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3.5 out of 5 stars46
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2012
Having had several Sony Ericsson phones in the past, I had high expectations of this model and it has lived up to all of them. It was very easy to set up and personalise. The screen is a good size, is very clear and the zoom function is a breeze. Downloads are quick and there is a facility for inputting your data allowance and monitoring it. The "walkman" music player is second to none and as there is approx. 2gbs of memory free on the phone itself you can get a reasonable amount of music downloaded without the need for a memory card. All in all I would highly recommend this phone.

Edited to add: as this phone is compatible with my kindle charger, I didn't bother to unpack the accompanying one. However I found that the battery took a long time to charge. With the phone's own charger the recharging time is much shorter.
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on 13 October 2013
I think sim free phones are better as you can swap sim cards with different networks. I personally chose to get my miro from a normal shop because of the warranty cover.
Using the phone for the first time is tricky if you have never owned a smart phone before, things like - address book for me were not easy to use as I haven't figured out how to use the thing yet. Was even complicating popping the sim card in, in the bok there are two plastic rectangles that come with it, i thought the smaller, clear one was the SIM but it wasn't. The box also comes with a piece of cloth, a scraper to remove air bubbles, charger and instructions - can't say what these are yet!
The phone is great comes with apps like Twitter, Amazon, Google Maps, GPS, Gmail and you can download more..from what i've read.

The phone shut itself down after one call which by far I am extremely unhappy about, i'm getting it changed. The telephone icon in the menu has also vanished. The wifi connection is slow but the whole phone regardless of Technical faults makes a basic mobile .. look very basic.
Iphone is probably better there are more things to download and it'll work anywhere. I'll get one someday in the future.
Make sure you get a long warranty just in case the phone breaks.
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on 18 November 2013
I was a really big fan of Sony products in general but I've owned 2 different Sony phones now (the Miro being one of them) and I won't be buying another Sony. My Miro shuts the phone down during calls, won't let me see missed calls if more than two people call, has deleted my phone contacts meaning I have to add them each time etc etc. I just wanted simple things from a phone to work well. This does not achieve them. Not for me anyway. I feel exasperated enough to write this review. I'm sure Sony won't exactly change their design and production just because of my review. I'd just like to save someone else the grief if they were bordering on this or another phone. Sony, you can do much better.
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on 30 August 2013
I have owned this phone for around three months now. I have to say, shortly after recieving it and trying it I was impressed; for the price it seemed fairly built, and seemed to have enough processing power to handle simple tasks like social networking (especially when connected to the internet via wifi) and using media (namely music).

The screen is brilliant, and so are the three hot touch-keys. The rear loudspeaker is, put bluntly, naff, but then this is a phone and more to the point, is sub-two-hundred. Thankfully the headset speaker works like a charm and the microphone appears to be in fine working order. The virtual keyboard is rather too small, almost so much so that a person with 'averagely-sized hands' might struggle. Fortunately, there is another option of keyboard that basically takes you to one with larger keys that work as the buttons on a landline might (tap however many times to get the character you desire). The on-board media player is fine, boasting a brilliant equaliser but a slightly poor menu system (it might start to annoy you if you have a long list of artisits loaded up). Weirdly, despite Sony manufacturing it as Walkman, this player can not play music in a gapless fashion - but this can be overlooked, I feel. Video-wise, the phone is fine, and seems to be able to stream videos appropriately, given the right connection. Gaming is rather slow, but then I was advised this phone on account of it having Walkman software built-in and on accound of it being 'perfect for socialising' (and boy is it far from that...).

What really pisses me off is the phone's common tendency to crash and immediately restart. After doing a little bit of research, the blame appears to fall on Google's Android ICS 4+...whatever network you're on, somewhere on the globe, this phone is going to restart, somehow. Basically, ICS has been running for a while now and has recieved numerous large and small updates alike; not one of which has been an attempt to fix the problem. At the same time, however, blame can partly be handed to producers of phones that fall in ICS' crash-pit (this problem isn't limited to Sony mobiles, though - HTC has also had problems like this; even higher-priced products. This is why I personally blame Google).

