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on 15 March 2013
I've been using the cover for several days now with my Note 2 and can't fault it as it fits perfectly on the phone, doesn't detract from the product visually and offers great screen protection.

I have used several flip cases on different phones over the years and once I was used to firstly opening a flip case to answer calls and secondly folding it over whilst using the phone for prolonged periods that now I don't even think about doing it. I use my phone for a lot of reading, kindle etc and for responding to emails, web browsing and everything else that most smart phone users will use.

If I was being critical I suppose the case could could flip open if you drop the phone as it doesn't lock like the magnetic clasped cases, but I don't drop my phones as I am used to using tablet PC's with fragile screens that will likely shatter with a single drop, I would likely snap if I dropped my smart phone and scratched it to pieces. The real purpose of the case I feel is to stop the screen getting ruined and covered in dust and fluff, scratched from change, keys or any other pocket treats as you wonder about doing your daily tasks. Its also great if you have it sitting on a coffee table and are scared of somebody dropping something on it, maybe a remote or something.

The other benefit of having the Flip case is having my original rear casing in perfect condition safely tucked away in the flip case box for a rainy day.

The price I paid on Amazon for the case was also superb as it was £13 cheaper than in Phones4U and £21 cheaper than Carphone Warehouse.
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on 5 February 2013
I bought a FAKE case from eBay at approximately the same price from Amazon, here's a short guide on how to avoid that:

Original / Genuine

1. Inside the flip, the microfibre lining case will have a button recessed corresponding to the home button of the Galaxy Note 2
2. The case will fit the phone perfectly, case snaps on perfectly, cut outs all align correctly. Colour match is exactly the same.
3. Microfibre lining will feel smoother than the fake.
4. NFC design exactly the same as original battery cover.


1. FAKE case smelt of nail vanish, however the packaging sticker was exactly the same as original.
2. Packaging was exactly the same design/quality as original (better then the case!)
3. Colour was darker than original, but only noticeable by placing next to the original
4. Poorer materials used, i.e. microfibre lining was of a lesser quality, and case didn't feel well constructed
5. NFC chip design different than original, causing the case not to fit correctly on the phone.
6. Camera and flash light cut out were slightly out, causing the case to slightly bulge.

The quickest way to tell fake from original is to see if there is a recessed home button on the inside of the microfibre lining. If you don't see it, it's probably fake!

