will remain inaccurate. An alternative if you have a USB port in your vehicle is to charge the device using the charging dongle whilst you are in the car, it will then not count any activity during this time.

Otherwise I have no other problems with this device.


I absolutely love this device, I find the data it gives very motivating. An afternoon on the sofa can mean you miss your step target by thousands of steps, which really makes you take stock of your day to day activity levels. I also now always take the stairs and find the badges that Fitbit send via email fairly motivating (I.e. 25 flights in a day etc).

The total calories burned per 24 hours is a useful measure, enabling you to fit your calorie intake around this. Since using the device I've lost half a stone over the past 3-4 weeks. This was in large part due to the change in attitude it encouraged. I think more carefully about what I eat, attend the gym more regularly and walk to work to hit my daily step target. In addition the device syncs with the measurements provided by my Withings WiFi scale enabling the device to be a 'one stop shop' to keep an eye on my fitness, weight etc.

It is a fairly expensive bit of kit which doesn't do anything fancy, however what it does do it does well. The flaws above are minor annoyances but overall this device has helped me to implement a change in lifestyle which will hopefully continue, and for this it is a small price to pay. I have only had the device a few weeks and was concerned it would be a gimmick, however I genuinely don't think this is going to be the case. Buy one, you won't regret it.
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