You get a couple of weeks into using the phone to your liking before you realise that, actually, the processing power of this phone is rather dim. It is slow. And as soon as you open more than one app to run in the background, you begin to think that this may not be a very nice phone to work with. Facebook? Think again. My copy of that app has had many updates, but not one has fixed the original problem of the program simply halting and firing up error messages - usually, "Facebook has stopped responding. Would you like to close it?" This is regardless, mind you, of whatever way you're using to connect it to the internet (be it wifi or otherwise). I'm aware this could very well be a problem with Facebook itself, but, this is just a warning for you prior to using it. The Facebook Messenger app also seems to fall in a similar way. Just to add to your problems; unless you manually try to shut Facebook using the task manager wannabe, programs like Facebook running in the background WILL attempt to restart and more than likely WILL continue to crash - causing, indubitably, more error notifications that WILL interrupt your activities, further.

The most annoying thing of all happens when the phone crashes and restarts. Not only could this be during a call or whatnot, but when it restarts, it takes AGES to run 'normally' (should I say, 'acceptably'). Want to open Facebook again? You might as well wait ten minutes. Want to get your media player open for some continued music? Think again - with everything in the background running as it does (I have noticed a hefty number of updates occur immediately after the crash, alongside apps that are re-opening), you're going to have to give it a while.

I have experienced, now, Android, Apple IOS, and Blackberry OS and can say with confidence that Apple IOS, for me, tops them both. They underline the reason why a standard needs to be set for both hardware and software (baring that in mind I wonder how Windows fairs on phones?). A clear standard; one that has tight limitations of specifications.

I am very disappointed with my phone, therefore. I plan to sell it on, if at all possible, and will simply have to use a contract gaming phone to ensure I get the power I want from it, 'affordably'.
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on 8 September 2013
This is a brilliant phone. The screen is amazing for a phone of this price. Comparable to my S2.

I got it for my sister and she uses it to take photos and use facebook. She is not a happy person to please but this phone really made her happy. Thank goodness. lol
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on 4 September 2013
I ordered this mobile as a replacement for my wife, as that one was in her handbag, and the screen cracked. The wife is so pleased to have the same model phone, so not to have to get used to another new phone. Would used this seller again if required to in future.
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on 9 February 2013
I've had this phone for several weeks now and explored it reasonably thoroughly. It seems to me to be good value for money, doing everything well without costing the Earth. In spirit, I think it is really a mini tablet that just happens to work as a phone as well.

It runs under Android 4.0, has sufficient memory, and seems reasonably fast. Having already seen some updated apps start to fail on a device running under Android 2.2 with limited memory (new releases of apps are never smaller), I hope these features will allow it to stay current for its lifetime.

Particularly welcome is the data usage monitor and limiter. One can set a warning level, plus a data limit - particularly valuable if one is travelling and on roaming rates. It's easy to turn data traffic on and off through a widget, also possible to set a limit per app.

The only thing that hasn't worked properly is the built-in SIP client; downloading one from the Android Market (Play Store) will probably resolve this.
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on 23 March 2015
I would not pay more than £15 for this phone brand new, in 2015. Prices should be falling as the minimum requirements for internet usage and media increase, and the latest phone capabilities keep getting better, yet the prices are still high for old phones as they become 'retro items'. Either that, or sellers intend to go after those customers that simply do not know what they should be getting for their money. Unless you are an avid cellphone collector I would not bother with this phone. A reasonable entry-level smartphone for mainly text and call, but only if you can get one for a sensible price. At the moment, arguably the best lowest priced phones are the latest (2nd editions) of the Moto G and Moto E.

The Miro
In terms of phone design, it is curvier than some phones at the edge and comfortable to hold, with a thin rectangular design. The operating system on the Miro looks good in layout and number of settings.
Regarding external speaker quality and not listening on headphones, my older 2010 Samsung Monte outperforms the Xperia Miro (and even some new phones such as the LG G3). The Xperia is a little tinny with far less bass, and at near full volume, produces far more noise. The default headphones however are adequate enough and of good quality, although the Miro at full volume, may not be loud enough for some people.
You may struggle with the Miro's full qwerty keyboard on, especially in portrait mode, unless you have very small fingers. Customising your phone to only ever use the 'phone keyboard' (eg 'a','b','c' located to on-screen number '1'.... 'd','e',''f' to '2' etc) makes it easier to use than the full on screen qwerty keyboard, which has narrow buttons and has little space between each button.