Overall a good quality case. I wish Samsung would release an app to automatically allow the phone to switch on or off, when the case is opened. Also the case doesn't protect the sides of the phone, just the screen. Should I drop the phone, the flip could fly open, thus exposing the screen, so don't rely on this case to protect your phone from falls and bumps, just protection of the screen in your pocket or bag.
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on 18 December 2012
Nice cover for my Note 2 - unfortunately it needs some sort of retainer for the screen flap (magnetic or even an elastic band!) - it falls too easily open when you drop your phone - i found this out the hard way - dropped my Note2 a day after getting this cover from knee height getting out of the car, and it fell straight on the screen glass, with the cover open providing no protection and now my glass is totally smashed and i'm looking at a US$270 bill to replace the screen. :(
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on 7 May 2013
I hate writing bad reviews but this needs to be brought to potential buyers attention.
Once i opened the product i was quickly aware of the fact that the box and the instructions where in Korean (or similar language). Nothing wrong with that but i have my doubts on whether this product is official. Includes everything from the soft inner lining to the s-beam function built into the back cover and fitted perfectly onto note 2 backing.
The reason i gave this 2 star is down to my worry of this product not being a legitimate Samsung accessory (like it stated). The screen cover did not sit flush with my note 2 screen. The cover never once sat align with the screen and when i folded back to look at my display, the cover tended to fold back into that position making it hard to keep the screen protected. (always returned into its previous position). My friends has this product bought from the manufactures and i could tell the difference usability.
All in all i was not satisfied with this product as mine never function adequately. Although a cheap alternative, i'd rather spend the additional money on a leather one, which provided more protection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 September 2013
When I received my Note 2 I figured I'd want protection for it but also figured I didn't want to add to its bulk. So the idea of a protecting case that replaces the back and has a flip cover to protect the screen seemed like a great idea. The back fits on pretty well, needing barely more fiddle than the standard back. When it was fitted I looked at it and felt a pang of disappointment. It really doesn't protect the Note 2 as well as I want. I think it would be appropriate for a lady who keeps her note in her handbag, as the flip cover will protect the screen from keys etc. But if you drop your note, you'll have no side or rear protection and there's no assurance the flap won't open during the fall to reveal the screen. Additionally there is the issue of a speck of grit getting between the flap and the screen and being ground into the screen. Call me paranoid, if you will. I might keep it, as I sometimes carry my phone when I'm cycling so it might be useful for that, but for general day-to-day use, I prefer the combination of the Protective Cover + and the iSmooth screen protector which I feel will protect against scratches and falls better.
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on 8 August 2013
This is not a Samsung case. It is counterfeit. It is not the right shade - a legitimate one is darker grey.
The plastic is lighter than a real one, there are no metal contacts inside this cover, a legitimate one has got the metal contacts inside.
There is no hologram on the box, and the box was crushed and scratched. The product feels and looks cheap and is not the same colour as the phone.
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on 6 January 2014
I bought one of these a year ago, it was good while it lasted but has problems all related to the design of the phone itself. To begin with the back of the phone is so flimsy and is held in place by a few tiny slivers of plastic. This flip case basically replaces that so you get to keep the original back cover as a spare for when this one eventually wears out, which it will if you use your phone regularly. Just by opening and closing the cover you put stress on the clips holding the thing on and if you tug just a little too hard the back cover comes off. leaving the inside of the phone exposed, for such an expensive and otherwise excellent phone this is an incredibly bad design fault. Another down side is that when you fold the cover back completely it covers the microphone. That's a really dumb idea. If you want to take a photo or shoot some video you have to remember to hold the phone so that the cover hangs down otherwise there's some awkward business about holding the cover up so it doesn't cover the lens and the flash. In spite of all this it does a good job of protecting the phone, while it lasts.
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I like this, Having just recieved my Note 2 I was immediately impressed by its size and how easy it would be to damage that huge screen without some kind of protection, which is why I ordered this. First off let me stipulate that all this will protect is the screen, the rest of the phone is as vunerable as it would be naked.

Fitting is a doddle, just pop off the rear cover and clip this in place, very very easy to do, when its on you have a good looking front cover, it is lined with a nice soft material so it doesn't mark your screen and it doesn't add a lot in the way of bulk or weight to your phone, as a down side it offers no extra protection if you should drop the phone. I found the phone no harder to use with the cover fitted and the reason why it doesn't loose any stars for lack of protection is that it only claims to be a cover. A very stylish addition to my Note 2 but I will be using the other case/stand that I bought as it is a little more rugged.

Don't know why Amazon isn't displaying this but I did purchase it from here.
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on 29 November 2013
I love this case, I have had several now, they last about 9 months and by then they are battered and scratched but they are great protection for the phone and having the different colours which actually become part of the phone as you have to remove the back, its like having a new phone.
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on 25 November 2012
love this cover. I had one of those leather things that had space for credit cards but it was way too bulky.

This official Samsung cover replaces the back cover that's on the phone,(colour match is perfect)and the flip over protector is attached to the battery cover and acts a screen protector.

It looks fantastic and keeps the slimline profile of the phone and because its "built in" looks like part of the phone.

it doesn't act as a stand and i guess that's a very minor negative, i watch movies on the phone at night in bed and this would be handy, however, it doesn't detract enough to drop any stars. it also doesn't offer any drop protection, accidents can happen of course, but this is not something that concerns me was i have insurance, i find the phone very grippy as it is.

Highly recommended, you own a market leading phone and this is a premium case - they belong together.
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