NOTE:- The biggest fault with the Miro - after a later update - the built in radio.. does not work. You will receive next to no signal at all. This is a common problem and there does not seem to be a solution on this model of phone. If you want to listen to the radio, this phone is not recommended. The only work around is to use an internet radio app from the Play store using wifi or an unlimited internet 'mobile data' plan.

The Xperia Miro is very sluggish now online, although html5 is supported. Browsing is very slow.
Some apps are now a struggle to perform on the Miro. The youtube app as an example - is now 50-50 as to whether it will start or not, as it often requires more ram memory than the phone can handle, either crashing upon startup or stalling. On youtube high resolution modes the phone still adjusts to a low resolution of 360p on such a small screen. Browsing websites which are laden with much media content, eg videos or large adverts all the way down the page, prove impossible, with much lag.

In around three years I have no doubt that this phone will be useless online, unless you can find a text only or browser that compresses images for faster loading. I haven't had any problems with the Play store's live tv streaming or radio streaming apps. As for gaming apps-2d and basic 3d games and general apps run reasonably well that don't require a larger screen-just don't expect to be able to run anything complex. It is not suited for 3d applications any more. With more complex non-3d general apps out there, such as google st view, google maps etc that can hog battery with gps active, they are all optimised pretty well on the Xperia Miro, and run without too much lag in loading up.

Regardless, phone memory to install apps is a major issue on the Xperia Miro. If you install over 5 large apps, even with a large sd card inserted into your phone, as on most android phones, apps are limited. They cannot be fully moved across to your memory card or installed straight to your card without rooting the mobile (giving yourself unlimited admin permissions), which is not really recommended. Apps installed can hog ram even whilst not in use, constantly being on without you knowing taking up ram, or sending online data. Be wary of what you are install from the Play store, and note the permissions. No app really needs to know your address book of full contacts or phone number, or any other major details. It's all in relation to advertising. If you want the fastest performance, try to install as little as possible. The Xperia seems to fare ok with battery than many of todays more complex android phones such as the LG G3, with the typical android phones these days getting around a day with light use, or far less with high use. Overall, the Xperia is ok for text and call quality, and 2d apps, together with low resolution tv and light radio apps, but only for around the price I suggest. If you are needing offline radio and a good phone, I recommend you avoid and go for a second hand or new Moto E 2nd or Moto G 2nd edition instead (Moto e 2nd edition around £90 as of june 2015).
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on 24 July 2014
I got this phone 2 birthdays ago, and so I've done quite a lot with it and have a lot of experience with the phone.

When I first got it, I must say I was pretty impressed. For the price it's quite well built (however the backing is rather thin) and the screen is very sturdy. The resolution is only 320x480, which isn't great but it's not too noticeable when watching videos etcetera.

When I say the screen's sturdy, I've dropped this phone time and time again without any big damage done. There are a few scratches from when it fell out of my pocket into concrete, but that's as far as it goes. I've also dropped it into a puddle, and the inside got pretty damp, yet it worked absolutely fine. The front facing camera's not amazing, but it's decent for selfies. The other 5mp camera is much better, good focus. I would recommend using the AfterFocus app from the Play Store, but you'll get along just fine with the built in camera app.

One more thing, when you first get it you'll find it keeps trying to integrate with Facebook. This is fine, but it can lag the phone a lot, very noticeable when playing games. I strongly recommend flashing a custom rom to it (instrcutions: I use CyanogenMod 10 and it's amazing. Very smooth, not at all laggy unless I'm playing really intensive games.

I would also recommend downloading a new launcher to replace the homescreen, such as Smart Launcher 2 or Aviate. They'll make your phone look better and faster.
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on 11 August 2013
l bought this phone 8 months ago,looks great and it does everything i need.i canceled my landline and internet and now l can connect my laptop to phone for internet,works just perfect.If you get 3 or talkmobile unlimited internet packet for £18 months (+ free phone)you can save a lot of money.Time to think smart..
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